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By, Clayton Overstreet

A cold wind hit her in the face, blowing over the bright green grass. Ryoko
had done this so many times now. Yosho and Noboyuki had been the first, followed
by Kiyone and Mihoshi. Sasami's had been more of a memorial, held by Tsunami on
this same hill. When it had been Aeka's turn Ryoko had regretted the end of
their fights. Aeka knew she could never beat Ryoko for real, but had kept trying
Tenchi had gone years before. His last minutes had been used to ask her to
remember him. Ryoko had promised, just before his eyes had closed for the last
time. Ryoko had not been sad, even for a moment. Maybe it was because, knowing
gods as she did, she knew what happened when someone died. That was part of it
to be sure. But in the end it was because all of them had done what they wanted
with their lives and none of them had failed to have a smile when they died.
Today it was her mother's turn. Washu had chosen to let her body decay. She
could have lived forever. But she had given that up with her godhood. Ryoko had
come to terms with her a long time ago and like the others Washu had died happy.
Ryoko didn't know when she would join them again, or whom she would come to
know and love before then. But until she did she would do her best to make them
proud and take care of the family she had left. It was what she promised them
whenever she came here and always would.
Ryoko turned to take Mayuka's hand and picked Ryo-ohki up in her arms. "Come
on, let's go home."
The cabbit yawned and curled up in Ryoko's arm. Mayuka looked her in the eyes
and took Ryoko's hand in her purple furred and clawed one. "O.K. mother, let's
Ryoko glanced at Tsunami, who still looked so much like Sasami. "Are you
Tsunami nodded. "Yes, if I stay here any longer she'll just laugh at me when I
see her again."
Ryoko looked up. "That she would. Is Tokimi coming by later?"
Tsunami nodded again. "When we're gone, she will come."
As they walked down the hill Ryoko stopped and turned back one last time. If
she looked closely she could just see Tenchi and the others looking back at her.
"Mayuka, always remember there are no goodbyes for those you love."
Mayuka nodded. "I know mother. Daddy used to tell me the same thing."
Ryoko smiled. "Your father was a very smart man. Now come on, the meal Tsunami
made us is getting cold."

The End

Author's note
I don't know where this came from really. It just came to me. We all knew
Ryoko would outlive them all, but nobody wanted to say it. That has always been
the problem with immortality. If you saw it happening some other way, feel free
to write it out. If you want to tell me what you think, email me at