I don't own these characters or profit from them.

By, Clayton Overstreet

Tenchi lay his head back against the log at the top of the hill where
Ryoko's cave was. Smiling he stared out at the horizon and watched the sun
begin to sink. He always enjoyed it when he could take some time out of his
day to do this. Lately he had very little free time, between fixing the
house from Aeka and Ryoko's fights or working in the carrot patch to feed
As he lay there suddenly a shadow fell over him. From the spiky hair and
the fact that he hadn't seen anyone come up the trail he knew who it was.
Sighing he waited for Ryoko to grab onto him and ask him to kiss her. Not
that he'd actually mind kissing her, it was just that she was always so...
pushy about it.
He was suprised when instead she simply sat down next to him and watched
the sun aswell. She didn't even look at him. Tenchi was a bit confused, but
also relieved. Smiling he turned his own eyes back to the sunset.
As the sun sank below the mountains Ryoko leaned over and lay her head on
Tenchi's shoulder, still not looking at him. Tenchi's muscles stiffened
slightly and Ryoko grinned, her teeth gleaming in the golden light. "I love
you Tenchi."
Tenchi lay there quietly for a minute. Then, without really thinking about
it, his arm wrapped around her shoulder. "I love you too Ryoko."

The end
Author's note
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