This begins at the start of second year, during the early summer. Harry is, instead, allowed to stay at the Weasleys' - not back at the Dursleys' - and is taken to get money from his trust vault with Mrs. Weasley during late June.

Harry stood in the white walled bank of Gringotts and pondered two things: why does Mrs. Weasley have my key? I never asked, but do I have more than one vault? He frowned as the goblin opened his mouth to instruct them somewhere and he interrupted.

"Excuse me. But, do I have more than one vault?" The goblin seemed to blink for a second in what seemed to be open shock before he snapped his jaw shut and then his eyes grew dark. Harry hoped that wasn't a bad sign and that he wasn't going to get thrown out.

"Griphook. Take Mrs. Weasley to her vault. Mr. Potter, please come with me." Mrs. Weasley started, frowning.

"Excuse me, but I was supposed to take Harry to his - " The goblin interrupted her, moving down from his seat, gesturing to Harry to follow him.

"I assure you, Mrs. Weasley, Mr. Potter will be perfectly safe. When you are done with your vault, please leave the facility and Mr. Potter's bank key here. We will remove it from you should you attempt to smuggle it out of our bank. Mr. Potter will be well taken care of and his shopping will be done as well." With that, the goblin walked down the walkway behind the counter and Harry followed him through a set of doors down a hall to an office labeled 'Inheritance Office'. They went in, for Harry's part - nervously - and another goblin with gray hair and dark eyes was at the desk.

"Clawbinder." There was a nod and then, "Who is...Harry Potter. Of course. I suppose you want to know about your other vault? Sit down." Harry sat quickly in a hard back chair and waited. The other goblin - now known as Clawbinder - spoke.

"I think that the other vault can wait, Blackspear. I need an inheritance test on him." The now known Blackspear nodded and produced a bowl and a ornamental knife. Harry twitched faintly but the goblins took no notice.

"Mr. Potter, I need seven drops of blood in the bowl." Harry watched Blackspear and Clawbinder carefully and then took the knife and cut slowly into his palm. Surprised, he realized that he felt no pain. Watching for seven drops, he handed back the knife and once the seven were in the bowl, a glinting light shined on the bowl and in place of it was a scroll. At Blackspear's gesture, he opened the scroll.

Name: Harrison Michaelis James Potter

Mother: Lily Iseb Potter [formerly Evans] [deceased]

Father: James Ciel Potter [deceased]

Siblings: None

Aunt(s): Petunia Dursley [formerly Evans], Maya Evans [deceased]

Uncle(s): Vernon Dursley

Cousin(s): Dudley Dursley

Bloodlines: Evans, Potter, Phantomhive, Peverell, Corvinus, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor

Titles: Lord Evans, Lord Potter, Lord Phantomhive, Lord Corvinus, Lord Slytherin, Lord Ravenclaw, Lord Gryffindor, Lord Peverell

Abilities: Vampire [highborn], Werewolf-Lycan [highborn], Metamorphmagus, Animagus, Demonic Abilities, Parseltongue, Parselmagic, Occlumency, Elemental Abilities

Vaults: Evans, Potter, Phantomhive, Corvinus, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Peverell

Evans: 110,000,000,000 Gallons

Potter: 950,000,000,000,000 Gallons

Phantomhive: 100,000,000,000,000 Gallons

Corvinus: Unknown Amount

Slytherin: 390,000,000,000,000 Gallons

Ravenclaw: 682,000,000,000,000 Gallons

Gryffindor: 41,000,000,000,000 Gallons

Peverell: 90,000,000,000 Gallons

Wizengamot Seats: Evans, Potter, Phantomhive, Corvinus, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor

Harry was shocked and was glad that he was sitting otherwise he may have fallen down. He gave the scroll to the goblins who read it. They went pale as ghosts. And now he was curious.

"Um...could you tell me a few things?" Harry wondered softly. The goblins looked up at him. They nodded, still pale. "Who is Phantomhive? And Corvinus, Evans and Peverell?" The pair sat and after a few seconds, Blackspear began to talk.

"Evans was - or rather is - a family that is older than the Malfoys' and Longbottoms' but not as old as Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, or even Potter and Phantomhive. They were old and powerful and everyone believed that they had died out a few centuries ago, but apparently that's not the case. Your mother appears to be a pureblood witch, from where the Evans line seems to have become Squibs." Harry's eyes widened.

"So I'm not a halfblood..." He murmured softly.

"No, you're not. The Phantomhives' were a line of Wizards, Squibs and Muggles who knew of magic and were connected to Her Majesty, the Queen of England in the 1800's and before that time as well. The family was also called 'The Queen's Guard Dog or Watch Dog' because they followed her commands and took down crime-doers around the world - both supernatural, muggle and magical. In 1889, the last family head, Ciel Phantomhive, was heard having left London and never came back, declared dead.

However, his records show that he is 'alive' as a demon. You are related to him because his aunt had a child and no one knows what happened after, but from your mother's hair, I'd suspect that she was the great great grand-daughter of the aunt, who was declared a Phantomhive still by Ciel himself after her death." Harry took in the information and just accepted it with a sigh. Then, Clawbinder began explaining.

"The Peverell line is the bloodline told of in Beetle the Bard's stories. The three brothers crossed a bridge with magic and met Death who gave the oldest brother an extremely powerful wand called the Deathstick or the Elder Wand. The second brother received a stone that would bring forth the spirits of the dead. The third and youngest took a piece of Death's own cloak, which allowed the brother to be truly invisible. But soon after, the eldest brother was murdered and the wand was stolen. The second brother committed suicide because the girl he loved did not truly come back to life, only her spirit. The third brother, however, lived to a long age and gave his son the cloak. Then, he went with Death willingly." Harry was astonished.

"They...really met...Death?" He croaked out. Clawbinder shrugged.

"I don't know. But many believe so."

"Who is Corvinus?" The goblins gulped a bit and suddenly, Harry feared the answer.

"The Immortals. They are the first." Blackspear spoke quietly.

"The first what?" Harry persisted.

"Alexander Corvinus is the First Immortal. His son, William, is the First Immortal Werewolf and Father of the Lycans. His other son, Marcus, is the First Immortal Vampire, Father of the Vampires. And you have their blood - and viruses - running in your veins." Harry was really sure that his face was paper white.

"You're not kidding."

"Not about this. No one kids about the Immortals. Especially when they have direct descendants. Your blood is diluted, but just as strong - strangely - as if you were directly infected by them."

"Can you tell me about their abilities?"

"Not directly, but Clawbinder has a book on the three and the Death Dealers - vampires - and the werewolves and Lycans." He turned to Clawbinder who was already out another side door to get the book. Blackspear sighed, weary. Harry asked something simple.

"Can you tell me if I have any properties from the different families?" Blackspear nodded and went riffling through his drawers, handing back eight sheets of paper.

"One for each family."

Evans Family Property:

Gray Sky Caverns

Evans Manor

Evans Cottage

Lilac Hill Restaurant

Poppy Field Manor

Marigold Branch Hotel

5% Madam Malkin's

12% Flourish and Blotts

Potter Family Property:

Potter Manor

Potter Cottage

Malkrivo Manor

Griffin Manor

White Ridge Cottage

Moony Cottage

Phantomhive Family Property:

Phantomhive Mansion

Ghost Manor

Black Flower Cottage

Funtom Company

Season Mansion

Slytherin Family Property:

Slytherin Manor

Cobra Mansion

Viper Cottage

Silver Moon Cottage

Green Serpent Inn

Black Rain Inn

Ravenclaw Family Property:

Ravenclaw Manor

Ravenclaw Cottage

Heaven Library

Diamond Caverns

Gold River Cottage

Gryffindor Family Property:

Gryffindor Mansion

Gryffindor Cottage

Roaring Lion Inn

Golden Mane Restaurant

Flying Griffin Cottage

Sun Fire Manor

Corvinus Family Property:

Corvinus Manor

Castle Corvinus

Raven Mansion

Raven Town

There was a noise as the doors opened and Harry glanced upward. Clawbinder walked in, carrying a thin, dusty book. The goblin set it down in front of him and Harry saw the Corvinus coat-of-arms for the first time: a raven with its wings splayed and a circle surrounding the bird, touching its wing tips. Gingerly pulling open the hard cover, he saw that the pages were actually well preserved. In black ink, the name Corvinus was written in beautiful and arching script. Another page later, he found the first page of the book, about the one Blackspear called 'The First Immortal'.

Alexander Corvinus.

Alexander was a Hungarian nobleman and warlord who had ascended to power in the early seasons of the 5th century, just in time to watch his home village ravaged by a plague. Alexander was the only survivor: the bearer of a rare genetic mutation, his body was able to adapt the virus in an immune response, causing him to become the first of the Immortals.

Years later, Alexander married a woman named Helena and together they had three sons, two of whom inherited their father's immortality in its active state, and were thus born immortal. Their third son inherited his father's immortality in its recessive state, and was thus born mortal. At some point, Helena passed away.

At some later point, one of Alexander's Immortal sons, William, was bitten by a rabid mountain wolf as the twin brothers were out riding one night. After a long, slow, excruciating metamorphosis, William became the very first Werewolf: a raging, uncontrollable bipedal monster wolf, whose bite passed on his highly aggressive and infectious Lycanthropy virus, making Werewolves of all of his victims. Following this, Alexander attempted to restrain William to contain the outbreak of Werewolves, but was unsuccessful.

Alexander's second Immortal son, Marcus, was later bitten by a bat, becoming the first Vampire. Seeking to eliminate the threat posed by his twin brother's offspring and bring William back to his side, Marcus sought out a dying warlord named Viktor and made a bargain with him; immortality in exchange for his military genius.

During this time, Alexander established a military force of his own, in his own attempt to quell William's plague. While the Vampire Elders waged their campaign to capture and contain William, Alexander chose instead to focus on keeping the war contained from spilling into the mortal realm. Disdaining direct involvement in the conflict himself, his organization of human warriors were dispatched to clean up any Vampire or Werewolf/Lycan bodies left behind after the battles, in order to conceal their existence from the normal human population.

When William was captured by the Vampires in 1202 AD and locked away by Viktor, Marcus partially blamed Alexander, reasoning that his father had done nothing to help save William.

Alexander is likely physically stronger than any of his descendants and quite capable of dispatching lesser Immortals with ease as he is the oldest, and probably the strongest and most powerful of all immortals. Corvin or Corvinus is a name assigned by Romanians to those who became warlords, nobles or even a king of Hungary.

A bit surprised by the information, and at the seeming small amount of it, Harry bit his lip and turned the page.

Marcus Corvinus.

Marcus Corvinus is a member of the Corvinus Clan, the progenitor of the entire Vampire Nation, and the original Vampire Elder.

Born at some point in the mid to late 5th century, Marcus is one of the three known sons of Alexander Corvinus and his wife Helena, and the identical twin brother of William. Like his twin brother, William, Marcus inherited the virus in its active form, which had previously transformed his father into the first Immortal. Marcus shared a strong bond with his twin brother, whom he was closer to than anyone.

Both twins, overconfident due to the knowledge of the fact that they were both immortal, would go out riding at night, with the belief that nothing could hurt them. One such night, while the twins were riding through the paths of the dark forests of the Carpathian Mountains, they were beset by a huge, rabid black mountain wolf, lungeing out at them from the shadows of the trees. The wolf first attacked Marcus, who was unable to defend himself due to his panicking horse. William jumped in front of it and was able to kill the wolf with his sword, but not before it bit his wrist through his chainmail in its death throws. Marcus took his twin to a nearby inn to have his wounds seen to, but as the night wore on, William became seriously ill, developing a high fever, and convulsions racked his body: The Corvinus Strain present in William's body reacted in an immune response with the Rabies virus and the wolf's DNA deposited by the wolf's bite, causing it to mutate, changing William's entire physical composition: William began to sprout hair all over his body, and his face changed to reveal a more wolf-like appearance. Before the night was through, William had become the first Werewolf.

While William was bitten by a wolf and became the first Werewolf, Marcus was later bitten by a bat, mutating his Corvinus Strain with bat DNA which resulted in him becoming the first Vampire and the progenitor of the entire Vampire species.

William soon went on to ravage the countryside of Hungary, infecting the populace with his highly infectious lycanthropy virus. In order to combat the growing Werewolf threat, Marcus approached Viktor, a dying warlord, to borrow his military genius and army in exchange for immortality. Viktor accepted and became one of the Vampire Elders. It is likely that Marcus also personally infected Amelia, as she is a Vampire Elder of similar age to Marcus and Viktor.

600 years later, in 1202 A.D., Viktor led a charge into a Hungarian village which William had previously passed through. Instead of finding only William, they found an entire village of newly turned Werewolves. Viktor's army (now the Death Dealers), including Amelia, subdued and severely injured William. Marcus pleaded for his brother's life, but he had been betrayed by Amelia and Viktor, who meant to lock William away for life. Viktor, thinking that if any of the Corvinus brothers were killed, the Immortal bloodline would eventually die (a lie told by Marcus), locked William far away from the reach of Marcus. Marcus then swore vengeance against Viktor and all those loyal to him, but was able to do little, as the Death Dealers were loyal to Viktor alone.

As the army became the first Vampire Coven, the Chain was implemented, a system where only one Elder ruled while the other two slumbered in hibernation. Viktor, with the aid of Amelia and the Vampire Council, undercut Marcus's power, ensuring he would never have the strength to free his brother. Thus Viktor remained the true leader of the Vampires, going as far as to allow himself to be referred to as the "oldest and strongest" of them.

Marcus claimed that he enjoyed the company of Andreas Tanis, the Official Historian of the Coven, most likely because Tanis knew that Marcus was indeed the original Vampire.

Harry narrowed his eyes, glaring at the page. Marcus's own Turned betrayed him...Disgusting.

The next page was for Marcus's brother, William.

William Corvinus.

William Corvinus is a member of the Corvinus Clan and the first Werewolf, and the ancestor of all Lycans.

William was born sometime in the 5th century AD, the son of Alexander Corvinus, the First True Immortal, and his mortal wife, Helena, and is the twin brother of Marcus Corvinus. William, along with Marcus, inherited the Corvinus Strain in its active state from their father, meaning that they were born Immortal.

It was William who was bitten first; the brothers were in the Carpathian Mountains when a large black wolf lunged out of the shadows and attacked them: The wolf first attacked Marcus, who was unable to defend himself due to his panicking horse. William jumped in front of it and was able to kill the wolf with his sword, but not before it bit his wrist through his chainmail in its death throes. Marcus took his twin to a nearby inn to have his wounds seen to, but as the night wore on, William became seriously ill, developing a high fever, and convulsions racked his body: The Corvinus Strain present in William's body reacted in an immune response with the Rabies virus and the wolf's DNA deposited by the wolf's bite, causing it to mutate, changing William's entire physical composition: William began to sprout hair all over his body, and his face changed to reveal a more wolf-like appearance. Before the night was through, William had become the first Werewolf.

Unlike the later generations of Lycans, William was incapable of transforming back to human form. His lycanthropy virus was much more infectious than his brother's Vampire virus, even allowing his victims to transform post-mortem. Before being bitten, Marcus and William shared a bond that their father never truly saw, one so strong that even after his transformation, Marcus was the only one that William would not harm. Despite Marcus's and Alexander's efforts, William's rage could not be controlled and he roamed the countryside, killing everything in sight. His lycanthropy virus spread across the land, turning hundreds of humans into powerful Werewolves.

After being bitten by a bat, Marcus transformed into the first Vampire, but even then, he still could not stop William's killing spree. Desperate to control his twin, Marcus sought out a dying warlord, Viktor, and agreed to make him Immortal in exchange for Viktor's help in finding and capturing William. Viktor proceeded to infect his personal army, making them into the first Death Dealers, Vampire warriors trained to kill Werewolves. A third prominent figure, Amelia, was made a Vampire, also to help with the capture of William. Together, the Vampires scoured the countryside, searching for any sign of William, and destroying any of his kind that could be found. Marcus brokered a deal with Viktor and Amelia, the terms of which stipulated that when William was found and subdued, he would not be killed or harmed in any way.

For 600 years, William evaded capture, and the Werewolf hordes continued to grow, as the Vampires' movements were restricted to the night.

In 1202, William was finally captured by Death Dealers after he attacked a village and infected its residents, but had lingered in the surrounding area. Against Marcus's wishes, William was severely wounded while being taken into custody. This sparked an intense argument between Marcus and Viktor, at which point Viktor showed that the Death Dealers were loyal only to himself, not Marcus.

Fearing for the life of his brother, Marcus reluctantly conceded to allow William to be imprisoned in a fortress, far from his own reach. Marcus swore vengeance against Viktor and those loyal to him, intending to find and release William someday, regardless of the consequences. Despite his resentment of Marcus's authority, Viktor was nevertheless reluctant to kill William, due to Marcus having led him to believe that William's demise would bring the death of all Werewolves, including the Vampires' Lycan slaves, with the same rule allegedly applying to the Vampires if Marcus was killed. This was in fact a clever lie told by Marcus to protect his brother's life, as well as his own, but with the supernatural inclinations of the time, Viktor was naturally reluctant to put such a theory to the test.

William remains imprisoned.

Harry closed his eyes and sighed in sorrow. Betrayal and fear. So he was related to these former men. Blackspear spoke quietly, yet firmly.

"The Goblin Nation would be proud to have the bloodline of such powerful beings and people here. If you would, would you stay at the Goblin City until the school year restarts, that way, we may teach you more?" He blinked and looked up at them. I've never heard of someone staying here or of a Goblin City, but obviously, its secret...But what about Mrs. Weasley? And my things at the Burrow? Then he sighed again. This is a big opportunity. It'd be stupid not to take it. Someone could go get my stuff...The goblin's slightly questioning face peered at Harry's.