A/N: So I was waiting for writer's block for Star Wars: the criminal minds story, so I wrote this little bugger after lying awake one night. I had to write this down so it would go away and leave me alone! Sorry, I've been getting little to no sleep because of a sunburn I got. Any way this is just a little introduction for those who are unfamiliar with teenage mutant ninja turtles. Enjoy. Disclaimer: I do not own Gilligan's Island (shame) or TMNT (double shame)

Part I


Once upon a time there was a happy family. But this family wasn't a family of humans, it was a family of mutants, who practiced Ninjutsu, and protected the city of New York from the evils of the Kraang, which were evil alien brain things from Dimension X, and the Foot Clan, the sworn enemy of the Hamato Clan.

The family consisted of former Ninjutsu master and rat father to four teenage mutant ninja turtles, named after the four famous Italian Renaissance artists. Leonardo, the eldest and leader, skilled in his twin katanna, had grass green skin and river blue eyes. He wore a mask, the same color as his eyes, as blue as a river. Raphael, the second eldest and the muscle, wielding two Sais, had medium green skin and bright green eyes. He wore a cherry red mask, making his bright green eyes almost glow. The 'middle child' and brains of the group, is Donatello, whose weapon was a simple bo staff, had moss green skin and beautiful chocolate brown eyes. Donnie wore a dark purple mask, the color making his eyes look even chocolatier. The youngest and most childlike of the four, Michelangelo, master of the nun chucks, had the lime green skin, and baby blue eyes, surrounded by multiple freckles, making him seem younger than he really was. Their father, a giant rat named Hamato Yoshi, watched them and guided them in their training, and up until they turned sixteen and allowed them to go up to the surface, kept them hidden and taught them the good and bad of humanity.

The aging master, whose name was Splinter, also had four daughters, but unlike his sons, a Chinese practitioner in elemental magic raised them. Though the four female teenage mutant ninja turtles can fight with weapons, they preferred to fight with their respectable elements.

Venus de Milo, or Mei Pei Chi, newly crowned Queen of the Universe, known as the Mistress of the Water, Lady of the Moon, and Warrior of the Night, was a spitting image of Leonardo, except for river blue eyes and mask, she had glacier blue eyes and a light blue mask, which was long enough where she could braid the extra down her back. Her second in command, and General of the Royal Guard, Larota, held the titles of Mistress of the Flame, Lady of the Sun, and Warrior of the Day, was also a spitting of one of the four other turtles, except her mask was a darker red than her male counterpart. Queen Venus's third youngest sister, Tanlena, Donatello's female counterpart, who was Mistress of the Earth, Lady of the Forests, and Warrior of Dusk, was head of the Royal Library. Amoly, Mistress of the Air, Lady of the Stars, and Warrior of Dawn, held the position of heir to the throne, and Yuna, previous Queen, acted as Royal adviser and teacher to Venus, helping her control her powers better.

They all lived happily, each in their own little world, the boys living in their comfortable subterranean home, and the girls living in a cushy palace in the center of the Universe, overlooking all the dimensions and time periods.

Little did any of them know that one accident involving one of Donatello's inventions would plunge four of the eight mutant turtles into an adventure involving seven stranded castaways.