Part V

Venus woke up as soon as the Professor and Gilligan returned with the herbs. She didn't know what time it was but by the sounds of the crickets it was probably around midnight. Leo's fever was still pretty high but he was still alive. The queen rubbed her eyes drowsily as she removed herself from the table. The professor went straight to work in making the medicine for Leo. Gilligan noticed Venus's tired look so he lead her back to the girls' hut where Ginger and Mary Ann were waiting worried. An hour had passed and Venus had literally made a ditch where she was pacing.

"Are you okay sweetie?" Mary Ann asked. Venus didn't answer just continue to pace. The young queen suddenly stopped and shivered, feeling two pairs of eyes on her.

"Are you okay Venus?" Ginger asked. The two women just looked at her strangely as she shook it off and continued pacing. Venus still felt the other mutant's eyes on her so she excused herself and left the hut. Stealthily, the mutant in disguise made her way towards the edge of the jungle where Master Splinter and Raph were waiting.

"Where is Leonardo?" Splinter asked, his concern clear in her voice.

"Sick," Venus, answered, her voice whispered. "He must've had a reaction to the knock out gun. They have him under careful watch, so to sneak him out we need to be extra careful."

She stopped, hearing her name being called. It was Mary Ann. "Stay away from the camp during the day light hours. Do you still have your earpiece Raph?"


"Good. Contact Donnie. Inform him that we are going to be needing a portal soon." She quickly dashed out of the brush and went back to the others, who looked at her with a questioning glance. After assuring them that everything was fine, Venus walked to a spare bed and lay down. Her eyes closed but the sleep was anything but restful as she tossed and turned in anxiety. Once there was a slight discoloration in the sky Venus was up and ready to leave. While everyone was still asleep, Venus silently went to the medical tent, where Leo was laying, his fever thankfully gone but he was still weak. Venus entered the hut and gently shook her love's shoulder.

"Leo," She whispered. His blue eyes fluttered open, causing Venus to smile. The blue masked turtle's forehead was still a bit damp from the fever but otherwise he was as cool as a cucumber.

"Hey," he greeted his voice slightly raspy. "How'd you sleep?"

"Not well as well as you slept I hope," Venus answered. "Listen I have a plan to get us outta here, but for it to work I need to know if you are up for a little sneaking around."

The smile that spread on his face told Venus everything she needed to know. After making sure that everyone was still asleep, she waved wildly in the direction of the trees, where Master Splinter and Raph were waiting for her signal. A blink of an eye later, they were beside Venus who ushered them into the hut. Taking a deep breath Venus looked at her family.

"Leonardo, how do you feel?" Splinter asked his eldest. Leo stiffly propped himself on his elbows as Splinter felt his forehead.

"Fine Sensei," the eldest turtle asked. "Just a little tired that's all."

"We'll have Donnie look at him when we get back," Venus suggested, helping Leo sit up. "Right now we need to get him to the lagoon. It'll be easier to get a portal started." They all froze when there was a sound of whistling suddenly met their ears. "Gilligan."

"What the shell is a Gilligan?" Raph whispered. Venus rolled her eyes as she helped Leo to his feet and placed him, Raph, and Splinter in a closet that just appeared out of nowhere, with a promise that she'll be right back and a warning to stay quiet. Venus slipped out the window, right as the first mate walked in and noticed the empty cot. He froze for a moment as that fact sunk in before he darted out of the hut, calling at for the professor and the skipper at the top of his lungs. The Queen of the Universe weaved her way back over to the others, where she gathered with them like she heard Gilligan. While the Professor and the Skipper were listening to Gilligan, Venus was trying to figure out how to get the others out of the camp.

"How about we put out a search?" Venus suggested after the first mate was done. If this place was as cheesy and easy to manipulate (she hated to do that but she had no choice) then they would take the bait. They would split off into twos and search the island for the "creature", giving Venus and her family enough time to get to the lagoon and escape. "We split up into twos and try to find the creature. That way we can have a better chance of finding…. it."

The Professor and the Skipper looked at each other before they agreed to do so. Mary Ann and Ginger were instructed to search on the northern side of the island, the Howells were instructed (after claiming they never took orders) to search on the southern side, the Skipper and Gilligan searched on the eastern side, and the Professor searched alone on the western side. Venus convinced the scholar that she would stay at watch the camp while they were away.

Once everyone was gone, Venus let her magic disguise go. She plopped down in the sand exhausted as her magic gathered at her core so it can replenish itself for the next time she needed it. After she gathered her usual strength, the young queen quickly made her way to the hut where the others were. She opened the closet and immediately the guys and Splinter spilled out on the ground.

"Guys!" Venus hissed while they groaned. "Keep it down. We maybe the only ones here but they are still close."

"Excuse me but were you the one in the closet?" Raph asked sarcastically. "No I don't think so!"

Venus sighed and rolled her eyes. "Whatever. Did you call Donnie?"

"Yeah, he's waiting for our signal."

"How do we signal him all the way here?!"

Splinter placed a hand on Venus's shoulder and she calmed down slightly. "We will find a way. Come let us head down to the lagoon."

Venus and Splinter helped Leo up and together they walked the blue masked turtle out of the hut. Before they left the camp, Splinter used his tail to get rid of the footprints left in the sand.

Raph went ahead of the three of them, making sure the coast was clear before Splinter, Venus and Leo ventured, with Splinter swiping the sand with his tail. The sun was almost in the middle of the sky when the mutants heard a conch horn blow. Venus gasped, shoving Leo into the bushes. She and Master Splinter followed suit while Raph took refuge in the treetops. The young queen had no idea why the conch horn was blown or who blew it but she suspected the castaways finished their search and found the camp deserted. Her heart was thumping in her chest as Gilligan rushed past them, his face as red as his shirt. He was running so fast that when he did a 180, he almost tripped over his own feet. Venus turned to her family; Master Splinter's ears were flattened against his head. The queen caught their eyes and gave them directions.

Get ready to move, she signaled. The rat master nodded tensing his muscles so that he could move fast. Gilligan decided that he couldn't find what he was looking for so he dashed off into the bushes. With a, "now" from Venus the group of mutants ran with all they had with in them and headed for the lagoon.

New York, Modern day…..

Donnie and Tanlena sat at the controls of the teleportation device, making sure that it was functioning perfectly. They had gone forty-eight hours straight and were currently going on seventy-two. Countless cups of coffee were drunk in order to stay awake to make sure the machine didn't malfunction and both mutants were at the edge of their fuse. And it didn't help that Amoly and Mikey came in every few hours, bringing them food and begging them to eat something.

Donnie was dozing while Tanlena was close behind him when a beep emanated from the machine. She jumped from her position in the chair and hunched over the machine, quickly doing a diagnostic that the two genius mutants have been doing a thousand times. Luckily there was nothing wrong with the machine. Apparently a call was coming through from the other side from Raph! The lavender turtle was so happy that she squealed which caused Donnie to jump and fall out of his chair.

"What is it?" Donnie asked, clearly disoriented. He saw his girlfriend hunched over the machine, her eyes wide and had a little panic. "Something wrong with the machine?"

"No," Tanlena exclaimed. "There's a message getting through! It's Raph!"

It took a moment for Donnie's brain to process what Tanlena had said. When it did finally process, he jumped back in his chair and swiveled it towards the screen.

"What does it say?" Donnie asked.

Tanlena's eyes scanned the screen as a coded message appeared, reading as fast as the message appeared on screen. The lavender turtle told her male counterpart that it said to have a portal ready as they were planning on being at the lagoon at two. It was an urgent sounding message that caused the two to get the machine powered up. Larota came in with breakfast sizzling but stopped when she saw the two others up and ready, the portal swirling weakly. The cherry red masked turtle was obviously surprised to see them up by the way her eyes blinked several times as if she couldn't believe they were up.

"What's going on?" she asked. The two geniuses didn't hear her as they were too busy trying to get the portal more juice. The second oldest of the female counterparts heard her sister mumble something about the fuel line and how they needed just a little more juice to get them home. Larota's bright green eyes widened, as she didn't need to ask whom they were talking about. Dropping the tray of food, she rushed into the other room, calling for Mikey and Amoly. The two youngest turtles quickly came from the kitchen, almost crashing into one another.

"Is everything alright?" Amoly asked worried.

"What's up dudette?" Mikey asked as well, equally worried.

Larota let an ear-splitting grin work its way onto her face as she grabbed both of their hands and pulled them into Donnie's lab where the portal was swirling a bit more powerfully. Two usual airheads pieced the facts together real quickly as they smiled just as largely as Larota as they figured out that the two brainiacs got the machine going again. They were going to get their family back!

Meanwhile, uncharted island, 1960….

The seven castaways were spread out all over the island looking for Venus and the creature. The professor hypothesized that the creature might've come back for Venus and kidnapped her. Not knowing the capabilities of the creature, the group of castaways immediately searched high and low for the girl and creature. The Skipper proposed that they split up but they decided against it since they had no idea how many creatures there were.

But Gilligan, just his luck, got separated from the group and ended up at the lagoon. He decided it was probably safe to stay there than to go gallivanting around the jungle with a creature on the loose. He was so busy weaving something out of palm fonds to notice the bushes rustling, and then they stopped. The first mate did notice someone gasp in shock. That's when he put down his work but froze when he looked up. There were three turtle creatures standing in front of him, including giant rat. One of the turtle creatures was the one that was the castaway's prisoner while the other two were completely new.

One was a light green color with glacier blue eyes and a light blue mask over her eyes. Attached to its shell was a long metal pole with a metal ball on it with a chain. Though Gilligan didn't want to look at its chest, it was so obvious a female, but you couldn't tell it just by looking at its face. The blue mask was tied down into a braid down its shell. The second one was a dark green with toxic green eyes and a fiery red mask over its eyes. On its belt it had large salad fork looking type weapons. It glared at Gilligan with such hatred it caused its eyes to glow even more and made Gilligan back up in fear. The last new creature was a giant brown rat, in a egg plant colored kimono. Skipper told his first mate that a kimono was a traditional robe that many wore, especially teachers or sensei's. The rat had a grey beard and a grey streak going down its chest. Its big brown rat ears were pulled back and it was baring its teeth, slightly growling.

The first mate could only just stand there looking at them with large frightening eyes. The one with the red mask took a step as if to attack him, but the female grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back. Shaking her head, the red masked one took her place holding up the creature from the camp. Once they had switched places, the female stepped forward, going slow with her hands out as if Gilligan was an animal that was frightened. And if the young man was truthful with himself, he felt like an animal.

"Gilligan?" The female asked. Gilligan's eyes went wider when the voice of Venus came from the thing. The first mate took a step back, his shoes splashing into the lagoon. The creature's eyes stopped in her tracks, her blue eyes flickering from the water to the first mate.

"It's me Gilligan," the creature said again. Gilligan looked into her eyes and saw something familiar in those beautiful glacier blue eyes. Courage, strength, power and beauty. Only one person that had those gleam in those eyes and it was the person he met only yesterday.

"V-Venus?" The first mate asked, his voice shaking. The turtle creature smiled and relaxed, nodding as she walked back to the others. "What happened?"

Venus sighed. "Life I'm afraid. Gilligan, this is my father, Hamato Yoshi-"

"However, I am known as Splinter to my children." The rat spoke, his voice deep and velvety.

"Your children," Gilligan breathed.

"And my two brothers," Venus continued, "Raphael," she gestured to the turtle creature with the red mask. "And Leonardo." She gestured to the turtle who was held up by both Raphael and the rat.

The sun was nearly gone when Venus was finished telling her story, how she and her estranged family met and how she became the queen of the very universe itself. Gilligan felt himself want to bow deeply at the waist but Venus didn't seem like the person to do that to. She continued to say how she and her family were from the future and at this Gilligan felt himself want to know more but it was at this moment that the lagoon started to bubble and glow an eerie green. It then started to swirl like water in a bathtub when you unplug the drain. The mutants stood up and stared at the water smiling slightly. Queen Venus turned to Gilligan and bobbed her head slightly.

"It has been an honor and a privilege to meet you Gilligan," Venus said. The four mutants stepped up to the water. One by one they entered the swirling lagoon, but Gilligan had a question.

"Wait!" Gilligan called back right, as Venus was about to step into the waters. The queen turned and looked at the young man. "Since you're from the future…. do you know if we get rescued?"

Venus smiled slightly. Walking out of the surf she walked towards the first mate, her turtle form fading into her human form, right as the other castaways came into view. Venus stroked Gilligan's cheek, her human façade fading into her turtle form.

"I will be sure of it," she answered before walking back to the lagoon. With a three-fingered mock salute; Queen Venus de Milo did a corkscrew twist into the lagoon. Once she was gone, the lagoon returned to its normal wateriness. The castaways all gathered at the edge of the lagoon, with eyes wide and mouths hanging open.

"Gilligan what just happened?" the Skipper asked, breaking the silence. He dropped his hatchet, almost hcopping his foot off.

The first mate just shrugged and walked off leaving six still very confused people.

Modern day, Centure of the Universe, Six months later….

Venus was in the Portal Room, shifting through the different dimensions and time periods, searching for the island with seven stranded castaways. She had promised Gilligan that she would get them off the island but since the machine exploded once Venus was on the other side of the portal, Donnie couldn't get the coordinates. So the Queen had to search on her free time, which was very little these days.

Finally she came across the island home for the seven castaways. They were older and more mature then when they first met Venus. Using her magic, Venus created an orb of blue energy, speaking into it before sending it into the portal. The blue orb spread out into the time. The orb of energy would spread out, finding the closest ship or plane and relay Venus's message: that there seven people stranded on an island at the coordinates. The portal blurred temporarily before clearing up. Venus smiled at the scene playing in front of her. The castaways were waving at a crowd of people who screamed and shouted happily at their return, with photographer taking their picture. A cameraman approached Gilligan with a microphone and asked him a question. With a snap of her finger, sound was added and Venus manipulated the man to ask it again.

"Who do you think told that naval ship about you seven?"

Venus smiled at the first mate's answer. "Well I think it was a girl we met about a year ago but I don't remember her name."

The little glint in his eyes told Venus he remembered all of it. Sighing Venus wiped her hands over the portal, shutting it down effectively. The young queen stared at the portal a little longer before walking out, shutting and closing the door behind her. Her human façade faded and in its place her true form returned. She had a meeting with the Chinese God of War, regarding a feud between him and his sister. It was going to be another long day.