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Pairings: Kirito(or Kazuto Kirigaya)/Marzanna(fem!Harry), one sided James Potter/Lily Potter, Dante/Lily Potter, Nero/Kyrie, others undecided as of yet if there are any.

AN: Marzanna is a Goddess of witchcraft, death, and winter, she's also associated with nightmares. Hanna is a Goddess of life, though this name won't become relevant till later. Also for Devil May Cry I'm using stuff from both the original games, and the DMC:Devil May Cry reboot. Also the year is different than in Harry Potter, instead it's SAO's, since there was no really reason for the date in HP, whereas SAO's in the future mostly because of NerveGear and AmuSphere.

Lily Evans was pissed. She was supposed to marry James Potter in a week. She hated James, and now that her mind was clear she realized he'd been giving her love potions since their sixth year at Hogwarts. Currently she was on a last minute 'bachelorette vacation' in America with a friend of James'. She knew the woman wasn't her friend, knew that woman was the one feeding her the love potions while she was on 'vacation'.

Severus, her best friend, had finally gotten to her, and tricked her into using a bezoar, not that she was complaining now that she wasn't under the potions influence. She was glad they'd made up privately after their fight in fifth year. She'd known that he'd already been at the end of his rope from the other slytherins pressuring him to join Voldemort, James and Sirius had made him snap, resulting in him calling her a mudblood. He'd apologized profusely later, and eventually she'd forgiven him. Not that she was capable of staying mad at him for long, not when he hadn't meant it. After all he was her older brother in all but blood, and that sibling sentiment had been returned ever since he got over his crush on her.

Now she looked to him and sighed, "Thank you Severus, I haven't been myself since sixth year. Though it's a bit late now. I didn't put the clues together when I was under the love potions thrall, but now that I can think clearly I know from those clues that Dumbledore has been the one supplying Potter with love potions. Most likely in return for his loyalty. He's not about to let me go now, not when it's only a week till I'm bound to James. It isn't a wedding in a traditional sense. It's a magically binding wedding that they're making me do. I won't be able to leave him unless a miracle happens."

Severus looked heartbroken at the news his pseudo sister was going to have to marry against her will anyway, "I'm so sorry Lily. I tried to get to you earlier but couldn't. I'm assuming that miracle is you meeting your soulmate? No matter how binding, all marriages and marriage contracts are required by law to have that clause."

Lily nodded her head. Then said, "I know you tried Severus, and I'm extremely grateful. However worse yet, even if I try to prepare counters, chances are I'll be back under a love potion by the time I'm forced to marry that sick bastard. So this will probably be the last time I'm me for a long while. They won't keep me under forever, the one good thing about Potter's obsession with me is that he won't allow it. Not with the way years of continually being subjected to love potion will poison, and eventually kill someone. By then though, he'll have made me marry him and give him at least one child."

Severus said nothing in return, there was really nothing to say to that. They talked for hours after that, discussing all manner of things, enjoying Lily's temporary freedom and using it to spend time together. Eventually though Severus had to leave. As much as he'd resisted he'd eventually been forced to join Voldemort, and there was a meeting he was required to attend soon. Required as long as he wanted to keep his life anyway. So they said their goodbyes, both painfully aware it could be the last time the real Lily got to see Severus for a long time to come.

Half an hour later, Lily had made a decision. This decision would do many things: 1. It was to spite both Potter and Dumbledore. 2. It would be her way of constantly showing Potter that she would never truly be his. And 3. She wanted to do something, one last choice that was completely and utterly her decision, a decision that would last. So with her decision made she went to a local magical shopping center, headed to a potions shop, and bought a fertility potion. Then she went back to her hotel room and took the potion. It would take a couple hours to kick in, and it would only last a few days, but if she slept with anyone in that time frame it was practically guaranteed she'd become pregnant. She'd just need to do a wandless nonverbal spell to break the condom. Though there were spells to terminate a pregnancy, she knew of spells that prevented abortion.

Since she had had a few hours since it kicked it anyway, Lily started getting ready for a night out. Slightly slutish though it may be, she wasn't going to be overly picky about who she sleep with, as long as they were attractive and charming enough that she didn't feel like a slut, anyone would do.

It was now almost one in the morning and Lily still hadn't found someone suitable. It was strange, she almost felt like she was waiting for someone particular. Whatever the case may be, if she didn't find someone tonight she'd just lower her standards the slightest bit tomorrow. She soon realized it wouldn't be an issue though, as suddenly that feeling of 'waiting for a specific someone' became 'turn around'. So she did, and saw a man with strange white hair and a red trench coat on walking into the bar.

Lily turned away and started watching him from the corner of her eyes. The man walked up to the bar and ordered a drink, then a moment later payed for it and thanked the bartender when he received it. For a few minutes the man just poured himself drinks from the bottle he bought.

Finally he seemed to notice her. Grabbing his bottle and cup, he walked up to her grinning. Absently she noted that now that he was closer, she could he see had beautifully soulful blue eyes. Lily refocused when the man started talking to her, "Now I know it sounds clichéd, but I'm being utterly serious when I ask. So please, would you be so kind as to enlighten me to what a gorgeous woman like you is doing in a rundown, shady, hole in the wall bar like this?"

She wasn't here to banter or anything of the sort, but something about him made it impossible to stop herself from playfully teasing, "Oh your being serious huh? Well you're certainly right about it being clichéd, but to answer it anyway I have no particular reason for being here. Though I might just have to leave if you continue being clichéd."

He grinned even wider at her playfulness then jokingly said, "Well that's a complete shame. I'd hate to lose the company of such a lovely woman, but sadly I'm clichéd most of the time."

She couldn't stop the smile from forming, but really she didn't feel like trying to stop it. There was something about this man that was utterly charming, and he was rather attractive to boot. So still smiling, she continued playfully teasing him by saying, "Oh, well I better just head for the door while I still can, then hmm?"

The man laughed, "I suppose so. I'm Dante by the way. Dante Sparda. I hope you have a name befitting your loveliness, otherwise it would be an utter shame."

Now Lily laughed, then responded with, "Lily. Lily Evans."

Dante just grinned charmingly at her.

Hours later, after Lily had discovered Dante was amazing in bed, Lily woke up. Dante was still asleep. She sighed, as much as she'd like to stay till the morning with Dante, she had to get going. The thought was strangely painful considering she'd only known him for a few hours. Still she ignored the feeling and slowly sat up so she wouldn't wake him. However when she moved her hand so she could climb out of the bed, she felt something incredibly soft beneath her fingers. Picking it up and looking at it, she saw it was a beautiful white and black feather. That same feeling from earlier, the one that told her 'wait' and then 'turn around' came back, and she felt like this feather was incredibly important and precious.

Setting the feather carefully on the nightstand, she got out of bed and got dressed, being careful not to wake Dante the entire time. She even went so far as to use a wandless nonverbal silencing spell in her feet. Afterwards she carefully picked the feather back up, magically drilled a hole through the shaft of the feather, and after conjuring a chain put it through the hole in the feather. Then she promptly put the new necklace on.

Dumbledore was quickly gaining a headache. Somehow despite the love potions, Lily had gotten pregnant during her little 'bachelorette vacation' a month prior. It threw a wrench in his plans, and even worse now James was complaining to him furiously, "How did she even think about sleeping with anyone?! You guaranteed me that the potions would make her completely loyal to me! The plan was for her to get pregnant, to make the contract more binding. She's supposed to already be pregnant with an heir to the Potter family! So why haven't you already aborted the one she's carrying now?!"

Dumbledore sighed, as he looked down at Lily, who was currently under the effects of a sleeping potion, "It would seem Lily was at some point unaffected by the love potion, and got pregnant on purpose during that time." Seeing James look utterly confused he continued, "She cast multiple spells on herself to prevent abortion. Even with magic, she couldn't possibly have known before the wedding, and I know she was under the love potions thrall then. Ergo she knew even before it would show up on a scan, hence she did it on purpose. However, back to the anti-abortion spells. Even I can't remove them, as these spells are extremely powerful and rather tricky. I do however, know a way around this predicament."

James didn't look happy at his explanation, but perked slightly at the last sentence before asking, "You do? What it is?"

Dumbledore felt slightly annoyed that James doubted him, but ignored it, "Yes James, I do. We can't do anything about the child, but I know of a rather unique spell that allows a woman already pregnant to conceive another child. The spell will allow her to conceive for three days after I cast it. The first child will still be born, with no complications despite the other baby, and if their conception dates are less than six weeks apart, which will happen with these two, they will be born together as twins. While I know you don't care about the child, if Lily is going to carry it to term, we might as well keep it around in case it becomes useful." He thought for a moment then continued, "Also, I should probably modify her memory. It wouldn't be wise to allow her to know she's under the amortentia, even if most don't care when they're under its thrall."

James just huffed, then said, "Very well, that doesn't mean I have to like it though. Cast the spells, I'm sure you're needed elsewhere. Your attention is always in high demand."

Marzanna Potter was six years old and a brilliant child. James continually informed her she only held his name so no one would know she wasn't his, though James was an abusive asshole so she didn't want to have his name or be his child. Even if he only hit her because she wasn't his.

Currently she was searching the Potter library for information on a love potion called amortentia. Her mother had abruptly handed her a journal the other day, saying that she was supposed to give it to her, but didn't know why. To her surprise, when she opened it, she found it was in her mother's. Inside her mother had explained about being under a love potion, and that she knew she'd be under its thrall again. She'd gone on to say that she had cast a compulsion charm on herself to give the journal to her when she was old enough to understand its contents, and the runes on it that made it impossible for anyone else to read it.

The journal had so much written in it. Stuff about what her mother was really like, and her view of the wizarding world and its laws. Her relationships, mostly how much she hated James, and how she loved her pseudo brother Severus Snape. What Marzanna found most important though, where the 'letters' from her mother, and what little she knew about Marzanna's father, Dante Sparda. She'd even gotten hold of a special type of pensieve that let someone make a photo from a memory, and included a picture of Dante in the journal. She'd told her that the pensieve and everything else she treasured was inside a trunk hidden in the attic, as she didn't want Potter or Dumbledore to get their hands on any of it. The trunk was capable of shrinking, and had feather light charms of it. It was also expanded on the inside, and had multiple compartments. Which compartment you accessed was determined by was numbers you turned the combination lock to. Her mother had told her to get the trunk and keep it with her at all times.

So she'd collected the trunk, which was currently stored inside her Devil Bringer -after careful experimenting to make sure it wouldn't destroy it of course-, and was now looking for info on the potion that enslaved her mother. She learned that a person could be given amortentia for about twenty years before it began to poison them, eventually leading to death if they continued to be given it. Her mother had explained in the journal that she'd been given amortentia since her sixth year at Hogwarts. Since her mother gave birth to her when she was 22, that meant she'd been under amortentia for 12 years. The question then, was whether or not James would take it far enough to kill her.

Her mother had always followed Potter's lead, which was understandable if she was under amortentias' thrall. Though this revelation made the two exceptions to that rule even stranger than before. The first exception being that where James hatred her with a passion, her mother had almost, almost but not quite been loving towards her. Though this journal told her the real Lily loved her dearly.

So with all this in mind, the predicament arose, should she attempt to stop the bastard Potter? Or should she wait a few years, and see if he stopped on his own to prevent killing her? As she was contemplating this she put the book she'd found amortentia in away. After that she began absently browsing the section on the dark arts and the defenses designed to combat it for something to read. Though it was impossible to really tell until she got her wand, it appeared as though she had an affinity for those subjects along with potions.

A few minutes later her mother came into the library. Upon seeing her Lily gave her a gentle smile, absently grabbed that feather necklace she always wore, and asked, "Reading again Marzanna? You're starting to become a bookworm you know."

That feather necklace was the other exception that she refused to follow Potter on. He was always demanding she take it off, but she refused every single time. Her mother had only spoken of it to her once, she'd confessed to Marzanna that she found it in their hotel room the morning after she met Dante, her father. Which made her defying James' demands she get rid of it incredibly confusing, she should be utterly devoted to him and willing to do whatever he told her to, because of the amortentia. Not clinging to a memento of her father.

The entire situation baffled her. She shook herself from her thoughts, then smiled at her mother and said, "You're one to talk, I get it from you."

Lily laughed then said while smiling, "To true, my little Marzanna."

Marzanna smiled absently in return, but inwardly was beginning to plan. She'd made her decision, she'd never be able to forgive herself if she didn't try to help her mother.

Lily was confused. Her mind had slowly began to clear the day before, and now she was once again herself. When her mind had don't cleared, she'd realized she'd been under love potion. The realization had caused the memory charm on her to break, and she remembered that it wasn't the first time she'd been clear headed since get sixth year. That had only confused her more, as she'd only been under the amortentia for a dozen years, she thought it would be longer till James stopped using it. She wasn't complaining though, she might not be able to divorce or leave him, but that didn't stop her from hexing him. Though she was a bit worried, she hadn't seen her baby girl in a few days.

When she got near Potter's study, she heard Dumbledore asking him something. Deciding it was better to curse James after finding out what was going on, she started eavesdropping. Dumbledore asked, "How could you have possibly run out of amortentia? I just delivered that batch three weeks ago, you should have two months' worth!"

James growled furiously, "It was that little bitch Marzanna. She ruined my entire stock! I knew she'd be nothing but trouble!"

Dumbledore barely let him finish before exclaiming, "She what?! Does she have any idea how much some of its ingredients cost?!" Reigning in his temper a bit, he stopped shouting, merely continuing in a angry tone, "I've never minded the cost, but I do mind when my money is practically thrown away. Where is the brat, I'd like to have a word with her about destroying valuables."

James snorted, "She's not here anymore, good riddance. Since she feels inclined to ruin my stuff and my life despite my generosity, I took her back to where she came from. I apparated over to America with her and left her there four days ago, after punishing her of course."

Dumbledore sighed, then said, "I wish you hadn't done that, despite what she did it doesn't change the fact she might have been useful later. Oh well, what's done is done. I'll refill your stock as soon as I can."

Lily had barely heard Dumbledore. She'd stiffened, her mind blanking for a moment before she furiously thought, 'What?! He abandoned my little girl?! She could be dead now because of him!'

With that though Lily's fury took over, and she drew her wand, barged into the room, pointed her wand at the startled James, and all but screamed, "How dare you do that to my baby?! Crucio!"

James fell to the ground screaming. It was over in a few seconds though, as Dumbledore was quick to disarm her with a simple expelliarmus. Then Dumbledore said, "My, my, Lily. I didn't know you had it in you."

Lily just ignored him, glaring at the slowly standing, wide eyed James, and said with cold fury, "My precious baby girl is probably dead now because of you. You better watch your back Potter, because some day you'll die a slow agonizing death, and it will be at my hands. Until then I'll just have to settle for loathing you with every fiber of my being."

Dumbledore returned the favor of being ignored, and told James, "Until I get you more amortentia it would be best if we keep her asleep, either with a potion or a stupefy."

James just nodded, still staring at Lily with wide eyes.

Dante, Nero, and Kat were raiding one of Agnus' bases. Nero had been furious when he learned the asshole who held Kyrie hostage was still alive. The fact that Agnus hadn't stopped his foul experiments, and was in fact working for actual demons now hadn't helped his mood. Originally Dante had just wanted to blow the place up and be done with it, but Kat wouldn't let him, explaining that they should raid the place for information out anything useful before destroying it. Nero had at first agreed with Dante, then switched to Kat's approach. He'd really only wanted to destroy Agnus' lab as minor payback, and to spite the cowardly bastard, but Kat said they could blow the place up when they were done. He figured stealing the bastards' research, knowledge, and stuff, possibly using it against him, and destroying his lab was better payback than just blowing the place up.

Nero had just finished combing one of the storage rooms when over the headset Kat said, "Dante, Nero, I found Agnus' lab, and I've already managed to access the computer. There's two audio files you guys might wanna come hear."

Once at the lab, Dante asked, "What's so important that you couldn't just copy the files and show us later?"

Kat glanced at Dante before answering, "A combination of Agnus and his demon masters plans, research, and something Agnus found."

Instead of saying anything more when they gave her confused looks, Kat just started the first recording. Immediately Agnus' annoying voice filled the room, "August 17th, 2014. The demons have tasked me with creating a true Hell Gate, not the second rate ones I made of Fortuna Island. The biggest reason being that my Fortuna Hell Gates were barely stable enough to let a single Great Demon in, while the real one would let them come through in swarms. The problem is that Sparda's seal prevents the real Gate from being created, the only reason mine work was because it was so unstable and weak. With the seal in place only weak demons can access the human world. Creating a Hell Gate is easy if you know what you're doing, that damn seal is the hard part. The seal cannot be broken without the blood of Sparda or close kin, and quite a bit of blood to boot, enough to kill a human. Previously the only known kin were Dante and the assumed dead Vergil, hence the difficulty of acquiring the necessary blood. However some investigation revealed evidence that Nero, formerly of Fortuna's Order of the Sword, is in fact Vergil's son. I had a small bit of blood from both Nero and Dante from their fight when Dante attempted to kill Sanctus, and though Dante certainly isn't Vergil, as his twin his blood is close enough that I was able to confirm the relation. That being said, I can't use Nero either, like Dante he's simply too powerful to even attempt to capture and detain. In the meantime, I've created a few of my bastardized Hell Gates for the demons I'm working for to use."

Here Kat paused the recording, to let the two process what they heard. Nero was in utter shock, Dante on the other hand didn't, instead he just asked Nero, "You ok kid?"

Nero turned in shock, then asked in return, "You knew? Why didn't you tell me?"

Dante shook his head, "I didn't know, I suspected. There's a difference, and I didn't say anything in case I was wrong."

Nero let out a quiet, "Oh."

Dante gestured for Kat to continue, so she turned the recording back on, "However Nero being Vergil's son got me thinking, and that lead to another investigation fueled discovery. A little girl by the name of Marzanna, who just so happens to be Dante's daughter. She's already been tracked down and acquired as I'm recording this. I'll have to be extremely careful not to accidentally kill her with my experimentation, but I cannot allow the opportunity to study a Nephilim to slip through my fingers. Not only a Nephilim but a demon from the Devil species, which Mundus wiped out completely, with the only exception to the massacre being Sparda."

The recording stopped, and Kat said, "That's the end of that one." Turning to the two males, this time she found Dante swaying on his feet in shock, and Nero was only slightly better off.

After a minute Dante uncharacteristically squeaked, "Daughter. I have a daughter. Oh dear Lord, I'm a father?!"

Nero looked to him before commenting lightly, "It's to be expected, given your playboy tendencies. You can only get lucky with condoms so many times Dante. I'm more concerned about what the asshole Agnus will do to that poor little girl. Experimenting on her is bad enough, but he's going to use her to make a true Hell Gate, which might just kill her. Fucking Bastard."

Dante nodded in agreement, and Kat hummed. Then Dante said, "Considering the bombshells in that recording I'm hesitant to say this, but go ahead and play the next recording Kat."

Kat turned back to the computer nodding, then a moment later Agnus' voice once again filled the lab, "Subject Marzanna basic pre-experimentation information:

Name: Marzanna Evans

Date of Birth: July 31st, 2008

Age: 6

Height: 3' 4"

Weight: 47 Pounds

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Strangely and surprisingly, naturally three colors. Bangs are red, the rest it primarily black with streaks of the silverish white that Dante and Nero have.

Initial observations: Originally one of my machines detected a strange energy around her left arm, disrupting to leads me to believe it was an illusion of some sort, as her left arm is almost exactly like Nero's Devil Bringer. Marzanna's Devil Bringer is the only visible thing of interest about her. Notes: I'll have to find a way to contain that arms power. Subject has already shown she knows how to use it, perhaps the Devil Bringer comes with instinctive knowledge on using it, as I recall Nero being incredibly proficient with his as well. Date, August 20th, 2014. My experiments have finally begin giving me useful data about the Devil Bringer, I believe that rather than being born with it the Devil Bringer is forms when a Devil is in danger. I've read about and spoken to other demons about Devils before, from what I learned when a Devil is in life threatening danger that is when their true power begins to awaken. What my study of Marzanna's Devil Bringer has shown me, it's that a Devil Bringer forms when a Devil with impure blood is in danger, but not enough danger to awaken the infamous 'Devil Trigger'. The blood needs to be impure, though it seems Angel blood won't work. The reason for this is that all Devils instinctively know their limits, and part Devils do to, but for a Devil of impure blood, that instinctive knowledge is just slightest bit hazy. So when they feel threatened their demonic energy will surge forth, but they don't properly control it. Since even demons are prone to instinctively bringing their arms up to defend themselves, the arm that will take the brunt of the attack receives the most demonic energy. That arm becomes overcharged with more energy than its human form can handle, causing it to permanently 'Devil Trigger'. Unless the Devil Bringer's abilities of creating a phantom arm and absorption are somehow brought about by the demonic overload, then this means that any Devil should be capable of using these abilities, so long as they either possess a Devil Bringer, or are in 'Devil Trigger'. A bit strange a six year old awakened it, considering the danger she'd have to be in. Though this is easily explained by my examination of her. Hey body was littered with scars making it obvious she's lived a life of constant abuse. Considering how injured she'd have to be for the healing abilities that all Devils and Angels have to be incapable of being her well enough to not leave scars, I would have been surprised if she didn't awaken her Devil Bringer. Date, August 26th, 2014. The girl is definitely related to Dante and Nero, she has that same defiant, sarcastic, and sardonic attitude, correction she's worse, at least I could put up with them. If she isn't insulting me or telling me to do some rather unspeakable acts to myself, she's attempting to escape, killing my new bianco and alto angelos, destroying my precious research, and just generally causing pure chaos in the process. I'm understandably finding my tolerance for her waning. To be blunt, she's driving me insane, on more than one occasion I've found myself having to have her removed from my presence purely so I don't strangle her." This drew amused grins from all three, dispelling some of the fury that had set in upon hearing of Marzanna's abuse, the recording continued after a brief pause with Agnus muttering angrily in the background, "Date, August 28th. I spoke to one of the demons I'm working for a few days ago, upon informing her of Marzanna's continued escape attempts she informed me that there were humans capable of magic, actual magic! Anyway she then suggested that since the ability to use magic is hereditary, it was a distinct possibility that Marzanna's mother, and Marzanna herself, were magic users. It took a bit, and I only managed to confirm her suggestion a few hours ago, but Marzanna is indeed a witch. It explains how time after time she manages to escape her bindings, so I'm going to have to invent something that prevents the use of magic. That should put a stop to Marzanna's would be escapes. Date September 7th it took a bit of effort and a stroke of genius, but I managed to create an arm band that stopped Marzanna from using not only her magic, but her Devil Bringer as well. The device was finished on August 2nd, and so far there have been no more escape attempts. Though I'm not holding my breath that this trend will stick around, Marzanna has proven to be incredibly adaptive. Also it's been decided, Marzanna will be transferred to the base we plan to create the Hell Gate in, on September 30th." Here Kat paused it for a moment.

Nero exclaimed, "The 30th?! That was three days ago! They've probably already made the real Hell Gate!"

Dante shook his head, before saying, "No. They would have to build the gates physical anchor after they broke my father's seal. They probably prepared the ritual to break the seal in advance, but the ritual takes two days to compete. If she arrived to where they were making the gate on the 30th they've only had a day to begin construction, if not the ritual might not even be complete as we speak. However we shouldn't linger any longer. Kat transfer the computer files, we need to finish raiding and destroying this place now."

And with that they got back to work, all three distracted by the worry of Marzanna's fate.