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Summary: She wasn't special like them. She was just a girl who hung around them. She wouldn't be missed by anyone. But she didn't realize that even one person could affect the lives of many others.

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She was no one special. She was just another face in the crowd – a bystander, who watched as the Generation of Miracles soared to even greater heights.

The Generation of Miracles certainly followed Teiko's motto of being 'ever victorious', but she couldn't help but feel worried. They weren't enjoying themselves. It was as if they only played to win.

Sometimes, she wondered if the smile on her sister's face was fake. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. She couldn't tell. They weren't as close as they were before. Well, they never were close to begin with, but she liked to believe that they were.

Her sister was usually a very cheerful person, the one who brought life to their family. The rest probably couldn't see it, but she could, and she felt hurt. Why wouldn't her sister confide in her what she felt? Was she not reliable enough? Did her sister not trust her?


How stupid she was to think that. Her sister was one of the kindest people she had come to know. Certainly, there was a reason why her sister never told her anything about her problems or burdens.

But if her sister did tell her, she was willing to help.

But the one she felt the most worried about was her sister's childhood friend. What used to be a carefree smile was replaced by a cold, menacing smirk.

She remembered when she used to cook for him out of pity, as she knew that he was always forced to eat her sister's… unique cooking. And then, she started to cook for him all the time.

She remembered when she was stuck with him at a field trip as his partner, since her sister was sick that day. She remembered him shyly taking her hand when she got stuck in a crowd. She remembered warming up to him as they started talking about random things.

She remembered other happy… fun things: eating ice cream with the GOM, having pillow fights with (most of) them in training camps, studying together for tests…

And then she remembered recent memories: how Daiki grew cold, how Seijuuro and Shintaro changed, how Ryota gave up hope, how Atsushi became bored again…

And she remembered Tetsuya, her sister's first love, who tried so hard to get them to love basketball again, but even she, though reluctant, gave up as well.

She started to hate everything related to basketball – the squeaking of the shoes on the court, the swish of the net, the sound of the basketball hitting he floor… She never even touched the basketball the GOM had given her for her birthday, and she had even started to avoid all the nearby basketball courts.

She used to love playing alongside Daiki, even though she lost most of the time (although she knew that her wins weren't really wins since Daiki liked going easy on her).

But, what was the point of playing if you're not having fun?

She then remembered Shuzo-senpai, and how she promised to take care of the GOM after he left for America. She remembered his easygoing smile and him ruffling her hair, jokingly telling her that she had better keep that promise.

Her heart clenched painfully.

What had become of that promise?


Nothing at all.

Shuzo-senpai probably didn't know what had happened. He probably didn't know just how much Teiko had ruined her friends. He probably didn't know that she wasn't able to take care of them… because she wasn't able to do anything to prevent all this from happening.

She shook her head. She had had enough. She wasn't willing to remember anymore.

She stepped inside her new classroom, expecting no one to be there, but she spotted a redhead inside, playing shogi by himself, and another memory rushed back to her.

The petite girl ran towards her classroom and opened the door, prepared to apologize to the teacher, only to find a redhead playing shogi on his seat.

"A-Am I… late?" she panted.

His red eyes flickered towards her and a polite but amused smile appeared on his lips. "On the contrary, you're rather early, Momoi-san."

She blinked and glanced at the clock on the wall. 6:05 am, it read.

She cursed silently, grumbling as she sat on her seat, which was in front of him. "I'm going to kill her…"

She unpacked her things and brought out a notebook, a pen, and her History book. She started to reread the chapter that they would be discussing in class today. Once she was sure she had memorized all the necessary information, she glanced at the clock again and sighed. Only ten minutes had passed.

She then looked at the redhead behind her and found him playing. Only… "Why are you playing by yourself?"

"I have no opponent," he replied as he moved a piece on his side.

She didn't know what made her ask, but she said, "Can I play with you?"

Surprised showed in the redhead's eyes for a moment before quickly disappearing. "Of course."

Why didn't Satsuki warn her about this… about him? Or maybe Satsuki did some time before, but she wasn't listening to her.

And she regretted not doing so.

She slid over to the seat in front of him, just like before, and asked, "Why are you playing by yourself?"

She was expecting – wanted – to hear the same reply, but –

"There is no one here who could possibly defeat me."

- she knew it was impossible.

"Can I play with you?"

There was silence, before a ghost of a smile appeared on his face.

"Of course."


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