22 Two Headmasters

Sacking Binns turned to be very difficult. Although aware to his death for more than a century, the ghost just couldn't understand why the lack of a physical body made any difference. "I still know my stuff as well as I did when alive, or possibly better, as I continued studying even after my death," he insisted.

"Are you aware of the changes in the world since then?" Harry asked him.

"Well, what can change in merely a hundred years? Some new spells invented, some old spells forgotten. There wasn't another Goblin rebellion, was there?"

"No, none of that, but we did have a tremendously powerful and dangerous Dark Lord rise and fall; there were some major wars fought on the continent, where magical folks also took part; Britain has lost its position as The Major power in the world, passing it to the United states; and Muggle technology changed so dramatically that it looks as if it was done by magic. Even Professor Dumbledore finds it difficult to follow it."

The ghost gave it a thought. "Well, you could hire somebody to deal with Modern History. I've never found it interesting anyhow. I can still keep teaching everything up until eighteenth century, I think."

Dumbledore wasn't too happy with this reply, but he quickly came with an idea that could possibly help. "Cuthbert, we're contemplating starting an advanced, post graduate class, intended for ones wanting to study for their mastery. I think such students would appreciate your knowledge much more than the younger ones. I think you could teach the advanced class and leave the younger classes for another teacher."

"Sure, that would make my after-life more interesting. It does get a bit boring to teach the same stuff over and over again for much longer than a century. Some change could be welcome."

With that problem solved, the next one was Snape. "He's an awful teacher, despite his great knowledge, and he isn't nice even with his own house, as Lady Slytherin has already told you. Either he changes his ways completely, and I doubt he can do it, or he needs to find some other occupation, where his emotional problems would not show so much," Harry insisted. "If he wants, he can still teach post-graduates, if they want to study with him, just like Binns."

Harry wasn't present when Dumbledore talked with Snape. He thought that his presence could not help in this case. It turned up fine, though. As agreed before, Dumbledore offered Snape a moderate retirement bonus, just enough to build and equip a very nice potions lab, as Snape didn't think he could change his ways much. That bonus helped the unpleasant teacher decide. Even before end of term, he started spending his weekends on building the best potions lab possible. Harry was sure that Severus would be much happier as a potions master than as a teacher, and so would his students. Snape didn't seem to be interested in teaching post-graduates, although he agreed to do that for a select few.

Aside from supervising the other renovation plans, to be executed during the summer vacation, Harry felt there was another unhappy person at Hogwarts, one that needed to be released from service. Filch could not really argue. He was already old enough to retire, and the generous pension promised, along with a small retirement bonus, made his decision quite easy. "You may use that bonus to find a nice house in some warmer climate. I think you'll be happier when living among muggles, and I've heard the Bahamas are quite pleasant all year long," Harry suggested. Filch nodded in agreement.

Harry made sure that Filch would also get a nice retirement party. Most students seemed happy to help, if only to get rid of the grumpy caretaker. The Weasley twins even made some unforgettable fireworks, culminating in a dazzling display of "Goodbye, Mr. Filch". The old caretaker had tears in his eyes, as he hugged each and every student that passed nearby.

Ten years later, the Hogwarts table had become a common sight, like the house tables, and just like them, it was only used during official meals or feasts, as students were now sitting around smaller tables, each seating up to ten diners. Still for the end of year feast, the traditional long tables were present along with the one reserved for Lord Hogwarts and his entourage. A smaller table was reserved during other times.

There was always somebody sitting at that table – usually Professor Fleur Potter, also known as Lady Peverell, the beautiful and talented DADA teacher, who was now heavily pregnant with her second child. Her husband was usually at her side during weekends, along with Professor Potter, who was now trying to keep a two-years old toddler from getting into trouble. Lady Potter had taken the post of the transfiguration professor when Minerva started transferring her roles to the younger woman, shortly after that boy was born.

At this event, the whole Hogwarts family was present. Everybody knew this was going to be a very special evening, and none of the students came late for the feast. The rumor mill was already working overtime since it became known that Harry Potter and all of his wives would attend, yet nobody knew why.

Headmaster Dumbledore looked around, noticing how well the electric lights illuminated the hall, allowing even his old eyes to clearly see every student. He started with the usual end of year speech, giving the house cup to the house with the most points – Huffelpuff, this time – mainly due to their great seeker – Lee Chang, Cho's youngest brother. He then tapped his goblet again, to regain some silence and attention. "This is the last time you see me as headmaster of this school, or that you see my good friend, Professor Minerva McGonagall, as the deputy headmistress. We've both given our resignations, yet our successors are ready and willing to take the burden. You all know them and love them, and I'm sure they're going to make this school much better than it already is. Let me introduce the new headmaster, the owner of this school, Lord Hogwarts, also known as Harry Potter!"

Harry stood up and bowed several times as the students applauded. Dumbledore waited for the noise to quiet down before going on. "Lord Potter is not only one of the best students this school had during the last century, he's also got his masteries in Charms and in Potions, as well as his doctorate from a muggle university in education and school management, which makes him better prepared for this position than I could ever be."

He let some more applause quiet down. "You all know and love Lady Potter, your Transfiguration teacher, who also got two masteries, like her husband, and a doctorate in education along with one in psychology. She's now going to be your new deputy as well, taking over all the roles our beloved Minerva has handled for many years."

The applause was even louder. Most students loved the young teacher, despite her being quite strict.

Dumbledore waited some more. "There's another person who's going to join the staff next year. Lady Slytherin is going to handle all problems of abuse and bullying, and I can assure you that she's not going to be forgiving. I suggest that you not make her interested in you. She's also going to teach etiquette and proper business practices. Now, tuck in!"

Harry looked around. He was proud of his school. The changes he and his wives had introduced since owning the school had already advanced it a lot, and he already had several ideas for more improvements and innovations. Of course, this would attract some opposition, much more than the previous changes had drawn, but he was already experienced. With Daphne, Susan and Pansy at his side, he was ready for the political battle, knowing he would eventually win. With Fleur and Hermione teaching already, while Luna and Ginny were expected to join the staff in another year, after finishing their own doctorates, he was sure that the next few generations of British wizards and witches would get the best education possible.

He looked at his family, sitting at the table with him. He already had two children and four more were expected before next term. He was going to make sure that Hogwarts would remain under proper control, even if he had to have sex each night with all of his wives. Twice. He smiled internally. Despite his worries ten years earlier, his sex life stayed just as active since, with only short periods of decline when his wives approached birth or recovered from it. None complained of neglect and he never felt neglected either. All his parents-in-law had also come to love him like a son, seeing how happy their daughters were with him.

Luna suddenly stood up and walked awkwardly towards him. "Harry, care to accompany me to the hospital wing? My water broke."

It was much later, almost early morning, actually, when he hugged his new baby. Luna lay in the bed, exhausted from the delivery, yet looking happy and calm as she watched her husband and her first child. "I think she's going to be the next Hogwarts headmistress," she said dreamily. "At least, that's what the Humbringers tell me."

Harry put the baby down, where she could suckle. Hermione helped the newborn to the nipple presented by her mother. "She's really beautiful, Luna," she said softly.

Luna just smiled and closed her eyes contentedly. Harry looked at mother and daughter, and then at his other wives who were standing nearby. Even without those creatures only Luna could see, he knew he was going to have a lot of happiness with them. He thanked Magic, in his mind, for giving him this wonderful family.

As expected – this sums up the story.

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