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Rose watched as Scorpius carefully cut the steak and place a piece on her plate. It looked perfect. And why wouldn't it? Scorpius had spent the last several hours locked up in the kitchen preparing dinner for the last date night before Rose left for the hospital one week later.

"That looks so good!" exclaimed Rose beaming as Scorpius sat down opposite her.

Scorpius grinned.

"Taste it," said Scorpius feeling confident about his culinary skills.

Rose obeyed and took a large bite.

"Oh wow!" cried Rose savoring the brilliant taste, "this is so good, Scorp."

"I've been secretly taking lessons from Grandma Molly," admitted Scorpius, "wait till you see what I made for desert."

Scorpius got up to get his glass of water that he'd left on the counter.

He heard a splash and Rose gasped.

"Did you spill your water?" He asked as he walked to the counter.

"Uh yeah," came Rose's quavering voice.

"Leave it," said Scorpius as he carried back his glass, "you can have my glass. I'll get another one."

He walked back into the dining room to see Rose standing. Her glass of water on the table was untouched.

Rose's eyes met Scorpius's.

"The baby is coming!" whispered Rose her eyes wide.

The glass slipped out of Scorpius's hands and crashed to the floor. Rose winced as Scorpius stood there.

Scorpius broke out of his trance and shook his head as he ran to Rose.

"Are you sure?" asked Scorpius his heart racing.

Rose cocked an eyebrow.

"Are you serious Scorpius?" she cried shrilly, "look at what you're standing on and ask me that again."

Scorpius glanced at the floor his jaws dropping open. Then, he grinned widely as he hugged Rose.

"Let me get the car keys!" he said as he raced upstairs, "Oh I'll clean that up too. Later of course. Because we are having a baby right now!"

Rose sighed but couldn't help but smile.


"Just a little bit more," said the Doctor as Rose screamed her face red and sweaty.

Scorpius's hands were gripping the edge of a chair very hard. His knuckled were white. His heart was pounding. He had heard about the pain women went through when giving birth, but nothing could prepare him for the reality. Seeing Rose in pain was killing him. Every scream was like a knife through his heart.

Suddenly Rose stopped screaming and there was a shrill wail of an infant.

Scorpius looked at Rose who looked relieved. The nurse was carrying a small bundle which emitted high pitched cries.

"She's got quite a pair of lungs on her," smiled the nurse as she carried the baby over to Rose.

"She," whispered Scorpius.

When the doctor had asked Rose and Scorpius whether they wanted to know the gender of the baby, they had both refused wanting it to be a surprise.

"Yes, ," said the doctor beaming, "congratulations, you have a daughter."

Scorpius walked over to Rose who was cradling the baby. She looked at Scorpius with watery eyes.

Scorpius leaned in to look at the baby.

"She's so tiny," whispered Scorpius choking a little as he touched the baby's little hands.

The baby looked at Scorpius. She had Rose's eyes.

"Would you like to hold her?" asked Rose softly looking at Scorpius.

Scorpius nodded and held out his hands as the nurse helped him take the baby. Once the baby was in his arms, it was like everything else had disappeared.

Rose stared at Scorpius. There was so many emotions on his face. Happiness, pride, amazement and love.

It was at that moment Rose felt like she had fallen in love with Scorpius all over again.

"Scarlett," whispered Rose.

"Hmm?" murmured Scorpius looking at Rose a small smile on his face.

"Her name," said Rose, "remember we said if it was a girl we'd name her Scarlett?"

Scorpius nodded.

"Scarlett," he murmured to his daughter in his arms, "Scarlett Julia Malfoy."

"She's so beautiful," said Rose stroking the baby's cheeks, "she has your nose and mouth."

Scorpius kissed Rose's forehead.

"And she has your beautiful eyes," said Scorpius, "thank you, Rose."

Rose looked up at Scorpius who was looking at her so tenderly, it made her heart melt.

"For what?" she asked a small smile on her lips.

"For making me the best person I can be," replied Scorpius, "and for making me the happiest man in the world."

Rose beamed.

"Better hold on to happy thoughts," said Rose her smile turning mischievous, "in a few hours the whole family will be here. They won't be easy to deal with when they are all fussing over Scarlett. We should warn the hospital to over stock our room with tissues."

Scorpius laughed. He still felt amazed that Rose Weasley was his. But she was, and he was thankful for her everyday.


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