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It had been a long day, and an even longer night, for Mark Fischbach. After his daily bouts of recording and editing videos for his YouTube channel, he'd gone out for drinks with a girl named Amy. It had all been arranged by his friend, Wade Barnes, who had known Amy through his wife, Molly.

Mark and Wade had been recording a Let's Play of 7 Days to Die. When they finished up, the two continued talking through Skype. Wade told Mark about Amy, and advised him, "You need to text her, ask her out for a good time. You've been alone for too long." Mark knew that Wade was trying to help him, but Mark didn't want help. He had been perfectly content making videos day in and day out.

Sure, sometimes Mark got lonely - anyone would if they were single for as long as he'd been. Dating was just too complicated, and Mark didn't really have time to make room for a significant other in his life. He was married to his job, and the community his YouTube channel had started.

Still, Mark set up the date with Amy, and they went to a bar that wasn't too crazy. The date only lasted a couple hours, which relieved Mark. Amy was a nice person, but Mark just wasn't looking for a girlfriend at the moment. She seemed a little disappointed when the date ended so quickly, but Mark admitted to being exhausted and having to get up early the next day.

Mark knew that Wade would be sitting up waiting to hear how his date had gone, but Mark just wasn't in the mood to discuss it. All he wanted to do was take a shower and go to bed. He was so tired that he had almost fallen asleep in the shower, slumped against the wall for almost an hour under the hot spray of water.

After that, it was into a clean shirt and pair of boxers, and Mark shuffled to his bedroom. Suddenly, there was a strange sound outside. It almost sounded like a train. Then there was a bright, quick flash of light that nearly knocked Mark back in shock. Then everything outside fell into silence once more.

Hesitantly, Mark crept over to his window and peeked outside. He gasped when he saw what looked like a young woman laying in the barren street. It was very late, so only a handful of cars had driven by outside since Mark had gotten home. Some of the cars parked on the sides of the street were flashing their lights and beeping loudly as their alarms sounded.

Before Mark realized what was happening, he was sprinting down the hallway and nearly flying down the stairs. He was out the front doors a few seconds later, still in his boxers and not wearing any shoes. He ran down the sidewalk and turned the corner to his side of the building, and there she was.

The woman was laying face-down in the road, her long hair sprawled around her. Mark ran to her side and shook her lightly. It was dark, but Mark didn't see or feel any blood anywhere. He guessed she had been hit by a car, and the car had sped off. She wasn't waking up, but from what Mark could tell, she was breathing shallowly. No blood stained her white jumpsuit, so he assumed she wasn't horribly injured.

Not sure of what else to do, Mark picked the woman up in his arms and ran back inside the building. Now that he was indoors, he could see her more clearly. She had light green skin, and green hair. Was this some sort of cosplay? Mark didn't have time to question it. He quickly brought the woman into his apartment and laid her on his couch.

Mark ran to his bedroom and grabbed his phone off of his nightstand, shaking hands dialing 911. As the phone dialed, Mark nervously ran a hand through his still-wet hair. Finally, the 911 operator picked up, and Mark sputtered his words, requesting an ambulance. He started to head back to the living room, telling the operator, "I-I don't know what happened. I found a young woman in the street, she's barely breath-"

He froze upon reentering his living room. The woman wasn't on his couch. Mark pulled the phone away from his ear, calling out, "Hello?" He was suddenly frightened, and hurried to his front door. Mark checked the hallway for the mystery girl, but she was nowhere to be found. He then remembered the operator on the phone. "Sorry, I don't know where she went. I left her on my couch, but she's gone. I'll call you back."

Mark hung up the phone, placing it on his coffee table. "Hello?" he called out again. Scared out of his mind, Mark quietly made his way to the hallway leading back to his bedroom, and looked around the corner. The hallway was empty, but the light in his bedroom was flickering. He hadn't turned the light on. Nervously, he swallowed, and walked that way.

When he pushed his bedroom door open all the way, there stood the strange woman, playing with his light switch. She simply stared at the switch as she flicked it up and down with her index finger. Mark could only watch her, completely at a loss for words. He studied her face now that she was awake. This girl had slightly elongated, pointed ears, and dark pink irises.

Mark cleared his throat, and her eyes darted up to look at him. "Uh...are you okay?" he mumbled. The woman continued to stare into his eyes, and it gave Mark chills. Being this close to her, he began to notice just how impressive her makeup was. It looked real, as if her skin was actually green...and her ears were actually pointed... He couldn't see a seam in her ears where she had attached the ear prosthetics.

Slowly, Mark backed away from here. She flicked the light off and kept it that way, and Mark's blood ran cold. She stepped out of his bedroom door, silently creeping towards him. Mark was speechless, and backed into the wall, unsure of what to do. The woman invaded his comfort zone, then stared at his torso, and began to poke him in various places like a curious child.

Mark's heart rate began to even out once more when he realized this woman wasn't going to hurt him. Something must have happened to her. She seemed so confused and cut off from the world. Was she in shock from something? Mark felt a need to help her, let her know that she was safe. She didn't look like she needed medical attention, but something was definitely wrong with her.

"Do you have a name?" he whispered. The girl stopped touching him, and looked up at him. She was quite a bit shorter than him, but looked like she could be around his age. Her eyes were so big and bright. She had a tiny nose, almost like something out of a Disney movie. She was pretty.

Mark was taken out of his thoughts when a small slit formed in the center of the woman's forehead. He could barely see it in the dark, but then it split open, revealing a third eye, just as pink as her others. The scream he released was unlike any sound he'd ever made before. She shrieked in return before running into his kitchen and hiding.

It took a few minutes for Mark to catch his breath. He couldn't comprehend what had just happened. Without moving, Mark called in the direction of the kitchen, "What do you want?"

He was surprised when she echoed him with, "What do you want?" Her voice was soft and sweet, which contradicted how fucking scary she was.

Mark was flabbergasted for a second, then yelled back, "I want you to leave!"

"I want you to leave!"

What was this, a game? Somehow, Mark was able to collect himself, and walked into the kitchen to find the woman hunkered down behind his breakfast island. She stared at him with all three eyes wide, and he choked momentarily, not completely sure what to do about his situation.

It still didn't seem like she was going to attack him, so Mark slowly waved a hand. He was about to speak, but noticed that her top eye was watching his hand. She then waved back at him, looking a little confused. That's when Mark understood. This third eye was some sort of translation tool. He had seen similar things in games he'd played in the past.

He pointed to himself, then said, "I'm Mark." She continued to stare at him, so he repeated, "I'm Mark."

She mirrored him, pointing to herself and saying, "I'm Mark."

Mark smiled at that, then shook his head. "No, no." He put a hand on his chest. "Mark." Then he poked her in the collar, hoping she would say her name.


He shook his head, trying again. Mark put both hands on his chest, and repeated, "Mark." He then pointed at her.

She continued to stare at him, then said something that didn't sound like English. "Trelexiblch."

That must've been her name, Mark assumed. Well, he had no idea how to pronounce that, but he had thought he heard Lexie somewhere in there. He pointed to her again, and asked, "Lexie?"

She stared at him for a moment, then put a hand to her own chest. "Lexie." Mark laughed, but quickly waved his happiness away. He pointed to himself once more. She said, "Mark." He nodded, then pointed to her. "Lexie."

Mark smiled. "Nice to meet you, Lexie."

Lexie was silent for a moment, then said, "Nice to meet Mark."