Lexie made herself comfortable on one of the sofas in the recording studio while Mark got set up. He turned to her and cleared his throat. "Now, Lexie." She looked up at him, still twiddling with the sheer of her shirt. "While I'm recording, you're going to have to stay off of camera, and be quiet." He didn't want any of his fans to get the wrong idea if she showed up in his videos.

She simply nodded, sitting patiently. Mark felt a little guilty, wondering if Lexie could feel boredom. He wasn't sure how he was going to be able to record with her in the room. It made him nervous. He decided his best option would be to play an indie horror game, seeing as those usually made him nervous anyway, and maybe his audience wouldn't pick up on his strange mood.

He started his recording the same as always: he tested the mic levels, making sure they were at the right place, and adjusted his camera. After playing back that test recording to make sure everything was in order, he addressed his audience like he always did. "Hello everybody. I apologize for the delay, but I'm feeling better, so let's play something that will terrify me to my core!"

Mark hadn't even noticed Lexie beside him until she said, "Mark?"

He nearly jumped out of his chair, clutching his chest as he stared at her. "Wh-what Lexie? Fuck, you scared me."

"Whom are you speaking with?" she asked, looking into his camera, and then at the game pulled up on his screen.

Mark sighed. "I probably should've explained earlier. I'm making a recording for my channel. A recording is just...a thing that captures what I say, and stores it in the computer so I can publish it later." Lexie looked incredibly confused, so Mark shook his head. "I'm working, so I need you to stay over there like you promised," he informed her, pointing her back to the couch she had been on.

When Lexie had returned to her seat, Mark rubbed his temples, taking a deep breath. His anxiety levels were through the roof, but he reminded himself that it was going to be okay. Lexie understood now that she had to stay seated - or, at least, he hoped she did.

Mark repeated his intro, then started into the game. It reminded him of a pixelated version of Slender. His character was wandering around in the woods, and Mark wasn't even too sure what he was supposed to be looking for. The game hadn't opened with a story or given him a motive. It was a simple 'WASD to move' type game. A warning appeared at the bottom of the screen that said 'hold shift to run.'

Of course, this worried Mark. "See, it always freaks me out when the game says that," he told the camera. "Because that's obviously warning me that something is coming and I'll need to run so-AHHH!" Mark screamed, nearly flipping his keyboard when some skin-and-bones creature hobbled out of the dark towards him. He quickly turned his character and started to sprint, still cursing loudly.

Before Mark understood what was going on, there was a loud crash, and he was on the ground, his chair tipped over next to him. Lexie was on top of him, glaring at the computer. It actually looked like her eyes might have been...glowing. She was growling in her throat, her back arched up like a cat, her body shielding Mark from the evils of the computer.

"Lexie?" Mark stuttered out. She really looked scary like this, her mouth in a tight line and her nostrils flared. Slowly, he reached up and touched her shoulder. "Lexie, it's okay, it's just a game."

She looked down at him, her expression still hostile, but softened. "A game?"

Mark nodded. "Yeah, see? I'm fine. Okay," he reaffirmed, giving a fake smile. He idled to the computer. "It's just a computer game, it can't hurt me."

Lexie stared at the computer, then looked at Mark in confusion. Anything was better than her predatory stare. "You were...afraid."

He couldn't help but smile at her. "That's what makes it fun. I like playing games that scare me. It's fun, you see?"

After convincing Lexie that he was okay, she returned to her place on the couch. Mark sat his chair up straight, sitting down again. On the screen flashed words in red: You Are Dead. He cursed to himself quietly, wondering if he could use any of the footage from before Lexie tackled him.

He exited the game, pulling up the folder that stored his recordings, and started the newest one. Mark fast forwarded through majority of the footage, letting it play through at normal speed when the monster attacked. Mark was screaming and cursing like normal, and in a flash, Lexie took him to the ground. Mark backed up the footage and slowed it down in order to watch it better.

Lexie dove at him, her arms outstretched and wrapping around him. The whole time, her eyes bore into the screen, flashing red. Her face was contorted in a way that Mark never imagined it could be. Her mouth was open wide, showing sharp teeth, and he assumed she was hissing. Lexie looked feril, like a wild cat of some sort. He looked over at the sweet girl sitting on the couch, hardly able to believe that she was the same person in the video.

Mark realized that Lexie only took action to protect him from the monster in the game, but it still left him on edge. His recording ended up shorter than he had anticipated. There wasn't even an outro, just Mark's ending music and annotations. It was hard to focus for anything else. All Mark could think about was that terrifying expression burned into the lense of the camera.

What if someone ever pulled a prank and jumped out of somewhere and scared him? Would Lexie rip their throat out? The thought made Mark cringe. He was grateful that Danny or Arin hadn't jostled him on their way out of the building. He didn't want to imagine Lexie taking one of them to the ground and tearing them apart.

He took a break in the middle of editing, something he rarely did, and walked over to join Lexie on the couch. She just stared at him, waiting for him to speak. Mark wasn't really sure how to word his next sentence, so he just said, "Lexie, don't ever do that again."

Lexie actually looked embarrassed. "I thought you were in danger."

Mark shook his head. "I'm rarely in danger, so I need you to promise you won't ever react that way again."


With a nod, Mark explained, "Yes, promise. How do I explain it..." He thought for a second, then put out his pinky. "You can never attack anyone or anything like that ever again."

Lexie hesitantly put up her pinky to mirror Mark, and he wrapped his pinky around hers. "What if you are in danger?"

"I'll manage on my own."

She looked at their pinkies in silence, obviously unsure of this agreement. Reluctantly, she said, "I promise, Mark."