Fate's funny sometimes isn't it?

It was funny to Loki. And even now he could not understand how his carefully constructed plans had ended up with a conclusion such as this one. It was almost unreal, like a dream; and he had a hard time accepting his new found happiness; the new friends and a new love that surrounded, his broken family slowly mending back together.

Hela had told Loki his fate a long time before the events that had occurred; and he had known from the very beginning what his fate had held for him.

He knew he was to be defeated, to be removed from his throne, to be bound and tortured as Hela's vision had shown him; and he resigned to this fate.

But fate had been twisted, changed...and this was no longer the case for Loki.

For Loki now sits on the golden throne of Asgard;

brilliant in his unique shining armor,

with his brother, his lover, and his father and mother at his side.

The battle at Manhattan finally over, the city being reconstructed with the help of Asgardian forces, the battle now two months over. The Avengers have even come to Asgard to celebrate their victory and secure a final peace with the realm eternal...

The broken realms are healing, the royal family reconnecting; long held animosity towards the races are slowly being chipped away to reveal a new, brighter future.

And Loki has finally begun healing as well. And he could not help but think, that maybe fate's change ad something to do with a little black book.

And Loki sometimes wished that he could find the book again; but he new it for naught, ,for the book had been lost.

But if only that were the case, as a new hand lifts a little black book, and this new fate becomes unraveled.

But fate's funny, isn't it?