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The Arena, Bonebreaker Island, North-West of Frigg's Cape, the Barbaric Archipelago, Planet Earth.
Sometime during the Viking Age.

In the arena, the Deadly Nadder dragon, which had Baxter Stockman's brain-worm within it's head, allowing it to be under the control of the Foot Clan, stood posed and battle-ready against 7 Foot-Bots, who all wielded dangerous weaponry in their hands.

At the nod of Shredder's head, the Foot-Bots commenced their attack, and the command was given to the dragon to defend itself.

Immediately, the first Foot-Bot, armed with a simple katana, chose a simple attack, to charge with it's sword raised.
The Deadly Nadder raised it's tail and fired it's spines at the Foot-Bot, who got hit in the right shoulder by the spine, then took a few more spines, to it's collarbone area, it's neck, it's chest and stomach.

The Foot-Bot, heavily 'wounded', so to speak, fell to the ground, sparks flying as it 'died'.

The next two Foot-Bots, armed with naginatas, soon advanced on the Deadly Nadder, while 3 Foot-Bots readied their Yumi bows and Ya arrows (with tranquillisers).
The naginata-wielding Foot-Bots attacked, while the Foot-Bots with their bows, nocked their arrows, pulled back their bowstrings and fired.

The arrows missed the Deadly Nadder, who then shot flame at the Foot-Bots, causing them to burn alight, before turning it's attention onto the two naginata-wielding Foot-Bots who tried every move that they had, to lay a hit with their blades.
But the Deadly Nadder instead, laid waste to them, and soon, more Foot-Bots were lining up. Armed with Tonfa, Chigiriki, Kusarigama, kusari-fundo, Kyoketsu-shoge and Kanabō, the Shredder could only watch, fixated, as the dragon laid waste to the Foot-Bots.

He was so memorised by the action taking place, that he only just noticed Bradford to his right, awaiting for his master to address him.
"Report, Bradford".

The wolf-like mutant, bowed and said, "Master Shredder, a Foot-Bot has discovered the Turtles. On an inhabited island miles away from this island".
The Shredder then noticed that Tiger Claw was also arriving, and turned to face him.

"Tiger Claw, report".
The mutant tiger bowed and made his report, that there were around 37 boats, and that they were seaworthy and able to transport many Foot-Bots.

Then Xever arrived, saying that only the warriors could be of potential use for the Foot Clan, and there were only 23 of them.
Shredder then summoned Stockman, who came up and was asked if it were possible to use the Brain Worm on Chief Eldar. Stockman replied in the affirmative and went to make preparations, after he had used the Brain Worms on the warriors.

Then Shredder left, cape fluttering in the wind behind him, to check up on Zeck and Steranko, and see what weapons they had gathered.
After observing the pile of weaponry, Shredder ordered that once the warriors of the Bonebreakers were under his control, they were to be armed.

Heading over to Stockman's lab, Shredder saw that Stockman was at work, using the Brain Worms on the Bonebreaker warriors, who were screaming in vain for the pain to stop and for the Foot Clan to stop this madness at once.

Fools. They belonged to the Foot Clan now, whenever they liked it or not.
And Shredder was adamant that they would never forget it.

Meanwhile, Chief Eldar was being brought in, by Bradford, and as soon as he saw what was happening with his warriors, he demanded to the Shredder that he immediately stop what he was doing and let them go at once.

Shredder turned around and strode over to Chief Eldar, and outlined to him, "You are not in a position to demand of me, or anyone, anything to do anything. You, your clan and your entire island belong to the Foot now. And therefore, you and your clan, will do as I command. Never forget that".

And as the Shredder turned and headed off, the screams of the Bonebreaker warriors echoed throughout Stockman's laboratory. Rather loudly.

Gobber's Forge, Berk, the Barbaric Archipelago, Planet Earth.
Sometime during the Viking Age.

In Gobber's forge, Donnie and Hiccup were in the midst of getting it ready to work on whatever Donnie needed to track down the Foot Clan.

Or they would be, if Donnie wasn't 'geeking out', as Raph put it, over Hiccup's drawings and his actual inventions that were all over the forge.

This all continued on, until Leo managed to refocus Donnie's attention,
"Donnie, I'm sure it's all pretty exciting for you and all, but we do need you to get a move on, and start making that thing, you know, to find Shredder and the Foot, remember?"
And soon enough, the genius snapped out of his excited demeanour and blushed as he scratched his head, nervously chuckling "Oh, right, sorry. Got excited".

Then, he went over to where the set of aprons was being held up, then put it on.

Mikey asked, "So, Don, what exactly are you making?"

Exchanging a glance at Hiccup, who was busy putting a new set of coals into the forge, Donnie then whispered, "Well, considering the technological state that we're in, I'm going to just make an aerial, for a device that I'll modify from the T-Phone, to try and track down the Foot Clan. Basically, I'll be trying to find any signs of Kraang tech. Because as you all know, Footbots are basically built by the Kraang, so I'll just need to track down Kraang energy signatures. And before you know it, we'll locate where they are".
The others looked on, as if they were expecting a bit more, and Raph asked, "Wait? That's it. Just some fancy aerial?"

Donnie smirked, "Oh it'll be very tall, it needs to be, in order to find the Foot Clan from several miles away".
"Ah, okay".

Hiccup then lit up the forge, and said, "Alright, forge is lit. Shall we get to work?"

Donnie nodded, before saying to Leo, Raph and Mikey, "If you could let us have the forge, guys, please".

Leo understood and took his two brothers out, heading towards the Dragon Arena where Splinter, April and Casey were currently at along with the other Dragon Riders, while leaving Hiccup and Donnie to do some work.

Harbour, Bonebreaker Island, North-West of Frigg's Cape, the Barbaric Archipelago, Planet Earth.
Sometime during the Viking Age.

Standing on a pier within the Island's only harbour, Shredder looked as the boats were being loaded with a contingent of Foot-Bots and some brainwashed Bonebreaker warriors, ready to hunt down Hamato Yoshi and his Turtles.
Tiger Claw would be leading the warriors, while Baxter Stockman handed the second in command a device that would help them find Hamato Yoshi's turtles.

After taking the device, Tiger Claw soon looked upon the harbour, full of Foot-Bots on boats, before noticing that the Shredder was present.
Bowing to him, he said simply, "Master Shredder, we are ready to go, awaiting your word".

A period of silence, and then, the Shredder broke it by giving the order,
"Tiger Claw, you may proceed".

Tiger Claw nodded, and headed for one of the boats, getting on and then giving the order, for the boats to depart.

And soon enough, every boat, was following Tiger Claw's commandeered boat, which was soon leading ahead of everyone.

And as his boat exited the harbour, and sailed on a heading for where the Turtles were, according to Stockman's device, Tiger Claw had only one thought, as he looked out towards the horizon.
Your days are numbered, young cubs, wherever you may be...

Tiger Claw smirked.

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