Harry open his eyes to see a bright pair of brown eyes looking back him, he shifted painfully feeling the fur blanket covering his naked body. Last night memory came back in crushing waves and he winced and groaned before letting out cry at what happen. A warm soft hand touched his cheek making the green eyed boy look up at his best friend. The girl smiled sadly at him "He's gone hunting." Hermione tells him, make him nod wincing at the pain in his shoulder as he just laid there under the fur blankets next to a girl he thought as a sister.

"H…How are you feeling?" He asked her as he reached up and fingers the fresh bite on her shoulder, he saw her winced and he pulled his hand away from her before wiping her tears away "I'm sorry Hermione I should have begged him to let you go." He started to feel himself brake down. The brown haired girl moved closer to him and warped her arms around him as Harry started to cry.

"Shhhh it's okay as along as we are together we will be okay, he's done what he wanted to do to us, he marked us as his mate and after last night I am pretty sure after last night we are pregnant." She told him. Harry pulled away and sat up in the bed.

His body shivered as he looked around the room, remembering where they were tied up as the monster ripped at their clothes. He swallowed the lump in his throat before as he eyed two large shirts laying on the bed. He moved groaning at the pain in his body as he reached out and took the shirts before handing one to Hermione. "Here, I think our clothes were torn apart last night." He told her as they winced their way through putting on the shirt.

"Thanks." She told him as they sat there on the bed.

Hermione looked at the bruises littering her friend's skin and then looked down at her known. Knowing how similar the marks are. She wiped her eyes and made a choking sob making Harry pull her into his arms "How could Ron offer us up like that!" She cried holding onto Harry tightly

"Money Mion, he has always been a greedy little shit." He said, he felt it to the sting of betrayal by someone they thought of as brother.

"I hope the he choked on his food." She mumbled darkly. Harry smiled weakly as he runs his fingers though her hair thinking about the spot they are stuck in now.

Fenrir returned from his hunt only to come face to face with an anger red head male. He handed the dead deer off to the others in his hunting back and looked at other male "What have you done?" He snarled flashing his amber eyes.

"They are my mates you know how dominant mates are one they take a whiff of their mates you can't control the wolf." He growled as his second slapped him, the other wolves that were outside stopped and looked at them

"They are children, they are people I know and care for how do you think my mate will react when he find out you defiled them!" He yelled, as angry fat tears falling down his face

"They were both ripe…STOP BILL! I KNOW WHAT I'VE DONE WAS WRONG!" Fenrir closed his eyes and snarled at himself "If I could have done it any other way it I had better control over myself I would have talked to them but I didn't and I regret that they will fear me that they will hate me but in time…in time their wolves will help them understand." Bill was still shaking with anger before wiping his eyes

"What about him!" Him he snarled bitterly

"The Dark Lord, just want the boy out the way. Now if you excuse me I have to feed my mates." He told his second as he walked passed him as he headed to the kitchen cabin.

"I want to see them!" Bill growled at him

"After they had breakfast!"

He thought he would be happy when morning came. He thought he would be smiling and almost skipping back to his beautiful mates but he wasn't happy because he remembered what he forced his mates endure in his lustful haze and he hated himself. Their cries and screams made himself feel sick…we will make thing better…he thought as he picked up the large plate of English breakfast and walked back to this hut.

He walked into the hurt with two large plates walking into the largish room he saw the pair on the bed and smiled as he walked over to them making them jump as they see him "There are my twins." Harry and Hermione frowned at him

"We are not twins!" They growled at him at once making the alpha laugh as both teen blush the wolf was glad to see that the bites have taken and their wolves were shinning thought.

"Of course you two are twins could smell it on you two when my boy's brought you here. Your cores are the same just one of you had your core capped but now with the bite you're both a powerful as each other." He told them as they looked at each other before looking back at him. He smiled as he placed the plates on the table that was in the corner in the room "Well come on your breakfast is getting cold." He told them, both Harry and Hermione move off the bed still wincing at the pain in their bodies as they moved towards the table following their stomachs.

Fenrir pulled out the chairs letting them sit down and pushing them back to the table. Harry and Hermione felt their stomach rumble as they looked and wonderful plate of food as they tucked into the meal. The sliver haired wolf enjoyed seeing them in his shirts it gave him hope that maybe he could beg forgiveness…should take them to the healers…he thought to himself. "What do you mean we have the same core?" Harry asked as he started to eat his breakfast thinking it was better than Hogwarts.

"How is that even possible we have to be paternal twins and me and Harry… Oh." She said as she looked at Harry

"What? Harry asked, seeing her fear

"I…I was adopted." She whispered as both of them turned to Fenrir

"I told you were twins." He told them seeing their horror on their faces "What?" He asked

"If we are twins… th…then you made us…" Harry couldn't get his words out as he sat there blinking, but it didn't stop his wolf growling at the uneaten food

"Eat your food." Fenrir huffed "It happens. However you could not be paternal twins, people can have the same cores and not be related by blood. Either way that is why I am calmed you both as my mates, your cores alone with make sure you carry healthy pups." He told them.

They eat quietly not looking up from their plates, thinking about what the wolf told them Harry wanted to be sick because wat if Hermione was his sister. Dumbledore has lied to him more times than he could remember what if this was another one of his lies that he kept from him. Hermione on the other hand couldn't think she knew she been adoptive since she was old enough to read…what if we are… she thought. They had both wanted to fight Fenrir but because they have been bitten their own wolves seem happy with the arrangement with the big bad alpha.

Harry finished first and pushed his plate away making Fenrir raise any eyebrow at what was left, it was still most of the plate "Eat it." he told him. Harry looked up at him with a blank look

"I can't." Harry he told him

"I said eat it, your all skin and bone you need more meat on you if you want to carry pups without problems." He growled, the teen growled

"I can't my!"

"Why not!" The large wolf snarled

"My bloody relatives starved me this summer and we have been on the run so my stomach can only hand little amounts of food." Harry barked at him Fenrir frowned at the information but he let out a little growl and nodded

"We will have to work on that." He told them bitterly.

Hermione ate a bit more than Harry before she pushed the food away and rested her head on the other teen's shoulders "What happens now? I mean the Voldemort won't just let me get away he wants me dead?" Harry said, the sliver haired man hummed and watched the two, before speaking

"He doesn't want you dead just out of his way. Something changed his plans and the idea of you being a dark creature appealed him more. No one wants a dark creature as a hero." He told them making Harry touch the bite on his neck. "He wants to see you, to talk this over." Harry was quiet as he looked down at Hermione "Let me make it clear to you both, as long as you both behave I can't see why you can't have your wands back in time and go to the towns. But you both my mates and I will hunt you both down if you run away and I will punish you in the most brutal fashion." He growled flashing his eyes at them

"What raping us last night wasn't brutal fashion?" Harry asked "Or forcing use to touch each other before you bite us?" the Alpha wolf leaned in to them and smiled

"That was nothing to compare to what I can do, I would kill the pups you are carrying just to make my point. So don't cross me." He told them as he stood away from them seeing the new horror in their faces. "There's clothes in the draws and a shower room behind that door, I will be back in half hour then we will see the Dark Lord." Once he closed the door Hermione broke down into tears and held onto Harry for dear life as he silently cried. He didn't know why he was this emotional he's dealt with worst things but the thought of Fenrir killing their cubs just to make a point filled him with dread.

"C…Come on let's shower." Harry said trying to control his voice as he shook as he stood with the his friend

"T…Together?" Hermione asked


Fenrir stood outside the hut listening to them cry before he ran his hand down his face and walked towards his second "What have you done now?" The tall red head asked as he cleaned some knifes with some violence

"I just told my mates that if they ever run away from me that I would kill our pups to make a point." He sighed before his second looked at him in horror

"What on Earth made you say something like that? You hate Alphas that do that!" The red head yelled

"I know Bill I know…but it just came out! Now they are crying again." He groaned as he looked back at the cabin "Why do they keep crying." Fenrir let out a huff

"Well let's see your had sex with them against their will." Bill huffed in anger

"I was horny and just found my mates." The Alpha wolf growled

"Two you bite them, no one want's to be forced into that!" Bill makes his point to the wolf

"I told you I was sorry!"

"Three their bodies are getting use to these changes, Harry will be worst because he will have a rush of new hormones because of the pups. They need time and to be treated right." He told him.

After their shower they dressed in clothes that seem to fight them rather well they heard a knock on the door. Before the door open and in walked the red head man "BILL!" They both said in shocked

"Hey." He smiled as he moved to sit on the bed

"Dumbledore said you were dead!" Hermione said as she moved around to look into his face. He smiled weakly and patted the bed and watched them sit on the bed with him. He smiled weakly as he looked at their young faces with a sad look

"We went to your funeral we watched your mother cry?" Harry said looking at the eldest Weasley boy, there was scars across his face that lead down to a scar of a bite. He sighed

"Well while I was at St Mongos I overheard my mother and Dumbledore speak about my 'ilness'. They thought I was asleep while they planned, my so called mother didn't want a wolf for a son or as she put it 'that was monster was better off dead.' So she asked Dumbledore to kill me."

"Molly? But… but she was heartbroken." Harry said in shock

"Molly is the worst out of all the pureblood families. Image is everything." Bill said as he ran his fingers though his hair

"What did you do?" Hermione asked

"I went to Remus, I ran from my sick bed and ran to the only wolf I knew." He let out a chuckle "One Remus laid eyes on me that's it the Alpha in him took over and I ended up face down on the bed." He snorted, as he looked at their faces.

They both had dropped their jaws as they looked at Bill the young man smiled at them and rubbed the back of his head as he stood back up "W…Why would Remus do that!" Hermione yelled

"That is what Fenrir did!" Harry said, as he warped his arms around his middle as he felt the world as he knew crumble around him.

"He's my mate. When an alpha male finds their mate or mates they go a little insane, they act on their animal. It's fine as long as the other mate is a wolf to but if not…"

"So Fenrir…"

"Yeah… he doesn't mean to act like the big bad wolf around you two it's… he's scared." He told them "I know it doesn't make up for what he's done and I will kick his arse and so will Remus when he returns."