Hello! Well I just desperately wanted a story in which Remus was the one to take care of Harry and save him from the Dursleys, and I also wanted to explore the werewolf side of the magical world... so here's the story.

As always Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling and not to me.

Chapter 1

The letter came on a freezing autumn night.

Later, much later, probably months later to be honest, Remus would realize that it was actually Halloween and he won't know whether to laugh or cry at the irony. Everything that was ever important in Remus' life had happened on Halloween: he'd been bitten on a Halloween night, his friends confronted him about it years later after the Halloween feast, they'd been able to complete their animagi transformations on that night and off course it was also the night he'd been left completely alone, the night James, Lily and Peter had died and Black had betrayed them all.

Remus hated Halloween.

Yet the last thing he had expected to see when he entered his tiny apartment that night after work and just two days after the moon was Fawkes, Dumbledore's phoenix, waiting for him with what seemed to be an urgent message from the headmaster.

It was a letter.

Harry is in trouble.

Meet me at Hogwarts as soon as possible.


A few days earlier.

Harry couldn't believe his luck! Mrs. Figg had the flu and couldn't take him, which meant that he was on vacation for the very first time in his life! The Dursleys had rented a small cabin in the woods just in front of the biggest lake Harry had ever seen, it was fantastic! Even if his aunt and uncle weren't very happy with him there, even when Dudley had thrown the biggest tantrum when he found out, even when he had to cook and clean and sleep on the floor of Dudley's room, the last four days had been the best of his life!

For the most part he was left alone by the Dursleys, so he had been free to explore and play and do what ever he wanted, as aunt Petunia had said: he was five years old now, he wasn't a baby anymore, he could take care of himself, and not bother them. He had even made a friend, it was one of the rangers, he was a bit weird and somehow knew his name and had asked him to show him his scar but he was nice. He'd taken his hand and showed him around, yes Mr. Greyback was nice and seemed actually excited to meet him and spend time with Harry, something that rarely happened. He told Harry that he should come exploring at night that it was more exciting but Harry didn't want to because all the other rangers said it was dangerous, that there were wolves out at night.

At the moment though it seemed like Harry's luck was running short, he'd been distracted by a blue bird that was singing right there on the window frame and the potatoes that he was supposed to be cooking were burnt. He took them out of the oven as he felt his uncle stepping closer.

"What's that smell?" He said approaching the kitchen.

"I am sorry uncle Vernon," He said with the plate of burnt potatoes in his hands. His uncle took a look at the potatoes and his face went red.

"You are sorry? You are sorry. Boy! That was our dinner! Now because of you we won't have anything to eat! PETUNIA!" He was getting redder and redder, his aunt came running "Look what the little freak did to our food!"

Harry knew it was early enough in the afternoon that he would have time to make more potatoes and tried to tell that to his aunt and uncle but they were having none of it. Uncle Vernon's face was furious and aunt Petunia's was very pale.

"Shut up! I don't care! You ruined our dinner and now those potatoes are going to be yours, if we were home I'd send you to your cupboard but I guess I should just make you sleep outside!" Harry felt his heart fall and his eyes were getting wet.

"But uncle Vernon there are wolves outside!" He said crying, "Please don't make me stay outside the whole night!"

His aunt gave his uncle a warning look but he dismissed it.

"There are no wolves in this part of Britain, besides we are in the middle of summer nothing is going to happen to the boy" He said to her, "And it would be good for his character, then he'd stop crying like a little girl" Then he turned to Harry "Off with you then, out you go and take that horrible food with you"

Harry took the plate and went outside, he heard his uncle locking the door.

He sat on the porch of the cabin his head resting on the door and cried silently for a while. When the sun started setting down he took the plate of burnt potatoes and ate them: they weren't that bad, a bit burnt on the outside but perfect inside.

After a while it was dark outside, Harry heard the Dursleys eating and then getting ready to sleep, then they turned out the lights, it was a bit chilly even if it was a summer night so Harry curled upon himself thankful for the light of the full moon that didn't leave him in complete darkness and he fell asleep.

Remus blinked at the letter for a couple of seconds, he hadn't heard anything about Harry for the past four years, not after Albus had refused his offer to take him saying that he was already placed with the Dursleys, his family, and that he was safe, not after he had abandoned the magical world.

Fawkes chirped impatiently.

"Right" he said, the only other remaining member of what had been his family was in trouble, he took a piece of paper, wrote his reply and gave it to phoenix who promptly disappeared in an explosion of flames.

He put his face on his hands, God, Harry! He had thought about the boy almost every day since that Halloween, his biggest regret was that little boy and the life that he was deprived of. Vernon and Petunia Dursley were amongst the most disgusting people Remus had ever met in his life. He hated the thought of Harry, sweet little baby Harry, on their hands.

Remus composed himself and took his wand out of under his mattress where'd hidden it after leaving it all behind. He took a few deep breaths and appareated for the first time in over three years to the Diagon Alley where he took the floo to Hogwarts.

Albus was waiting for him in his office, everything looked exactly the same as it always had, Remus felt a lump on his throat, if he closed his eyes he could pretend that James, Peter and Sirius were right beside him and that they were about to be reprimanded like it had happened dozens of times. But he couldn't close his eyes and Dumbledore had a hard and worried expression and so the fantasy went away before it could fully form.

Albus was sitting by his desk and he signaled Remus to sit in front of him.

"My dear Remus, it's been a while if I do say so myself… It is too bad that we're meeting again under these unpleasant circumstances…" started the headmaster.

"What happened to Harry?" He demanded cutting the pleasantries that Albus usually liked, the older man sighed.

"He was on vacation with his family, I know that you know that he was placed with his aunt Petunia Dursley, and that you didn't agree" Remus nodded "well it looks like you might have been right, I told them in my letter to never take him out of Private Drive for more than a day without our supervision because the wards, the blood wards that I set to protect Harry were set on the house and were straighten by the presence of both Mrs. Dursley and Harry, if she left then they'd keep working for a long time, but if Harry was away of the house then he'd only be safe when in the presence of Mrs. Dursley"

"What happened?" interrupted Remus again.

"Well they took him on vacation, and for some reason they refuse to tell me, Harry was outside of the cabin they had rented at night, he …he was alone in the woods on the full moon"

He felt suddenly dizzy with the implication, dread setting in his stomach.

"Albus, please tell me that it's not what I think it is."

"He was bitten, Remus"