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Such a fragile facade.

Broken, shattered in an instant, never to be repaired. Such a stupid little thing, so easily broken.

And yet...

There are times when sanity is the thing I wish for most. Times when everything I've done weighs down on me, bowing my shoulders and forcing tears out of my eyes. Times when I'm so tantalizingly close to repairing the shattered glass of my sanity, and I can actually see clearly all I am and will be.

It's horrifying, you know, to think of all I've done and realize what a monster I am. All the death and pain I've caused, all the grief and tears. It's all my fault, and it hurts so bad...

And this is all of me. I'm never going to be anything more. From the moment I wished the yamis away, no, from the instant I picked up the Ring, this was the way it was always going to be. Just me, Ryou, the monster.

Sometimes, when I can actually think straight my mind is unclouded, I can't look myself in the mirror. Malik, once my best friend, and his yami... Jou, a man who once trusted me and called me his friend... Yami no Yuugi, who always tried to protect me... Yuugi...

How could I have ever done such things?

There are times my eyes slide back to brown, times when I can see just a hint of who I used to be. Times when all I can do is curl up in a corner and sob, because of what I've done and knowing there's no way I can ever repent for my sins. Times when the blood on my hands is almost visible, when I can almost smell their rotting flesh around me. Ammit will take me, so all I can do is keep dodging Death...

I was pure once, you know? A long, long time ago...

Can I tell you a story?

Once upon a time, there was a hikari...

Nevermind. You don't want to hear that story. It's too sad.

There are times I can see clearly. Times I can almost forget my yami isn't here. Times I can be almost sane. But every time it happens, sooner or later it all slides away, and I go back into the hazy place my mind rests when it's insane. I get up from my corner, wrap my cloak around me, and go to steal again like nothing ever happened.

Haze and mist and dark... Is that all there is to the world? Is that all?

Please... There has to be someone else out there, someone else like me. Lost. Please? Won't you answer?

Once upon a time...

Guess what.

Sanity's overrated.


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