To it's TTJOD here with the 1st chapter of Son of Hades. This was one of the many stories someone requested me to do. Here it is.

Chapter 1

The sounds of a woman screaming could be heard in a bleak and dreary building. The sound of a man whimpering in pain could also be heard. The woman then roared out "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT HADES, I SWEAR ON THE RIVER STINX THAT YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!" Hades whimpering said "Hold dear just a little longer, he's almost here." The woman turning to look him in the eyes said "He'd better hurry up." Hades feeling her applying more pressure to his hand whimpered some more, but sighed in relief when the loud cry of a baby boy could ne heard. Hades sighing said "Oh thank Zeus." Persephone finally finished giving birth, held out her hands because she wanted to hold her baby. Hades getting the message handed the crying black haired boy to her, and pouted when the boy stopped his crying instantly and was now staring at his mom with his big innocent baby blue eyes. Persephone smiling down at her beautiful baby boy said "Oh you're such a cute little boy. My precious little maelstrom." Hades smiling said "Naruto eh. What a wonderful name for our son." Persephone giggling said "Yes Naruto, that's his precious name." Hades smiling gently took Naruto away from his wife and placed him in his crib so that Persephone could get some rest. He couldn't have known that his new son would be taken by three old crones not wanting his new child to interfere with their plans. These old crones are known as the Fates and they taking the sleeping Naruto from his crib in the underworld sealed away his godly powers and sent him to another universe, not even noticing the glowing red eyes watching them from the shadows. The next day the underworld would be hit with the wails of an upset mother, and fury of a pissed off father. No citizen of the underworld would be safe, as Hades would go on a rampage that would make Zeus himself remind himself not to piss off Hades or his wife for that matter.

In the other universe the black haired baby had just arrived, in the middle of an epic battle between a man and blood red nine tailed fox. The man spotting the baby smiled as he now didn't have to seal the cursed fox into his daughter. He summoning the death god, sealed the angry fox into the boy, not even caring that he had cursed the boy to a life of solitude and unjust hatred. Flash forward 13 years later and Naruto could be seen staring down another black haired boy. Naruto had a large sword attached to his back. Naruto's baby blue eyes were slitted and blood red, indicating he was using the power of his close friend Kurama the nine tailed fox. He staring at the other black haired boy said "Look teme I'm not returning to that god awful village and nothing you could say will ever change my mind, so just go back to your little village, attach yourself to your little lover. I've got somewhere to be."

Sasuke scowling said "I'm not letting you leave the village dobe. I made a promise to the hokage to bring you back to the village if you liked it or not."

Naruto sighing said "So be it."

He then pulling out his sword said "Prepare yourself for the fight of your life."

Sasuke activating his sharingan pulled out his own sword readying himself for a battle he was not sure he could win. The two boys then launched at each other engaging in an duel of wills. With each clash of swords more chakra was pushed out, until the entire valley was over saturated with their chakra. Naruto jumping in the sky swung his sword down said "Blood red pulse!"

Sasuke remembering this attack was the one that had ended Kiba's career quickly dodged to the left. He flinched when the wave of red chakra ripped the earth asunder. Naruto landing scowled spotting Sasuke still alive. Sasuke then tapped into his curse seal given to him by Orochimaru of the sannin. Naruto spotting this chuckled along with Kurama. He putting his sword away said "Foolish Sasuke, you are not the only one Orochimaru gave a curse mark."

He then took off his shirt to reveal the same curse seal Sasuke had on his collar bone. Naruto tapping into his curse seal started to chuckle darkly as he entered curse mode level one/Kurama mode level 2. The fight then once again picked up, with Naruto clearly being the winner. Naruto grabbing the beaten and bloody Sasuke by his collar laughed and said "I'm not going to kill you Uchiha, but will not be leaving her unscathed. My price will one of your oh so precious sharingan."

Before Sasuke could protest his left eye was yanked out of it's socket, leaving him screaming in pure pain. Naruto then sealing the socket to stop the pain and the bleeding, tossed the quickly loosing conscious Uchiha back to the fire country side. Sealing the stolen sharingan in a scroll. He exited his powered up mode and turned around to leave when he felt another chakra signature arrive. He turning his head, rolled his eyes spotting Namikaze-Uzumaki Natsuki chunin of the village hidden in the leaves and daughter of the 5th hokage Namikaze-Uzumaki Kushina. Natsumi spotting the defeated Sasuke, looked at Naruto with tears streaming down her face. She asked "Why are you leaving Naruto, I thought loved the village."

Naruto snorting said "I don't love the village that considers me a demon and only wants me to be a weapon to deter anyone from attacking them. They really thought I didn't know. Foolish. I always knew, I was simply biding my time so that I could leave."

He then continued his trek to Oto. As he was about to cross the border, he stopped sensing someone much more powerful then Natsumi near. His eyes widening started to look around trying to find the power, only for his world to grow black. Before passing out he heard and angry ancient voice say "Do not worry my son, I'm taking you back to where you belong." Then it all went black.

Hades looking down at his son scowled and snapped his fingers sending his son to Persephone, hopefully she was home. He turning his attention to the direction of the leaf village gained an evil grin as it was time for the leaf to pay what they owed. He grabbing the unconscious Sasuke, knocked out Natsumi and grabbed her. Teleporting to the village hidden in the leaves he tossed the two mortals down, and smiled finding himself surrounded by the anbu. He laughing darkly said "Village hidden in the leaves, my name is Hades and today you pay for trying to use my son as a weapon."

He then snapping his fingers made a black staff appear in his hands. He slamming the butt of said staff down on the ground said "I Hades lord of the underworld and cousin to the Shinto Death God Shinigami hereby place a powerful curse on this village and most of the members of said village. All that die from this village except for Sarutobi Konohamaru, Nara Shikamaru, Ichiraku Ayame, Senju Tsunade, and Mitarashi Anko shall be sent to the fields of punishment where they shall be tortured until the end of times."

A villager hearing this quickly tried to bribe Hades to not do this, but Hades snorted and said "Foolish little man. If my wife had come instead of myself, this village would be looking like the center of the desert instead of suna."

He then actually gained a look of fear in his eyes as he said "It would be even worse if my mother ever found out about this foolishness. She'd turn this little speck of dirt into a smoldering pit, where not even the vultures would dare come near fearing her wrath."

The god then flinched as his wife had just found Naruto and was hugging the poor boy to near death. He pinching the bridge of his nose said "If you'd all excuse me I have a son to rescue."

He was then about to leave when he stopped and looked at the Uchiha, he smirking said "Oh and before I forget my son took the left eye of that little shit after kicking his spoiled ass. I myself removed what was so precious about his eyes when I brought him. So do enjoy that the oh so special and spoiled Sharingan is officially gone from this village."

He smirking at the horrified faces said "Also enjoy the fact that all the treaties my son caused, have been informed how he was treated, and the fire lord himself has been informed how the son of a god was treated by the foolish members of this village."

He then walking out of the village, turned to look the shocked Kushina dead in the eyes as he said "In case you fools still haven't figured it out. My son is Naruto, or as many of you fools liked to call him. Kyuubi Brat, or Weapon." Hades then left in a burst of acrid smoke.

Kushina hearing who it was, started cursing like a sailor as she had been trying to fix what Sarutobi and her foolish husband had done when they made Naruto the container for the fox. Hell it was one of the main reasons she took the damn job in the first place. She looking at Sasuke and Natsumi said "Take my daughter to our home. Someone take the Uchiha to the hospital to be looked over by Tsunade." She then turning to look at the still shocked people said "Someone get the council members to the council chambers. I'm calling a meeting."

She then unleashing a bit of her killing intent said "Now." This got the response she was looking for as everyone started to move.

When Hades arrived back home, he snickered spotting the heavy scowl on Naruto's face as Persephone fussed over him much like only a mother could. Naruto himself was scowling as Kurama was laughing his furry ass off at who he had discovered was his mother looking him over with the eyes of a mother. His scowl deepened when he heard her say "My baby is to skinny. He needs to have a nice big meal. Starting with a homemade meal by mama."

Hades hearing this blanched as he loved his wife dearly but the woman couldn't cook to save her life. The last time she had cooked something for him, he had nearly been killed from food poisoning. He walking over said "Now dear I'm sure he doesn't need any food. This is probably just his look."

He flinched when Persephone turned on him with a powerful glare as she said "I am feeding my baby a homemade dinner, and since you're here I will fix you a plate also."

Hades hearing this felt his eyes widen as he said "Well what do you know. I have some paperwork I have to get to. Sorry dear but I guess that dinner will have to wait until another time."

He then got the hell out of there, leaving his son to his fate. Naruto spotting how fast Hades got out of there, got a very bad feeling in his stomach. He then heard Kurama whimper "He just ran like he had a pack of wild dogs after him." Naruto then thought "I pity my stomach."

An hour and a half later and Naruto could be seen on his bed, in his bedroom, laid out with swirls for his eyes. If one were to look closely you could see his and Kurama's soul trying to escape his body. The reason why? Hades had not been joking when he said Persephone couldn't cook to save a life. Naruto and Kurama had just been subjected to the worse cooking they had ever had the misfortune to taste. Hell even Sakura's abysmal cooking was better then what he had just been forced to down out of sheer politeness. He getting control over his body seconds later leaned up on his bed and reached over to his nightstand. Grabbing the cup of water, he downed it in one shot and said "I'm never doing that again. I don't care how much she gives me that damn puppy dog jutsu. I refuse to nearly die again because of her terrible cooking skills."

Kurama inside of him said "Kit I'd rather you eat that slop known as Ramen then try something that crazy again."

Naruto nodding to this laid down on his bed the right way and said "So it seems that in this world that I'm a god or half-god." Kurama now sitting down in his cage nodded and said "Yeah, you're the son of the god of death and the goddess of springtime. You know that your mom gave you a book to read."

Naruto looking over at his nightstand, glared at the book and said "I hate reading."

He ignoring the snickering of Kurama, grabbed the book and started reading, ignoring the fact that both of his parents were at the door peeking in. Naruto flipping a page in the book felt his jaw touch the mattress spotting a picture of Artemis. He shaking his head said "In the name of ramen."

Kurama giggling said "You find her attractive don't you kit?"

Naruto ignoring the blush on his face said "Shut it baka fox, before I force you relive that horrid sunset genjutsu."

Naruto smirked hearing Kurama whimper. He then looking at the picture of Artemis again. He did have to admit that she was rather fetching, and had his attention. He then remembering the fact that he now had a mother who would stop at nothing to embarrass her baby boy, quickly turned to page not wanting to be subjected to what Shikamaru called the troublesome effects of a mother. What he didn't know that it was way too late as Persephone had seen just whose picture had made his jaw drop and the blush on her face and decided to meddle in her baby boy's love life. She summoning a messenger sent a message to her mother, hoping that Naruto's grandmother would help her plan.

Hades seeing all of this shook his head feeling pity for his son. He walking into the room, sat down on the bed, and smirked spotting Naruto reading about the titan war and his grandfather. Naruto not even looking up from the book said "Dad, grandfather was a crazy paranoid old man. I mean come on he just put the prophecy in place by eating all of you. If it were me, I'd just ignore stupid thing and lived my life."

Hades laughing said "That's what any rational being would do son, but your grandfather was anything but rational."

Naruto was about to agree, when suddenly he felt a chill go down his spine. He had felt this chill once before, it had been when Ayame had found out how he spent his birthday. She had forced him to attend a party at the ramen stand, had given him a piece of cake from her mouth, taking his first kiss. To this day he still couldn't look at her without blushing like a lunatic. Kurama shivering said "Kit your mother has something planned that will most likely screw you over later in life."

Naruto nodding asked "Dad what is mom doing?"

Hades sweat dropping said "She's sending a message to your grandmother."

Naruto hearing this blanched and said "Oh hell no."

He then reaching into his pocket pulled out a smoke bomb. Throwing in on the floor, he released a dense cloud of black smoke. Hades coughing waved the smoke away and blinked finding Naruto gone. He looking around couldn't find a trace of him anywhere. This made him sweat drop wondering just how his son had managed to do that.

Naruto could be seen running in a forest, a mask on his face, and his sword on his back. Kurama inside of his head said "We need to find a place to hide kit and perfect your skills before whatever plan your mother has, activates."

Naruto nodding said "I already know where we're going Kurama. It's time someone paid a visit to great grandmother Rhea."

Kurama nodding said "Right kit, but remember to stay on the look out for any monsters."

Naruto nodding said "Will do." He and Kurama were then on their way to their new life, never knowing that his presence in the world was going to change things for the better.

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