Chapter 3; Ares Fucks Up!

A few days later and Kurama was now being held by Annabeth and was actually trying to take a nap, as these three brats got into more trouble than he and Naruto did on one of Naruto's silly adventures, and that was saying something. Temari had to return home, as it was nearly time for the baby to be born, and Persephone wanted to be there for the birth of her 8th grandchild. She had been there for the first seven, but Persephone had missed so much of Naruto's life, she didn't even want to think about missing any of her grandkids lives. Temari had promised that one of the other ladies of destruction would come help the kids, but that had been two days ago and Kurama had to fight several of monsters, including the fucking Chimera. So he was rightfully tired as shit. His eyes then popped open sensing Ares. He sitting up turned to look at the entrance to the diner. Sure enough Ares pulled up in a pretty loud motorcycle and walked into the diner like he was a boss or something. Ares taking a seat waved at the waitress and started to talk to the three kids. Kurama smelling a trick said "Sorry but the brats aren't doing you any favors smelly."

Ares hearing this turned to Kurama with a snarl on his face. He growling said "Shut your face you ugly ass fox."

Kurama getting insulted asked "You wanna say that to my face smelly?"

Ares leaning forward with a sneer on his face said "I said shut your face you ugly ass-!"

He was cut off as Kurama chose this moment to slash the God of War across the face with his sharp claws. Ares screaming in pain, grabbed his face and was now literally steaming mad. He moving his hands glared at Kurama and said "You've done it now fox."

Ares then reached forward and grabbed Kurama by the nape of his neck and tossed Kurama at the windows hard. This made Kurama crash through the window and roll into the middle of the busy street. Kurama standing up shook the glass from his fur, knowing that if even a drop of his blood hit the pavement, Naruto would come and Ares would be history. He didn't want the kit to arrive just yet, no he wanted Naruto to arrive just as it looked Ares was going to finish Kurama off. Kurama couldn't really die but this would let the three kids he was traveling with see the power Naruto had. Ares walking out of the diner with a snarl on his face asked "Still alive fox?"

Kurama snorting said "I've eaten food that hit harder than that."

Ares hearing yet again another insult snarled and grabbed Kurama by his head and started to punch Kurama in the face repeatedly. He stopping after about 40 solid punches asked "What do you have to say now fox?"

Kurama with both of his eyes swollen shut, smirked revealing his blood soaked teeth and said "Only that you just broke the truce dipshit!"

He then felt his blood hit the ground ignoring the wide fearful eyes of Ares. When the blood hit the ground, it not only started to sizzle, but it also started to hiss loudly. Suddenly the sky darkened and the ground started to tremble in fear. Kurama laughing said "He's coming you idiot and he's gonna break every bone in your body before he takes Aphrodite from you. I hope you enjoy your hand, as that's going to be the only action you get from now on."

The ground then literally split open and a giant skeletal arm appeared and placed itself on the ground. This arm was quickly followed by another. The huge skeletal head of a jackal then appeared and it was glaring at Ares with pure hate. It then unleashed a roar so terrifying Ares actually shit himself. The jackal then pulled the rest of it's body from the ground and jumped into the air. This jackal quickly shifted into the form of Naruto, who floated in the air, literally luminescent with how much power he was putting out. Naruto's black hair was literally floating from how much power he was emitting. Naruto slowly touching the ground glared at Ares with his slitted golden eyes. Ares gulping loudly slowly put down Kurama who blinked when he was instantly scooped up and felt two large breast be pressed up against him. He knowing these breast anywhere sighed in relief and said "My personal favorite of the 4 ladies of destruction."

He closing his eyes nuzzled into the warm arms of Natsumi Uzumaki, lady of destruction number one and Naruto's first wife. Natsumi had grown up rather nicely from how she had been. Her hair was long and platinum blonde, and most of it was platted into a tight braid. Her face was flawless and her silver eyes were looking at Ares with just as much hate as Naruto. Natsumi also had large DD-cup breast, with the left one having Naruto's name tattooed on it. She was dressed in a dark blue button-up shirt, that was mostly unbuttoned revealing her electric yellow bra. To go with this shirt, a knee-length skirt that was the same dark blue as the shirt and a pair of long electric yellow socks. Naruto glaring at Ares with all of his hate, said "You just broke the truce."

Ares gulping and sweating heavily took several steps back and said "Now let's not get too hasty here."

He was quickly shut up when Naruto let out a rather loud growl and two large dragon-like wings spread out from his back. Naruto with his large canine teeth glinting in the light said "You have five seconds to run as fast and as far as you can before I beat you like a damn rug."

Ares hearing this turned around and took off running completely forgetting his motorcycle. Five seconds later Naruto let loose a ground shaking, stomach churning roar and to the shock of Percy, awe of Grover and amazement of Annabeth transformed into a very large dark gray dragon. He then flew off towards the direction that Ares had run off in. Natsumi watching as her husband flew after Ares turned to the three kids and smiled softly at them. She setting down on the ground and adjusting Kurama in her arms bowed and said "Hello my name is Natsumi Uzumaki and I'm the 1st wife of Naruto-kun. I'm also the 1st lady of destruction and the Shinto goddess of Nature and the wild."

Grover hearing this instantly started to swoon on the spot as Natsumi was the Shinto version of Pan. Percy with a small blush on his face wondered if he would ever be able to pull the hot females like Naruto could. Annabeth looking at Kurama in Natsumi's arms asked "Will Kurama be alright lady Natsumi?"

Natsumi smiling gently said "Kurama-kun will be just fine after a good night's sleep. Now catch me up on what I missed."

Percy was about to when all three kids and Kurama's stomachs alerted the group that they were hungry. All three kids blushed darkly when this happened and Kurama mumbled about food in his sleep. Natsumi giggling said "You can catch me up after we fill your stomachs."

After eating Natsumi with Kurama in her lap said "Well since we need a ride to our destination, I think we'll travel in style."

She getting up and once again sitting Kurama in her arms walked outside of the diner and clicked her teeth. Percy, Annabeth and the still swooning Grover all gained wide eyes when a beautiful golden elephant appeared. Natsumi smiling said "Climb on kids."

They doing so watched as Natsumi sat in the front and said "Alright girl let's get going."

The elephant nodding shocked the three teens by literally starting to run on the very air. Annabeth with wide eyes asked "How?"

Natsumi giggling said "This beautiful baby girl was a present to me by Naruto-kun on our wedding day. I have had her since she was just a little baby and her name is Mai which is Japanese for dance."

Annabeth hearing this blinked and asked "He gave you an elephant as a wedding present?"

Natsumi nodding said "Yes and I gave him my heart. He didn't really ask for anything in return and never has. He's not selfish like that, but he does like to cause destruction in the Shinto Realm from time to time."

Percy asked "How did he transform into that dragon back there?"

Natsumi giggling said "That dragon is just one of his many forms. In fact all of have most likely heard about one of his forms at some point."

Grover blinking asked "What do you mean Lady Natsumi?"

She giggling again said "Please call me Natsumi and I mean that everyone has at least seen or heard of one of his forms. Like for example one of his many forms is the being known as Lucifer by some mortals or the Devil."

Percy hearing this gained wide eyed and asked "How old is he?"

Natsumi giggling said "He looks to be in his 20's but is really centuries old."

Annabeth now curious asked "What other forms might we recognize?"

Natsumi said "Aaron Rodgers, quarterback of the Packers, Justin Timberlake, sometimes he likes to be Justin Beiber."

All eyes were wide hearing this, even the just waking up Kurama. Percy shaking his head asked "Are you telling me he's the one responsible for that Zeus awful Baby song?"

Natsumi shaking her head and trying not to giggle said "No Beiber is actually his form of punishment for a man named Obito. Naruto-kun just sometimes takes over and forces Beiber to break the law and cause a little chaos."

Annabeth asked "What about Aaron Rodgers?"

Kurama speaking up said "That's all the kit. The kit likes to play games and what better game is there than Football. Of course he doesn't use his godly abilities as that would give him an unfair advantage."

Grover somehow still swooning asked "Is he responsible for the song Sexy Back?"

Kurama grinning with all of his teeth said "Hell yeah he is. The kit made that song to piss of his troublesome and meddling mother. I still remember the day he made it. We was once again forced to eat a dinner that she butchered and she was all lecturing the kit about getting Temari pregnant for the 5th time and he was getting tired of it. So he stood up shocking Natsumi-chan, Kushina-baka, Anko and Temari and said "I'm Bringing Sexy Back. Them other guys don't know how to act." Persephone had the most shocked and appalled look on her face and Hades looked like he was about to die from laughter. Now every time she hears that song she scowls, which makes it funny as every time I or my siblings are in the underworld we sing the song to purposely rile her up."

Percy with wide eyes asked "Why did you say butchered?"

Natsumi actually blanching said "Because my mother-in-law really can't cook to save any lives. I've literally seen Naruto-kun try to feed his plate to the dog, Cerberus, who wouldn't even eat it."

Annabeth blinking asked "Is it really that bad?"

Kurama nodding said "The first time the kit was forced to eat her food both of our souls nearly left this plane of existence from how terrible it was, hell I can still feel the pain that abomination left in my stomach."

Grover hearing this blanched and said "Okay her food must truly be terrible."

Kurama was about to nod, when a voice that filled him up with dread said "Foxy!"

Kurama going from red to so white snow would be green with envy, slowly turned around and blanched spotting Naruto and Temari's 7th child. It was a little girl with the same blonde hair Temari had, but Naruto's burning golden eyes. This girl was named Akiko Uzumaki and was 5. She was also the devil and death to anything considered fluffy and sadly for Kurama he was considered fluffy by her. She appearing and wrapping him a death hug said "I missed you so much Foxy. Momma told me that you were traveling with momma Natsumi."

She ignoring Kurama trying to get out of her death hug said "Daddy told me that big meany Ares attacked you and gave me the command to come check on you. I was happy to do so, because Kitty and Monkey hide from me and Horsey hasn't woken up from it's nap yet."

Kurama hearing this really started to try and get out of her grip as this meant Akiko would fully focus on him, meaning pain. Natsumi knowing that Akiko would strangle Kurama, picked the 5 year old up and said "Let Kurama-kun go Akiko-chan and I'll finally tell you the story of how daddy defeated the eight headed white snake."

Akiko hearing this instantly let go of Kurama and paid close attention to Natsumi who smiled softly and said "Listen closely little one as I spin you this tale. A tale of romance, adventure, drama and a hero."

Akiko giggling knew it was story time as Natsumi would always use this voice when it was story time. Kurama actually taking a seat in Annabeth's lap was ready to hear this story, knowing that the three teens he was traveling with, and Artemis with her hunters were about to hear the very good, very exciting and very true story of when Naruto killed Orochimaru of the Sannin.