TITLE: Blow My Mind


CHARACTERS: Batman / Wonder Woman


WARNINGS: Author Chooses Not to Use Warnings

DISCLAIMER: I love Justice League, but especially Batman and Wonder Woman. Unfortunately, I do not own the characters and, if I did, things would be much different for them.

SUMMARY: Set directly after Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Batman and Diana meet in the training room for their first sparring session together. With the sexual tension beginning to run high, how will they handle being this close?

Blow My Mind

Batman stalked through the empty halls of the Watchtower with a certain destination in mind as well as a certain teammate. He was wrestling with whether or not this was a good idea. It had been a spur of the moment decision to ask the Amazon princess to train together, but now that the time had come he was beginning to wonder how wise that decision actually had been.

The attraction between them had been steadily growing, something that even he had been forced to acknowledge. It had been becoming too strong to ignore it any longer even for him. What he was actually going to do about it still remained a mystery to him.

How she managed to blow his mind at any given moment was beyond all logic, making him to wonder if maybe she had some new found gift from her countless gods that she hadn't made them aware of. It was certainly something that he should look into someday. It would definitely make things easier to explain…like how she had managed to have such a hold on him, making him feel things he'd never felt before.

His gauntleted hands balled into fists as he turned a corner, his anticipation rising. He had taken a couple of hours to run through several meditation exercises to help him stay focused on the training and not on her or her gods-given assets. He didn't want to be caught staring at her legs when he was supposed to be focused on winning the match.

Coming to a stop before the training room doors, Bruce drew a deep breath, letting it out slowly. He could handle this. He was the Batman…he was vengeance, he was the night he continually reminded himself as he pushed the button, the training room doors sliding open to reveal Diana bent over adjusting her red dominatrix boot.

"Damn," he grumbled under his breath as a scowl formed on his face.

"What?" she asked as she straightened up, flipping her long raven hair back over her shoulder.

"Nothing," he rasped as he forced himself to put one black boot in front of the other, taking him further inside the room.

"You're right on time for getting your ass whipped," she commented with a smile as she began performing some stretching exercises.

Bruce couldn't help the smirk that took over his mouth, despite his apprehension. "Pretty confident, Princess," he decided, amused. "You'll be eating those words soon."

"Not likely," she confidently replied, stretching her arms over her head.

Bruce had to look away at that moment. He was pretty certain she had no idea what doing that move did to her breasts…or maybe she knew all too well. He decided that she likely didn't. She was too innocent and without guile to realize that she had just made the training room a hundred degrees hotter.

He cleared his throat as he began removing his utility belt, setting it aside. Turning around he found Diana removing her breastplate. "What are you doing?" he demanded to know, nearly stunned senseless.

"Are we not sparring?" she asked, tilting her head in confusion.

"Yes, but just how much are you planning on removing, Princess?" he questioned her, his heart beginning to hammer a little harder in anticipation of her answer as she removed her tiara.

"Everything," she replied as if it was more than obvious. "Why?"

"Whoa…hold it right there," he stated, holding up a hand as she began to reach for the bodice of her uniform. "What do you think we're doing here?"

"Sparring," she told him, growing exasperated. "What are you talking about?"

"Okay, we obviously have very different ideas about what sparring is," he said. "Without taking any more clothes off, tell me what sparring is like on Themyscira."

"Hand-to-hand combat," she revealed. "We do it without any clothing to get in the way."

"All right, that is not what I was expecting when I suggested we spar together," he clarified.

Diana's brow furrowed in thought as she studied him. "Oh, okay…what did you have in mind?"

"I was thinking more along the lines of keeping our clothes on first of all," he told her, not believing that he had actually just said that. "As far as sparring, I was thinking of starting out with simple hand-to-hand fighting before transitioning into Jiu-jitsu, taekwondo, Aikido, or Capoeira. We could then expand to other things like training with Bo staffs or using my weapons against your powers once we get comfortable training together."

Diana seemed to consider it for a moment, deciding it would be nice to learn various fighting techniques from him. She was certain that learning other forms of combat could only help enhance her mission. She was also anxious to teach him things that would not be known past the shores of Themyscira.

"You're on," she decided, her hands finding her hips. "I'm still going to kick your ass."

Bruce shook his head in amazement as he attempted to suppress a smile. "You have no idea what you're in for."

"I could say the same thing about you," she taunted as she slowly began to circle him.

The mischievous glint flashing in her sapphire eyes was unmistakable, intriguing him even further. She had no idea how positively enchanting she was. That's what he thought added to her allure. He knew in that moment he was in for an adventure of a lifetime with her no matter where their relationship took them.

"Are you stalling, Princess?" he questioned her as he moved into a crouching position, the white slits of his cowl narrowing as he studied her. "Just remember…I'm a mere mortal man. Try not to break me."

A full, lilting laughter spilled from her lips as she assumed a fighting stance, fists help in front of her. "Mere mortal man?" she repeated. "Bruce, you may be a mortal, but there is definitely nothing mere about you."

"I'll take that as a compliment," he replied.

"Are we going to keep talking or are we going to finally play?"

"Just waiting on you to bring it, Amazon," he taunted her. "Let's see some of that warrior skill of yours."

She cocked a raven eyebrow in response to his challenge, knowing that he was attempting to provoke her into making a mistake, but that wasn't going to happen. She was an Amazon, trained and skilled in combat. She was a warrior, born to be the Champion of the Gods and she would not fail even in something as trivial as this.

Besides, she wanted to prove to Bruce that she was a skilled warrior, one who didn't need to be protected or shielded. He had a tendency to stay close to her on missions, always looking out for her and there to protect her. It annoyed her to no end.

Deciding to make the first move more out of impatience than anything else, Diana lunged at him only for him to evade her at the very last second. She found herself grabbing hold of nothing but air as her momentum continued to carry her forward. Righting herself, she swiftly spun her heel only to have an elbow connect with her gut, taking her by surprise.

The unexpected blow caused more indignation than actual pain as she unexpectedly found herself on the defensive, a series of blows coming at her with unbelievable speed for a mortal man. She'd always known he was highly skilled in martial arts, proving himself time and again on the battlefield. He'd continually amazed her with his abilities, but now he was just flat out irritating her.

With a growl of frustration, Diana blocked his strikes, a couple of kicks connecting with her midsection and pushing her backwards. She decided it was high time to show him what she could do instead of just trying to keep him from pinning her into the corner.

She crossed her arms in front of her to block his fist, shoving him hard…probably a little harder than she should have. Batman stumbled backwards, momentarily taken aback by her burst of aggression. She had been doing a very good job of defending herself, but had obviously had enough. Hopefully, he could use her temper against her.

"No powers, Princess," he reminded her.

A smirk graced the Amazon's red lips. "That was all me…no powers, Batman."

He had to admit he was a little startled by the extent of her strength if she was truly holding back, but he refused to admit it to her. He didn't have to time anyway. She was actively on the offense, forcing him to focus on keeping up with her assault on him.

He ducked just in time to avoid a fist to his head, coming up with an uppercut that caused her head to snap back. A small trickle of blood escaped from the corner of her mouth causing him worry, but it was quickly replaced with something else as her lips curled into a smile.

Her tongue snuck out to lick the blood away, her blue eyes sparkling with an intensity that sparked his arousal. She pulled her hair back over her shoulder before feinting with a swing at his ribs with her left while her right came straight at his head.

Batman raised his arm, blocking her strike as his other hand connected with her abdomen. She grabbed hold of his wrist; spinning him around pinning his arm against his back as her other arm came around his throat in an effort to hold him back against her body.

Before she could fully complete the hold, though, Batman was already maneuvering out of it to her great amazement and consternation. He swiftly turned, slamming his elbow into her back that only served to inflame her anger.

With a growl on her lips, she kicked her leg, connecting with his thigh and causing him to go down on one knee. She tried to follow up with another kick, but he was waiting for it. He ducked and rolled, coming up behind her and grabbing hold of her.

An ancient Greek curse filled the air as she struggled to escape, Batman breathing in exhilarating scent as he pulled her hard against his body. "Do you yield, Princess?" he asked somewhat breathlessly.

"Never," she ground out.

She threw an elbow back into his gut, forcing him to loosen his hold just long enough for her to turn things back around to her favor. She began with a series of strikes and kicks that immediately put him on the defense and forcing him back against the wall.

He blocked her fist, his gauntleted hand wrapping around her wrist and pulling her fully against him. It took her by surprise to find herself nose to nose with the man who had been meeting her in his dreams. It momentarily flustered her, both breathing hard.

Batman took the opportunity to flip their positions, pinning her against the wall. She immediately slammed her forehead against his, breaking free from his hold on her. He stumbled back, momentarily dazed only for her to grab hold of his wrist, pulling him towards her. She dragged him with her into a roll, throwing him over her shoulder.

Bruce was up and on his feet within the next moment, clenching his jaw and jumping out of the air as Diana swept her leg out at him. She leapt onto her feet, pushing her attack with a fierce vengeance that smelled of impending victory…or at least she believed.

As she lifted her leg to kick him, he lunged at her, grabbing her by the ankle and swinging her off balanced. She landed hard on the mat, knocking the wind from her lungs. Before she could recover, Batman was on top of her, his hands pinning hers to the mat.

Opening her eyes, Diana found herself staring up into the smug face of Batman, the smirk on his lips fueling her simmering anger. He opened his mouth to pronounce his victory when she used all her strength to flip him over onto his back, leaving her on top.

Despite the fact that he had a very sexy Amazon straddling him, he was not about to concede victory. He forcefully raised his hips, throwing her off him. She tucked and rolled, coming up on her heels and the fingers of her right hand lightly balanced on the floor as she carefully studied her opponent.

"Nice…move," she conceded between exerted breaths, admiration shining in her eyes.

"I don't go down easy, Princess," he rasped, discovering a whole new level of respect and appreciation for the princess's skills.

He had watched how highly proficient she was in a battle, a true warrior in every sense of the word, but it was something all together different to be facing it head-on himself. She was definitely one of the best that he'd ever faced-off against, but there were some areas where he knew he could help her improve.

He had to admit there were some things that she might be able to show him from all her extensive training on Themyscira. She had a couple of moves that had caught him completely by surprise that he was interested in learning more about.

Right now, though, he had a feisty Amazon on his hands, one that was hell-bent on his demise.

They slowly began to circle one another, gazes solely locked on each other. Diana carefully sized him up, noticing not for the first time his muscular physique that she was anxious to see out of all that black Kevlar material. She wished now that she'd been able to talk him into fighting Themyscirian style. It definitely would've made things very interesting.

Batman noticed as she slowly raked her teeth over her bottom lip as she appraised him, a shiver of sexual longing to shoot up his spine. She was staring him down like a predator would her prey, a meal to be devoured. It only served to inflame his desire for her, his dreams roaring to the surface of his mind. So far, he'd been able to keep a tight leash on it for the most part, but now it was becoming a little more difficult with how she was looking at him.

Things were about to become very heated in a way that he wasn't certain he was going to be able to control.

Before he had barely finished that thought, Diana was already coming right at him like a deadly missile moving almost as fast as the Flash, shoulder lowered and head down. All he could do was brace himself for impact as she slammed into him, taking him down onto the ground. She had him pinned to the mat before he could draw in the air that had just been sucked out of his lungs.

Opening his eyes, he found a very sexy Amazon leaning over him, her chest grazing his and a fire in her bright blue eyes that heated his blood unlike anything he'd ever known before. She shifted her hips on his groin, a strangled moan sticking in his throat as he tried to think of anything other than the aggressive Amazon on top of him.

Not even listing off all the inmates currently in Arkham was going to help him now.

This was far too similar to the countless dreams that he'd been having about her for the last several months. He felt himself growing more and more aroused as she leaned in close, a sensual smile spreading across her face as her long raven hair fell over her shoulder to tickle his jaw as he struggled to catch his breath.

"I w—," she began to purr something sultry.

Before she could finish that sentence, Batman rolled her onto her back, looming large over her. "I don't think so, Princess," he growled, leaning in close.

Their lips were just inches apart, their warm breaths mingling as one as they stared at each other with an overwhelming sense of longing that demanded to be sated. The air practically crackled with the sexual electricity that heated the room, neither of them moving in that moment.

It was as if they were frozen in place, both locked in the grip of desire that had been steadily growing since their first meeting. Fascination had soon become mutual respect and admiration, gradually growing into something…something stronger and deeper as attraction drew them closer together like magnets trying to fight against an immutable force.

Batman found himself drawing closer to her, her inviting lips begging him to kiss her. "Bruce," she whispered his name as her hands slid from his sides, under his cape and over his back to hold him to her.

She felt as though her heart was about to pound right out of her chest as she stared up into his cowled face, wishing she could see the penetrating blue eyes that remained hidden from her view. Her gaze fell to his lips that were right there waiting to be taken by her…to be tasted and ravished like she'd dreamed of doing for so long now.

His gauntleted fingers gently traced the curve of her face as he struggled with the overwhelming desire that ran in waves just beneath his skin. He wanted this beautiful woman beneath him, his body demanded it. His mind told him it couldn't happen, but his body and heart were rebelling against it.

All sense of logic was rapidly fleeing as a fierce battle was being waged deep inside of him. All the reasons why they shouldn't still attempted to rage through his mind, but what he wanted was right there for the taking. Could he really have both Gotham and Diana?

The decision was made for him as his commlink went off, Clark's voice filling his ear. "Superman to Batman."

Batman swiftly pulled away from her, cursing under his breath. "What?" he angrily growled, his hands curling into fists. He wasn't certain if he was more furious with Clark for interrupting or with himself for allowing things to get this heated.

"Um, I just got an incoming call," Superman revealed. "You're needed in Gotham. Two-Face just escaped from Arkham."

"On my way," Batman responded, getting to his feet. "Batman out."

Diana got to her feet as well, looking at Batman with worry swimming in her eyes. "What is it?"

"I've got to return to Gotham," Batman evenly stated, cursing himself for allowing his desire for her to cloud his thinking.

"Bruce," Diana called as he stalked towards the doors. "What about…?"

He paused as her voice trailed off, her confusion more than evident in the unspoken question. He stopped, turning his head to the left, but not fully facing her. He couldn't right now. He'd let himself lose control, leading her to believe that something could happen between them.

"Rain check on the training session," he rasped, the Batman fully in place once more, his heart shielded safely behind the Kevlar and his alter ego.

"But…I thought we—" she pressed, her brow furrowing in frustration as her hands found her hips.

"Sorry, Princess," he stated, steeling himself for what he was about to say to her. "I don't have time for anything else right now. Gotham comes first above all else."

She knew there was more meaning to his words than just their training session. She felt her heart sink, confusion and hurt storming inside of her. Had she misread everything? Had she imagined something was between them that wasn't even there?

The heavy silence caused him to pause at the training room doors, his chin falling to his chest as the ache inside of him grew stronger. All of this had been his idea, his lack of self-control over his heart. Gotham was his reason for leaving her now and it always would be. Gotham was his mistress that would forever take him away from all of his relationships—even her. It was just one of a multitude of reasons why they shouldn't pursue what was so obvious growing between them.

He forced himself to turn and face her, his face an emotional mask that disguised what was truly going on in his heart. "I'm sorry, Princess," he murmured before turning and vanishing through the training room doors, leaving her all alone.

Diana frowned as she stared at the spot that he had just been, contemplating his words. She knew what she had felt, recognized the desire that had been right there between them. She may be somewhat naïve about romantic relationships between a man and a woman, but she hadn't imagined it.

He had felt it too. He'd gazed into her eyes, caressed her face…almost kissed her. He could run away from her, try to deny that he felt something for her, but she knew. She had felt it in the way he had touched her cheek, the moment that he'd almost kissed her.

Her lips curled slightly the more she thought about it. He did feel something for her, an attraction that could no longer be denied or ignored. Now, she just had to see if this might actually go somewhere.

"You can run, but you can't hide, Dark Knight," she murmured to herself with a smirk dancing on her lips as she exited the training room.

A/N: I know everyone is super anxious for these two to get together already and, to be honest, so am I. If I had my way, they would've gotten together in this update, but I am following the JL/JLU animated series. It would be very hard to have them get together now and then have to try to explain why Diana is basically asking Bruce out on a date in "This Little Piggy" on that rooftop. I promise they will definitely get together soon after that episode so hang with me! In the meantime, I plan on making their progressing romance very interesting! :)

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