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Chapter 2

Four days later and Naruto would shoot up in her bed with an aching headache. She looking around instantly winced as her brain was assaulted with multiple images. She moving her hands to her face, winced when even more images assaulted her head. She shaking her head weakly cried out "Help."

The door opened up and in walked Kurenai with a worried look on her face. Kurenai sitting down beside Naruto asked "Are you alright?"

Naruto shaking her head no said "My head hurts so much right now Kurenai."

Kurenai hearing this gently moved her hands away from her face. She spotting two of her three doujutsu active said "Naruto-kun stop channeling chakra to your eyes for me."

Naruto doing so almost instantly felt better. She sighing in relief said "Thank you so much Kurenai."

Kurenai eye smiling said "It's me that should be thanking you Naruto-kun, after all if it weren't for your actions on the bridge we would all be dead or worse."

Naruto smiling said "It's nothing Kurenai-sensei."

She giggling said "Well thank you anyway. Now you need to see something. It's gonna shock you so."

She then got up and left the room making Naruto wonder what was about to happen. She then came back in the room with a mirror. She gently handing it Naruto wondered how Naruto was going to take her new appearance. Naruto gently taking the mirror looked in and instantly screamed. She touching her face with her free hand quickly moved over her eyes, mouth, and nose. She then standing up, didn't know that she was still naked as the day he was born. Kurenai noticed though, and turned her head quickly, with a blush staining her cheeks. Naruto dropping the mirror, then screamed even louder, this one almost sounding like a sonic screech. Kurenai hearing the scream stood to her feet and pulled the panicking and quickly loosing control of her emotions Naruto into a caring hug, trying to ignore the 15 inch stick poking her in the stomach. Kurenai feeling tears fall on her shoulder quickly said "It's alright Naruto. Everything is going to be alright."

Naruto wrapping his arms around Kurenai sobbed loudly into her and asked "How is this alright. I've been changed into a freak."

Kurenai hearing the distress in her voice said "No you are not a freak, you're a wonder."

Naruto sobbing into Kurenai's shoulder was about to proclaim that she was a freak not a wonder, when suddenly all three of her eyes glazed over. She was having a vision of a future. She was witnessing herself laying on a hospital table with her legs in stir ups. She looked disheveled, as her hair was laying flat to her head stuck with sweat. He could see doctors and nurses all around her. She looking to the left could see Kurenai standing and holding her hand with a worried look on her face. She could see on her finger a golden band indicating that she was married. She then heard a doctor say "Just a little more Hokage-sama. I can see the head."

Naruto blinked hearing herself scream "In the name of all that is good and sweet hurry the hell up baby."

Her eyes nearly popped out of her head when she heard Kurenai say "Honey you can't rush our baby girl."

Naruto turning to Kurenai with a powerful glare said "Don't you honey me, this is all your fault. I told you we should wear protection, but no you told me that the anti-pregnancy jutsu would work."

She then returned to real time. She smiling pulled away from the hug and said "You're right Kurenai I'm a wonder."

Kurenai hearing this blinked and said "Funny I thought it would take much longer to calm you down."

Naruto giggled and then realized that she was naked. Blushing she asked "Kurenai-sensei are there any clothes for me?"

Kurenai nodding said "You'll have to wear one of my bras, but other clothes have been either found or made for you."

Naruto nodding blinked when Kurenai turned to the door and said "Ino, Ten-Ten you can bring the clothes in and help me get him dressed."

Naruto tilting her head asked "Why would I need help getting dressed?"

Kurenai turning to her said "Well you have four arms and much taller then you were before, thus you might struggled to dress yourself."

Naruto blinking looked down at her arms and realized just how much taller then Kurenai she was now. She laughing nervously said "You're right Kurenai-sensei." She then blinked when Ino and Ten-Ten came in with clothes.

An hour later and Naruto walked out of the bedroom she was sleeping in looking like what she was now. She looked like a goddess, a princess or Amazonian warrior. She was dressed in a white tank top, that had the kanji for love on the back. Around her waist was her headband. An she had on a pair of tight black pants, that had Ino and Ten-Ten questioning if they liked girls like that. Kurenai herself wanted to lick Naruto from her head to her toes, and cuddle with her after making love for 3 days. Naruto was about to thank Ino, when once again a vision entered her mind. She witnessed himself thanking Ino, and that leading to the two of them going at it like animals in her room back in Konoha. This would lead to Ino getting pregnant with her child, and then her having twins. Shaking her head she blushed and said "Thank all of you."

Ten-Ten blushing said "You're welcome. I mean you did save our lives and everything."

Naruto smiling at Ten-Ten said "I know but you didn't have to help me. For that I am eternally grateful."

Kurenai smiling said "You're welcome Naruto. Now come on everyone is waiting for us at the bridge."

Naruto nodding followed Kurenai to the bridge, trying to get used to her new body. When they arrived at the bridge Naruto blinked spotting the brooding Sasuke, being fawned over by Sakura who was trying to give him all of the credit for the mission. Thankfully no one was even listening to her. Lee was doing push ups, Gai was cheering him on. Neji was trying to ignore both of the green nuts, Kiba was talking to Akamaru who was ignoring him like usual. Hinata was blushing and stuttering like usual, Shino was talking to a cricket, Shikamaru was sleep walking, Chouji was eating out of a bag of chips, Asuma was smoking a cigarette and Kakashi was reading his book. This made Naruto sweat drop as Kakashi would never change his ways. All of them spotting him smiled, blushed or glared. She smiling back said "Hi guys."

She blinked when Kakashi wrapped an arm around her and said "There's my most powerful student. Once we get back to the village get ready for some intense one on one training with me."

Naruto blinked asked "What about Sakura and Sasuke?"

Kakashi blinking asked "Who and Who?"

Naruto sweat dropped and got Kakashi off of her. She then blinked when Lee appeared in front of her on one knee with hearts in his eyes. Lee then smiling brightly at her said "Naruto-chan allow me to share my flames of youth with you."

Naruto instantly snatched her hand away and said "No thank you Lee, Sakura would love for you to share your flames of youth with her though."

Sakura who had just been about to march over to her, blanched hearing this. Lee turning to Sakura smiled brightly and said "YOSH. Sakura-chan I will share my flames of youth with you, and then you will be filled to the brim with youth."

Sakura hearing this screamed and ran behind Sasuke who was actually laughing at what had just happened. Naruto hiding behind Kurenai shivered and said "Dear Kami I've never heard such a horrifying sentence in my entire life. Not even when Ayame-chan informed me that Ichiraku ramen stand was closing a week so that her and the old man could go on vacation."

Everyone including Inari sweat dropped hearing this. Naruto then shaking her head walked over to Inari and gave him a tight hug. Inari smiling asked "When will be back Nee-chan?"

Naruto smiling said "I have no clue. Depends on when the old man gives me some vacation time."

Inari hearing this nodded and said "Stay safe."

Naruto giggling said "That's my line squirt."

She putting Inari down turned and walked off with his team, never noticing how almost all of the eyes of the villagers were glued to his ass. Tsunami licking her lips asked "I wonder if I could hire her to clean my pipes?"

Tazuna hearing this gained wide eyes and turned to Tsunami who asked "What just because I'm a mom doesn't mean I don't want to get some?"

Inari hearing this asked "Get some what?"

When he asked this every single male on the bridge got the fuck out of dodge. Hell Tazuna jumped over the side of the bridge saying "It's high time I caught some fish with my bare hands." All of the females of the village rolled their eyes as the males were cowards.

Naruto walking beside Kurenai and Ino was trying very hard not to feel weird as Hinata was staring at her, and she could now tell that the shy Hyuga girl had a crush on her. Naruto blinked when Ino asked "Naruto what do you do in your free time?"

Naruto smiling gently said "I do a lot in my free time Ino-chan. For instance when I get time off I rescue the old man for the paperwork for an hour or two. Afterwards I track that Konohamaru and help him with his ninja skills by playing ninja, sometimes I even help him with something he may be having trouble with. Next I visit the Ichiraku ramen stand, usually for an early lunch, or late breakfast, and talk to Ayame-chan and old man Teuchi. Then I head to the orphanage to play with the kids and read them stories."

She smiling brightly said "Just last week I told them the story of the 3 sannin. This adorable 5 year old girl was in trance listening to me tell the story."

Ten-Ten hearing this asked "How do you know the story of the 3 sannin?"

Naruto was about to answer when Asuma said "Hokage-sama most likely told her when she was younger. My dad and her have a close bond."

Naruto nodding said "That and I've meet two of them."

Everyone hearing this gained wide eyes and stopped. Kakashi quickly asked "Which two?"

Naruto smiling said "Ero-sannin and Tsunade-nee."

She then blinking turned to Gai and said "That reminds me since I have perfect chakra control now, I could possibly heal you now Gai-sensei."

Everyone hearing this gained even wider eyes. She doing a few handsigns created the mystic palm technique. She walking over to Gai put the hand over his legs and arm. She closing her eyes focused on the broken bones and with precision put them back together. She opening her eyes smiled and said "All better Gai-sensei."

Gai shedding his cast, smiled brightly and said "Yosh once again my flames of youth can burn brightly."

Naruto sweat dropping walked back beside Kurenai and blinked finding everyone but Gai staring at her with wide eyes. She blinked and asked "What?"

Kakashi asked "How did you just do that?"

Naruto eye smiling said "Tsunade-nee gave me some scrolls for medical ninjutsu, and has been sending me scrolls since. I didn't think I'd ever be able to use them, but now with my perfect chakra control I can."

Ten-Ten not being able to take it any more asked "Why do you call Tsunade-sama Nee-chan?"

Naruto smiling said "Because that is what she told me to call her. She said something about the Uzumaki and Senju clan being cousin clans or something like that. I didn't argue as she was giving me one of the warmest hugs I have ever felt in my life."

Everyone hearing this could understand why the hug was so warm. Kakashi giggled like a pervert wishing that he could get a hug like that from Kurenai or Anko. Naruto hearing this giggle snapped her fingers and said "That reminds me. I can start learning her super strength technique now that I have perfect chakra control."

Kakashi hearing this quickly blanched and said "Now Naruto you should wait to learn that as."

He blinked when Naruto pulled out a scroll and started to read it. He looking over her shoulder blanched spotting the details to said technique. He quickly tried to take the scroll but was stopped by Kurenai who gave him a deadly smirk. He gulping quickly fell back and started to pray for his life. Sadly Kami didn't like that the sensei of her daughter was pervert and was ignoring his prayer.

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