Author's Notes for Misery on the 24th

Yes, this is the place where I log all my rants about the fic. I'm quite talkative, and if you're interested, you can read the journal for all my blabs on writing this hellish thing *____* I put dates in the journal, but I only started writing this on the second day of writing. And there'll be a lot of miscellaneous notes here too... I think FFN will be mad at me for putting such "trash" in the archive, ehehehe.

note: I won't make the journal available in FFN, because then I'll feel kinda guilty for the kind staff of the site (I don't even know them *rolls eyes*) So... *self-plugging begins!* in order to read my writing journal, you have to go to my website and read it there ^_____^ Here's the address:

Cherie's Rants & Explanations

First of all, I'd like to clear up why Fuuko & Mikagami are in Boston. Well, let's just say they're studying there. After all, it's very possible that Mikagami gets a scholarship for...what--Harvard? And pretend that Fuuko's daddy is working there. I know, lame excuse, but Boston is the setting I chose. Tokyo's scenery isn't really suiting for this fic.

I don't know if there's a bridge in Boston...well, you know, big metal bridges like the Golden Gate but a bit smaller (ha! confused, no?). I don't get to watch Ally McBeal lately, and I didn't get anything out of my research, so if there ain't any bridge, just pretend, okay? Make me happy ;]

And, yes, I got influenced by Ally McBeal *sighs*. The type of buildings I want to be in the background isn't houses...I want it to be apartments. And I don't want to use Shibuya or Akibahara (or something like that) as the setting...

Because this is a songfic, it's best that you read this while listening to "Misery". It's available in Pink's album, 'Missundaztood'. The song's kind of...well, jazzy, but it's real sweet for the ears ^_^

As you may have noticed, I wrote this in Fuuko's POV, so I beg your forgiveness if I captured her personality wrongly. And, yes, Mikagami is (very) out of character, but because this story takes place way after UBS, the ice block has melted =P

The theme of this fic may be very overused--misunderstanding. But for once I'd like to keep my stories simple, and I want you to read another 'misunderstanding' fic that was written my way. I want YOU to review, and tell me what you think.

I think that's all for tonight.


All the people who've reviewed my other fics. I'm very sorry I can't write so often, 'cuz I'm...well, stuck. I try to train my brain to be more productive, though. Wish me luck. It's you guys that keep me writing ^_____^

To Arvia, who helped with my research. I'm very sorry I couldn't send this to you for proof-reading, because I was really short on time. I'd really appreciate it if you would point out my mistakes, though *bows*

My Microsoft Word and Thesaurus book... you two helped me into putting more variety of words into the fic ^^; I can't believe I'm thanking books, of all things.

Everybody who has emailed guys gave me indirect support, you know!

Other people whom I forgot to mention here ^^; I am a big scatterbrain, so...uh, forgive me?