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A/N: I've been wanting to write a Mikey/Kala piece for a while now...and this one came to me. So obviously, this takes place in the '87 'verse, sometime in the second half of season 10 (but the sky isn't red, it's a nice shade of blue XD). This will be a short ficlet...I have about 4 or 5 chapters planned.

Raphael wasn't what his brothers would call the most observant of the quartet, but a few minutes into playing a videogame with Michelangelo, and even the red banded ninja could tell that something was bothering his younger brother. The normally optimistic mutant was pressing on the controls half-heartedly, his expression distant and thoughtful.

After the tenth time in which Raphael had a perfect KO against Michelangelo's Sub-Zero - and thus breaking the high score in which the orange masked ninja held every position - Raphael dropped his controller in frustration and glared at his distracted sibling.

"Alright, Michelangelo, what gives!?" Raphael asked, his voice stern. He cringed internally at how much he sounded like Leonardo.

Michelangelo stared at his controller, running his right thumb nervously over the buttons. Despite knowing that Michelangelo was anxious about something, the lack of a response frustrated the volatile Raphael.

He waved a hand in front of Michelangelo's face. "Earth to the space cadet!" he spoke a notch higher.

Michelangelo sighed heavily as he continued to stare fixedly at his game remote. His posture was slumped and he was leaning his forearms on his thighs.

"I spoke to Kala on the interdimensional communicator today, bro," Michelangelo replied despondently.

Raphael's eyes widened slightly in surprise. Speaking to Kala normally put Michelangelo in such high spirits that he would spend hours in the kitchen baking pizzas and whistling to himself.

"O...K…" Raphael said dubiously, drawing the word out. "I thought you liked talking to her?"

"Oh, I do, dude…" Michelangelo answered without hesitation, a bit of a dreamy tone at the fringes of his voice. "But I realized that I have a major problemo."

Raphael crossed his arms across his plastron.

"You finally realized that you're a mutant turtle and she's an alien from an alternate dimension?"

Michelangelo straightened himself up, glanced over at his elder brother, and scrunched his snout in confusion.

"Um...no, dude," he said, puzzled, totally missing Raphael's point.

"You're. A. Mutant. Turtle," Raphael enunciated each word. "She's Not."

"No duh!" Michelangelo shot back. "But what does that have to do with anything? Your girlfriend is a mutant lizard. Not. A. Turtle."

Raphael narrowed his eyes. "At least she's a mutant…"

"And Leonardo totally digs Lotus, a human kunoichi-dudette...and Donatello…"

"...is in the middle of a torrid love affair with his machines," Raphael grinned playfully as he held his hands up in defeat. "Alright, you got me." He knew Michelangelo would not be swayed in the matter. "So what's the 'major problemo'?" He put his brother's trademark words in air quotes.

"Well...y'see…" Michelangelo began sheepishly. "Kala just told me that her first birthday is coming up...and she's mondo excited about it…" Michelangelo's gaze turned back downwards and he picked on his right knee band nervously. "I - I just want to make it fantabuloso for her...but I don't know where to start."

Raphael chuckled. His emotional brother could get worked up about the silliest things. "Michelangelo, that's all? You're the party dude! This can't be that difficult for you...You always make my birthday at least tolerable, and that's saying something since I hate that day…"

Raphael's voice trailed off as something odd about what his brother had said clicked in his mind. His jaw slackened for a moment in shock before saying, "Whoa, whoa, whoa...wait. Hold the phone. Did I hear you correctly? First birthday? I've heard of robbing the cradle, Michelangelo, but I think you've stolen it before it was even manufactured!"

"No, dude, it's not like that, Kala's actually very close to our age," Michelangelo explained in a hurried tone, his cheeks flushing in embarrassment. "It's, like, the first birthday she's ever been able to celebrate. When Krang was in control of Dimension X, parties and fun were outlawed. Now that's he's outta the picture, the Neutrinos are free to party hardy!"

"Ok, whew," Raphael wiped a hand across his forehead in an exaggerated display of relief. "I was worried about you there for a second" - his voice dipped lower and snarkier - "even more so than I usually am."

Michelangelo shook his head. "Do you have any suggestions for what I can do for her? You at least have a girlfriend who can celebrate birthdays…"

"Well…" Raphael mused for a moment before continuing, "if you ask me, the perfect birthday would be a night of laughs. I took Mona Lisa to the House of HaHa for her last birthday, and she loved it. She was really grateful." He shot his brother a wolfish grin. "And when I say grateful...I mean reeeeeeally grateful."

"Dude," Michelangelo's brow crinkled in disgust and he scooted over as far away from Raphael as he could go on the couch. "That was way more than I needed to know."

Raphael shrugged nonchalantly. "What? She took me out for a pizza, Michelangelo. What's so weird about that? What were you thinking?" Raphael paused for a few moments before his eyes grew as wide as pizza pans. "Hey! Get your mind outta the gutter, bub! That stuff would never make it by the censors!"

Michelangelo waved a dismissive hand at his brother and rose to his feet. "Whatever, dude. Aside for the going out for pizza, I don't think that's all really my style anyway. I'll catch you later. I need to think about this more."

Michelangelo headed in the direction of the kitchen. Pizza always helped him think.

"Careful with that thinking thing," Raphael called to his brother's retreating form. "Don't want you to hurt yourself."

"Not laughing, dude," Michelangelo retorted.

"That's why you need the House of HaHa…"

Raphael had added onto his last comment, but the orange clad ninja tuned him out. He wasn't in the mood for his typical banter exchanges with Raphael. He sighed as he entered the kitchen. Why was he having such a hard time with this birthday thing? Raphael was right...parties were his thing...like pizza and comics...and Kala meant a lot to him...what if he...blew it?

A/N: Episodes referenced here concerning Raphael... The House of HaHa is from "Raphael Knocks'm Dead" and Raphael hating his birthday comes from "Mr. Nice Guy". Mona Lisa is from "Raphael Meets His Match".