Just a little piece of Christmas fluff. Not the fic I was initially planning on writing, but I like it. R&R!

Warning: Has religious overtones, but what do you expect, it's a nun talking!


"What'cha doin' Sister?" A young voice asked. Sister Helen turned around and smiled at the young boy standing behind her.

"I'm decorating the Christmas Tree, Duo." She said, climbing down off the stepladder and kneeling so she was face-to-face with the young orphan.

"…Issit…issit a real tree?" Duo asked, staring at the tree in awe. "Like in the books an' stuff?"

"Unfortunately no…" The Nun stated, looking up at the giant synthetic tree wistfully. "We can't afford to have a tree shipped all the way from Earth." She sighed. "We really need a new tree, this one has lasted us for over twenty years, and it's definitely seen better days."

"Wassit for?" The little boy asked, climbing onto Sister Helen's lap.

"It's for Christmas." The child wrinkled his nose in confusion. "Jesus' birthday."

"How come you never put a tree up for anybody else's birthday?" Duo demanded. "Why's Jesus so special?" Sister Helen laughed.

"Jesus is the Lord God, Duo, remember?"

"Pfft." Duo blew out his lips and waved a hand. "How old is he?"

"On his birthday? He will be…oh…about 4000 years old…" Duo's eyes widened and his jaw dropped. Sister Helen chuckled and closed his mouth gently with a finger.

"He mustn't live here then!"

"He lives everywhere Duo." The young boy frowned.

"How does that work?" Sister Helen tapped Duo's chest gently.

"He lives right here." Duo looked down to where the Nun's finger was.

"He lives in me? Gross!" Sister Helen laughed again and she hugged Duo.

"Not like that, silly! He lives in the hearts of those who welcome him." Duo snorted.

"I don't believe you."

"That's fine Duo, you don't have to." Sister Helen placed Duo on the floor and stood, brushing off her skirts. "Do you want to help me finish decorating the tree?" Duo nodded quickly, his eyes shining. "Grab some tinsel then!"


"Careful! Careful!" Sister Helen warned, as Duo, perched on her shoulders, leaned precariously over to place a star on top of the tree.

"Done!" He crowed happily. Laughing as Sister Helen placed him on the ground, he spun around and wrapped his arms around her waist, his head resting on her stomach.

"Duo?" the Nun asked quietly. "Duo are you alright?"

"I'm sorry I don't believe in Jesus…" Duo mumbled, his shoulders shaking. Frowning, Sister Helen scooped Duo up so his face was level with hers.

"Why ever do you say that? You have every reason in the world for not believing in Jesus!" Duo sniffed and Sister Helen brushed away his tears with her thumb, cupping his face gently.

"I'll try to believe in him! Just please…don't go 'way because I don't!" Sister Helen frowned and then laughed, hugging Duo close.

"Silly Duo!" She chided him. "Father Maxwell and I won't get rid of you just because you don't believe in the same things we do!"

"Y…you won't?"

"No! Of course not!"

"But…if I don't believe in Jesus, I can't celebrate Christmas…"

"That's not true! You can celebrate Christmas for whoever you want! It doesn't have to be Jesus! It could be…Shinigami's birthday! Or…Solo's birthday!"

"It's your birthday." Duo stated decisively. "Christmas is for you."


Duo Maxwell sat on the head of his Gundam, staring out at the night sky and shaking a bottle of champagne gently. When his watch beeped midnight, he thumbed the cork out of the bottle with a 'pop' and he raised the bottle in a salute to the heavens.

"Merry Christmas, Sister." He muttered, taking a mouthful. "This one's for you."