My Best Friend Mickey Mouse

Inspired by Disney and the Anime production companies

Author's Note

Hello to all you viewers and welcome to the first episode (chapter) of my first crossover story: My Best Friend Mickey Mouse. All rights of the characters belong to Disney and the anime productions.

Mickey Mouse has been around for the world for many years and his popularity has never ceased to exist. He and all the Disney characters and stories have gained a lot of popularity over the past years to the world. The Anime world has also increased their popularity as well. The fact that both Disney and Anime have increased its popularity these years gave me the inspiration that these two famous worlds should meet together in this new day and generation. (Besides the meeting of Kingdom Hearts)

This story has no plotline, like an adventure or heroic mission. It's all about everyday life events like a sitcom show or short cartoons. The story is about Mickey Mouse, along with his friends, interacting with the Anime characters of what they do during their days off from their work, but still has mishaps and evil enemies along the way.

In each episode, I will use one different Anime show at a time instead of using multiple Anime shows in the same chapter (Two or more different stories of Anime/Manga in the same episode). I am using Anime/Manga stories of what I already watched and read and are my favorites, but feel free to put any Anime/Manga you like to me, and I'll do my best to put them in this story. (I may need to research some Animes/Manga that I haven't seen or read yet.)

Also, any Anime/Manga that's rated "mature" will be reduced to "everyone" in order for every age viewer to read without any adult content. My stories are for everyone to read.

I will include myself (Matthew Oda and it's a fanfic), as the one of main characters of the story, but mostly Mickey Mouse will be the star of the story.

Thank you and enjoy the series, My Best Friend Mickey Mouse.

1. Mickey and the Young Anime Man

Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney's lovable symbol of the Disney world. Ever since Steamboat Willie, Mickey is a natural born animated star mouse that hit the nation. Over many years, Mickey Mouse has been in hundreds of cartoons he starred in, and although his appearance changed over his years, he is still the most popular animated mouse of all. Mickey Mouse is the center attention of the Disney company, along with his best friends Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto and his other friends. Mickey Mouse is everyone's favorite friend.

But…, even though Mickey Mouse may be everyone's friend, sometimes including the other animation companies, there's one Mickey Mouse never actually made friends from a special group of people he couldn't understand them yet. But soon, Mickey Mouse will know how wonderful these special people are by their culture, their behavior, and of course… their animated behavior. Those people are… the Animes.

Mickey Mouse may not know what Japanese Anime is, but his life is about to a take a turn for the best as he will meet them and understand them like never before in his early years. It all begins one late day at Disney Studios…

It is the end the day's work as everyone in the studio is leaving and heading home for the day. Mickey Mouse is at the front gates of the studio as he and his wonderful friends waved good-bye and goodnight. He and his loyal dog Pluto headed home for the day and decided to play together the next day since the weekend is right around the corner.

"Oh boy!" Mickey said with joy, "What a day's work. We just finished making another episode on our show. Did you think we did a good job on our show buddy?" Pluto only smiled and nodded agreeing Mickey is right. "Well boy, tomorrow is the weekend, so we're going to have lots of fun together." Pluto barked with great joy. Mickey Mouse and Pluto continued to walk down the streets heading for their house.

But along the way as Mickey Mouse and Pluto are passing the street intersections and buildings of the city, they noticed something. They just passed by a few small stores which are a bookstore, a candy shop, and medical store. But the last store they passed was unusual to them. The store's sign said "Japanese Anime Books and Movies." When Mickey saw that, he made a curious look on his face. He then turns to Pluto.

"Say O' boy, do you know what Anime is?" Mickey asked to his loyal pet. Pluto only frowns and shook his head. "Hmm…, well I heard that they are some kind of Japanese thing, but I don't know much about them. Well…, sure I've visit Japan in Disneyland Tokyo pretty much, but I don't know much about their Anime stuff." Mickey was too confuse and curious of what Anime is, but since he doesn't know about them, he never bothered to ask. Mickey only shrugged as he speaks to his dog. "Oh anyway boy, let's go home and a good rest from our today's work." Pluto agrees as the two head home for the day. But Mickey takes one last look at the last store he observed as he has a curious and confused look on his face.

The next morning at Mickey's house, he and his best dog Pluto are playing fetch with a bouncy ball. They were in the front yard as Mickey throws the ball to the other side of the yard and Pluto retrieving it. Once Pluto got the ball in his mouth, he returns it to Mickey Mouse as he takes the ball and starts another throw.

"Okay Pluto, are you ready?" Mickey happily said with joy. Pluto smiled and nods. "Then… go get it!" Mickey quickly throws the ball at blinding speed as Pluto fetches it. Pluto dashes with all his might to retrieve the flying ball, but of a sudden the ball hit a tree and bounced off in another direction. Pluto tries to retrieve the ball, but it went so fast that he couldn't catch it in time.

Mickey watched the ball go only to discover in great shock that it's heading straight towards a young Asian man in his mid 20s. He has short black hair, wears a light blue shirt with three stars on his shirt, light brown short pants with multiple pockets, and black and white tennis shoes. He is also reading a comic book at the time too and carrying a backpack.

Mickey Mouse had to act fast. "Sir! Look out!" Mickey shouted to the man.

The young man looked up and heard Mickey, but only to see the ball coming to him. Without enough time to react, the ball hit his face as he did at least four back flips in midair and then hit the ground on his back. Mickey Mouse and Pluto were shocked to see an injured man on the ground, so the two rushed over and checked the man.

"Oh no! Sir! Are you okay!?" Mickey Mouse cried.

"Woof! Woof!" Pluto barked.

The young man had a few stars circling over his head, but after a few seconds he shook his head to gain back his conscious, and he opened up his eyes. "Yeah I fine," he said calmly, "No broken bones for sure." As he gets up and clears his vision, he sees Mickey Mouse standing right in front of him as the young man widens his eyes. "Well I'll be…! It's really you, Mickey Mouse. And you too Pluto."

Mickey giggled with joy to have someone noticing him. "That's me!" Mickey said with a smile.

"Woof!" Pluto barked with joy.

"It's a real honor to meet you Mickey Mouse." the young man said, "I'm a big fan of you ever since I was little." Then the young man realizes something, "Oh! I've always wanted to do this from you, but I haven't got the chance back then." He pulls out a book from his backpack and hands it to Mickey with a pen on it. "Can I have your autograph?"

"Certaintly." Mickey Mouse replied happily as he took the autograph book from the man and writes his name in the book. "Who am I writing to?"

"Oh, the name's Matthew, Matthew Oda. You can call me Matt for short." the young man responds.

"Matthew Oda, got it." Mickey said as writes down his and Matt's name in the book. Mickey wrote in the book, 'From your favorite mouse and friend, Mickey Mouse.' Mickey gives the book back to Matt, but Matt has one last request. "Can I also have a paw print from Pluto as well?"

Mickey Mouse turns to Pluto with a smile. "Well boy?" he asked.

Pluto smiled and nods. Matt was pleased again as he opens a blank page from the book and holds it to Pluto. Pluto stamps his paw on the blank page and makes a paw print. Matt takes the book and writes Pluto's name on the page to know whose paw print it is. Matt puts the book away into his backpack and stores it.

"Thanks you guys, I really do appreciate it." Matt said with a grin.

"(Giggle) No trouble at all." Mickey said and smiled.

Pluto is happy too, until he spotted a book next to Matt's left foot. "Arf! Arf!" he barked.

"What is it boy?" Mickey asked as he and Matt noticed Pluto. Pluto pointed to the book on Matt's left foot. Mickey spots the book. "Uh, Matt, there's something on your foot."

Matt noticed the book, and he picks it up. "Oh, thanks, I was reading this." he said.

"W-What is it?" Mickey asked.

"See for yourself." Matt gives the book to Mickey Mouse as he reads the title.

But Mickey raises one of his eyebrows in confusion as the book's title says: Pokémon. Pluto also sees the title of the book and also makes a confused look on his face. Mickey then asks a question. "Uh, what is Pa-Kay-mun?" he asked.

"It's Pokémon to be exact." Matt corrected Mickey, "And that happens to be a one of the Japanese manga books."

"Manga?" Mickey became curious.

"Yeah, it's like comic books but Japanese style." Matt looks into his backpack and pulls out more Manga books to show to Mickey. Mickey read the titles of the books, but they are really unfamiliar to him. The titles all said: Princess Resurrection, Azumanga Daioh, Rosario + Vampire, Love Hina, Pretty Cure, Digimon, and lastly Mermaid Melody.

When Mickey sees this, everything is new to him. And when he starts to skim through the pages of the books, it is still new to him to see all the characters, settings, and their wild takes in the Japanese comic books. Truth to be told to Mickey, it was like seeing a different world that Mickey never expected. Mickey then returns the books back to Matt.

"Wow, I never expected to see that kind of characters in my life." Mickey said with little surprise.

"I thought you knew what Manga is all about since it is popular all around the world." Matt thought, "Especially in Tokyo Disneyland. I thought you knew about Japanese animation."

"Well, I maybe popular all around the world, but I never knew too much about Japan's animated characters. Japan loves me because was I notable for bringing smiles to all the children and families." But after Mickey says that last sentence, he makes a concern look on his face. Matt noticed Mick's face. "But, I am curious to find out what makes Japan's Anime and Manga so special."

"What makes you say that?"

"Well, just between you and me, lately during my time off from work at the Disney Studios, I've been noticing people watching and reading those kind of Japanese books and TV shows lately. They all seem to like it, but… I just don't understand why."

When he heard that last statement Mickey Mouse said, Matt grins and raises his eyebrows. "Well Mickey," he said gently, "what if I told you that the Japanese animated characters, which I like to call them the Animes, do not act like you Mickey, but they are very special people."

When Mickey heard that, he makes a curious look on his face. "What do you mean?" he asked.

Matt still smiles. "Well, would you care to walk with me as I tell you everything about the Animes?" he asked, "I like to have a habit of talking stories while walking with someone I know or is my friend."

Knowing that Matt Oda is a big fan of Mickey Mouse, Mickey decided to tag along with Matt. Mickey ordered Pluto to stay behind and watched the house while he's gone. Pluto agrees, and Mickey and Matt started walking down the streets.

As Mickey and Matt started continuing to stroll down the streets, Matt explains everything. "So Mickey," Matt speaks, "There is a big difference between your kind of animated life and the Animes' life."

"What do you mean by that? Mickey asked.

"Okay, it's like this:" Matt takes a breath and explains, "Mickey, like Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, Droopy, and every other cartoon character, you and your friends are born to make every family viewer smile with laughter by your comedic stunts and actions. Pie-throwing, slapstick scenes, walking on mid-air then fall, everything but the kitchen sick, you name it. You Mickey Mouse are born to make everyone smile by your tremendous cartoony skills."

Mickey Mouse blushes after hearing Matt's last comment. "Aw gee, I'm not that cartoony." he said. Mickey gains back his smiles and speaks. "And the Animes?"

"Well…, they are totally different from you." Matt still grins at Mickey as he continues to speak. "Unlike you and the other animated cartoons in this nation, Japan's Anime characters are more of the human heart type trait."

Mickey raises one of his eyebrows. "What does that mean?"

"Anime characters are similar to you that they are drawn and created by people like your old man who started you, but instead being so whacky and silly like you Mickey, their life is more on the humans' heart side. In other words, they are animated characters, but what's so special about them is that they act like us humans. They have the feelings of a human, behavior of a human, and most of all heart of a human."

"You mean… you're telling me they are animated humans?"

"You could say that Mickey. Even their animal animated characters also have hearts of a human. I think what it is that Japan wanted to make animated stories about their social life. Their stories contain inspirations, dreams, and love that relate to the humans' society. Japan wanted to capture a moment of morality that can make their viewers understand their human life. A human life where people can understand the concept of being good and compassionate to everyone. That's why all the Animes act like people, like me, in their world."

"Huh, I never thought there could be animated people like that." Mickey is intrigued of all the facts he heard from Matt.

"Well now you know Mickey." Matt and Mickey smiled at each other as Mickey is now more curious about these Animes he was learning. But then Matt's stomach started to growl. "Wooh, I'm hungry." Matt said as he rubs his stomach.

"Yeah, me too." Mickey also rubs his stomach. Then Mickey spotted a sandwich deli not far from him and Matt. "Hey look, there's a deli. What do ya say we eat there for lunch?"

"Great idea Mick, I'll buy lunch for the both of us."

"Aw gee, thanks my fan friend."

Half an hour passed as Mickey and Matt are outside and sitting at a table eating their food. Matt has the BTL sandwich while Mickey has a melted cheese on tuna with extra cheddar on it. Matt finishes the last piece of his sandwich as he speaks to Mickey Mouse. "How's that sandwich of yours MicK?"

"Faste feally gweat!" Mickey said with his mouth full. He then eats the last piece of his sandwich and then swallows it. He licks off the crumbs from his fingers. "That was really delicious. Thanks for the treat Matt."

"My pleasure, anything for my favorite animated mouse."

Then Mickey has request. "Say Matt, is it okay I can read one of your Manga you called it?"

"Sure, but why?"

"Well, everything you taught me about those Animes seem very interesting to me. I thought I like to give a shot and see why you people are interested in that stuff."

Matt smiles to see how Mickey is trying something new that he never done in his long life. "I'm surprise, the great Mickey Mouse wants to try to interact the Japanese animated world. I'd be glad to lend you one of my books. Which one do you want?"

Mickey thinks carefully, and then he came to an answer. "I like to read that Pokémon book." Matt nods in understanding as he searches inside his backpack looking for the Manga Mickey requested. Once Matt found it, he lends the book to Mickey. Mickey looks at the book and speaks. "So uh, how do you read these?"

Matt shows Mickey the ropes. "It's like this Mickey: You read it like a comic book as usual, but instead you read it from right to left just like how the Japanese read their books and papers in their country." Once Mickey understands what Matt said, he starts to read the first page and followed Matt's direction. It was then after a few more pages, Mickey started to enjoy the book reading its contents and plotline.

"Wow! This story is great. A boy with his yellow and friendly mouse at his side going on a journey and meeting new friends. They're also defeating some bad people along their journey." Mickey was very pleased with the story as he turns to Matt. "Say, this boy named Ash and his mouse reminds of how I really love my old man…, before he passed away."

"I'm really glad you're enjoying the book." Matt said with a smile, "Enjoy reading while I'll get a drink. I'm thirsty."

"Okay Matt, (giggle) I'll be right here waiting and reading." Matt winked at Mickey, and Matt went back into the deli to get a drink.

Mickey kept on reading the Pokémon Manga has he smiles from the story's plotline. He then comes to a page where the boy Ash and his mouse are happily together hugging and smiling. Mickey smiles a lot has he remembers the good old days he used to play with Walt Disney. Ever since his debut in Steamboat Willie, Mickey has never forgotten the face of Walt of how he made Mickey Mouse a golden star. Mickey looks back at the page containing Ash and his mouse running happily on the grass fields. Mickey then realizes and says something to himself.

"I think that Matt Oda is right." Mickey said, "Somehow these Japanese animated characters show us viewers our experienced human life we proudly have. This Ash boy who loves his mouse reminded me of how I loved Walt Disney so much. Seeing this boy and mouse so happy together makes me feel that I'm with Walt Disney every time and we're smiling." Mickey remembered those wonderful times he had with Walt Disney. Even though he passed away many years ago, Mickey's legacy that was started by his old man continues on. Mickey then continues to read as he tries to find the name of the mouse in the story. He then found the name. "Here it is. It says that the yellow mouse in this story is named…, Pie-kay-chu?"

"It's Pikachu to be precise." Mickey heard the voice as he turns to it. The voice was Matt Oda as he appeared before him with a cold cola bottle in his hand drinking it from a straw. He approaches to Mickey Mouse and looks at the Manga book. "Pikachu is Ash's favorite Pokémon and best friend in this story. He and Ash have always been together ever since the beginning of this story."

Mickey blinked in realization, "Wait, how long have they been together?"

Matt tries to remember. "Well from the TV Anime series, they have been together for over 16 seasons so far."

Mickey blinked in surprise to hear that. "Wow, that show must be popular."

"Here, Japan, and everywhere of course."

Mickey smiles to hear that. He then looks back at the Manga he's reading. "That must be amazing to have those characters live out for a long time. Y'know, I've kind of wondering if they do exist, like me, in your world Matt." Matt shrugs to Mickey's question, but then…


Mickey and Matt heard a voice. It sounded like a cry of small animal. "Did you say something Matt?" Mickey asked.

"That's not me." Matt replied, "but…, I do recognize that voice."

"What is it?"

"Pika! Pikachu!"

Matt and Mickey looked everywhere of where the voice is coming from. It was then Mickey puts the book down on the table and spots the source. A few feet away from Mickey and Matt is none other than… Pikachu. Mickey shook his head and widens his eyes in surprise to see such an incredible sight. He then realizes by looking at the Manga he's reading that contain the picture of Pikachu. He puts the book down again and looks at the real deal. Mickey did this stunt over and over again, until he completely lost his mind. No doubt about it to Mickey, he sees the real life Pikachu in front of him.

"Am I seeing things," Mickey said in surprise, "or is that…"

"Without a doubt Mickey." Matt responds, "That is Pikachu."

But a closer observation, the two see that Pikachu is in a pickle as he looks looking high and low for something as he panics. It seemed to Mickey and Matt that Pikachu looks troubled. Without hesitation, Matt speaks to Pikachu.

"Hey Pikachu, are you okay?" Matt asked.

Pikachu heard Matt and faces to him. When he sees Mickey and Matt, Pikachu tries to speaks. "Pika! Pikachu! Pika!" he cried in fear.

"Sounds like he's in trouble." Matt responded.

"Looks like it," Mickey said in curiosity, "but what?"

Pikachu waves his arms as he continues to panic. "Pikachu! Pika Pika Pikachu! Pika!"

Matt couldn't understand what Pikachu's saying, but he knows from Pikachu's expression that something's troubling him. "Pikachu, is there something wrong?" Matt asks him. Pikachu nods while having his frightful look on his face. "Is there someone who's in trouble?" Pikachu nods again.

That last question Matt asked and Pikachu's response got Matt and Mickey concern that maybe someone's innocent life is in trouble. "Mickey, I think we should help Pikachu." Matt suggested.

"Hmm, I guess you're right." Mickey replied with a firm tone. "Today might be my day off, but I'm not just a cartoon character. I'm a mouse who's always like to make people smile and happy. And if someone's in trouble, like how Minnie is always get kidnapped, then I'm here to rescue and save the day."

Matt blinked in surprise, then he grins. "So Mickey, are you willing to help?"

"(Giggle) Yep! I'm going to help Pikachu."

Matt smiled even more to have Mickey come to the rescue. "Wow Mickey, you are everyone's best friend. Mind if I tag along?" Mickey makes a concern look to Matt. "I promise I won't be such a nuisance to you. Besides, if you have at least a partner or helpful friend at your side, then I'm sure things will make a lot easier for you to save someone in need."

Mickey thought hard, but then he smiles. "Alright then! You can come along. Just don't fall behind and watch your back." Matt gives a thumb up knowing he will be careful. Soon Mickey and Matt approached Pikachu face to face as Mickey first greets him. "Hiya Pikachu, I'm here to help your problem."

Pikachu smiles to hear someone aiding in his assistance. "Pika…" he said with surprise.

"You just tell me or show me what's happening, and I'll be right there."

Pikachu was very pleased as he smiles a lot. Pikachu then speaks telling Mickey and Matt to follow him. Pikachu then dashes into the streets as Mickey and Matt followed him behind. Not knowing what Mickey and Matt are heading and getting themselves into, they kept following Pikachu of his need of assistance.

Mickey Mouse, a legendary character of the world, will soon learn how his interactions to the Japanese animation world will change his life forever.

Author's Notes

This intro chapter is a warm-up for viewers, but just wait until the next chapter to be published. Stay tuned.