Nico had spent the day out with her mum and Ben while he was working. She'd started to get used to him, started to trust him after he told them both about his daughter being in trouble. She had in fact been the mystery woman Nico had seen him with previously.

The three of them got out of the police car and Ben looked at the two of them.

"Thank you, for today, Ben." Sienna smiled, her arm around Nico.

"It's fine. Got her out of the house for the day." Ben smiled.

"If I have to spend one more day of grandad listening to his rubbish music..." Nico laughed.

Sienna smiled and looked as Ben got a reporting through hs radio. He looked at them both.

"Sorry, gonna have to leave you. There's been an accident involving a car and one of our vans." Ben said.

"Can we come?" Nico looked.

The two adults looked at each other.

"Only if you don't mind..." Sienna said.

"Alright, get in. But you have to stay back on this one, alright?"

Nico nodded and got back into the car, Sienna and Ben doing the same and he sped off.

Once scene, the car came to a halt, and Ben jumped out. The police van badly battered and the car on its roof and on fire.

After a few quiet moments, curiosity got the better of Nico and she got out.

"Nico!" Sienna called after her, following her.

Nico looked confused as she saw Kim and Grace with Esther's baby, and continued to watch the scene in front of her. She froze and her heart sank as her eyes lay on Trevor and a very familiar looking figure on the ground. "No! Dylan!" She shouted and started to run forward.

"Nico don't!" Ben grabbed her, holding her back. He kept hold of her as she struggled.

Sienna looked, hearing the heartbreaking shouts from her daughter.

"He's going to get help. Nico I promise you, but you have to let the ambulance crew do their job." Ben said gently.

"Nico..." Sienna walked forward.

Nico turned to face her mother and hugged her tightly.

Sienna hugged her, looking at Ben. "Go on.." She mouthed and kept hold of Nico as she cried.

Grace walked over to the two of them.

"What happened?" Sienna asked, causing Nico to look up at Grace.

"Tried to play hero." Grace sighed. "He was in the back of that van, he got out and he tried to get Kim and Esther out. He only managed to get one before the thing went up, throwing him back..."

Sienna gasped softly, and looked at the car.

Nico looked back at Dylan.

"Nico... Did you know about his...?" Grace trailed off.

Nico nodded. "We argued cause he decided to change who he was to please him... We only just started talking again a few days ago..."

Sienna looked confused. "What are you talking about?"

"Look at what he's wearing, mum..."

Sienna looked as Dylan was lifted into an ambulance. "Is that..a dress?!"

Nico laughed a little and nodded, wiping her eyes. "Yeah..."

"What..- I don't understand?" Sienna looked. "How are you okay with that?"

Nico shrugged. "He's always been the one who told me not to care if I was different. It's just... Something he likes to do."

Grace smiled at her. "He's lucky to have you. Someone who understands him."

Sienna looked, keeping quiet.

Nico smiled a little, watching as Trevor got into the back of the ambulance, and she watched it drive away.

"He'll be fine." Grace said, though she didn't believe what she was saying.

"Nico go and wait in the car." Sienna looked.

Nico nodded and walked to the car, getting inside. She picked up her phone that had been left on the seat. She sighed, looking at the picture of her and Dylan taken just days before.

"He's completely in love with her..." Grace sighed.

Sienna nodded. "She's the same... I've never seen her smile so much." She looked at Grace. "You don't believe he'll be alright do you."

Grace could only shrug. "Trevor tried to pull him back in time before it went up, but he got thrown back and hit the ground hard... I couldn't break her heart again could I."

Sienna sighed and looked back at Nico. "I'll see if Ben can take her to the hospital... She'll want to see him..."

"It's Kim's fault... I don't know how he got in the back of that van, but if she hasn't have taken Esther and the baby... Trevor and I would never have gone after them... We wouldn't have been followed by the police. The woman is a nut case it wouldn't surprise me if she was the one who locked him in there..."

Sienna looked. "What happens now?"

"We be there for the kids... But she won't get away with this." Grace said. "Yeah the kid's annoying, but he's a good lad. It's impossible that he's come from Trevor." She smiled. "But he's got a heart of gold and he's do anything for anyone. Even her."

Sienna smiled. "Yeah..." She agreed. "I got him wrong before..."

"Look, if I'd gone through what you did, if I'd have seen my daughter's boyfriend over her like that I'd have jumped to the same conclusion. But I would have also known him."

Sienna nodded. "I know... As soon as I said it I wish I didn't..."

"No point thinking about past. She needs you now."