Hey guys! So this is my first Liam fic and my goodness isn't he a cutie! So Liam is kind of a bad boy so I thought of a fun scenario under rather intense conditions with a girl oblivious to his condition. I really hope you guys like it. And if you do please leave a review :) Hopefully I'll update soon!

One full moon. One elevator which stopped working. Two teenagers, one of which happens to be a werewolf and the other a beacon for bad luck. Uh oh.

Disclaimer- I do not own teen wolf.


It had been a really exhausting day. All Autumn wanted to do was go home and sleep for twelve hours straight.

"Autumn dear," called Mrs. Becker, the owner of the diner where she had been working for the last two weeks.

Autumn turned to face Mrs. Becker.

"I know you're eager to go home but I would be so grateful if you could deliver this package to Martha Atkinson." she told Autumn, "It's just a block away."

"Yeah the twelve storey building." nodded Autumn, "Don't worry. I'll go over right now on my way home."

"You are just precious dear." smiled Mrs. Becker kindly as Autumn left.

Autumn glanced up at the sky. It was dark, she should be getting home soon. Lurking around the streets in Beacon Hills was not an option, it was more like a desperate measure.

The percentage of disappearances were too high to be taken lightly as well as the accidents that took place.

A light breeze blew her red hair around her face and Autumn had the feeling that she was being watched.

She started walking faster, nearly running by the time she reached the building she was supposed to make the delivery to. She shot through the front doors just as she saw the elevator doors starting to close.

"Hold the elevator!" she cried running at full speed towards the doors and shooting in just in time.

Breathing hard she leaned against the walls and glared at the guy in the lift.

Liam who had his headphones in and loud music playing noticed the girl who had entered the elevator glaring at him.

He took off the headphones.

"I'm sorry what?" he asked confused.

Autumn rolled her eyes shaking her head, too out of breath to say anything she just pressed number 12.

Liam shrugged and put on his headphones. He had twenty minutes to get back to Scott. He had thirty minutes before the full moon rose. He tapped his feet impatiently, the elevator was so slow it seemed to be not moving at all. For the last thirty seconds it was stuck on third floor.

"What is wrong with the- " begin Autumn raising an eyebrow just as the elevator gave a huge jolt. Autumn stumbled and the lights went out.

"Oh shit!" muttered Liam as the emergency lights came on and an eerie silence and stillness descended.

"Oh great," said Autumn, "Ofcourse this had to happen."

Liam pressed the alarm button but it seemed to be broken.

He started banging the door.

"Hello?" he shouted, "We're stuck in the elevator!"

"Yeah that's not going to help." said Autumn after a few minutes, "the guard on duty is a seventy year old dude who is hard of hearing. Also the first seven floors of this building belongs to some commercial company which closes its offices at 4."

Liam gaped at Autumn.

"So what we are stuck?" he asked then added rolling his eyes, "Ofcourse we are. I mean for how long?"

Autumn shrugged.

Liam groaned taking out his phone.

Then he closed his eyes in exasperation.

"Let me guess," said Autumn, "No signal? Yeah that would be me."

Liam looked at her curiously. After werewolves, were-coyotes, kitsunes, nogitsune, he wouldn't be surprised if there was also a supernatural force which interfered with phone signals. Infact there probably already was one.

"What's that supposed to mean?" he asked his eyes narrowed at the red haired girl.

She didn't look like any evil force but he had learnt that looks didn't matter when it came to supernatural stuff.

"I'm like a beacon for bad luck." explained Autumn sighing, "And I'm not talking about bird crap on your head bad luck. I'm talking mud puddle, dog poop, dirty dish water bad luck. All in a time frame of fifteen minutes."

Liam's eyes widened.

"Okay." he said apprehensively.

She didn't smell like dog poop though.

Noticing his expression, Autumn smirked.

"I showered." she grinned.

"Right." said Liam looking at his phone again. No luck.

Autumn held up her phone but her luck was similar to Liam's. Probably worse.

"Battery dead." she grimaced, "I'm used to this though. Gotta wait it out."

Liam checked the time. He had fifteen minutes to get out of there.

"So since we might be waiting it out," said Autumn, "Introductions are in order. I'm Autumn. Like the season. It's because of the hair."

She smiled at Liam waiting for a reply.

"Liam." he replied distractedly.

Sweat started forming on his forehead. Fifteen minutes or this bad luck chick would probably have her worst luck ever and wouldn't have a chance to tell anyone about it.