As Chase fell to the ground, pain spread through his body, he slipped into the darkness, briefly hearing someone cry his name. Kaz and Oilver explained that they can save him. Donald just wanted them to save his sons life. Adam gently picked up Chase and placed him on his back. Everyone stepped into the time worm.

Adam laid Chase down on the bed in the Mighty Meds exam room. Oilver and Kaz quickly explained what had happened to Chase. He examined Chase. Then unfortunately had to give the saddest and hardest news any doctor has to give. It was to late. Chase could not be saved.

Adam and Bree both fell to their knees. It felt like the world had shadder into a million pieces. How could Chase be dead. He was their leader. The one who they already know was going to take over davenport industries when he was older and Donald was ready to hand it over to him. How could they go on without their baby brother. Sure they liked to mess with him and tease him, but he was still their brother. He couldn't be dead he just couldn't.

Arthur Note- Sorry to end it here. This was hard to write about.