Chapter 1: Blue Horizons

"Tch, and there I was thinkin' I'd finally found my flow... but I think I've reached an impasse... Fate's a real bitch, huh?"

In a small boat trapped upon the thrashing waves of East Blue, was a petite, yet well-defined girl in her mid-teens. Her unkempt, raven black hair cascaded down her back in heavy, thick curls; long bangs shadowing over her eyes. Fine, faded scars danced across her pale skin; some hidden, some in plain sight. She was dressed in an oversized maroon t-shirt that hung well below her waist, black spandex leggings, and muddy combat boots that remained speckled with forgotten blood. Rusted iron gauntlets entrapped her forearms.

The girl shook her head sighing, and leaned back against an empty barrel. "Only a day out from the Calm Belt and I'm already in trouble. Not a tie-breaker, but it's close..." Turning her head to the left, she took in the full view of the swirling monstrosity beside her.

"Maybe next time, I should take a nap before sailing alone on open water." She stated, absentmindedly twirling her hair around her finger. "That's what I get for trying to pick the more responsible role model... I would've been better off following Red..."

The ravenette ignored the thought and began to stretch out the knots in her muscles. "Oh well, no time like the present to practice my swim moves! ~" She cheered through an overly trying smile.

"OK! Ready, steady- JUMP!"

A finger swept across the wood grains of the ship.

"Why is there dust on my bulwark?" Asked a tall, very obese woman with wavy black hair and freckles.

"A thousand pardons Lady Alvida! I-I thought I'd cleaned every inch of this ship...!" Cried a deck hand as he fell to his knees and begged forgiveness. "I'll clean everything all over again! Please-!"

""Please" what?"

"Please, not the Iron Mace! I…-I DON"T WANT TO DIE!"

A mass of iron clashed against flesh, as the force of impact sent the pirate flying back into the ocean's waves, leaving behind only a faint trail of blood.

Iron Mace Alvida turned to her crew. "Men... Who is the fairest throughout all the seas?"

They stood to attention and cried together in unison. "You are, Lady Alvida!"

"Correct! This is why I will not tolerate any imperfections. The ship I sail in must be as clean and beautiful as I am... understood?"


"Well shit... if that's true than... oh dear God-"

Everyone's mouths dropped dramatically to the floor, as they turned to see a gorgeous girl who assertively stood on the white bulwark; one hand on her hip, and the other combing through her sparkling, wet hair.

She jumped down to the main deck and pushed her way through the group of pirates. "Sorry! ~ I got lost, see? First it was the Calm Belt, then this Sea King nest, and then there was this whirlpool- A very big whirlpool mind you- And then there you were... sitting out on the ocean like a... well, like a ship..." She coughed into her fist. "So ugh, do you guys have like a map 'er something? Some booze would be nice, too..."

A tick mark appeared on the obese she-captain's forehead, followed by an intense dark aura.

"- Ooh! And some dry clothes, food, all your valuables... and a massage maybe? No? Ah well..."

"ENOUGH!" Alvida screamed as she charged forward, raising her mace above her head and swinging it down on the insolent intruder. The girl quickly stepped to the side and let the black iron mace smash into the deck, splintering the wood, and leaving a small, rugged hole in its wake.

"I missed...?" The pirate captain asked, swinging her club back up and rested it on her shoulder. "This time for cer-" She turned to face the raven haired teen only to find she was no longer there. Swiveling her head, Alvida looked around the ship for the girl, finding her casually opening up some of their rooms and looking inside.

"...Ehh...? Not this one either... shit, and I'm usually pretty good at this game too, what bites...? Maybe-"

The ravenette felt a breeze and she quickly ducked, the large mace passing just a notch above her head as it swept through the wall, hurtling wood planks in either direction.

Alvida looked down at the girl below her weapon, and smirked when she saw her trembling. "Ha! You may be quick but-!"

Lucy launched an uppercut into the portly woman's jaw. "THE FUCK'S WRONG WITH YOU!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. "Are you trying to blow my brains into a gajillion pieces!?"

The girl angrily snatched the mace and threw it into the ocean with a plop. "If you like bashing people's heads in so much... Go do it for a living in hell! I'm sure they'd be happy to hire a fourth old hag! Fuck off and let me plunder your dumb ship in peace!"

She groaned and threw her head back to the sky, pinching the bridge of her nose. Calm down Lu... there just third-rate losers...

The Alvida Pirates watched on in shock; for the weapon that they had come to greatly fear, to be inconsequentially tossed aside like a tree branch, unnerved them. Especially when, left in its stead, appeared to be an emotionally unstable, slightly psychotic, hot tempered teen.

The pirate captain hung half-way over the side of the boat, staring at the blue sea that greedily swallowed her namesake. "M-my mace..." A vein popped out of her forehead and she quickly turned, shoving her finger into the girls shoulder. "YOU...! Do you know what I had to pay to get that thing custom made!?"

Sweat dropped down the ravenette's temple. "More than anyone would pay to have you, that's for damn sure..." She waved her hand in front of her face dismissively. "Do you even realize how big of a turn off you are in that get up...? Seriously, NO ONE goes for that; not even other freaks... And by the way, don't call me YOU, it's degrading. I have a name just like everyone else, and it's Lucy. You'd better not forget it!"

A second and third vein sprouted right beside the first. "Well, do I even...!" Alvida moved to strangle Lucy, who ducked out of her reach and ran. "COME BACK HERE!"

Alvida ran after her, chasing her in a viscous circle around the ship and back again. Lucy didn't stop until the she-captain plopped face first into the floor boards, out of steam.

"Ahh well... she almost finished the half mile..." Lucy stated inexpressively as she walked back towards the main deck. "She was doing so well too."

One of the braver crew mates walked up to Lucy, pistol in hand, and poised it right at her head. "Ju-just who are you anyway? A bounty hunter? Or just a dirty thief?"

The teen cutely cocked her head in question a pointed to herself. "Me? A dirty ol' thief? It's not nice judge others that you've only just met Mr. Pirate..."

She pressed her finger against the nozzle of the gun and gingerly pushed it back and whispered in his ear, "Didn't your daddy ever tell you its bad luck to point a gun at a lady?"

The pirate gulped, knowing he messed up as he hesitantly shifted his eyes toward the frigid, piercing gaze of the girls startling gold irises.

The gun slipped out of his clammy, trembling hands, and into its new wielders.

Lucy smiled brightly as she reloaded it. "Ehhh~ I've been looking for one of these. Mine got accidently eaten by a panda shark while I was swimming away from the whirlpool. But the poor guy was just so friendly and cute that I had to let it slide. Thanks a bunch Mr. Pirate lackey!"

She blinked and looked down at pirate that had been recently reduced to a puddle of cold sweat, wrapped in ball on the floor beside her. "Don't be a baby; stand up and fight like a man, or I'll squash you like the bug you're pretending to be."

When he took too long to respond, she kicked him overboard.

"Well then..." Lucy tied her damp hair up into a ponytail and smiled warmly at the remaining group. "Like I said, the name's Lucy and I'll be commandeering this ship for a bit." She bowed respectfully. "Thanks in advance..."

"WHAT!" They all cried in astonishment at her brashness.

Alvida wobbled back over glaring darkly at the small girl, albeit the fact that her face was blown up like a grape, and could barely stand up. "What makes you think I'm just going to hand over control of my ship and my crew willingly?! You little brat!"

"Hmph... I'm not about to be intimidated by a ragtag group of insects." She drew the newly received pistol and playfully pointed it towards the crew's captain. "Hey did you know...? I don't even need a gun... to riddle your body full of holes."

She slipped the pistol into the back of her pants and refitted her iron gauntlets. "It's just for show really; guns are pretty ineffectual for anything else. After all, why waste bullets when all you need, is one little finger?"

Sniffing, Lucy made her way to the kitchen entrance and opened the door, looking around at the half-empty pantry. She entered and began to show herself around the fridge, taking out all the food and placing it on the counter. As she closed the fridge door, she noticed a, timid, chubby boy with pink hair and blue, round framed glasses, hiding in the corner.

Lucy shrugged her shoulders, and took a look at her soon-to-be meal, frowning. "...Gah... bread, bread, bread, meat, more bread... Oh look, cherry pie... Eesh, no wonder she's a sight for sore eyes; no one eats bread all the time and walks away from it... Well, at least there's no rat in- Why don't they have water?! Are they trying die of malnutrition?! What idiot's own nothing but bread and wine!?"

The boy looked at her warily from the corner. Who is she...? A pirate? A bounty hunter? Maybe she's a Marine and she's here to rescue me!? N-no...! Don't delude yourself Coby... even if she was, you're their cabin boy. Even though you were forced into being one... I suppose I'd still be called a pirate... But maybe...-

Lucy watched the boy battle himself, continuously shaking his head then, nodding and repeating. She wondered when he'd just get up and ask her the damn question, instead of thinking about it.

"E-Eh hehe... U-Um, excuse me...? W-Who are you?" He asked, shaking.

Lucy stared at him as she popped the last of the bread in her mouth, then bit the cork top of the wine bottle and pulled it out, spitting it onto the counter. She swigged the bottle back and forced the tart, burning red contents down her throat before abruptly stopping.

"Gah! That's better... if only they had vodka instead… it goes down easier. Not that I should be drinking in the first place. I don't want to end up a destitute drunk like them." She swirled the wine around in the glass bottle and glumly looked at its contents, before setting it on the table and diving back into the food.

"Ya know..." She said with her mouth full. "If you wanta ask me somthin', ya gotta be more direct! Jeez, I mean, what kinda sorry excuse for a human are you?"

The boy looked up at her, trying to summon up the courage to speak.

"Who are you?" He said finally without, choking up.

"I'm Lucy!" She said smiling brightly, allowing the pink-haired boy to loosen up.

"Coby... My name is Coby, and... I'm not really a pirate..."

Lucy half ignored him and took another sip from the wine bottle, wishing she was drowning at the bottom of it.

"I'll never forget that fateful day..." Coby began. "I just wanted to go fishing... and I boarded a pirate ship by mistake. That was two years ago. In exchange for my life, I now work as their cabin boy..."

She started laughing. "You go around telling every new face ya meet your life story?"

Coby's face turned beat red in embarrassment.

"Sorry, sorry~ you're kinda' clumsy and dumb, huh?" Lucy retorted as she stretched her arms out to the side. "Don't worry! Everyone's got their awkward years!"

Coby looked up, a light blush forming on top of his red face. "R-Really?"

"Hmm? Yea I guess... but..." She placed a hand on his shoulder encouragingly. "I'm sure if you work hard enough you'll get better! Most defiantly probable! Like, above a 40 percent chance."

Coby looked at the ground, a small smile forming. "Th-Then... Do you think I can do it?" Lucy cocked her eyebrow up. "Do you think I have what it takes to become a marine?" Coby asked.

Lucy's sweat dropped and her face turned a ghostly blue. "A... a marine...? Well if that's what you want... then sure, go for it."

He nodded confidently, ignorant to the girls sour feelings "Then I'm gonna do it! I'm going to become a marine!"

The ravenette smiled at his new found determination if nothing else.

"H-Hey, Miss Lucy... wh-why... why are you on this ship anyway?" The pinkette asked looking up at her, as if realizing for the first time that they were on a pirate ship in the middle of the sea.

"Oh! Hehe, funny story!" She started laughing, pushing away her negative thoughts to the far corners of her mind. "See, my boat got swallowed up by this giant whirlpool, so I had to find another boat, yea? So that's when I see you guys approaching and I hopped on board and took over!"

Coby sprung up from the floor. "Your ship got sucked into that giant whirlpool we passed!? And then you just "hopped on our ship and took over"!?"

"More or less I suppose..."

"That means you-you defeated Alvida! N-No way! That's impossible! Impossible! Impossible! Impossi-!"

Lucy quickly picked up, and shot the cork stopper at his head, hard, leaving a small, swelling welt.

"O-Ouch!" He exclaimed in pain, rubbing his forehead. "Why did you do that?"

The girl shrugged. "Why I didn't think to do that twenty seconds earlier is the better question."

Coby looked at the floor, downtrodden. "...How? How did you defeat her? Iron Mace Alvida? She's one of the top pirates in East Blue..."

"Really...? If that's East Blue's top then I'd hate see their bottom... No wonder Red comes out here to vacation." She stuck her pointer finger into her mouth and began picking her teeth, making her way towards the exit. "Anyway I'm not here on vacation, so I'll be leaving now. See ya later, Smoby!"

"Wh-What?! Lucy, wait! Don't leave! Please take me with you!" Coby screamed, chasing after her. "And that's not my name!"

Lucy ran out onto the deck, a light breeze passing through her soggy clothes and sea sprayed hair. Hmmn... I knew I knew I should've stowed away on the cruise ship instead. I really need that hot bath and all you can eat buffet right now...

"...Brat... you said your name was Lucy, right?"

The teen girl spun around, and saw the large figure of Alvida leaning on the siding, nose swollen, and wrapped in bloody bandages from the chest down.

Lucy blinked, then and crossed her arms. "Yea? What about it?"

"You sure know how to step on people and make them feel insignificant, don't you?" The older woman asked, accusingly pointing at Lucy with her chubby finger, the bright red nail polish shining in the sun.

Lucy shrugged. "Matter of perspective I guess... from the way I see it, you tried to smash my brains in, and I just protected myself... no big deal or anything." She scratched her nose, not caring about the conversation in the slightest. "Though... sorry about the whole... hole situation. I made sure I didn't puncture anything though, just change the bandages regularly and rinse the wound sight with a light alcohol solution and you'll be fine in a couple weeks." She began to walk away with an aloof yawn. "Also, don't lift heavy objects or bend over. Doctors' orders..."

"Tch... some doctor you are... Who nearly kills a person then patches them up?" Alvida turned and walked back toward the stern lowering a dinghy into the clear, blue water and jumped in it. "Whatever, you can keep the ship... I'm taking a vacation. But next time we meet, I'll blow you away for sure."

The ravenette turned her head, twirling her bangs around her finger. "You don't actually have to leave the ship you know. Despite everything, I'm really just here for a lift; it does still technically belong to you."

Lucy left for the bow regardless, seeing the tiny boat that held Alvida drift away out of the corner of her eye. Ah, pride is such a fickle thing...

The petite girl went and plopped herself on the duck figure head, taking out the pair of aviator sunglasses she'd stuffed between her cleavage.

She leaned forward, and shifted her eyes one way then another, scoping out anything that looked interesting.

Suddenly, a glistening white cruise ship began to crawl into her horizon. I'm in luck! My chance at a fresh change of clothes has just increased exponentially~!

"Oi! Hey losers! Take me over to that fancy ship! They look like they have lot'sa loot!"

The Alvida pirates looked at each other, but decided it was probably better to get beaten the club, than by a bipolar psychopath, so they sailed toward it as directed.

One of the braver ones walked up to Lucy, timidly. "Umm, excuse me ugh, miss… Ma'am...? Where ugh... where did Lady Alvida go?"

The ravenette stood up, brushing down her cloths. "I believe... she's set off on a long and meaningful journey of self-acceptance, and discovery... Well- that or she's gone off in search of a bar capable of serving someone her size so she can drink her weight in alcohol... Which is... probably more than any sensible bartender is legally capable of dealing out. Either way, looks like you're out of a job."

The pirate stood there for a second, registering what she said, before excitedly running to tell the others.

Lucy bent down, stretching, and then cracked her knuckles, watching the white ship draw closer, its clean sails reflecting the sun's yellow rays into the ocean, giving it a mirror like appearance.

A crowd of cheers rang out behind her.

-"Alvida's gone!"

-"Finally! That fat bitch was really starting to get on my nerves!"

Lucy stuck her hands in her pockets, oblivious to the happenings around her; her mind already off in its own little world.

The pirates calmed down, and began to talk amongst themselves, arguing over this and that, tit for tat, until finally, an agreement had been made.

"Miss Lucy!" The pirates called to her.

She bent over backwards, viewing them upside down. "Ugh-huh? Are you bothering me 'cause you decided you're ready to die like big boys, or did you want me to poke you full of holes too?" She asked sardonically.

"After a serious discussion... we decided to make you captain!" They all gave a half-hearted cheer.

Lucy sprang up into a normal posture and cracked her neck. "Yea, no... I really don't-"

The pirates let out a collected sigh of relief, knowing another unstable woman with violent mood swings would not be good on their life spans.

"Well whatever... can't tell an idiot to stop being an idiot, that'd be stupid. You'd be the real idiot in that scenario... wait...?" She scratched her head and turned to the pirates and yelled. "SHUT UP ASS-WIPES, I CAN BARELY HEAR MY OWN FUCKING THOUGHTS!"

Letting out a long, tired sigh, Lucy shook her wrists out and cracked her knuckles. "Look, whatever you do, I don't really care; just leave me out of it, understand? I don't care about any of you, and I certainly don't care if tomorrow, I see your carcasses washed up on a beach getting picked apart by birds!"

She coughed into her fist and recomposed herself. "Just... pretend I was never here."

The teen gave the ground beneath her a quick kick, as she jumped up and off the duck figure head. "May the parting winds, never allow us to meet again; Fare thee well!"

"L-Lucy! Wait!" Coby cried grabbing onto her leg like a small, frightened child as she leapt off the ground.

Lucy twisted around midair to see the pink-haired boy clinging onto her for dear life.

"Why are you following me?" She asked, shaking him off. She reached out and grabbed his wrist instead, so he didn't fall in the water as she kicked the air propelling herself with a strange force, leaving behind puffs of smoke.

Coby looked at her in wonder. "How did you do that!?"

"Hmm…?" She landed on the wooden deck with a loud thud, and blew the uneven bangs out of her eyes. "Do what? What'd I do?"

"What you did with your legs! They... It was like you were flying!" He yelled.

Lucy looked down at her legs, a blank expression of puzzlement on her face, before she hammered her right fist down into her open left palm.

"Oh...! Well it's just... you know...?"

Lucy, forgetting about the pink-haired tag-along, ran up to one of the ships attendants and loudly demanded he reveal the location of their vast food reserves. The man, however, fled in terror upon seeing the approaching pirate ship and ran to inform the others aboard. Lucy gave chase.

"Wait! You haven't told me where you-!" She stopped suddenly, feeling a strange sensation of déjà vu. As she looked around, she felt a body briskly bump into hers, nimble fingers reaching for her pocket.

Lucy grabbed the owner's wrist, twisting them around.

"H-Hey! What do you think you're doing?!" The thieving girl scolded.

Lucy turned to face a slim, orange-haired teen, who desperately tried to free herself to no avail. "Sorry, but that's not where the goods are kept! ~"

The girl frowned and stopped struggling, letting her body fall limply to the floor.

The ravenette helped the red-head up and dusted her off. "My name's Lucy!" The red-head didn't say anything in turn. "...When someone gives you their name you're supposed to give yours in return. It's proper social etiquette."

A strand of blazing orange hair fell in front of her light brown eyes. "N-Nami..." She stated uneasily, brushing the strand behind her ear. She fixed her orange mini-skirt from riding up and striated the white and blue stripped shirt back down, dangerously eyeing the other teen.

"Nami? I really like that name! Someone special must have picked it out! Yup!" Nami's face darkened and Lucy took note. "So... ah, what are you doing on this fancy cruise ship? Don't tell me you only came to steal money from some clearly homeless young girl." The girl was about to tell her off when Lucy forcefully grabbed her hand and they began running in the direction of the bow. "Sorry! That was a ugh- what's it called a red-? no... retro- somthin' other? Eh, it doesn't matter! I think I like you, so I don't want you to get hurt!"

"Let go of me! I still haven't taken all of their treasure yet!" They skidded to a halt. Nami fell forward, face planting the wooden floor boards at the ravenette's sudden stop.

"Eh? You want their treasure? Got it! I'll get it for you, so stay here. I'll be right back!" She pushed the other girl into the dingy and ran off to find the pirate crew, leaving behind the dumbfounded red-head.

Nami, slowly got up, rubbing her forehead. She's crazy, going to steal from those filthy pirates all by herself! But... maybe she'll be alright, she seems to know what she's doing; or at least she's confident that she does...

"Lucy! Pl-Please wait for me!" Nami looked towards the direction of the shrill voice, and saw a blast of pink hair. Coby ran towards her and stopped. "O-Oh... You're not Lucy... Hehe... s-sorry..." He apologized, rubbing the back of his head nervously.

Nami blinked. "Lucy?" The red-head asked him. "Is she about my height with long, black hair?" She asked.

"Y-Yea...! That's her!" Coby answered, relieved. "D-Do you two, know each other?" Nami shook her head, and stepped out of the boat carefully.

"No... I just met her a couple minutes ago. But if you're her friend then you have to stop her! She said she was going to steal treasure from those pirates!"

"Miss Lucy's... going to steal their treasure?" Coby asked thoughtfully. Nami nodded. "W-Well... I wouldn't worry about her... I h-heard the pirates cheering and stuff... hehe... I-It was pretty weird... I-I guess Alvida quit..."

Nami clenched her fists as she looked toward the direction Lucy had run off in. That girl took out Iron Mace Alvida?! Already?! By herself?! That is so not fair!

"Oi! Nami! I got your treasure!" Called a distant voice that began to draw closer. "Sorry for the wait! I found this awesome salad bar! And-" She ran into Coby, knocking him into the dinghy.

She looked down, seeing Coby's face squished under her chest. "Eh? Moby, you're here, too? I see! You finally racked up the courage to escape all on your own, yea? Good for you!"

She jumped up, holding the bags of treasure out to Nami. "Here's everything I could find!"

Nami greedily grabbed the treasure bags and sorted through the pieces. "N-No way! There's over 40,000 berries here! I can't believe the Alvida Pirates had this much!"

The ravenette cutely rubbed the back of her head despite the devilishly innocent grin that shouted 'liar'. "Yup! Alvida sure knew how to rob rich people broke~"

Lucy grabbed the girls hand and forcefully led her into the dinghy, along with the treasure and Coby, and lowered them into the water with a splash.

Nami banged her on the head. "Idiot! Don't drag me along with you! I hope you know that what you're doing is basically kidnapping! But..." Her eyes turned into berry signs. "Thanks for all this great treasure!"

Lucy smirked, knowing she won, and pushed the bag closer to Nami with her feat. She then turned to Coby. "So ugh, does East Blue have any noteworthy swordsmen? I've been looking for one, but they usually just attempt to kill me on sight; very rude people they were."

"...Well... I suppose there is one guy... Roronoa Zoro; but-"

"-'Kay! Let's go check him out! You've got nothin' better to do right? After all I did just save you, right...?" Lucy mischievously asked (demanded) with a wink.

Coby looked up, watching a seagull pass overhead. "Y-yea... but... last I heard- he was arrested at the military base in Shells Town."

Lucy leaned back against the side, putting her arms behind her head and pouted. "Hmmnn... well whatever... maybe he's just an idiot... I can't really hold it against him until I meet the guy." She laughed. "I mean, it's not I like I myself, haven't ever been arrested by cruddy, incompetent marines! ~"

Both Coby and Nami, who had hung around the back of the boat keeping a wary eye on the black haired stranger, looked shocked.

"Eh!? Have you never heard of the Pirate Hunter Zoro! The Demon of East Blue!?" Nami yelled at her.

-"And what do you mean "cruddy marines?!" Coby question angrily.

Lucy was about to answer them when the two realized they'd missed the obvious question.

"YOU'VE BEEN ARRESTED!?" Nami and Coby realized in unison.

"Only four times; it's no biggie really, I escaped no problem."

The two passengers sighed, their heads hung low. Great, where caught up with a known convict…

"Anyway-" Lucy rubbed the back of her head. "Well... to answer Nami... I'm not from around here, in fact I just dropped in a couple days ago, and well, Doby-"


"Yea, yea that... well..." Lucy looked up at the sky, in thought; the other two waiting in a thickening anticipation.

The ravenette looked back down at them, smiling. "So ugh, do you guys like charades? I do; I love charades- Oh look! A birdie!"

Nami and Coby fell dramatically backwards into the boat.

The red-head tsked in annoyance. "Whatever... where are we headed anyway? Because we keep going around in circles and it's driving me crazy!"

Lucy looked around. "Yea, you're right! How funny!"

Nami sighed and rubbed her temples. "Well, I was originally planning on heading to Shells Town anyway. So that's where we're headed."

Lucy coughed into her fist. "Soooo... about this Roronoa Zoro-"

"-How come you remember his name and not mine!?" Coby yelled at her from across the dinghy.

"Huh? Who're you? When'd you get here? Are you my conscience trying to tell me that I need an intervention from a clearly worsening addiction to drugs and alcohol? Because if you are, then you can just-! Wait where am I...?"

The pink-haired teen worriedly stared at her, not understanding the sarcastic quip. "You... really don't know...?"

Nami smacked the back of his head. "Idiot! You're all idiots!" She sat back with a huff and crossed her arms, one eye warily watching the young teen twirl her hair around her finger. "Although... there is something wrong with her, I'll give you that much..." She mumbled.

Lucy smiled and leaned back, staring at the cloudy sky through her black tinted sunglasses. "Something wrong with me...? Well of course there is. There isn't a single person on this sea who isn't a little whacked up." She combed her fingers through her thick hair. "After all, no one, is safe from the demon that is self-doubt."