I've Never Been Happier

Farkle Minkus was a nervous wreck. After 4 years of dating he was finally going to propose to his girlfriend Maya Hart. They had started dating after she came to him when her boyfriend Paul had hit her. It was that night that Maya had revealed her feelings for Farkle and they became official right then and there. They had the occasional argument and had nearly broken up once after a fight but with the help of Riley and Lucas they moved forward and never fought like that again. Farkle had been in love with her for 10 years and had dated her for 4 years. He was sure that he wanted to marry Maya more than anything else. He was however nervous that he would mess up the proposal or that it was too soon to purpose. Farkle though back to a Conversation he had earlier today with Riley and Lucas.

"Farkle relax Maya is going to say yes." Riley said as she and Lucas watched Farkle pace across the floor. "What if this isn't the right time we haven't been dating that long." Farkle said. "Dude you guys have been together 4 years I think it's the right time." Lucas replied. Farkle however kept pacing until Riley finally got up and stopped him from pacing by grabbing his shoulders. "Farkle listen to me Maya loves you and I know that because every time she's with you she has that certain big smile that we rarely saw before you to were dating. "You two are meant to be and she will say yes." "Thanks Riley." Farkle said now somewhat reassured that things would be ok.

Farkle looked up from his table at the Sizzler and saw his beautiful girlfriend and hopefully soon to be fiancé walking towards the table. When she arrived Farkle pulled out her chair and Maya sat down and said "Farkle." "Lady" Farkle greeted in return. "You look handsome tonight." Maya said admiring her boyfriend who was dressed in dress paints, a sports jacket and a tie. "Thanks and you Maya look beautiful." Farkle complemented his girlfriend who was wearing a blue dress with a white cardigan with high heeled boots. Maya blushed and smiled at Farkle with the same big smile that Riley had referred to earlier.

After they ordered their meals Farkle and Maya shared the events of their days with each other. Maya was an artist and a very successful one who taught art classes to troubled kids. Farkle on the other hand was working for his dads company. Both of them had graduate from college and both enjoyed their jobs very much.

After a delicious dinner and feeding each other desert they headed towards Farkle's car. Riley had driven Maya so that Farkle could take Maya to the spot where he planned to purpose. It was all a part of the plan. Once they were both in the car Farkle handed Maya a blindfold and said "Put this on." "Why?" Maya asked. "Because I have a surprise for you and just trust me ok." Farkle said. "Alright." Maya said and put on the blindfold.

Ten minutes late the car stopped. Farkle got out of the car and guided Maya up a hill to the top. Once at the top Farkle took off the blindfold and Maya gasped at what she saw. From the top of the hill you could see the lights of most of New York City. It was beautiful. They had been here before. When Mayas mom got sick when they were sixteen Farkle had taken her on a picnic one night just to get her mind off it. Maya smiled at the memory and turned to look at Farkle only to find him down on one knee with a box open in one hand. The box contained a ring with a 16 carat diamond.

"Maya Penelope Hart I have loved you for a very long time and when we came here years ago it was then that I knew you were definitely my soulmate." I want you by my side through everything, I want to rule the world with you by my side and I know that together nothing can stop us." "No matter what happens I will always stand by you and love you." "So Maya will you marry me?"

Maya had her hands to her mouth and had tears of happiness in her eyes. She nodded and then whispered "Yes." Farkle placed the ring on her finger and then they embraced in a hug followed by a kiss filled with passion. Both of them smiled brightly at each other before kissing again.

Later the night they lay together in bed with Farkle's arms wrapped around Maya and Maya's hands on top of his. "I love you Farkle and honestly I've never been happier than I am right now." Maya said as she kissed him on the cheek. Farkle replied "I love you Maya and I've never been happier than I am right now." Kissing each other one last time they both drifted off to sleep both happier than they had ever been.