We're too Young to Be Grandparents.

What's up everyone? After I long absence this story has gained a new chapter. I apologize for not updating sooner but I've been very busy with work. I will be updating this story every few weeks so keep an eye out for updates.

"I just can't believe it… Did we do something wrong Farkle? Is this our fault? Did we fail…you know as parents? Maya asked her husband as they sat on the couch, his arm around her shoulder and she had her head on his chest. Her eyes her blotchy from the tears recently shed over the news they had gotten earlier.

"No Maya…it's not…we talked to him about being safe…about being responsible, sometimes things just happen…condoms break."

Farkle was just as easily taken aback by the news they had received earlier today. Their seventeen year old son Cameron and his girlfriend Tessa had told them that Tessa was pregnant. The conversation lasted a long time. Yelling, crying and hugging had all been major parts of this conversation. Farkle felt emotionally drained afterwards and he knew his wife, son and Tessa all felt the same way.

"It's hard to believe my baby is having a baby. What do we do? They both said they wanted to keep it and I support that but what about their futures. We have to support them I mean Tessa has no one but us."

Maya met Tessa when the girl was fourteen and joined the art class Maya taught at the community centre. Her black clothing and long brown hair matched her personality. She was very quiet, depressed and refused to open up to anyone. When Maya first met her she thought she was looking at riley when she went through her "Goth Phase." Maya had taken an interest in the girl and eventually learned that her parents had died in a car crash three years prior and the girl had been in over fifteen different foster homes.

Together Maya and Farkle begin inviting the girl over for dinner and slowly she opened up to them. She and Cameron had developed a very close friendship and it wasn't a surprise when at Christmas Farkle found them kissing under the tree. The relationship became more serious and six months ago Tessa had moved in with the family and had taken McKenna's room since their oldest daughter was at university. Now the girl was going to give them a grandchild and it was a lot to process.

"And we will! We'll support them and help them in any way possible. Is it going to be easy? No but we can do this. We're Farkle and Maya, we've dealt with harder things and we'll deal with this." he said as he kissed her hair.

"I know it's just…Never mind."

"What were you going to say?"

"It's just that we're 46, we're too young to be grandparents." She said with a sigh.

"Maybe but are grandchild is going to have sexy grandparents who still…have fun. He said wiggling his eyebrows at the last part.

Maya laughed as his comment. She knew that he was right. This situation wasn't going to be easy but she knew that together they would get through it. After all they were Farkle and Maya and they could do anything.