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"You know, I would have thought that after almost a year we would have already walked down the aisle." Olivia looked over the screen of her laptop, staring at Rafael Barba sitting on the other end of the couch, flipping through channels on the television.

Rafael turned to look at her. "With both of our jobs, I'm surprised it's only taken this long."

"Can you believe that in twenty four hours we're doing all of this finally?" Olivia closed her laptop and set in the coffee table. She scooted towards Rafael, laying her head on his chest.

He ran his fingers through her hair. "I was thinking more along the lines of can you believe that in twenty four hours we'll be leaving and actually taking a whole weekend off with the kids?"

"You're right, that sounds much more appealing than all of this wedding stuff right now."

Just too many things had happened in the past eleven months to allow for Olivia and Rafael to get married any sooner. They had celebrated birthdays, Noah's third right after they got engaged and Raegan's first, both of which meant for new milestones for the kids. Raegan had taken her first steps at her party and she was now walking and talking, or babbling, non-stop, always chasing after her older brother. Noah had started pre-school just the month before and he loved every second of it; Liv and Rafi would come home and hear all about all of his little friends, the books they read that day, the games they played, the three year old didn't leave out a single detail. But the parents were having a good time, both of the kids were at such fun ages and new things were constantly on the rise, it made for a little chaos, but mostly new adventures. One of those adventures included Rafael officially adopting both kids, a process that would be finished up soon after their marriage became official.

"Raegan Grace you better get back here missy…" Olivia ran out of her bedroom, chasing the one year old who was sporting nothing but her diaper. "You cannot show up to mommy and daddy's wedding without any clothes on."

The little girl giggled as she made her way into the living room, climbing on to the couch, and scooting as far back as possible trying to hide herself the best an eighteen month old could. This seemed to be Raegan's normal routine recently, finding it hilarious to run around without getting dressed. She was a sassy little girl to say the least.

Olivia sat down next to her, tickling her tummy, as Raegan screamed with joy. "Okay, Rae, let's get you dressed." She picked her up and brought her back into the bedroom setting her on the bed next to her light pink dress and her little white sandals.

Twenty four hours after sitting on the couch with her fiancé, Olivia found herself torn between feeling nervous and excited. Everything and everyone was running on time, a rarity for the sergeant. But she couldn't help but feel like something was going to happen to create the usual chaos she had become so accustomed to. Raegan was finally dressed, Rafael was helping Noah get ready, and she herself had her hair and make-up done. Maybe, just maybe, it was all going to work on the one day that it really mattered.

"Are you ready to do this?" Donald Cragen stood next to Olivia as she fidgeted with her dress. It was simple, an A-line cut with thin straps and a little lace detailing around the waist.

Liv and Rafael had decided that they wanted to keep the ceremony completely intimate; they didn't want anything over the top or super large. So Olivia had decided that she wasn't going to have any bridesmaids and Rafael no groomsmen. However, after everything she had been through in special victims unit with Captain Cragen, she couldn't pass up the opportunity to have him walk her down the aisle and of course, the man was more than happy to oblige.

Liv stared up at him. "I think I am." She couldn't help but smile at the thought of marrying Rafael.

Arm in arm, Olivia and Don took their first few steps down the aisle. As she walked, Olivia's eyes skated across the whole scene. There were only about forty people filling the white chairs in the outdoor garden that sat just behind the country club Rafael belonged to. The first time they had laid their eyes on the garden, they both knew that it was exactly what they were looking for. It seemed even more picture perfect now filled with their friends and family. The whole team was there for Olivia, along with a few other friends she had from NYPD. Rafael's mom sat in the first row, Raegan sitting on her lap, wiggling against the woman's grip, making her mom chuckle. Noah sat in the seat next Rosa Barba; he stared at his mama, a smile plastered on his face. But it was Rafael at the end of the aisle that caught Liv's eye. He was standing there in his gray suit and black bow tie, tears just grazing his eyes as he looked at his bride, in total awe of her beauty. She gave him a small smile, pure joy radiating from her.

Cragen stopped just short of where Rafael stood and allowed Liv to walk the rest of the way as he took a seat in the front row. Olivia looked at her groom and felt her own tears start to form. "I can't believe we're finally here." She whispered to him.

"You look gorgeous." Barba whispered back.

The rest of the ceremony and all the words from the wedding officiant faded into the background. The bride and groom were oblivious to anything but each other. It wasn't until they reached the end, did either of them come back and finally hear their cue.

"Rafael, do you take this woman as your lawfully wedded wife?"

Rafael stared right into Olivia's eyes. "I do."

"Olivia, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

Liv stared right back. "Yes, I do."

"Then I now pronounce you husband and wife."

Olivia and Rafael knew exactly what that meant. Rafael grabbed Liv's waist pulling her closer, allowing them to reach each other. Their lips met in a soft, sentimental kiss, their first kiss as husband and wife.

"Congratulations you two." Alexandra Cabot came up behind the happy couple. Although she hadn't been a part of the squad for a long time, she still felt like a part of the team and she had kept in contact with Olivia. She was thrilled to be able to be there for the special day.

"Thanks, Alex." Olivia gave her a hug. "I'm so glad you were able to come."

Alex nodded. "Me, too. I would not have wanted to miss this."

A tug on her dress stopped Olivia before she could continue her conversation. It was Noah. The three year old looked up at his mom with his big doe eyes. "Mama, I'm hungry."

"Okay, baby, we'll get you some food." Liv leaned down to her son's level. "Can you say hi to mommy's friend Noah? This is Alex."

"Hi." He gave her a small wave, but inched behind his mother as she stood back up.

"Noah, why don't you go find daddy and ask him to get you some food." Olivia sent the little boy to Rafael.

"So the kids are calling Rafael dad?" Alex asked, not because she didn't agree, but because she was a little surprised.

Olivia should have known that wouldn't get past her friend. "Yeah they are… It was his choice. One day Noah just said it out of the blue and since then it's stuck. And I'm okay with it."

"I think it's great. I'm just so happy for you Liv. You deserve this." Alex meant it.

The reception was just as perfect as the wedding had been. Everyone ate and danced, spending the evening having a good time. Noah had spent his fair share of time on the dance floor, having the time of his life. Raegan had fallen asleep by the time it was all over.

"So I think it ended up being pretty great." Rafael broke the silence of the car ride as he, Olivia and the kids drove to their weekend destination.

"I would say it was a little better than great." Liv smirked.

Both of the kids were fast asleep in their car seats in the back. Liv and Rafael knew that a honeymoon wasn't supposed to include kids, but they viewed their weekend as anything but a honeymoon. They were simply driving up to the Hamptons; neither one could afford to miss more than a few days of work and they both wanted the extra time with the kids. As far as they both were concerned, it was just what they wanted.

They arrived at their hotel in the Hamptons just a little after ten. The kids had slept the whole drive and each parent took one up to their suite without disturbing their rest. The kids' beds were both outside of the bedroom that Olivia and Rafael were in. With Noah and Raegan settled, the newlywed couple found themselves all alone for the first time in a while.

"You know they're both sound asleep…" Rafael removed his jacket, as Olivia sat on the bed.

Liv smirked at her husband. "Yeah, they are."

Neither one needed to say more; they knew what was being hinted at. After all it was their wedding night. And it only took moments before they were tangled in each other's arms, their lips locked with one and others.

Rafael swept the hair away from Olivia face as he lie next to her, sleep threatening to take them both. "I love you."

"I love you, too." Liv kissed her husband one last time before they both fell asleep in each other's arms.

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