I remember sitting in the basement, or dungeon as the Malfoy's called it. I remember being taken, and I remember Draco throwing food to me. Even when he wasn't supposed to.

I knew he wasn't that horrible, but he never talked to me, never tried to help, other than throwing more food on the floor near me when I was starving.

But now, I have nightmares now that we both work together at Hogwarts. As surprising as it was, I was a Hogwarts history teacher. He was Potions Master.

Just like Snape. It was weird hearing about him being a teacher. We had two days before all the kids were supposed to be here and I finally had my room the way I liked it. I had folded hundreds of birds and they now hung from my ceiling and my bed was comfy.

I looked around before walking out of my room and down the corridors thinking about my time here. About Harry, Ginny, their son that was coming here this year, and then about Hermione and Ron and their kid. I was the only one who wasn't a mother, yet.

I believe one day I will have my own. Maybe.

I walked around before settling in and seeing our new cook, Georgette and smiling saying a quick hello before walking through grabbing a few carrots.

I trotted down the walkway feeling young again and spotting some of the horses the muggle teacher uses and walking over loudly so they wouldn't be scared.

"Hi there pretty boys." I cooed and touched their noses. One smelled the carrots right away and started trying to nip at them. "Here you go." I whispered and let him eat it before giving the other to the second horse that must have been much older. I got a little bit closer and stepped up on the peg and ran my fingers through the older ones maine before doing the same to the other.

I saw a shadow and looked up but the horses got spooked and hit the fence just in front of me, where my feet were resting on and I squealed and whimpered as my foot was hit and I fell back to the ground.

I took out my wand and said the spell to put my bones back into place and waited for the pain to be over. I stood back up slowly and felt hands helping me up. "I didn't mean to spook them." I gasped and moved away turning my back to the horse and facing Draco. "Or you for that matter. How are you Luna?"

"Fine thank you, I am going back to the castle now." I said and moved around him quickly before running a few feet and then walking and looking around.

"I can give you a ride." I almost jumped again when he appeared next to me on his broom and he licked his lips.

"No thank you." I shook my head and looked down to the floor. "Never liked flying much." I said truthfully and he stopped and got off and started walking next to me.

"So I guess that means you aren't participating in the professors against the students on the first day back are you?" He asked and I shook my head.

"No, I will be watching only." I said and focused on the trees swaying in the wind.

"Why were you playing with the horses?"

"I wasn't playing, I was giving them each a carrot and petting them. They are like any other animal, they want to be loved." I said matter-of-factly and pulled my skirts up slightly before going up the stairs. I was always quick going up and surprisingly Draco kept up easily.

"I don't like animals, well, most of them don't like me." He said and I just kept quiet.

"Bye Draco." I waved and went down one corridor before entering the bathroom and taking a deep breath.

He seemed different, changed maybe now that he was older, and not living under his snake of a father.

I washed my hands of the horses slobber and walked back out after using the paper towel to open the door. I turned back and threw it away before walking out with a skip in my step. Looking around the walls, seeing the pictures moving around and I sighed.

Walking back to my room until supper time I picked up my books and read them over again. It was only my third year teaching but I am still so nervous.

"Luna, are you coming to the party tonight?" I heard Cho call and I got up. She took over McGonagall's position and throws a party every year two days before so we aren't hung over when the kids start arriving.

"Yes, just a couple minutes. I didn't realize the time." I shouted and went to take a quick shower. I knew she wouldn't wait for me, she still saw me as a bit strange but I didn't care.

I got dressed and put on my cloak and walked out and down the hall to the new staff lounge that was once the Headmasters office.

I heard Dean and Seamus' laughs from down the stairs and I walked up. Krum was sitting in the front of the room and the first who saw me when I walked in. He pushed out a chair with his foot and I nodded my thanks.

"What are you boys laughing about?"

"They laugh at that Malfoy man who was forced to come. Been pouting like a child that has been told no." Krum explained and I looked around the room seeing Draco in the corner shaking his head at a few things Cho was saying to him.

"Well these weren't really his friends when he went here. He made a lot of enemies."

"As I recall, he tried to kill all of us at least once."

"Not me." Krum said and leaned forward. "I think I remember him now, little scrawny thing, made Hermione irritated just with his presence." He thought out loud and I smiled.

"That is him." Seamus said and then drank his concoction in one go. "I can't believe he started working here, of all places."

"Why not? He has any rights with his qualifications." I said and smiled at Cho as she handed me a goblet of wine. "Thank you. Besides, he seems nicer." I shrugged thinking back to earlier when he actually apologized for making the horses go mad.

"I'm sure he does, just makes me wonder what he actually wants from this place."

"Maybe he wants new memories." I said after focusing back on Draco for a moment. I turned just when his head seemed to be searching for who was looking at him.

"We'll just keep an extra eye on him."Dean stated and I refrained from rolling my eyes at their mistrust.

"Does this wine taste funny to anyone else?" I asked after taking another sip.

"Oh, uh, we spiked it with harder liquor. Sorry Luna." Dean said and I looked over at him worried.

"Why would you do that."

"Cho has been leading both of us on, and we wanted to get to the bottom of it tonight." Seamus said and I set the goblet down and licked my lips.

"I should go get some coffee from the kitchen." I whispered knowing how hard liquor gave me a huge headache and woozy even if I only had a little bit.

"Do you want me to accompany you?" Krum asked and I smiled over at him.

"Thank you, but no. I'll be back." I said and stood up and walked right down the stairs and walking to the kitchen humming to myself.

I turned on the coffee pot and pulled my hair over my shoulder and ran my fingers through it. It was past my waist and curly as ever. I loved my hair. Loved the color, most people told me it was the moons shade.

"Why did you leave the party?" I looked up quickly and saw Draco with his own goblet and leaning in the doorway a couple feet away.

"Seamus and Dean said they put hard liquor in the wine, and I get terrible headaches from that sort of thing and get very woozy so I need coffee." I said and pointed to the pot still brewing.

"I could whip up a potion if you like." He said and I shook my head.

"The coffee is already brewing. No need to trouble yourself." I said and smiled and then looked around. "I never thought about how much work it must take to make the feasts, even with magic." I said and saw all the platters and plates.

"I never really cared, it was better than my mother's food." He said and walked in even more and leaned on the opposite side of me.

"Why did you come back here Draco?" I asked after a couple moments of silence.

"What do you mean?"

"You knew people like Seamus and Dean would have a problem with you being here... why?" I asked again not caring if he didn't want to answer, I had to ask.

"Because I am not the person I used to be. Because I want to prove that to people." He said and I nodded and heard the coffee stop brewing.

"Would you like a cup?" I asked getting a mug down for myself.

"No, I think I am okay with the dosed wine." He laughed lightly and I nodded getting my cup half full before turning to the fridge. "You didn't get very much coffee."

"No, I like a bit of milk and sugar in it as well, that way I will be able to sleep in an hour or so." I said and he nodded as I poured milk into it and then poured sugar while getting something to stir it with.

"That was a lot of sugar." He commented and I smiled.

"I like sweet things." I took a sip and frowned.


"Something is missing... aquio Nutmeg." I said and kept my palm out and smiled as it appeared. I put three dashes in and stirred it with my mind as I put it back in a cabinet.

"You want to head back to the party?" He asked pointing over his shoulder and I shook my head.

"I think I am going to go to bed. After I finish this." I said lifting my cup and then took another gulp. "You can go back if you want." I added as an after thought.

"No, those guys like to make fun of me without saying to my face, and Victor keeps sending me weird glances... but I guess I will go to bed. Good night Luna." He smiled and bowed out slowly and I felt something in my rise, almost wanting to tell him he could stay if he wanted. But something else held her back.