"Luna, breathe through it, we are almost to the hospital wing, okay?" Draco smoothed down my hair with his lips as he whispered into my hair. He and Harry were carrying me as fast as possible but it hurt so much.

"You aren't the one about to push a baby out!" I shouted at my very new husband, and leaned my head back.

"I'm sorry love, so sorry." He whispered and I whined when I felt another contraction and the hospital doors came into view. "Where is Hermionie! She is supposed to be back with a doctor by now." Draco shouted and I gripped his shoulder trying to sit up and then flexed my legs trying to get comfortable but I just felt that the small pushing I was doing was only pushing out fluid from me.

"Hello, how close are the contractions?" I heard another woman ask and I opened my eyes to see someone I didn't know as Draco and Harry set me down gently on the bed and Harry moved behind the curtains to give me some privicy.

"About 2 minutes." Draco said and I pushed myself up a bit and breathed out and saw clearish red stains on my white dress and started to cry. I ruined my dress. My wedding dress. "What, what's wrong baby? Tell me." He told me and I pointed at my dress. "Is it too tight love?"

"I ruined it." I mumbled and covered my face and he sighed in relief and I moved my hands and glared at him hard.

"Love, a simple spell will make it like new I promise." He smoothed my hair back and I gripped his hands as another contraction hit.

"Okay, when the next contraction hits I want you to push your baby out Luna." The doctor said and I just nodded and took deep breaths. I could tell Draco was saying something but it was just muffled as I tried to focus. I felt the burning pain and whimpered. "Push Luna." He told me and I just screeched and tried but it hurt too much. "Push."

"It hurts... it hurts too much." I whispered and Draco kissed my temple and smoothed my hair on the other side and looked to the doctor.

"You aren't crowning yet... we will have to do a c-section." The doctor told us and I just felt confused. What did that mean? "It is a muggle procedure. Very safe... if we dont do this we could lose the baby. And then you as well Luna."

"Do it." I told him and looked to Draco who was looking so worried and half about to protest. "I will not lose my baby." I told him when I was laid back down flat and he went to ask for knives and a numbing potion that is strong enough to make me feel nothing but not hurt the baby.

I saw the crib Draco and I's baby will be set in once he or she is finally out of me and I saw a needle coming back to my arm and then another contraction hit.

I heard mumbling as the pain started to fade from the potion and I looked to see Draco holding my hand, whispering things softly to me and then I saw rather than felt the doctors and nurses working over me. My belly was big, but it wasn't that big I couldn't see all the blood or the doctors moving fast and getting different medical devices and then I looked back to Draco who was sort of smiling when I heard a faint wail and I saw the doctors holdingmy baby up.

"It's a boy." I whispered and blinked and felt everything around me slow down.

"Congradulations Luna, you're a mommy." I heard Draco whisper as he kissed my lips before focusing on me as I felt like falling asleep. "Luna, love, focus on me! How much did you give her? She should still be awake." Draco touched my cheeks, pulled my face one way and then another like he was trying to keep me awake but everythnig was just a blur. Slow motions and mumbled before I just seemed to space out before everything went black before dreaming about my son.

I opened my eyes and felt pain in my entire lower half and I focused my surroundings seeing Draco at the end of my bed hunched over the baby in his arms. "Draco." I whispered and he whipped around and smiled and exhaled loudly and stood up.

"Thank gods." He whispered coming closer and kissing me softly before looking down at our son. "Here you go momma." He said and held out the baby and I molded my arms around him and pulled the blanket down from his face and saw the cute little nose that was definatly Draco's trait, and then his eyes were a purple haze with blue streaks and I thought he was absolutly precious.

"He's so beautiful."

"Malfoys males aren't beautiful they are handsome." Draco told me and I smiled at him before kissing my son's forehead.

"You haven't thought of a name?" I asked him when I realized he didn't use a first name with his last name.

"No. I was waiting for you." He told me and I scooted over just a bit and he sat with me. "You've been out for a little while. I had to help him feed from you a couple of hours ago." He said and I smiled at him and leaned on his shoulder as I shifted around to have our son between us. "What kind of names were you imagining love?"

"I liked a few boy names so you'll have to decide." I told him and he just smiled and nodded at me before looking at our son. "I liked Mathias, Lucas, Logan, and finally Xavier." I said the four I liked the most and then looked at him.

"I like... Xavier Malfoy."

"Xavier it is... Xavier Draco Malfoy." I announced to the two of us and Draco looked shocked at the middle name but I didn't see why. He had taken his own fathers name as his middle so our son would as well. Besides, I liked Draco's name.

"Harry and Ginny wanted to know when you were awake, and they wanted to hold our son... but I asked them to wait until you got to hold him... you did go through surgery to him into this world." He told me after a noticed him wipe a tear from the corner of his eye. He stood cleared his throat and leaned over. He kissed Xavier and then my lips before looking at us one last time before moving the curtain and waved them over.

"How are you feeling? Any pain?" Ginny asked me and I just sat up a bit more with Xavier huddled close to my chest again.

"A bit but I think it is worth it." I said and she came to sit where Draco had just been and I showed him to her and she cooed immediatly.

"Harry I want another one." She told him when I kissed his head and passed him to her slowly.

"We'll see Gin." Harry laughed and came closer and smiled. "He has a bit of both you two already." He smiled wider when Xavier whined just a bit. "See there is the Malfoy in him." He joked and I saw Draco glare.

"Funny Potter, just hilarious." He said and came to my side of the bed and handed me a potion. "The doctor said that if you were in pain you needed it. He asked me to have you eat something first before taking it all. Are you hungry?" He asked and I nodded and rubbed my upper stomach.

"How long was I asleep?" I asked seeing how it was dark outside.

"About 3 hours... Hermione and Ron went to get all the proper documentation for the baby." Draco told me and I took the sandwhich he had held out to me. I ate it happily before taking the medicine that was to help relieve my pain, and heal me quicker.

I fed Xavier one more time before Hermione and Ron came back with the paper work. Mione practically held him and didn't want to give him back and I knew the fear in Ron's face. He knew she wanted this, and soon. But Ron was too much a child inside himself but I knew something would work out for them.

Once they all decided to go home I held Xavier for another hour, feeding him and then letting Draco walk around the room with him and rock him to sleep, and then kept rocking him before putting him in the crib beside me bed and then moving to lay with me.

"I am so proud of you love... so very proud." He said and I kissed his cheek and nuzzled into his chest to get comfortable.

"I am just so happy I will be able to sleep on my stomach now." I giggled out and then looked to the crib and smiled. "We got married and had our son on the same day." I mumbled and cuddled in.

"I became a husband and father on the same day." He laughed lightly and pulled me in tighter. "I love you Luna, and I love our son and any other children we have in the future." He told me and I heard the catch in his voice as I drifted back to sleep.