Twas the night before Christmas and all through the shrine

Nobody was talking, a surely bad sign

Everyone was recieving a glare

From a hanyou in a corner there

It wasn't his fault Shippo drank all the milk

Shredded the stockings into short strands of silk

Ate all the cookies they had set out for Nick

It wasn't a surprise he had bones to pick

Then all of a sudden, they heard on the roof

The prancing sounds of reindeer aloof

Quickly Inuyasha shot out the door

Awaking Kagome from her spot on the floor

Then came a scream, from a certain round man


"Explain yourself, you plump old git!"

From nowhere came a low growl

And then came a "SIT!"

As soon as Santa was free, he did dash

Off the roof, and into his sleigh in a flash

But they heard him exclaim, ere drove out of sight,

"Don't expect me to be here next Christmas night!!"

To be continued…..(lol, like it?)