For Kim and oldmoviewatcher because in your reviews (which haven't synced yet... I'm guessing fanfiction site is having sycing issues again!) You asked... in effect...

This is based after the end of the films maybe about a year into their relationship... the next summer of you like...

The moon shone in the water beneath them an anchor over the side kept them still in the water, the paddles in the boat beside them Gilbert and Anne lay flat in the boat looking up in the nights sky. Anne snuggled into Gilbert's chest his arms wrapped around her holding her close.

"Its been such a beautiful day Gilbert. You and me, just with the picnic and then the poetry and the walk and then boating by moonlight..." she whispered.

He chuckled quietly "I'm glad you liked it. You deserve it, being away from..." he laughed "me!"

Anne rolled her eyes and laughed too, "then you deserve it too for being away from me." She whispered back with a cheeky eyebrows rise, their lips meet if sweetly for a moment before she returned to snuggling into his chest. "The stars are bright tonight." Anne commented looking up.

"ermmmm." He agreed. "you know my pap always told me stars were like friends who had passed on, those we know and loved. They love us so much they leave their light behind to help us through the darkest night."

Anne looked at Gilbert with wide eyes "I've been told that before." She whispered looking at him in shock. She reached for his hair stroking through it "it was..." She trailed.

"Your parents are gemini. You know every time I see it now I think of your parents." He clarified.

"It is!" she exclaimed leaping onto him rocking the boat slightly.

Gilbert grabbed her tightly. "careful!" he said gently. "you don't want to tip the boat."

"I dreamed about you that night." She admitted. "Not the masked you, you you. I dreamed it was you I was dancing with and you held me close and we danced under the stars... except this time you kissed me." She whispered. "when I woke I was furious with myself!" she laughed.

He chuckled. "so deep down you knew it was me." He said thoughtfully.

"I don't talk to just anyone about my parents. But you made it so easy, I guess the mask was just as much a disguise for me as it was for you." Anne smiled thoughtfully.

"I hoped... you would open up just a little." He admitted. "I just wanted to get to know you."

She looked to him "you got there eventually." She said with a smile.

He took a sigh "You know, you can talk to me Anne, about anything. Your parents included. I know you've told me a lot... I know more than most people... but don't feel like you can't." He whispered.

" you're the only one I've ever talked to about them. Apart from Marilla and Matthew. Even them..." She trailed. "I never felt comfortable... not with anyone but you." She reflected "that should have been my first clue!" she laughed. "Diana thought you took my dance card that night." She whispered looking up at him. He bit into his cheek. "Gilbert Blythe!" she blushed.

"if I couldn't dance with you I didn't want anyone else dancing with you." He defended.

"You did dance with me!" she laughed.

He lay back smugly. "...and only me." He smiled.

"made sure of that then!" Anne smiled. She reached for his lips again and they kissed slowly and longingly. "Such a romantic gesture would be utterly beyond his imagination." She whispered.

"Sorry?" he asked.

"that's what I told Diana when she suggested it was you who stole my dance card." She admitted.

"Oh well if that's the way you feel..." he laughed faking starting to get up.

"it was you... All you, and I love you."

He looked into her eyes. "and I love you." He whispered. They kissed again, this kiss long and heated. "And I got you." He whispered. "eventually."