I wanted to write this as a sort of after thought to Gilbert of Redmond, which is of course one of my in universe stories so I thought it would go nicely in my one offs too. I was talking about Jane to one of you this week so this sort of happened because I was thinking of her. Please note in Gilbert of Redmond Jane is a orphan who Gilbert took a shine to for her physical and mental likeness to Anne.

Gilbert closed his eyes against the breeze he felt as he sat outside in the train station. The medical conference had been long and winded but he did enjoy the new lectures on heart surgery by a Dr. Ludwig Rehn, he'd found it enlightening and fascinating to listen to. He had eagerly missed the planned reception for the doctors in the hotel and sat and talked to said doctor for two hours further away from the crowds asking questions, updates on procedure and technique. The doctors then went out to eat together, talking more about the procedure. He had of course read about it in the medical journals some years back but to actually speak to the man! He loved revolutionary medical advances, not to mention the contact details of said doctor in his pocket! He smiled at the quiet, his head would soon be filled with the sounds of home, Susan his six beautiful babies the youngest less then six months old, but Anne had insisted upon his attendance at the medical conference. Oh Anne! The thing he missed most! He a mere moral was subject to aging, she didn't look a day over 21!

"Excuse me?" a deep voice asked "but don't you have a first class ticket?" he asked Gilbert as he opened his eyes

"I do." Gilbert confirmed to the conductor.

"The first class lounge is just there, I'm sure you'd be more comfortable." The conductor told him.

Gilbert looked at the door for a moment before he replied "I'm sure it's most comfortable," he acknowledge "but I prefer to wait out here if its all the same?" Gilbert asked the man, who smiled and nodded at Gilbert "there's so much more, scope for the imagination out here, don't you think?" Gilbert smiled at sounding like his wife.

"Very well." The man agreed with a tip of his hat. Gilbert sighed again at the quiet closing his eyes again. He heard some shuffling beside him and two voices a man and a women's talking among themselves. He was somewhat confused as he heard the footsteps of the women followed by the sound of her voice asking

"Mr Blythe?" she asked. He opened his eyes to the unexpected furrowed brow of a young lady, well dress with blue eyes and red hair tied up. He looked at her confused for a moment, he knew her from somewhere? "Mr Blythe?" She repeated.

"Blythe, that's me." He told her "but excuse me, do I know you?" he asked her.

"I suppose you would have no reason to remember me really." She said to him her voice as sweet as before "it was ten years ago now." She continued "I was just a child then..." she trailed, before it hit Gilbert who it was.

"Jane!" He exclaimed his eyes wide he stood up. "My Jane?" he asked in disbelief.

"You remember me!" she exclaimed happily a smile breaking on her face.

"I could never forget my Jane!" he exclaimed. Taking her by the already uplifted hands. "Why look at you!" he exclaimed "You've grown to be quite beautiful!" he exclaimed "Just as I thought you would!" he told her.

She smiled "When I was adopted I was done so by a very wealthy family, my mamma and papa couldn't have babies of their own and you were right Mr Blythe they love me so!" she exclaimed.

Gilbert smiled, the loneliness in her eyes had gone replaced by the light of love in them. "I'm so glad Jane!" he exclaimed to her. "You've blossomed there." He said. "You must be sixteen by now?" he asked her.

"I'm eighteen!" she exclaimed with a laugh.

"My goodness!" he exclaimed "I thought you were only six when I last saw you!"

"Well I was small for my age and very naïve in thought." She replied "Oh Mr Blythe I'm so glad I got to see you again! I always thought of you as my daddy, well other then my adopted parents." She added.

"I know what you mean. I have babies of my own now, but I always think back to you too."

"Oh the family I might have known!" she laughed merrily. "But then I wouldn't have met Isaac." She said looking back at the young man she had entered the train station with. "Can I introduce you?" she asked Gilbert who nodded in response. She took him by the hand and led him over to the young man "Isaac, I'd love you to meet my first teacher, my first love, Mr Blythe." She said.

Gilbert smiled and looked at the boy "I'm flattered." He said with a smile to the boy putting his hand out to shake it.

The boy took the hand and smiled widely. "Finally, the infamous, Mr Blythe," he said shaking his hand enthusitcally.

"Finally?" Gilbert asked.

"When we first met Jane used to make me play teachers and she would insist the teacher be called Mr Blythe." He said with a grin "she'd tell me stories of you at the orphanage, Mr Blythe you really had such a wonderful impact on her.

"Please call me Gilbert." Gilbert said with a smile.

"Are you still teaching Gilbert?" Isaac asked him.

"No, I um, stopped teaching quite some years ago, when I became a medical doctor."

"a doctor!" Jane exclaimed "Well we should call you Doctor Blythe!" she exclaimed.

"please, really Gilbert will do." He said smiling at the pair. "So what are your plans then?" he asked Isaac.

"Well I'm at university studying, well soon I suppose I would like to, I want to be a lawyer." He said.

Gilbert smiled at the lad "that's some ambition there." He smiled "I like that in a man."

"Well my Pappa insists on Isaac having a profession before we..." Jane started then suddenly went shy "before we wed." She said.

Gilbert smiled wider still "You're getting married?!" he asked in amazement "congratulations!"

"Thank you." Isaac smiled .

"And what about you Jane, are you going to stay home?" he asked her.

"I could if I wanted but I'm going to the same university as Isaac, to get my BA too." She said.

Gilbert looked at her in awe "you're going to university." He smiled "just as my wife did too." He smiled "that's extraordinary."

"I've really been quite privileged since I left Kingsport, its going to be strange going back there as a student."

"You're going to Redmond?! My University?! We'll all be Redmondeers together!" he exclaimed. He looked to her seriously "will you be alright being there again?" he asked.

"That's one of the good things about Isaac coming too." She admitted. She looked at Gilbert and said to him "I never really got to say Mr Blyt... Doct... Gilbert." She said with a blush. "I never got to say what it meant to be, how grateful I am that you treated me with love and respect, that I had such a positive ideal, thank you, thank you so much!" she exclaimed throwing herself into his arms.

Gilbert took a deep breath and held her for a moment before he said "I really only did what I knew." He whispered. "How I wished someone would care for my Anne." He said pulling back. "You understand Isaac?" he asked the boy.

Isaac nodded and said "I believe I do."

He let got of Jane who stepped back "Then you are in safe hands." He said with a smile as his train pulled up. "This is mine." He said looking at the train.

Jane pulled a pen from her pocket then got a scrap of paper "Please, write to me Doctor Blythe, I don't want to loose touch this time!" she exclaimed. Giving him her scribbled address. "This is my home address, please, Mr Blythe?" she asked him "I want to invite you and your wife to me wedding."

Gilbert smiled and nodded. "Goodbye Jane. I'm glad your family was so good to you, and I'm glad you have your future so clearly marked in front of you."

"Goodbye Mr Blythe!" she said waving to him as he approached the train at first class. He smiled as he turned and watched the red hair fade into the distance.