You begin to notice funny things when you're in love, like the silky smooth quality of her voice, and the way her eyes twinkle on the rare occasion you manage to make her laugh.

I remember wrapping my arms around her as I breathe in her scent - cherry blossoms, with a hint of sunshine.

I remember my heart suddenly beating faster, and more profoundly, as if the mere fact that I love her is more than enough of a reason for it to take flight. And it is.

I never wanted to let her go, afraid that I'd lose her if I didn't cling on tight enough. But she reassures me that she loves me too, and for now, that's good enough.

After we part ways, one night turns into several, several nights turns into months, and the months eventually morph into a full year's worth of pain, agony and grief. That is, until I finally catch sight of her in the marketplace. My hesitation to venture outside turns into happiness - she's there in the flesh. Her eyes, a beautiful brown hue, still twinkles when she smiles, and the sound of her voice makes my heart soar again. It's been too long.

Only, she's not smiling at me, and it isn't my arms that she's encased in.

He's taller than me, with a stronger physique and manlier voice. The strange man is surprisingly tender around her, and I can't stand to watch them interact.

How did this happen? When did our love fall apart?

I then think back to all those months ago, the night after I last parted ways with her. I remember father being cooped up in his office and stressing over some unknown paperwork. I remember my mother packing all of our things, but fail to remember how I reacted. Was I too swept up in my love for her that I forgot to communicate with the world outside?

I turn around, pain evident in my features. I remember now, and it feels like a knife tore itself into my heart. It isn't manly to cry, but after I return home, the tears come pouring out of me like an unstoppable waterfall.

She's gone, unreachable, untouchable. Knowing this makes me grieve even more; never again will I hear the sound of her voice caressing my ears, or see the curve of her lips as she smiles, and never again will I feel her soft skin against mine. I hate it, and decide to put an end to this mess.

After all, love transcends barriers.

Love transcends space.

Love transcends time.

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