I got this idea in the shower! I was singing Sk8r Boi and I decided to take a bunch of songs and twist them so they fit the situations I put them in. Sry most of them don't really rhyme, also thanx for whoever wrote those ones that went with Sk8r Boi, like 'Hanyou Boy' or something. Also, thanx to whoever wrote that one called 'Kagome', set to Blondie's Maria. I loved that one! And I got most of this idea (other than the shower) from whoever wrote 'I Thought She Knew'. THAT ONE ROX!!!! Hope u like!

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A/N: Kagome and Hojo are engaged. Kagome is a singer. That's all.

"Inuyasha, want to come to my concert?" Kagome asked, impersonally. She knew he would refuse; she had broken his heart when she had gotten engaged to Hojo. Kagome knew this, but she still wished that she could be with Inuyasha instead of Hojo. (I'm a non-Hojo fan, of course, but I luv it when Inuyasha gets jealous!) But how was she supposed to get along with a violent, two-timing half-demon that wouldn't last very long in her world?

"Feh." Inuyasha said gruffly. He didn't even look at her. Kagome sighed inwardly. She hadn't thought he'd take it so personally.

"I would like it if you came."


"I'll go." Sango said. Kagome had told Sango all her reasons of why she couldn't be with Inuyasha, and she had agreed.

"Me too." Miroku volunteered.

"Oh, want to see all the pretty girls in the future?" Shippo teased. "I'm going too, Kagome."

"Ok guys. Thanks." Kagome said.


"Do you really think he'll come?" Kagome asked Sango.

"Of course he will. He loves you." Sango answered confidently.

"Do you still think he does?" Kagome looked at her best friend. "I'm surprised he hasn't decided to block the well."

"Does who?" Hojo questioned.

"No one." Kagome said, blushing. If Hojo found out.....!

"Her cousin." Sango backed her up.


As he left, Kagome said "Sometimes I'm glad he's naturally dumb. But Inuyasha better be here."


She blushed darker. "I wrote some of my songs for him. I twisted them so he could tell how I really feel."

Sango smiled. "He should come, if he's not too heartbroken."

"I had no idea he'd be like that." Kagome confessed. "I just thought I was a Tama detector to him. Well, at least a little bit."

"Are you sure I should be here?" Inuyasha asked.

"Of course you should be here. Didn't you just hear her? She wrote some songs for you." Miroku said. "And she doesn't want to marry that dense idiot."

"How can you be so sure?"

"I am a monk. I know these things."

"You're also a pervert, and you definitely don't know how to handle women."

"Oh really? And I suppose you do, Mr. I-loved-a-walking-dead-girl-and- a-girl-from-the-future-at-the-same-time-and-lived?"

'What about you, Mr. Will-you-bear-my-child?"


Suddenly Hojo interrupted their conversation. "Um, excuse me, what are you doing on the stage? This area's closed off to, um, visitors."

Inuyasha growled. This was the man that had come between him and Kagome.

"We are Lady Kagome's friends." Miroku provided this information to the frightened Hojo - Inuyasha's growl wasn't exactly quiet.

"Oh, um, okay, well, see you later." Hojo hurried away.

Miroku shook his head at Hojo's retreating back. "Kagome's right, he is an idiot."

"Yup." Sango entered and surprised Inuyasha but was greeted by Miroku.

"Ah, Lady Sango, you have perfected everything?"

"Yes, o perverted one." She turned to Inuyasha. "She still loves you, you know. She just doesn't think that you'll fit in to her world."

"So? She can live in our time." Inuyasha grumbled. "She just needs an excuse."

"No." Miroku said defensively. "She also doesn't trust your habits completely."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Inuyasha demanded.

"Kikyo." Sango said. "You've broken Kagome's heart with Kikyo a hundred and one times. Admit it."

Inuyasha looked down at his feet. He knew he shouldn't love Kikyo, since the real her was gone. Now she was just a thing of earth and bone that had repeatedly tried to drag him to Hell with her.

"I'll see you two later." Sango said. "Kagome wants to talk to me. See ya."

"I'll just let you think things over." Miroku said, patting the hanyou's back. "Remember, find a spot where she can see you and you can see her." He turned around and left in the direction Sango went.

*Does she really love me more than that blockhead?* Inuyasha wondered. *Of course she does.* his other-voice (the return of the other- voice!) *The question is, do you love her more than Kikyo?*

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