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At the tender age of thirteen, Shirou Emiya had already experienced more tragedy and pain that would make a lesser man broken and empty.

At age seven, he survived a blaze that claimed hundreds and left countless more scarred either physically, emotionally, or mentally for the remainder of their lives. He came out of that fire a blank slate, having sacrificed his 'self' in order to survive more or less intact.

At age eight he convinced his adopted father, who was the one to rescue him from that fire that destroyed everything it touched, to make him a Magus so he could save others from such death and destruction that had left him barely alive.

At age nine he first 'awakened' his circuits, unaware that he had misunderstood his father and had horribly skewed the ritual causing him to use his own nerves as circuits. His natural ones, if left to atrophy, would never reach their full potential and would eventually cause him even more pain when he finally did learn how to use them correctly.

At age ten he was nearly paralyzed for life because he had used the wrong nerves in order to practice his magecraft. He quickly learned that he should pace himself before he landed in the hospital...again.

At age twelve, he lost his father who in his dying breath left the boy with his ideal. To be a hero who didn't have to sacrifice the few to save the many.

It had been a year, but the death of Kiritsugu Emiya had affected Shirou deeply. However his brief time as Shirou's father had left another, more lasting impression.

He had set Shirou on the path of a hero, one that could make or break him.

So shortly after the archery club ended a little late, Shirou decided to take a detour through the Fuyuki park...which was why he was the only one to see a ten-year-old blond boy in odd clothing fighting a monster with a red bauble in his hand.

He heard the word 'seal', and saw a magic circle, but it was pretty clear that the kid didn't have enough power to fully seal away the monster.

His ingrained instincts to help had him running towards the unconscious boy when the monster left. Only for the kid in question to abruptly turn into a ferret, of all things.

Shirou did know the address of the vet the Fujimura clan used for their guard dogs. However, it was closed because of an 'accident', which he translated to 'attack'. He wasn't completely oblivious to the fact the Fujimura clan was Yakuza.

So Shirou gathered up the ferret-boy and took him back to his house, where he wrapped him up in some bandages after treating his wounds. He even picked up the odd Mystic Code the ferret had been using.

The ferret woke up around dinner, and by that time his nose was twitching at the smells from the kitchen. He opened his eyes to find...he wasn't in the park anymore.

He was inside a house on a comfy pillow, with his wounds bandaged by a careful, if inexpert hand. He wasn't in nearly as much pain as before, but he was still weak. Raging Heart was right next to him. It was modest, but very comfortable.

Well, that and his nose was picking up some really, really delicious smells from the kitchen, where a boy a little older than him was hard at work cooking.

When the boy went to put food on the table, he realized that the 'ferret' was awake.

"Oh good... I was hoping you weren't too badly hurt by that monster thing. I really didn't want to explain to Fuji-nee about a picking up a ferret," said the boy relieved.

The 'ferret' made a quizzical sound. He didn't want to get arrested for illegal first contact on an Non-administrated world.

The boy gave him an unimpressed look.

"I saw you try to seal a monster with a Mystic Code that didn't work, so don't try to pretend you're just a ferret. I know the rules, and I'm not going to turn you in to some scientists for experimentation."

"You saw that?!" yelped the ferret in surprise, before he covered his mouth with his paws in embarrassment.

"I was walking home late from archery practice and took a detour. Lucky for you I did, because not even the homeless like staying in the park at night."

The ferret shivered. There had been something really, really off about that park.

"So what's your name?" asked the boy.

"Yuuno Scrya."

"Shirou Emiya," said the red head, holding out his hand for the ferret to shake. Once he did, Shirou asked "So are you hungry? Fuji-nee is out of town at the moment so there's plenty here."

Yuuno's stomach growled, and Shirou merely grinned.

It was always nice to be appreciated.

Once dinner was finished, Yuuno stared at the boy who rescued him with wide green eyes.

"'re aware of magic?"

"I'm a partially trained Magus, even if the only thing I've ever had success with is reinforcement. My dad tried to train me, but I didn't make as much progress as I would have liked before he died last year."

"I'm sorry. So is your mother around?"

Shirou shook his head.

"The closest thing to a legal guardian I have is Fuji-nee, and she mostly makes sure I'm okay...and to bum off food, because she can't cook if her life depended on it."

Yuuno realized there was a story behind that, and wisely dropped the subject.

"So what was with that monster and that weird Mystic Code you were using?" asked Shirou.

"Intelligent Device. And that 'monster' was a Lost Logia called a Jewel Seed that was scattered along with a few others after an explosion during transport. I came here first to try and collect as many as I could, but...well, you saw what happened."

"Why would you try to collect those things?"

"I was the one who found them. I'm a junior archeologist and cataloger. I found them during a dig, and while they were on route to Midchilda there was an explosion and they were scattered. I figured I could at the very least make sure they didn't cause too much destruction... but my linker core was too weak to effectively use Raging Heart."

"Intelligent Device? Linker core?"

Yuuno settled onto the pillow and began a detailed explanation of devices and linker cores. Shirou scratched his head.

"Sounds like prana and circuits to me. I suppose these devices could be classed as mystic codes..." he said after a thought. And with that mental translation, it made understanding what Yuuno said a bit easier.

"In any case there's very little to stop the Jewel seeds from going on a major rampage, since I don't have enough power to do so and there isn't any way to contact the TSAB with any acceptable time for help to arrive..."

"I'll help," said Shirou suddenly, catching Yuuno off guard.


"I'll help. If I can. No way am I letting the city be destroyed twice if I can do something about it. Besides, I've always wanted to be a hero," said Shirou firmly.

"Well I'm not sure if you can. From the sound of things, your 'circuits' and linker cores are two different things. There is a small, a small chance that you could use Raging Heart..." said Yuuno unsure. At this point he was clutching at straws.

The ferret boy bent down and picked up the innocuous red jewel.

He put it on the table and said "Could you cup your hands for a moment? Only Raging Heart could tell us if you can use my style of magic or not," said Yuuno.

Shirou cupped his hands together and the ferret dropped the red jewel into his hands.

Warning. This user has parasitic attachment to his core. Would recommend a level-five purge before attempting to access linker core.

Yuuno's eyes were wide.

"What's a level-five?"

"It's only for the really, really serious cases. Most people wouldn't survive a level-five parasitic attachment, especially someone under twenty."

Shirou looked at the bauble in his hands.

"Is there any danger of me using magic without purging it first?"

Full access to linker core is restricted unless a purge is completed.

"So basically I wouldn't be able to use my full potential right away until I purge it?"

There is also a high level artifact inside the body. It appears to be shielding the Linker Core, offered Raging Heart.

"Is this artifact dangerous?"

It appears to have completely merged with the core, providing an accelerated healing rate. No malevolent energy detected.

While that was nice to know, it didn't exactly answer the question.

Yuuno decided not to think about it for the moment.

"Is it possible for Shirou to use you?" he asked finally.

This user has the power requirements to access most functions.

Yuuno let out a sigh he hadn't known he was holding. If Shirou could use Raging Heart, then maybe this would work out after all.

" do I use this thing?"

Yuuno straightened.

"You have to use the passcode, at least at first. If your core can handle it, you could probably activate Raging Heart without it, but you need it for the first time in order to have it reset on a new user. I didn't have the power requirements for it though. I mostly used it to help with calculations," admitted Yuuno.

Shirou picked the ferret up and went into the shed out back. It was where he practiced his magecraft...and unknown to him, his father had laid several bounded fields over it so Shirou would always have a safe place for himself.

Not even Taiga would intrude on Shirou when he went into the shed and locked the door.

Yuuno sat in his ferret form.

"Admin rights, new user setup function fully open," he said firmly.

Underneath Shirou a massive circle sprang forth. It was clearly a ritual circle, but not one he was familiar with.

"Now repeat after me," said Yuuno. Shirou nodded.

Wind in the sky. Stars in the heavens.

A shining light on my arms.

An indomitable spirit in my heart.

Grant your magic into my hands.

Raging Heart, Set up!

It felt amazing. Best of all there wasn't the usual pain down his spine like he got whenever he used his 'circuits'.

Shall I use the optimum configuration for the barrier jacket and device?

"Um...sure I guess."

Underneath Shirou was a steel gray with bloody red streaks. Yuuno had never heard of anyone with two colors for their magic. He wondered if the second was from the parasite.

Shirou could feel himself floating above his floor, just a few feet but it put him level with the second floor of his workshop. Raging Heart seemed to pull out the bare bones of his barrier jacket without any real input from him. Red cloth sprang over his body, and then molded into hard gray armor around the chest area. It was like a he was wearing a jacket on top, with a weird sort of cloak that flared around his hips and went down to his ankles. He had a pair of combat books, black in color, and around his wrists were an archer's arm guards...only these were tweaked a bit. They ended in two wide ovals.

All in all, not what he was expecting out of his armor.

But if the armor was strange, then the device was even more so. It looked like a pair of swords, only one was steel colored and the other was a bright red the color of freshly spilled blood. At the pummel was what looked like Raging Heart, or at two halves of it. Shirou noticed an odd marking on the bottom of each sword. On a hunch, he put the two halves together...and with a flash they turned into a bow that fit perfectly in his hands.

Bombardment mode.

"I'd say it's more 'Archer mode', but I suppose I could shoot it like a cannon..." muttered Shirou.

It wasn't a minute too soon to test out Shirou's new barrier jacket or device. There was a sudden crash down the street, and running outside revealed the monster from earlier. Shirou paled and asked "What do I do?"

"I might not have all my power back, but I can at least do this!" said Yuuno.

The world suddenly took on a deep red tint. It was strange.

"What was that?"

"Temporary displacement spell. Keeps anyone without magic from getting caught in something they shouldn't and helps with witnesses."

Shirou could immediately see the benefit of this. But right now he was more focused on getting rid of the monster.

Shirou ran outside the walls...and came face to face with something that looked like a slime monster with rabbit ears.

"I need arrows!" he shouted to Yuuno.

I can form arrows out of your magic.

Shirou looked doubtful at his new bow, but instinct took over once the monster roared and then came crashing towards him. He went to where the bow was lengthwise and pulled back as if he could see a string. In the back of his mind he could feel the roar of flames, the sound of a hammer striking an anvil. His circuits flared in his arms, and he let go.

Arrows formed at the tip and hit the monster dead on, sending it crashing into a lamp post. Yuuno stared.

Shirou's expression blanked out as he kept on shooting, never missing once. Yuuno had never seen such accuracy in his entire life.

Then he got a good look at Shirou's eyes...they were glowing, almost like they were made from pure amber.

The monster was pissed, but the arrows definitely slowed it down considerably. It charged trying to strike at the one that hurt it.

Shirou's blank expression didn't change, but the 'bow' form became the swords from before, and his moves were smooth. Too smooth for it to be natural. And if Yuuno didn't know any better he would swear Shirou's hair was white as he struck with such precision it was like watching a master.

Sealing mode.

Raging Heart slid from two swords into a single one that looked like a broadsword. Shirou's roar was only drowned out by the sheer amount of magic he put into his downward strike. The false form of the Jewel Seed practically melted away as it became an innocuous sea-green colored diamond shaped jewel.

Receipt number XXI. Raging Heart said as the Jewel Seed flew into the pommel.

With that, the barrier jacket dispersed and Shirou almost collapsed.

"Shirou!" yelped Yunno.


The weird thing was that he had expended so much prana...and yet he still didn't feel as crappy as the time he almost overextended his nerves to the point he was permanently paralyzed.

He managed to get back inside and get something to eat before he all but dropped into his bed and fell sound asleep. Generally this meant he would be out cold for the night and wouldn't wake until Taiga showed up for breakfast.

Thankfully for Shirou, tomorrow was a Sunday and she was still in Tokyo in her grandfather's place. Shirou didn't ask and in exchange the head of the Fujimura never brought the Yakuza into his daily life outside of getting him to fix the motorcycles that were often broken and feeding his granddaughter.

He was paid fairly and the old man was like a surrogate grandfather to him anyway.

Still didn't stop that idiot cop from coming over trying to get information from him.

Shirou woke up the next morning feeling like he always did. In fact he felt strangely energetic.

That was a good thing, considering what happened next.


A chill went down his spine. If Fuji-nee was back early, that meant he would have to hurry in order to feed her.

Shirou brushed his teeth, washed his face and got dressed in record time. There was no telling how long until the Taiga went on a rampage from hunger.

He walked into the dining room to find...Taiga having a staring contest with a ferret? Since when did he...oh. The memories of last night hit him like a brick.

It would be easier to talk to her when she wasn't about to bite his head off.

"Shirou...when did you get a pet?" she asked dangerously.

"I found him last night after he was attacked by a stray dog. Fortunately he seems to be pretty smart, because he's able to do a few tricks and he was only a little bruised," said Shirou, thinking on quickly his feet while he brought out eggs, rice, tomatoes and some meat. "So how was Tokyo?"

Taiga made a face.

"It smelled, I had to wear all that stupid make-up and people kept dropping hints on 'nice boys' that happened to be connected to other Families," complained Taiga...before she smirked "Luckily none of them know a knife from a sword, because I said I would date the first guy who could beat me in the dojo. Most lost interest after that."

Shirou winced in spite of himself. Taiga was a demon when she had the Tora Shinai. Especially when she was hungry. The irony was that her grandfather agreed with those terms, stating anyone who couldn't handle being beaten the crap out of by his crazy granddaughter wasn't worthy to be part of his family.

"So did you hear anything weird last night? It looked like one of the lamp posts got hit by a truck," said Taiga.

Shirou quickly latched onto that lie, as he said casually "I heard a crash right before I went to bed, but the guy had already driven off. I didn't get a very good look at the vehicle or the driver."

Taiga shook her head.

"You and your hero complex. So what's this little guys name?"

"Yuuno. At least that was the name on the tag. I was going to call the number later," said Shirou. That way he could claim Yuuno's "owners" had found Shirou's house if he had to leave in a hurry.

"So what kind of tricks can he do?" asked Taiga already salivating at the smells coming from the kitchen.

Shirou shot the ferret a look, who got the hint since he had been listening into the conversation.

"Well so far he knows how to shake and stand," said Shirou. That wasn't too degrading.

Taiga looked at the ferret eagerly.


Yuuno sweatdropped before raising his right paw.

"SOOOO CUTE!" squealed Taiga, hugging the unfortunate ferret in her bosom.

~Shirou, I need air! HELP!~

"Breakfast is ready, or the first half is," said Shirou quickly.

Taiga released the ferret who had swirls in his eyes from lack of oxygen and attacked the food on the table with all the ferocity of a piranha to blood. There was no escape. Yuuno...was horrified and fascinated at the same time.

~Never stand between Fujimura Taiga and my cooking.~

Yuuno nodded in shocked agreement.