Note: The main thread of this story occurs after Metroid Fusion, although it will jump around a lot through flashbacks. Unfortunately, I have yet to play the first two Metroid games: Metroid and Metroid 2. I try to do my research when writing, but still, excuse me for any continuity errors.

Flashbacks will be indicated through a change in the point of view from third to first person.

Now, onwards...


Across the boundless orange-stained sky, a lone flying creature circled the air, crying out in its solitude. No one answered but the wind, smearing purple and pink clouds according to some random pattern which never failed to yield a tapestry of breathtaking design. It was a beautiful day. Who would guess that beyond the heavens existed the all the harsh vastness of space.

Samus waited impatiently, watching the mechanics as they finished the final inspection on her new ship. The wind whipped through her hair in a sudden gust, bending the golden threads to their will. She casually combed her hair back into place with her fingers, delighting in the feel of the wind. She always lets her hair down whenever she's planetside and off mission. Especially after days of confinement within a sweaty helmet, simple things such as the caress of the wind and scent of the air made the universe seem a little more friendlier than what Samus knew it to be.

What's taking the mechanics so long? Samus was about to give them a piece of her mind when a mechanic finally approached her, wiping the oil off his fingers with an old cloth. "Everything looks fine on your new ship, Ms. Aran, but I must warn you, having a custom made ship like this is gonna cost you an arm and a leg for repair parts." The man said. "Is a remote operating system really necessary? I mean, valet parking costs less on most planets." He smiled.

Samus looked down at the mechanic with a blank expression, refusing to respond to his joke. "I'm a bounty hunter." She said simply.

The mechanic raised his eyebrows and nodded. He turned his attention to a clipboard he was holding, wrote something on it, and handed it to Samus. "Sign here. Licensing and clearance have already been granted. The voice recognition and identity confirmation systems will have to be programmed by yourself, of course. Payment has already been received. So... I guess you can take off after this. A pleasure doing business with you."

Without looking at the poor mechanic, Samus took the clipboard from him and read it through carefully. Satisfied that everything was in order, she signed the paperwork and handed it to the mechanic, who thanked her again and left her to the new ship.

Samus surveyed the ship from where she was standing, feeling a bit nostalgic. This ship was almost an exact replica of her first orange one, only cleaner, and with new features installed. For example, the ship's bottom now comes equipped with four gravity-manipulating disks useful for hovering as well as the original thrusters.

Her most recent purple ship did not truly belong to her, but was property of the Federation. It had been at her disposal during the X emergency. But after her mutiny on that mission, the Federation reclaimed the ship and left her stranded on the planet she was currently on. Samus had been reluctant to part with the Federation ship, for its computer contained the mind of her old friend and CO, Adam Malkovich. But there was nothing she could do about that. She was only grateful that the Federation did not imprison her or charge her for her hand in the destruction of the B.S.L. labs.

The entrance to Samus's new ship was located at its top and had no ladder or beam leading up to it. This ensured that nobody (at least no humans) could climb up and break into the ship. But this was no obstacle to the bounty hunter. She crouched down and easily leaped twenty feet into the air. Landing precisely on the ship's opening, Samus felt the hum of machinery and let the ship draw her in.


It didn't make any difference whether my eyes were opened or closed. If closed, everything was black. If opened, everything was white.

My lips were so dry, but I could not even summon the strength to lick them. My body would not respond to my commands. Everything was dream-like. It's not so bad, lying here without sensation. Nothing really matters.

Suddenly, an intense pain in my right arm threw me into full consciousness. My eyes flew open. I tried to scream, but I could only gasp through my already open mouth. Oh God! What is happening to me?! It felt as if a large chunk of my shoulder was being torn off! I was breathing heavily and my eyes were wide open, although I couldn't see anything past the bright lights and the condensation forming inside my visor.

Then I heard a deep male voice cut through my panic and realized that it was human. He spoke calmly and was answered by another calm voice. A black figure suddenly blocked out the light and leaned his face close to mine, squinting. He was close enough for me to vaguely distinguish a human face through my visor and through the plastic and glass helmet he wore.

"She's awake." He announced to the others. "Her eyes are open and tracking."

Now he directed his words to me. "Samus Aran, if you can hear me, we are Federation scientists. You have been sent to us by B.S.L., who found you unconscious in your escape pod. Your power suit and body have been heavily integrated with the parasite X from planet SR388, and we are now in the process of surgically removing the infected parts of your suit. We have just removed a portion of your armor to expose skin for us to inject anaesthetic. You won't feel anything. You will be unconscious for the rest of the surgery."

The scientist moved away, again exposing me to the world of light. I had a million questions swimming in my mind, but no way to ask or get answers. 'You won't feel anything.' He had said. Do the scientists know that my neural system extends into my power suit while I'm wearing it? They removed part of my suit as if it was nothing more than machine shell, but they essentially ripped off my very flesh. Was the X within me worth the risk of these scientists messing with my body?

It didn't matter. I couldn't do anything to stop them. They stuck a needle in my arm and within minutes, I was unconscious again.


It took Samus about half an hour to walk from the ship hanger to the hotel room where she had been living for the past three weeks. It had been hell to find a hotel which was willing to accept exotic animals, namely the Etecoons and Dachoras, who tagged along with the bounty hunter simply because they had no where else to go. Samus would of bought them their own ship, that is, if she could afford it right now. Simply buying food for the aliens was devastating enough to her rapidly shrinking savings. She ha to find a new bounty soon, or consider waitressing for a while.

Walking out in the open in this sprawling metropolis earned Samus many stares, especially from human males. Infused with Chozo blood and the result of other genetic techniques, she was perhaps more physically perfect than any other human in existence. Also, when she was infected with the X, she lost all her worldly possessions other than her power suit and the clothes on her back. Which actually didn't cover much of her back at all. The suit responded better when in contact with skin, so the only garment she owned at that time consisted of a blue leather sports bra and matching shorts. She was wearing that now. The result was a particularly voluptuous female which the men tend to gape at and women tend to glare at. The bounty hunter ignored the stares.

Finally, Samus arrived at the hotel. She opened the door to her room and was greeted by two of the Etecoons and the younger Dachora. The Dachora's mother raised her head and let out a chirp in welcome. The last Etecoon didn't even stir from its sleep.

"I'm back. I wasn't gone that long, was I? Hey, don't jump on me; your claws scratch!" Samus smiled at the energy her friends displayed. Although she considered herself a loner, it's good to have some company once in a while. "My, you're growing tall, aren't you?" She said to the young Dachora. He fluffed out his feathers in pride, trying to look bigger for her benefit. Samus knew they could all understand her even if they were unable to reply. "Hey, everybody. I just finalized my purchase on my new ship." She announced. "We'll be leaving as soon as the transportation I hired arrives. Get ready."

The mother Dachora got up and plucked the sleeping Etecoon off the floor and onto her back. It still didn't wake up. The rest of the creatures began gathering anything they could help Samus carry and piled it onto the Dachora's back, burying the sleeping Etecoon.

In the corner of the room, the fusion suit stood motionless in the midst of all this activity. Although there was no one inside, the suit seemed to stare back at its owner. Samus frowned slightly. After being infected with the X, the power suit had undergone immense changes to its appearance and ability. Instead of the perfection of machinery, it now looked Samus pressed her fingers on the arm of the fusion suit and it yielded to her touch. Like skin. This bothered her. A lot of things about this new suit bothered her.

A harsh ringing from the hotel's intercom shocked Samus out of her thoughts. An Etecoon answered the intercom and scared the wits out of the man on the other end. Samus quickly pushed the mischievous alien out of the way.

"What the hell was that?!" The distraught man demanded through the static of the moniter.

"Oh, just a friend of mine." Samus stifled a laugh. The man's expression was priceless!

"Odd company you keep." The man said, regaining his composure. "In any case, I am a representative of the Mider Transport Company. May I speak to a Ms. Samus Aran?"


"We have your transport waiting outside. Are you ready to meet us? Or do you require some assistance with any luggage you have?"

"No, I'm ready. I'll come down right away."

"Alright. I'll be seeing you." And the man terminated the conversation.

The transport vehicle delivered Samus, her alien friends, and her sparse belongings to the docking bay where her new ship awaited. This vessel will be her home for the next few years, unless something unfortunate happens to it like what happened to her original ship. Finally, once everything was settled, Samus flared the main engines and propelled the ship into the yellowing sky and away from the planet.

As nice as the planet was, Samus was born and raised to the space and the stars. After three weeks planetside, she yearned for the thrill of darkness extending beyond the limits of her vision. She recalled the days when she was a freelance bounty hunter, drifting along the invisible currents of space or racing towards her next bounty. But now she was doing neither of those things. She had a specific goal in mind: a planet which was known as the medical center of the galaxy. She had to go see a doctor.