AN….Something I had brewing in my head after watching Jurassic World and having been reading a lot of Mass Effect Fan-fiction I decided that I would take a crack at writing a Jurassic Park/World and Mass Effect crossover.

It should be noted that this fic was also inspired (A Pet By Any Other Name by BlackRoseRaven109) and (Mesozoic Effect by joestej)

But it should also be noted that this story borrows from the concept of two other possible scripts for Jurassic World. Yes there were two other versions of Jurassic World we all could've saw. LOOK IT UP!

Anyways one of the scripts was about a virus that was killing all the Dinosaurs on Isla Sorna and then suddenly the virus started effecting humans! I think this version was Jurassic Park Extinction, not sure.

The other had to do with Ingen making mercenaries into Hybrid dinosaurs which I sure would have killed the franchise. But that doesn't mean that the concept wasn't bad. I'm mean look at what BlackRoseRaven109 did with it.

So after reading those articles regarding those Scripts and reading BlackRoseRaven109 and joestej works I decided to apply what I learned and came up with this.

So if you guys would be so kind please tell me what you think.

P.S. go easy on the flames….

Accessing Alliance historic records please standby…Access granted please note that some records may be classified and thus incomplete… get further access please login using your official Alliance ID code or contact the nearest Alliance official to access these records.

1983- John Hammond a long time owner of Zoologically parks starts a bioengineering company after he learns of the successfully cloning of a Quagga, an extinct subspecies of Zebra. Hammond hopes to clone endanger animals to help restore their numbers and recently extinct animals to feature in various parks. After hiring the team responsible for the company Hammond names his company Ingen.

1986- Viable dinosaur DNA is found in amber mines owe by Ingen. Hammond's plans are drastically changed. Instead of recently extinct animals, Hammond plans to open a park featuring Dinosaurs.

1987- With the full backing of his company Hammond begins construction on Jurassic Park on the Island of Isla Nublar while scientist start growing dinosaurs on Isla Sorna.

1990- The first Velociraptors are born but are born much larger due to hybridization of their DNA. Hammond along with the broad of Ingen dismiss this issue as it make the creatures that more impressive.

1991- Construction on the park is completed on Isla Nublar, and dinosaurs are moved from Sorna to Nublar. Unfortunately while transporting a pack of Velociraptors one of the loaders was killed and devoured by the carnivorous animals. Robert Muldoon the game warden of the park quickly realizes that the raptors are WAY smarter than your average animal.

1992- Due to the accident broad members of Ingen become concerned regarding the safety of the Park and demand expert be brought to the park to judge its safety.

Incident of Jurassic Park takes place.

1993- John Hammond becomes ill but the symptoms are disregarded as the man sprit being broken form his dream being ruined. Doctors state that he only has a few years left unaware as to what is really happening.

1997 – The Bowman family discover the island of Isla Sorna during a cruise. The daughter wanders off and is attacked by a pack of Compsognathus, but survives. The incident allows Peter Ludlow, John Hammond's nephew, to gain control of his uncle's company InGen. Hammond contacts Ian Malcolm 'a survivor of the Jurassic Park incident, at his home and explains that Isla Sorna is the island where the dinosaurs were engineered and nurtured before being moved to Isla Nublar. He also explains that after the park was shut down, the dinosaurs were broken free by a hurricane and living in the wild ever since. Hammond requests Malcolm to join a team that will travel to Isla Sorna to document the dinosaurs as a way of rallying public support to prevent Ludlow from exploiting the site. Ian initially declines but, after learning that his girlfriend, paleontologist Sarah Harding, is part of the team and is already on the island, agrees to go.

Incident of The Lost World takes place.

1998-2002 Due to his wealth John Hammond manage to live a few more years but has been confined to his bed for the last four years. Wanting to leave a least a legacy he devoted the rest of his life to environmental activities using Ingen's resources to restore numbers of endanger species along with those that had gone extinct to due man's interference's. These actions created positive PR for Ingen overshadowing the San Diego incident.

2003-Simon Masrani, CEO of the Masrani Corporation purchases Ingen and announces to the world that he had secretly, and illegally building an improve park on Isla Nublar, but escaped threw a loop hole once he purchased Ingen.

2004- Simon Masrani opens Jurassic World and invites John Hammond to the Grand opening. Hammond seeing his dream finally realized cries happily thanking Masrani for making his dream a reality and entrust the man with his vision.

On the ride back to the mainland John Hammond passes away smiling as he listens to the children speaking of the wonderful time they had at the park.

2005- A mysterious illness starts cropping up among visitors from Jurassic World but the illness is dismissed as nothing but a minor tropical disease that causes respiratory problems and is treated easily.

2007- Unknown to everyone the first victims of the illness die but again the cause is overlooked and is dismissed as an advance case of flu as they occurred during the flu season.

2010- The death toll rises among the elderly and those with history of respiratory problems but the cause is once again overlooked.

2012- The dangerous strain of flu is finally discovered, but while deadly is easily treated if spotted quickly. The new flu is named Saurian-flu due to the traces of dinosaur DNA found in the virus.

2015 – Ingen to 'Up the WOW factor' makes an extremely hybridized dinosaur called the Indominus Rex. But little did Ingen know that the Indominus Rex while extremely smart was purposely engineered to be mentally unbalanced. The best way to describe the monster, it was a psychopath. And killed only for the sheer pleasure of killing. And so when the animal broke out of its cage all hell broke loose.

The Indominus Rex's ability to…[FILE CLASSIFIED]! (Please login with your Alliance ID code or contact an Alliance administrator to acquire code to acquire file….. Any further unauthorized attempts will lock you out of the archives and inform authorities of your actions, thank you for complying.) Which in turn allowed …[FILE CORRUPTED]! (Please contact administrator of Alliance historic archives to address the problem).

2016 – Thanks to the Indominus Rex's hybridized nature, the pathogens in its blood are super charge mutating the easily treated Saurian-flu into a hyper lethal strained which is dubbed the Indominus Strain by the CDC. Victims of the virus are quarantined containing the spread of the virus to Costa Rica, while those outside the country are taken to the nearest hospital.

2017- Quarantine is lifted as survivors of the virus show no symptoms of the disease. The Death toll in Costa Rica exceeds 60% percent.

2018 – Survivors of the Indominus Strain show increase signs of rage.

2019- The military ignoring safety protocols, goes ahead with their plans and implements Indominus Rex like hybrids in military operations.

2020- Due to the Military's careless, various forms of the Indominus Strain spread throughout the world.

2022- Countries with low standards of health care populations drop to extreme lows overnight.

2023- Indominus Strain survivors start going into a feral like state lashing out and exposing others to the virus furthering its spread.

2024-The infected start spreading across the world as it is realized too late that the Indominus Strain has mutated into an air born strain.

2025 – Desperate to find a cure world governments enlist Dr. Henry Wu to begin work on a cure.

2027 – All of humanity is infected with the Indominus Strain and only then did Dr. Henry Wu 'complete' the 'cure'.

2029- After successful dropping canisters of the 'cure' in highly populated areas, survivors of the Indominus Crisis start regaining their minds.

2030– A population census is taken and it is revealed that half of the world's population died during what is being called the Indominus Crisis. But on the bright side, world hunger seemingly ends.

March 2030- Scientist start noticing increase reaction times among the population most notably in young children and teenagers.

May 2030- increase cases of Strength and Speed are recorded surpassing previous records.

June 2030 – cases of hair loss are recorded across the globe.

October 2030- the first child Post IDC (Indominus Crisis) is born. But the child had the eyes of a raptor and scaled hands and feet with retractable claws and feathers atop the head. The truth is realized. The 'cure' was causing all of humanity to mutate into a race of dinosaur like Hybrids.

2031- Dr. Henry Wu is put on trial and charge for crimes against humanity as it is revealed that he purposely engineered the Indominus Strain. He designed the virus to purge off any holder of AIDS and HIV and other such genetic flaws that in words "Held us back."

On the day before his execution Dr. Henry Wu is interviewed and asked several questions among the questions he was asked this "How could you do such a thing? Did you not care for your fellow man?"

Dr. Henry Wu responded with a look on his face that will forever send chills down everyone who viewed the footage. "I did such a thing because I do care for my fellow man! I did this to make us strong! So that we may survive what is to come! You can hate me all you want for the genetic extinction of humanity. BUT WHEN THEY COME, YOUR CHILDREN WILL THANK ME! FOR WHEN THEY TRY TO CONTROL US THEY WILL FIND THAT WE ARE INDOMITABLE!" From then on the rest of the interview is considered the insane ramblings of a mad man, although many conspiracist who have taken his ramblings to heart writing on blogs sites written versions of the 'Wu Interview' warning them of the impending invasion of the 'Reapers'.

2033- Investigators search Dr. Wu's home to find his notes to see if there was any way to reverse the effects of the Hybridization Serum. Unfortunately all they found was a message from Wu stating, "If you want answers look in my garden."

The team investigated said garden and find only an Obelisk with strange ruins. The team could only hang their heads in disappointment and leave as the mission was a failure leaving the Obelisk untouched.

Image file not found…please contact your nearest Alliance official..

2034-Dr. Wu's home along with the Obelisk is demolished and made into a parking lot.

2035 – After extensive research geneticist discover that if they were to reverse the effects of the Hybridization Serum that the Indominus Strain would either instantly kill or drive the patient insane.

2040-After much debate the former Humanity decides to call themselves Saurians, although older generations refer to themselves as human.

2042- Katie Ramirez after being abducted by a child rapist, by the name of George Fellows, in a state of duress spits poison, similar to Pepper spray at her captors face and escapes from capture.

In later studies it is revealed that Saurian children until they're around of the age of twenty have this spiting ability as a built in defense mechanism that can be attributed to the traces of Dilophosaurus DNA in Saurian DNA. But once a Saurian reaches maturity they lose the ability to spit and the venom is confine to their bites which causes severe pain.

2048- First manned mission to Mars is a success.

2050- At full maturity Generation 1 post IDC, stand at an average height of seven feet. Males were either bald or had a small amount of plumage atop their heads in various colors. Females' plumage on the other hand varied from eight inches to over two feet.

2051- The first set of children of Generation 2 are born and are lightly scaled from head to toe with hardened scales on the arms and legs.

2055- A fully functional lunar base is establish. Plans for a base on Mars are made with joint efforts made by the UN.

2058 – After construction of a base on Mars is completed plans to melt Mars' polar ice cap are made in order to release Oxygen into the air.

2060- Construction of Bio domes begin on Mars as a future colony for miners.

Factories sites are established as scientists theorized that the pollutants they release will make Mars habitual by the 2100s. But in the meantime Mars will be a planet of industry.

2068- Julian Craig a teen the age of 17 while practicing in Parkour misses his jump while jumping from roof top to roof top and falls 7 stories. Julian survives the fall with minor busing and a broken leg. Doctors discover that Generation 2 children have an increase in bone density.

2071- Generation 2 at full maturity also stood at an average height of seven feet five inches. Males varied from being bald to having one and a half foot plumage. Females' plumage varied from two to three and a half feet.

2072- Generation 3 is born with more harden scales and slightly extended jaws.

2074- Poachers on Isla Sorna find their supplies pilfered by a pack of Compsognathus. The team of hunters low on supplies decide to shoot down a Parasaurolophus and find that its meat is actually quite good.

2076 – Permission from the UN a wealthy Rancher from Montana by the name of Ernie Raymond (one of the Poachers) to converts Isla Nublar into an experimental Dinosaur Ranch. (Yes I know it sounds ridiculous but work with me here!) Promising to have only herbivores on the island.

2078- At first the dinosaur meat is only served to the rich and famous with the exception of Saurpods meat as butchering one yields a lot of meat, but is still sold at high prices with a price tag of five hundred dollars a pound and the price only goes up depending on the restaurant it is served at. But despite the high prices Raymond still makes a profit becoming a millionaire within the next ten years.

2081- Nutritionist discover that dinosaur meat is quite good for your health as it is quite lean and a pound of the meat gives your recommend dose of protein for half a week.

2083- On Mars the atmosphere become semi breathable but colonists are required to have rebreathers on at all times while outside the bio domes.

2086- While filming a wildlife documentary on Isla Sorna the film crew set up a base in the old Ingen complex and is surround by a pack of Velociraptors. The pack's Alpha goes before Demetri Isaac the captain of the film crew's armed escort in a challenging manner according to a behaviorists. Having always been one for a good fight Demetri happily obliged.

The fight to this day is considered a momentous event in Alliance history. Demetri and the Raptor rushed each other and collided in a flurry of fist, claw and finally fang.

When the fight was over the victor had their opponent in their jaws. Demetri stood victoriously minus an eye but still stood and let the Alpha drop lifelessly from his mouth. Suddenly a deep rumble was heard in Demetri's chest until he released a primal roar making the remaining Velociraptors cower in submission.

For the remainder of the trip the Velociraptors on Isla Sorna left the team in peace to such a degree that the team was allowed into their nest.

2088- After extensive research scientist theorize that due to the Raptor DNA in Saurian that the Raptors of Isla Sorna see Saurians as other Raptors and thought the film crew as a rival pack intruding on their territory otherwise the team would've been outright killed. The fight between Demetri and the Alpha Raptor was a fight for control over the two 'packs'.

To further test this theory a clutch of Raptor eggs 'with no objection from the pack' was takin off the Island and take to a lab on the mainland to the Jurassic Park facility in San Diego.

2089 – Skylar Zimmer after studying Alan Grant's and Owen Grady's research starts the training of the Raptors at San Diego, using Grady's methods while physically making the noises based on Grant's notes. The results are promising.

2090- Generation 4 is born with the only noticeable difference being a further extended jaw along with further muscle development. Scientist theorize stabilization in Saurian DNA may occur with slight variations in every other generation.

March 12th 2090- Abigale Zimmer is born as the only child of Skylar and Renee Zimmer.

2094 – June 8th Abigale Zimmer having lost her dad's intern stacks some boxes and starts climbing them to get a better look at her daddy's 'pets'. The little girl tumbles and falls over the railing.

(Recording from Alliance archives)

"ABBY!" shouted Skylar seeing his daughter falling into the Raptor paddock. "ETHAN OPEN THE DOOR NOW!"

"I'M TRYING!" yelled Ethan Holt, Skylar's partner putting his hand on one of the palm reader locks that would only open if both his and Skylar's hands were on them the long part was a password they had to type with the other. And in his panic Ethan was miss typing his password.

"WHAAAAAAA!" cried Abigale catching the attention of the Raptor pack's resident 'Beta', Lucy.

"Oh no!" Said Skylar in horror. Quickly hitting the intercom Skylar shouted "Abby whatever you do, don't spit!"

Suddenly the little girl stop crying as she heard a deep chirping noise. She looked up from her balling and saw Lucy a foot from her face, making the girl squeak sharply causing the Raptor to rear back quickly in surprise.

Lucy cocked her head to the side and started sniffing the air. Suddenly her eyes widen as she took in the scent.

And then a momentous event took place…

Slowly Lucy approached the crying girl whose tears started falling at a faster rate. Abigale closed her eyes in fear as the Raptor near. Suddenly she felt something nudge her hand. Slowly Abby open her eyes and was along with Ethan and her father left speechless.

Before her was Lucy and the Raptor was lightly nudging the girl's hand with her head.

Slowly reaching forward Abby placed her hand on top of the Raptor's head. Closing her eyes Lucy suddenly started purring softly. Giggling Abby started gently petting the Dinosaur's head making her slowly lay down and nuzzle the little girl. "You're not so scary." Laughed the child.


"Abigale!" Shouted Skylar practical slamming open the door as he rushed to the little girl. He wrapped his arms around his daughter. "What were you thinking?!"

"I just wanted to see them daddy! I'm sorry!" Abby cried seeing her father upset. "I just, wanted to know why you spent all your time with them" the girl said looking down sadly.

"Abby." Skylar said frowning. Lately he had been spending a lot of time at work as he had been preparing a demonstration of the Raptors training. "If you wanted to spend more time with me you could have said so."

"I didn't want to be a nag and have you mad at me like you're at mommy." Abby said as her parents had been fighting lately.

Skylar sighed tiredly "Abby I would never be mad at you for wanting my attention you mean the world to me."

"Really!?" Abigale asked happily.

"Forever and always." The man said smiling.

"Pinkie promise?" Abby said holding out her pinkie.

"Pinkie promise." Skylar wrapping his pinkie around the girl's.

Slowly one of Lucy's talons wrapped around but of their fingers making the two Saurians turn their heads to the Raptor who just cocked her head to the side and chirp while looking at the bundle of fingers and talon.

"You sure know how to make yourself the center of attention don't you girl?" Skylar asked looking at the chirping Dinosaur.

(End of recording)

That day changed the world's perception on Raptors. No longer were they seen as dangerous and ruthless monsters instead people started to see them as intelligent and social creatures.

July 2094 – Abigale become Skylar's research 'assistant.' Studies reveal that Saurian children are seen as hatchlings no matter the case when Abigale snuck her friend Krista Wild whose was actually allow to touch one of the Raptor hatchlings with no hostile signs from the adult Dinosaurs.

2097 – After many successful test runs Raptors are used in bomb and drug detection squads.

2098 – Rain storms start forming on Mars. Mars' air is now safe to breath and full colonization takes place. Construction plans for cities start taking place with the bio domes at the centers as, scientist predict it will take a least another twenty years before the soil is fertile enough for plant life to grow. Sewage from the bio domes is spray over acres of land to help speed up the process.

2099- Raptors sniffers detect weapon munitions at JFK international Spaceport. (As in my opinion I believe that in future, airports that exist today will be convert to Spaceports once commercial space shuttles become available.) Stopping and exposing a radical groups plan to take over a Martian colony. Combined UN Special Forces sneak into the shipment and spring an ambush on the leader of the radicals.

2100 – Raptors see worldwide law enforcement use after thwarting the 'Red Sand' attack.

2101 – The last 'Human' passes away.

2103- Geneticist using improved gene mapping successfully recreate a 'true' Velociraptor to have an improved tool for law enforcement. Due to the drastic differences the two raptors are reclassified. The larger and lizard like raptors made by Ingen are dubbed Ultraraptors while the smaller feather raptors are called Velociraptor Pura as they true Velociraptors. Ultras as they have a sturdier and larger build makes them great for K9 uses are more wildly used. While the Puras are used in spaceports as their sense of smell is greater for detecting drugs and bomb making material.

Interaction between the two species is surprisingly sociable although Puras are often submissive to Ultras.

2106- Raptors are adopted as house pets although you have to file for a permit and wait a minimum of four months before being issued one. All 'house' raptors are born sterile and can only breed when injected when a special enzyme, which requires another permit which is even more heavily restricted.

2110 – A genic lab successfully clones a subspecies of Raptor named Microraptor Gui that is about the size of a Chihuahua. While a Microraptor Gui wasn't a pack animal they understood enough to know that being around a Saurian pretty much equaled a free and easy meal.

Quickly the Microraptors or as it was nicknamed Guis are adopted and can often be seen carried around as a 'purse' pet, but the little Dinosaur has many practical uses such as a vermin exterminator.

In fact in the year 2112 an exterminator by the name of Bob Krieger pioneered the tactic by borrowing his daughter's pet Gui, VeeVee and throwing her into a client's attic that had a particularly stubborn squirrel problem.

After a minute of sniffing around VeeVee screeched loudly and pouched on the squirrel's back which let out a terrifying scream before it was silenced when VeeVee broke its neck. After calling for the animal VeeVee glided down into the hallway and landed on Bob's shoulder, the dead squirrel clutched in her talons.

After the incident Bob employed the method multiple times and then published the Krieger Method in a Pet care magazine, stating "Any respectable exterminator should own a Gui."

From then on if you had a reoccurring rodent problem it became fairly common knowledge that you needed to purchase yourself a Gui or call an exterminator as most owned a Gui.

2114 – Generation 5 is born with very few noticeable changes. Stabilization is confirmed.

End of Alliance records regarding Human to Saurian evolution. For information regarding physical genetic modifications please continue to the 2130s. For information on Biotics please continue to 2150s. Note some files may be classified as some are of military nature, please login using your Alliance ID code or contact your nearest Alliance official to access this information.

2116- Vegetation on Mars start to take root. Plots of land are sold to farmers and homesteads are established.

2117 – Successful farms start cropping up across the surface of Mars. The Red planet is no longer just red.

2118 – Ranchers start importing animals onto Mars starting livestock farms on the planet. Some start appealing to the UN to start other Dino Ranches.

2119 – The appeal is approve as importing Dinosaurs onto Mars will not disrupt any ecosystems on the planet since none exists as that was the issue on Earth.

2120 – Fearing the competition Raymond Exotic Foods inc. pushes the UN to allow them to attempt to process Carnivore meat.

2121-While shipping its goods, numerous packs of Compsognathus AKA Compys escape containment on a Raymond Exotic Foods' freighter to Mars. Mars is infested with the small Dinosaurs.

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it Compys weren't the only animals to stowaway onto the planet other vermin such as rats, mice, roaches, files, basically any creature consider pests made it on to the planet. For urban areas on Mars small ecosystems started developing among the vermin with Compys on top although raccoons along with stray dogs and cats help manage the balance of power. Still it wouldn't be uncommon to see the small Dinosaurs picking in the garbage or down in the sewers hunting rats and mice.

2122 – Raymond Exotic Foods inc. files for bankruptcy as the company stocks fall after the public becomes applaud after they learn the attempts to butcher Raptors after the Predators broke out of containment.

Soon after the incident Isla Nublar becomes like it sister island Isla Sorna and is made a wildlife preserve with its own balanced ecosystem of Dinosaurs.

The UN declares it illegal the cloning of Carnivorous Dinosaurs for other than Wildlife Preservation, otherwise known as the Carnivore Act.

2123 – A child named William Pugh is born with a skull with a larger than usual soft spot, desperate to help their child the parents explore all options. While visiting a genetics lab, a research lab assistant off handily says "If we only had Pachycephalosaurus DNA I'm sure something like this wouldn't happen." Causing his boss to have an epiphany.

2124- Using a modified Hybridization Serum Dr. Victor Ackerson successful injects Pachycephalosaurus DNA into William.

2125- After a year's worth of gene therapy William's skull has successful harden although thanks to the implantation the feathers on top of his head feel out as a seven inch thick dome of bone formed on top of his head. At preschool William earns the nickname of Hardhead Willy after he slips and goes flying into the classroom door knocking the door off its hinges.

2128- A fad starts forming around teenagers called Splicing. Splicing can vary from having the scales on your body changing patterns or color or developing a Spinosaurus fin on top of your head that looks similar to a Mohawk.

2130- Military research of the application of genetic implantation begins. After a man by the name of Marcus Newby a member of the Red Sand Cartel withstands a barrage of gunfire in a drug bust gone badly. Marcus having under gone numerous Splices using Ankylosaurus DNA making himself into a literal walking tank.

2131- Government restrictions for Splices are placed to limit access of Splices to two to three cosmetic per individual.

2133 – In response to numerous encounters of the dubbed Goliath class individuals, the Military starts developing high caliber weapons to even the battlefield and bypass the natural armor of Goliath class Splicers.

2134 – Governments start implementing special tasks forces with different combat grade Splices.

2136 – The Red Sand raids a genetics lab stealing various amount of equipment and genetic material.

2138- After years of searching UN forces find the main base of the Red Sand Cartel in the savanna like continent of southern Mars and are horrified when they discover a bootleg genetics lab and Project Diabolus.

Diabolus Rex was best described by UN forces as "A giant fucking snake with arms and legs!" Diabolus or as it is often referred to D Rex is a Hybrid consisting of the DNA from several Snakes such as a King Cobra, Western Diamond rattle snake, a Black Mamba and finally an Anaconda.

With the head and neck of a Cobra, the body of a T-rex and the arms of a Raptor, Diabolus was quite the sight to behold by the soldiers. But it wasn't the actual Beast that scared them it was the numerous hatch eggs at its feet.

The Red Sand had actually gone and breed thousands of the Dinosaur Snake Hybrids and unleashed them on the whole of the southern continent as to cause panic among the population so it would be easier to take control.

At first the governments wanted to pull their colonies off the continent for about a year and let the Diabolus starve, but animal rights activists protested heavily that it wasn't the serpents' fault, that they had just as much right to live as any natural born creature.

2139 – After much debate governments come up with the Stabilizing Life Insertion Act. SLIA basically gave genetics labs the right to literally play god. To seed true life to a dead world.

The first new animal introduced to the southern continent was the Martian Meer Dog, a hybrid of the North America Prairie Dog and an African Meerkat, which was the size of a deer. When the Meer Dog was introduced successfully the Diabolus instantly directed their attention on the large rodent as the Serpent DNA in them found the Meer Dogs more appealing than the livestock on farms giving ranchers and cities breathing room to build heavily reinforced walls around them, making them into fortress.

To further stabilize the ecosystem several large insect were introduce. Such as termites and various beetles. Their purpose was basically to be food to the various rodent and lizard population that would be added later.

Next to be add were herds of Stegoceratops bringing a nice countermeasure to the Diabolus as the fight could go either way. Then was the largest animal introduce, Ankylodocus a fusion of Ankylosaurus and Diplodocus giving the savanna a large sauropod that had some way to defend itself against the savage Diabolus giving a justified use for its venom.

Soon the Martian savanna reach an ecological stabilization over the next ten years as more and more species were introduce becoming a mirror image to the one on Earth, with the Diabolus becoming Mars equivalent of Lions. And the Diabolus Rex soon loss its bad rep and became the official animal of Mars, and in Lowell City the capital city of Mars, Lowell City High School changed their school Mascot to a Diabolus Rex. Their Rivals being the New Dallas roaring Horned Raptors.

The first purposely predatory inserted the Martian Horned Raptor a hybrid of Velociraptor and various horned lizard. Slightly smaller but faster than a Ultra the Horned Raptor is a tough and hardy breed built for the arid climates of Mars and is a fierce competitor against Diabolus. Likes its other Raptor brethren it too saw domestication, becoming a quite popular breed on the Red Planet.

2141 – After many years of fighting the Red Sand is finally crippled and any hold out are driven out by the Military or by Diabolus Rexes who make their former bases into nests.

2142-Construction of a deep exploration station begin and is named Gagarin Station.

2148 – A mining team on Mars made perhaps Saurian kind's greatest discovery. After investigating the "Bermuda Triangle-like" reputation of the southern pole, the team unearthed the subterranean ruins of an ancient alien research station, revealing incontrovertible proof of the existence of alien life. Saurians were no longer alone in the universe.

2149 – Due to the discovery and the cooperate ventures on Mars the governments of Earth finally decide to establish a unified government. The new government dubs itself as the Systems Alliance. The newly formed Alliance Military is quick to unify as pervious operations against the Red Sand Cartel help strengthen bonds.

Saurians experience technological renaissance after incorporating the newly discovered Element Zero into their technology. Space flight now shatters all previous records what took ships days to accomplish now takes hours.

2150 - Translation of Prothean data leads humans to the Charon mass relay. Systems Alliance begins plans to begin exploration and colonization of extra-solar worlds.

2151 - A shipping accident at Singapore International Spaceport exposes downwind communities to containers of dust-form element zero. Alliance begins construction of Arcturus Station.

2152 - Roughly 30% of the children born in Singapore after element zero exposure start growing a Dilophosaurus crest. Doctors merely dismiss it as a new genetic trait since Saurian DNA is still not fully understood and many think it may possible start cropping up in other children.

Systems Alliance begins settlement of many extra-solar colony worlds, the first being the planet Demeter. Compys along with other vermin stowaway onto freighters and spread among the colonies.

2153- Finding no signs of fauna on the planet, SLIA goes into effect on Demeter. Instead of trying to play catch up to save a Hyper Advance Apex Predator (aka HAAP) form extinction, an ecosystem is properly planned before seeding takes place.

2154 – A planet with 90 percent of the surface covered in water is discovered. The only land mass being a string of Islands. Research reveals that the Islands used to be mountains as there is evidence of the water level rising in extreme spurts. Researchers theorizes that the cause was not natural as there were signs of outside interference. When explorers closed in on a possible source only to come back in a slight daze that is dismissed as exposer to extreme pressure in the depths of the massive ocean. The explorers state they found nothing.

Not ones to let a planet with a breathable atmosphere go to waste, Alliance Parliament approves SLIA on 'Atlantis' with hopes to use it for fishery. SEEDERs insert every species of aquatic life in their genetic index, both modern and prehistoric with various hybrids thrown in.

2155 – As it nears completion Alliance Parliament starts occupying Arcturus Station.

2156- Some children of Singapore exhibit minor telekinetic abilities their crests acting as a funnel for their abilities.

A fleet of fishermen are left speechless as they witness a Mosasaur get, for lack of a better phrase, Bitch Slapped over their heads by a larger squid like creature. SEEDERs are left perplex by this as no record of such a creature could be found. Teams are sent to investigate and after coming back in a daze conclude it must have be a last minute addition to the seeding that no one would fess up to, as making a HAAP was highly prohibited. Thankfully it seemed the creatures, dubbed Krakens birth rates were low thus there was no cause for alarm and was seen as a good thing as they kept the various apex aquatic predators populations in check.

2157- Present day May 20th, 8:00 a.m.

Colony of Shanxi- city of New Taiyuan. Block G. Harrison Apartment complex, Apartment 4B.

Bang! Bang! "Hey Carver wake up!" Called a loud voice as it banged on a door.

"Fuck off! It's Sunday asshole!" Growled Carver Varden a young man the age of twenty 23 with light colored scales top with red feathers.

"And?" asked the voice.

"Which means I'm not doing shit today if I don't have to! And better yet you know this for a fact Dakota!" Carver practically hissed at his best friend and coworker/roommate, Dakota Coppinger. The two had known each other since the third grade when Dakota moved to Carver's home town, a little town on Mars that only had a metal refinery going for it. So when Dakota asked Carver to join the Alliance Marines with him Carver happily obliged.

Once they completed their training the duo having worked so well together in training drills, were assigned together to the Planet of Shanxi as guards for the Mass Relay Probe Station. And according to the calendar, today was their day off.

"So why the hell is this asshole trying to wake me up!" Growled the young Saurian.

"Well guess what dippy," Dakota said calling his friend by his childhood nickname. "I just got a call from the Station apparently the new security system locked them out again and it's cut communication from the science teams in vacuums."

Carver groaned "And let me guess dumbass Marvin can't be found to unlock the security room?"

"Yep!" Dakota chuckled. "Guess what you get to do?"

"MOTHER FUCKER! I don't want to crawl into the vents again!" Shouted Carver in anger shouted throwing open the door and putting on his uniform.

"Well what can I say, you the only one small enough to climb into them." His dark scaled friend said smirking.

"FUCK YOU!" Carver cursed as he was sensitive about his height. Standing at about five feet four inches Carver was one of shortest recorded Saurians not suffering from dwarfism. At first his parents were worried thinking he was born with some sort of health complication. But their worries were put to rest when doctors looked into his condition. It was rare but sometimes when Saurian children are born there's an evolutionary hiccup or throw back. Examples were having hair, non-raptor eyes, and having no claws.

In Carver's case his height was effected but what made it so bad was that he sometimes he was mistaken for a preteen and was constantly being carded. And thanks to his height it made him the perfect size to squeeze into the vents and make his way into the security and override the lock down.

"Well come on let's get this over with." Carver grumbled as he opened the door to their apartment.

"Let me guess you want me to keep track of Marvin don't you." Dakota said following after his much smaller friend. The two were quite the contrast, while Carver stood at five feet four inches, Dakota stood a tall nine foot 3 inches.

"Yep because I'm going to kick that lazy fat fuck right in the nuts!" the small Saurian said kicking an imaginary person in between the legs.

As they got in the elevator Dakota looked at his friend and asked "What's your beef with Marvin anyways? If I remember right you hated him, before the first lock out happened."

"He's a fat fuck that is a security guard." Carver said plainly as he stepped out the elevator.

"And that's a big deal why?" the large Saurian asked.

As they step outside and walked towards his car Carver turned to his friend "Dennis Nedry" he says simply.

"Ah good point." Dakota said as he opened the door to the car.

"I mean look at the evidence, for every major fuck up in security, a fat guy is always responsible." The small Saurian said.

"You do know that like 3/4 of your evidence are movies right?" smirked the dark scaled Saurian.

"Shut up!" barked the red feathered Saurian making his friend cackle as they pass the towns walls drove out of town.

A few minutes later…..

"What I want to know is why they installed a faulty system in the fucking first place!" Carver said as they pulled up to the Probe Station.

"It's not faulty it's just got some glitches that need to be fixed, and to do that…." Dakota said as the started walking to the back were a group of their coworkers were watching over the vents.

"I got to climb through the vents." Sigh the small Saurian getting a pat from his large friend. He walk up to the vents and then glared. "Wait are the anti-vermin systems on?"

"Umm I t-t-think so?" the guardsmen stuttered.

"Sargent Michaels this is Corporal Varden can you hear me?" Carver said putting his Omni tool to his head.

"This is Michaels what can I do for you Carver." The Sargent said over the comms.

"Yeah Sarge any chance you can shut off the power? I mean I rather not get shot up from the anti-vermin systems." Carver stated.

"No can do Carver, apparently the damn thing is running on the stations backup generator we can't do anything on our end it's why I call for you in the first place." Michaels stated.

Carver growled making the on duty guardsmen jump. Something about it just sent chills up their spines.

"Fine, but no way am I holding back because this is fucking bullshit! Dakota find that fat fuck Marvin, I'm going to skin his ass alive and make a jacket out of his hide!" Carver said gripping the heavy vent covers with both hands.


Dakota chuckled at their coworkers' expression seeing the small Saurian ripped the reinforced metal off the wall. Carver was infamous for being stronger than he looked back in basic. "That's going to be one hell of an ugly jacket I think Marvin is molting."

"I don't give a shit I want that jacket!" the short Saurian shouted as launched himself into the vents.

[TARGET ACQUIRED!] announced the station automated systems. [PROCEEDING WITH EXTERMINATION PROTOCOLS!]

"Exterminate this!" Carver screeched as he shoot his pistol at the guns that popped out of the walls.

Outside as Dakota walked away one of the guardsmen popped his head inside and paled as he saw Carver rip a gun off the wall and point it at another further down the vent, all the while the small Saurian was snarling and cursing a security guard named Marvin.

"Well I hate to be Marvin right now." Said the guard who quickly took his head out to avoid a blur from hitting his head.


Both the guardsmen blinked seeing the battered remains of the weapon slam against the wall.

"Yeah no kidding, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy." Said his the first guard's partner.


The red feathered Saurian cocked an eyebrow at that. "Secondary weapon!? When…."


Carver's eyes widened as the flamethrower popped out of the wall.


"HOLY SHIT!" screeched the small Saurian as he rapidly started clawing the walls quickly avoiding the spouts of flames at the last second. He kept on making his way through the vents using every curse known to even some that weren't, until he finally found himself over the security terminals and swiftly tore open a hole and dropped to the ground below firing his pistol up into the ceiling disabling the flamethrowers as he hit the ground.

"WHAT THE FUCK?! ARE WE TRYING TO SET THE PLACE ABLAZE!?" Carver roared in frustration. "I better get a bonus today" he sighed as he stepped towards the console. "Alright I'm lifting the lock down."

[Manual override accepted Lockdown lifted.] Announced the station's computers.

"Ah music to my ears, great job Corporal" Michaels said over to the comms. "Now make your way outside, I got a surprise for you."

"Oh please tell me you found Marvin." Carver said hopefully.

"Found him by the vending machines, apparently he wasn't locked out, just being a lazy fuck. He keeps saying that his security codes wouldn't work but I know he's lying. " Michaels said growling. "Do you want to give him his going away kick to the nut for his last day here?"

"Do I?!" Carver said rushing out of the room and out the hall. "Huh?!" he said confused as he passed the room to the exploratory team used to study data from the probes when they were ground side.

He stepped into the room and stared the screen.


Carver felt himself swallow as he slowing approached the console and with each step hoping the screen would stop flashing red.

He remembered running through this drills multiply times. The station on lock down. Marvin's codes being useless. The vermin exterminator upgrading their weapons. The base running on backup power.

It was a Purge! The Alliance only used it in Military bases to delete important data from their computers such as identities of Special Operations Operatives, Weapon testing research, troop movements, to keep it out of hand of Pirates and terrorist.

"But why is the Probe station being purged?" the Saurian thought confused "The only real data we have here is… charts." Carver's head snapped up at that. He looked down at the console and started typing in the right commands, "Don't tell me it's what I think it's is?" he said as he pressed enter.

"Probe Station this is Chief Science Officer Lewis Muller if you are getting message then we may not be too late! WE HAVE A FIRST CONTACT SCENARIO AND THEY'RE HOSTILE! Our escort ships have been destroyed and we can't get a message outside the system! We initiated a purge but you need to destroy the terminals. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR! YOU CANNOT LEAVE A SINGLE TRACE OF DATA BEHIND!" shouted a man on the bridge of a ship.

"SHIT THEY'RE FIRING A BARRAGE OF MISSILES AT US!" shouted an engineer at a console.

"YOU HAVE YOUR ORDERS DO IT!" roared Lewis before he sighed "Rebecca, Ziva I love you!"


[End transmission]

Carver looked at the screen in horror his jaw hanging in shock. Before he narrowed his eyes in determination. He turned around quickly and exited the room making a left instead of a right heading for the Armory.

A few minutes later…

"What's taking him so long?" asked a Saurian with black stripes running along his light gray skin, looking back at the station, on his uniform was a tag that said Sergeant Michaels.

"If I know that midget he's probably filling a sock full of bars of soap to beat Marvin half to death." Dakota said pointing his thumb to a cuffed Orange Saurian who was overweight, something that shouldn't really be possible given the metabolism of their race.

"W-what?! You can't beat me you'll get in trouble!" The overweight Saurian whined.

"Why do think he's filling a sock full of soap, it doesn't leave marks" Sargent Michaels smirked "Now shut the hell up Marvin!" he shouted slapping Marvin hard in the back of the head.

A few yards away a guard was piddling with his Omni tool texting a girl he had been seeing, until he saw a green light slowly trail up and center on his forehead. "SON OF A BITCH!"


"You hear that?" Michaels asked snapping his head to the right.

"Yeah….." Dakota said un-holstering his pistol a 25 Mustang a high caliber descendant of the 1911 Colt.

"Get to cover now!" Michaels shouted as he rolled behind a car the spot he was at previously being shot up.

"Come on Marvin move your worthless ass!" Dakota said throwing the fat Saurian behind a dumpster.

"WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING!" Marvin cried as the dumpster started being shot up.

"We're under attack!" Michaels shouted before turning on his Omni tool, "This is Sargent Michaels of Mass Relay probe station 1 we are under attack by unknown hostiles, repeat we are under attack!"

"This….Shanxi….base… is the rest …..planet, Sargent!" came the staticity response.

The message was choppy but Michaels got the message. The whole colony was under attack.

"Holy Gaia, it's the whole planet!" Michaels said shocked.


Michaels looked down and saw a small blinking disc. Despite its unique design he instantly knew it was a grenade. "Shit!" he shouted jumping out the way.


The resulting explosion sent Michaels flying and smacking the wall near the station's entrance.

"Oh damn that hurt." Groaned Michaels trying to sit up only to hiss as he felt a sharp pain in his leg. He looked down and barely saw a shard of metal sticking out of his leg, most like form the car that had been blown up. "Shit." Mutter the Sargent, seems he whacked his head pretty good too as his vision was slightly blur. He looked to his left and saw Dakota firing away at some figures near the entrance of the complex. He and Marvin were pinned so neither could make their way to him.

Suddenly out of the corner of his eye he saw a figure dart into his direction. Michaels figure that this guy was meant to infiltrate the base while the others kept the defenders busy. Ignoring the pain in his leg the Sergeant launched himself at the figure popping his claws out mid flight.

With a shrill Michaels slammed into the figure getting a surprised squawk when his drove his claws into their side. The Saurian's distortion then finally decided to subside giving him a clear view of his opponent making his eyes widen.

Before him was an alien, an honest to Gaia alien. It wasn't a little green man or acid blood parasite but an alien that seemed avian in nature that had a boney exoskeleton. Upon their face was a pattern of color, a personal preference or did it signify rank. The sci-fi lover in him was actually finding their design quite original, but the solider in him quickly accessed the best way to cause bodily harm.

Seeing the creature's unarmored neck, Michaels lunged for it only for the boney bird to slammed the butt of his gun into his jaw making head-butt the wall. The Sergeant then quickly dived out of the avoiding the gun fire meant for him. Getting up the Saurian growled and then roared as he charged into the alien.

To the alien's credit it didn't even flinch as the dinosaur man slammed into him. This time however Michaels manage to bite down on the alien's neck making it scream out as the pain inducing venom seeped into his wound.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH!" wailed the creature as Michaels whipped his head back and forth releasing an animalistic growl from his throat.


Suddenly the alien went limp as Michaels snapped his neck.

"Bleh!" Michaels shouted spitting out the chunk of flesh in his mouth doing the best he could to get the taste out of his mouth. It wasn't the fact it tasted bad, in fact if he was asked in private he would say it wasn't that bad. No he spat it out for the fact that it came from a sentient creature, which he was pretty sure made its consumption some sort of cannibalism.

Suddenly Michaels felt cold metal pressed against the back of his head and he cursed to himself of course there would be more coming. He snarled in pain as the alien kicked him in the back of his injured leg.

The alien let out a series of chirps and click which if Michaels had to guess promised his death.

"Well fuck you to buddy." The Saurian said getting a whack in the back of the head. "So they can understand us but not the other way around?" he observed. "You probably think this is going to be an easy victory don't you?" he said turning his head slowly and grinning as he saw the alien's expression. "The ships you destroyed were part of a mothball fleet meant to guard against pirates and the like, not an invasion like you. This colony is not even a decade old yet. And save for a few men all the soldiers on this planet just got out of basic including myself." He said as he stood and turned to face the alien and grinned seeing the look on the boney bird's face. "So tell me do you think they stand a chance, Craver?" he asked looking to his right.

The alien's eyes widen as he suddenly looked to his left and found himself staring down the barrel of a shotgun.

"Not one god damn bit!" Carver in full armor said pulling the trigger and blowing the invader's head off.

"So what took you so long Corporal?" Michaels asked happily accepting the dose of Med-gel after he tore out the shrapnel in his leg.

"Setting up a surprise for our new friends." The small Saurian said showing a detonator on his belt. "I would have warned you but…."

"Their jamming the radios." The Sergeant said nodding.

"Nothing can be done about it right now, but I did get you something that might cheer you up" Carver said reaching into a duffle bag he had laying on the ground and then tossing the Sergeant a rifle.

"Is that an M-80 Mattock!" Michaels said practically cradling the weapon.

"Yeah found them in the armory apparently they're were in there in case we were attack by Goliaths class raiders. Speaking of which, yo bro heads up!" Carver said throwing a case over to Dakota and providing suppressing with the Dual 25 Mustangs in his hands. "This means were even when regarding the Diabolus incident!" he shouted popping a ballsy alien in the face making the invader do a flip.

Opening the case Dakota felt himself drool and shouted "OH YEAH WE'RE EVEN!" reaching into the case a large rectangle shape object.

Suddenly the rectangle unfolded making the invaders' jaw drop as a multi barrel gun unfolded in the large Saurian's hands. "OH CHRISTMAS COME EARLY THIS YEAR BOYS AND GIRLS HOHOHOHOHO!" Dakota cheered as the X-11 Minigun, aka the Buzzsaw, revved up in his hands.


The aliens screeched diving for cover although some were unlucky and picked some cover that might as well been paper as the Buzzsaw lived up to it nickname and tore them apart.

"Nice! Bro keep them busy while Sarge and I secure a ride out of here!" Carver shouted.

"DANCE! BONEHEADS! DANCE!" shouted the large Saurian.

"Well he's happy." Michaels observed as he and the Corporal secured an APC.

"He's living a childhood dream." Carver said shooting at the aliens from the window.

"That's one mess up dream." Michaels deadpanned seeing the normally jolly Saurian's face plastered with a psychotic grin

"Meh where we grew up boredom breed insanity, take me for instance" the small Saurian said firing his pistol at an alien's crotch.

"AHHHHHHH" howled the poor victimized alien.

"Was that intentional?!" Michaels asked horrified as they pulled to the large Saurian.

"Maybe." Carver shrugged as he blasted another alien in the face with his shotgun when it got to close. "Hey Chuckles hurry up and get in!" he shouted.

"Aw and it was just getting good." Pouted the large Saurian.

"Oh shut up and get in, these guys belong to the Carnos now. Besides there'll be more Boneheads to shoot in the city." The red feather Saurian explained.

"Oh urban combat!" Dakota said getting excited as he climbed inside the vehicle.

"Wait for me!" cried Marvin as he waddled to the car.

"Oh Marvin I'm so glad you're alive!" Carver said happily helping the Orange Saurian in the vehicle as it swiftly broke through the enemy lines and drove down the line.

"R-really?!" Marvin said surprised, he thought the Corporal hated him.

"Oh yeah I can't wait to give you to General Williams and tell you're the reason why we were caught with our pants down." Craver said happily seeing the fat man pale. The small Saurian then looked into the rear view and saw the aliens making their way into the base. "Wow their dumb." He said arming his detonator "Hey Michaels stop the vehicle."

"What why?" Michaels said stopping the ACP.

"I want to see their faces when they realize they've been had." Chuckled Carver.

"You're a demented midget you know that." Michaels said shaking his head getting a chuckle from Dakota and a growl from the small Saurian.

"Whatever, you didn't have to add the midget part." Grumbled Carver as he climbed on top of the armored car. "HEY BONEHEADS!" he shouted catching the attention of an alien who blue markings diagonally over his eyes and one stripe on his chin, his armor heavier than the others.

The Alien's eyes widen as Carver waved the detonator about. The alien turned around and shouted alerting his men, but it was too late!


In a mighty explosion the station was blown asunder launching sparks, fire, smoke, metal and rock into the air.

"Ah, that was satisfying. Ok we can go now." Carver said happily making Michaels mutter about crazy imps from the void as he drove on.

Back…. At the Station.

"Cough! Cough! Report!" Commanded the heavied armored Alien as the dust cleared.

"Casualties are estimated at 63% percent General Desolas!" shouted one of his men.

"Bye the Spirits!" Desolas shouted slamming his hand down on a piece of weakened concrete shattering it. "That's what we get for underestimating them!" he growled berating himself for the loss for his men. Although he couldn't help but admire the local's tactics. But it didn't mean he have to like it. "What's the condition of the Station?" asked the Turian General.

"Trashed sir! We won't even be able to use it as a staging area for the invasion. Not to mention the loss of the data." Responded a solider.

"Damn these locals!" Desolas growled. To denied them of their goal while taking out a good number of men and then wreaking the base to deny them a foot hold. To say the Turian was impressed was an understatement. But the local had cost him a good number of men and humiliated him. Well the General couldn't let that stand unpunished, that solder needed to be eliminated immediately. "Saren come in." Desolas said bringing up his Omni tool contacting his brother and complying a video at the same time

"I read you Desolas." Responded a voice over the radio.

"There's a squad of locals headed your way, they cause me some considerable trouble, there's one in particular that I want taken care of." Desolas said sending his brother the video file.

In the City of New Taiyuan- Somewhere near the front lines of the invasion.

Saren Arterius brother of the General Desolas observed the film with a critical eye as he analyzed the footage. His target was short, even by Turian standard yet he was the most skilled of the combatants that they had seen so far. Saren attributed this to his size, his target had to be fast and think on his feet in order to keep up with his comrades. His mind had to be sharp as he seemed to figure out that an attack was going to happen at that station moments before they invaded, this theory was given merit as he highly doubt any race would rig their buildings to explode as a part of their intentional design. It that was the case the whole city would be a ruin.

He kept on watching the file until something caught his attention. His target was conversing with the larger local in his squad in a familiar manner. He translated the conversation and confirmed his findings. The two were close and knew each other's actions moments before they reacted. He had seen such actions from Turian troops who were not only trained together but grew up together, a fairly common practice in the Hierarchy. And form the footage he knew the two shared a bond one he would safely state was a brotherly bond.

"But they aren't Turian and this bond will become a weakness" He mused. True Turians also had bonds but they were trained to not let the loss of the bond break them he doubt the locals were the same. Now he had a plan. By taking out the big one the smaller would be weakened perhaps shattering his mind.

"REEEAAAAA!" screeched the sound of a large animal as it jump in the air to attack the Turian breaking him from his thoughts. The Raptor Ultra was about bury its claws into the invader of it pack's territory, until.


"Well aren't you an interesting creature, some sort of war beast utilized by these primitives?" Saren observed as he held the Raptor in air with a biotic field. "No matter!" he shouted bioticlly slamming the dinosaur through a wall into the building. The Turian held the beast down with a biotic field as he knew the beast was dangerous, this fact was clear as he saw its claws stained with Turian blood. "Sentient or beast it doesn't matter." He said pulling out his pistol.


"Nothing can stand up to the might of the Turian Hierarchy." Saren said walking away from the Dinosaur corpse bringing up Carver's and Dakota's pictures.


Pre-Citadel, Systems Alliance Codex entries….

Humanity- The ancestors of the Saurians, humans are the first recorded species to go genetically extinct. The subject of Humanity's extinction is considered a sour point to the Saurians as their views are divided on the subject. Half of them consider their lost as a devastating blow to their culture, while the other half considers the loss a necessary sacrifice that made the Saurian race stronger.

Saurian Flu- a form of the influenza virus containing traces of dinosaur DNA and had a fatality rate of 10% with a 25% among the elderly. If the virus was caught early, it was easily treatable.

The Indominus Strain/Indominus Crisis – Described as Earth's greatest plague the Indominus Strain was a purposely engineered to have fatality rate of 50% but that was only half of it purpose. Survivors of the Indominus Strain would experience an increase in aggression until their rage consumed them and they would lash out and expose others to the virus spreading the illness until large portions of the population was infected. And that's when the air born variant was purposely released exposing the entire human race to the contagion and killing half of the Population.

The Hybridization Serum- The Ending of Humanity and the Beginning of the Saurian race. The Hybridization Serum was Humanity's desperate hope for a cure for the Indominus Strain. The Serum's task was to basically rewrite Humanity's DNA making the unstoppable virus inert. It wasn't until the birth of the first child born Post IDC that its true purpose was revealed. Slowly the Serum would mutate the Human race into a race of Dinosaur Hybrids changing generation by generation until finally the Human race was forcible evolved into Saurians.

HAAPs or Hyper Advance Apex Predators - Apex Predators that were un/deliberately created to be too specialized for an ecosystem or in unethically cases, Warfare use. Due to environmentalist protest any HAAP with a viable population must be treated as a protected species and carefully planned ecosystems must be reworked to stabilize it while also insuring the survival of the HAAPs.

SLIA– In order to keep the first HAAP species known as the Diabolus Rex alive, while also keep the colony of Mars safe for Saurian colonists. The Pre-Alliance government pass the Stabilizing Life Insertion Act in order to accomplish these goals. SLIA allows geneticist to make their own animals and transplant them onto a colony in order to stabilize the budding ecosystem of a colony. Over a ten year period SLIA was a success bringing life to the previously dead world of Mars.

Saurian Colonies – Due to the their condition Saurians are more Intune with nature and most find worlds devoid of animal and plant life to be extremely disturbing, and after initial prospecting and land claims, will more often than not invoke SLIA on their colonies if possible seeding barren worlds with life in none useable land on the planets.

Atlantis – A world about twice the size of earth and cover in about 90% water Atlantis is the Systems Alliance's most prosperous colony as it holds the monopoly in the Fishery Industry providing an abundance of food for Earth and all here colonies.

For a person to call another an Atlantean Fish Monger is a complement as Atlantean Fish Monger is often considered synonymous with Millionaire.

Splicing- A modified version of the Hybridization Serum, Splicing was originally a type of treatment for medical conditions. Splicing has become a cultural phenomenon in the Systems Alliance. After seeing the change in outward appearance on patients, various teens and young adults wishing to express themselves as individuals started using splices of Dinosaur DNA in various parts of their bodies causing purely cosmetic changes in them.

While splicing does change structures in genetic code geneticist have conclude that splices do not carry over to a Splicers offspring otherwise the Systems Alliance would've outright ban the practice in order to prevent genetic corruption.

It's only after extensive use of Splices that the changes go from cosmetic use to combative. Due to this the Systems Alliance had to write various laws restricting the uses of Splices for cosmetic proposes to a limit of three splices per individual.

After the Laws of Splices was passed Splicing has been categorized to three different levels.

Level one – purely for genetic treatment the exact limit is up to the prescribing Doctors until the medical condition is treated.

Level Two – for cosmetic use only that vary from individual to individual the legal limit is three making the use of cosmetic a well thought out process as the splice is irreversible.

Level Three – Splices that have been taken to such a degree that in some cases an individual's skin has been able to stop bullets from normal caliber bullets. Unless sanctioned by the Alliance level Three is illegal in Alliance Space.

Goliath Class Splicers- The first and most common of Level Three Splicing. Goliaths splicing themselves heavily with Ankylosaurus and various naturally armored dinosaurs' DNA. Due to the injection the skin of the Splicers grew bonelike plating allowing them to withstand small arms fire. Only weapons equipped with high caliber ammunition are capable of penetrating the armor of Goliath Class Splicers.

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