The plan was a simple yet despite this however many risks still existed. Hannibal knew that his parents kept a sizable amount of money in their house safe, about thirty thousand dollars. It wasn't everything they had, in fact millions sat fat and heavy in a Swiss bank account, but the loss would be felt. Hannibal was sure he knew the code; thanks to his great sense of hearing he had once over heard the code being punched into the safe pad. Yet there were other things standing in their way, the house was always filmed with surveillance cameras and maids regularly cleaned the hundred odd rooms. Hannibal did know however that his parents were out of town, at some tropical island far away. So the simple plan was to simply avoid the maids, the cameras were no worry because Hannibal did not care that he was found out; in fact part of his point was just that, embarrassing them.
Of course actually getting to the house was yet another challenge as Hannibal's parents did not live locally. The runaway boys would need some help.

Alan Bloom was a dorky, nerdy kind of guy who was into computer and table-top games. He spent most of his free time hanging out in the comic book store on 4th street named The Goblin's Dudgeon. He was quite a bit older than the usual teen patrons of the store, yet at twenty-four he still managed to have a face riddled with acne. The only good thing about Alan was that he had a car, even though the doors didn't match the body of it.
It was for this one reason Hannibal now had set himself about becoming friends with him.
Alan was the most weak minded and desperate for a friend person that Hannibal had ever met; thus Alan was butter in Hannibal's apt hands.

A/N: So this is a short one because frankly I'm testing the waters. The "plan" is one in development so don't be surprised if this chapter disappears and is replaced with something a lot different. I'm really asking what people think of "the plan". Is it plausible? Is it something Hannibal/Will would do? Also, what do you think of the emerging version of Alana Bloom (aka Alan Bloom)? I want you to hate him AND feel sorry for him (just like our Alana from the series!) Okay; I'll let you get back to you fiction! :)