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"Walter, I don't want to go." Ralph hugs his mentor.

The man with the 197 IQ hugs him back tightly, refusing to cry, refusing to admit he has any amount of emotional quotient, except towards Ralph.

Neither genius is used to physical contact and this is the first time- for Walter at least- that he craved it.

"I know buddy, just remember, I'll be there for you. No matter what." He states,avoiding Paige's eyes, watching them from inside her car. " You are always welcome here."

The pair was moving to Portland, so Ralph could remain with his father or rather, away from his family of genius to live a boring, inefficient and meaningless life in Portland. Walter felt himself chocking up at the thought.

"Walter, when I get older, can I come back? Could I be apart of scorpion?" He asks hopefully, still hugging him tightly.

"Ralph, you are apart of the team. No matter if you are here or 3088.6 miles away. You are always welcome here, you are apart of the cyclone." He finds himself kissing the boys head. He felt as though Paige was taking his own son away, though, he had no parental or legal claim or attachment to Ralph of any sort.

He felt Ralph was his own.

He couldn't help but feel resentful towards Paige as she waited in the car, ten feet from where Walter held Ralph tightly in his arms.

"I got you this." Ralph pulls away and digs his hand into his pocket, digging for something. "I know we don't really believe in talismans and stuff but I took this the day I met you. It was my friends idea to make it into a keychain."

The boy genius produces a chain from his pocket. Connected at the end was an empty sugar packet marked kavelsky's. " it's from the diner, when you played chess with me, with the sugar packets." Ralph admits shyly.

To the boys surprise, Walter laughs, taking an identical chain from his back pocket.

"I made you the same thing." Ralph laughs as they exchange keychains.

"Ralph honey, it's time to go." Paige calls out gently from the window of the drivers seat. Both geniuses immediately stop laughing and Ralph's tears begin to fall. He hugs the man in front of him one more time.

"Walter?" He cry's tentatively.


"Remember that time when we built the small rocket for my science fair, and I almost forgot to clamp it down?"

"Yeah?" Walters voice cracks.

"Instead of yelling at me, we did an equation to figure out what the size of the hole would be and how far the rocket would continue to fly after it hit the first wall."

"I remember." Walter clutches his sugar packet present. " You won the science fair."

"It was the most efficient day of my life." Ralph cried, grabbing Walter once again and sobbing like a normal child, though the reality was, Ralph was a million miles from normal.

Nobody could change him but then again, few would want to.

It's then, Walters tears begin to shed as well.

"I love you too, buddy." Kissing his cheek before walking Ralph into the car and buckling the boy in, as if he was incapable of doing so himself.

Walter runs his fingers through the boys hair one last time before closing a the door and hesitantly walking to towards the drivers seat window, wiping his face from the tears that had made an appearance for the first time in years.

He knocks on the window, signaling for the single mother to lower it.

Paige frowns as tears steam down her face as she had watched the exchange taking place in front of her only ten seconds before. She didn't want to leave the garage, to take Ralph, to leave Walter- the only person she had trusted to keep her safe since drew left the first time.

She had to continuously remind herself of her sons near death experience yesterday. How he almost died trying to be like the man that invested so much into him.

She also had to continuously remind herself that the genius standing before her was not the boys father. Though she guessed Ralph wished that was the case and at times, so did she.

Paige rolls down her window to say goodbye to her boss and the man that changed her life forever.

"Walter, thank you for everything. I'll never be able to repay you for all that you've done for me and Ralph." She begins through her tears, she takes a deep breath before continuing. "I know we fought yesterday but I-"

"What your doing is illogical." He hisses at her harshly, not wanting Ralph to hear, he leans in close to her and continues. " I've always thought you were a great mother, and I've always supported your decision at the end of the day." His voice cracks and he straitens up stiffly. " Not this time." He croaks harshly. " This is a Mistake."

He waves once more to Ralph before stuffing his hands in his pockets, balling them into fists before walking back in to the garage with his head hung low.

"Walter-" Paige finally croaks, she gets out of her car and tries to stop him, but he continues walking. "Walter!" He stops by the door frame, hand on the knob.

He doesn't turn and she can't see the frown plastered on his face.

"So that's it? That's goodbye?"

He's silent for a minute before turning to face her, not making any move in her direction.

"You know you are wrong to leave us." He shakes his head, his tears brimming as he adds, " To leave Me."

He holds her gaze, as if begging her to understand.

She doesn't and he doesn't know how to make her understand.

She breaks the eye contact and looks at the ground, reminding herself that she was doing this for her son. She reaches over to hug him, touch his arm, whatever contact he would permit, but he jumps away, looking as betrayed as he felt.

"Goodbye Paige Dineen." He opens the garage door and slams it shut, in the face of Scorpions EX- liaison.

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