Wyatt awoke, when he heard the clatter of pans and potts in the kitchen below. Having been rudely awoken by such noises, the only conclusion that entered Wyatts still confused head was "DEMONS". So within seconds awake, he orbed downstairs, fireball at the ready… when a familiar blue shield was raised against him. He disintegrated the fireball and stared from his not-so-little little brother whipping away in batter, to a familiar black haired woman smiling up at him.

"Aunt Prue?" Wyatt asked confused, before adding: "You're here!" very happily.

Prue smiled, "Hii Wyatt" as she moved to go hug Wyatt. But the blue shield was still up. Prue frowned, confused by the force field. That was Wyatt's power, right?

Wyatt, seemingly following her train of thought, nodded towards Chris shaking his head in amusement. Because without noticing, Chris had tapped into Wyatt's powers, to protect himself and Aunt Prue from imminent threats. "Good morning, Chris."

"Morning Wyatt." Chris muttered as he skill fully flipped a pancake. Prue chuckled at Chris's innocence… and knowledge of the scene.

"Chris, honey?" Prue asked kindly. "Would you mind dropping the force field, so I can hug your brother?"

"Aunt Prue, don't be silly. I don't have a…" Chris started, but as he turned around he stared at the scene in front of him. Confused he frowned up at Wyatt.

"Wyatt? Why is there is force field in the kitchen?"

"It's not me, it's you bro. I orbed in, and you must've subconsciously called out for it." Wyatt replied in his usual laid-back manner.

"I've never been able to call out your shield before, Wyatt." Chris replied as he tried to locate any sort of feeling to release the force field… but it was quiet difficult if he didn't know what feeling made him call out for it in the first place.

Hearing his brothers' thoughts, through their bond, Wyatt sighed, "Don't overthink it. The shield is a protection mechanism, you sensed danger.. me, I guess?, now that you know it's just me. You can just release it. Simple as that." – and as Wyatt explained it, Chris dropped the shield. "Thanks" he muttered, with a knowing glare towards Prue, before returning to breakfast as Prue glared at him from behind, before being cuddled by Wyatt.

"You look so… young?" Wyatt replied subtly.

"Well, dying has its pros. You don't age after your death, who knew?" Prue replied. "It's good see you Wyatt, my you've grown up so fast. What, like a freshman at college already?"

Wyatt blushed and nodded…

"I'm a freshman too, you know." Chris interrupted as he stashed a stack of pancakes on a platter.

"We all know, Chris. You're the wonder-kid." Wyatt replied.

"What are you guys majoring?" Prue asked, curiously.

Wyatt groaned, "we can talk about school later, aunt Prue. What are you doing here, though?"

"The ban has lifted, you can now officially summon me!" Prue squealed.

"PRUE?!" Piper Halliwells voice suddenly rang from the entrance of the kitchen.