Authors Note:

This is my first time to write any type of fanfiction. I will greatly accept any constructive criticism, but I will not accept rude reviews that are bullying. There is no need for that. Also, please let me know how I am doing with this story or any thoughts you may have on it. As you are aware – I do not own FSOG. If I did I would not be writing fanfiction. :)

I wake up to soft fingers caressing my face. I peak out of one eye to see my three year old studying my face intensely.

"What is mama's favorite little boy doing up so early?" I knew this was a silly question. My house seems to never sleep past 7 a.m.

"Mama, me hungry." My sweet little nugget said to me followed by a yawn. I grabbed him and pulled him into my arms hoping he would allow me ten more minutes of sleep. "Mama?" Yup, not happening today. I get up and grab the sweet angel face little boy and walk into the kitchen.

"What would you like for breakfast handsome?" My son smiled at me. "Mama, I not handsome, I cute." he stated matter of fact. My son was cute, handsome, and beyond words perfect. What can I say? I might be a little biased since he was my own. "Okay love, you are cute. Now, what does my cute little boy want for breakfast?" He was playing with his cars and helicopters on the table. He looked up at me with big blue eyes that matched my own, "Panpakes?" I couldn't help but grin. He was most definitely my child. I went to work cooking our breakfast and stole kisses from my three year old in between moving around the kitchen. I finally finished our breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and fruit. I turned on the kitchen television so Will could watch cartoons while I read over the news.

I was suddenly distracted by my sweet little boy next to me. He was studying the tv in great detail. While he studied that, I studied him. His eyes matched mine. Clear powder blue eyes that changed with our moods. His soft sun-kissed skin that was a mix of his father and mine. He had his fathers nose, but my full lips. He had his father's tall height already. I felt like he would catch my petite height by the time he was ten. He had my soft semi-wavy hair, but seemed to have his father's hair color. He was born blonde. So blonde that it was almost white. Over the past three years it has grown darker though. I doubt he will ever have my chocolate brown hair color. He was perfect and I felt so blessed that God choose me to be his mother. His sweet voice broke me out of my daze.

"Mommy, daddy be here today?" My heart hurt a little when this innocent child asked me if we would see his father today. Ethan Kavanagh and I have been divorced almost a year now. We were high school sweethearts. He was two years older than myself, but it didn't seem to stop us from being together. We met at a private boarding school outside of Nashville, TN. I of course lived in Nashville, but he and his sister were boarded at the school. His sister Kate and I were the best of friends which lead to Ethan and I being extremely close. One day things just changed for Ethan and me. We were just all the sudden an item. We lost our virginities to each other and he was the first man I had truly let close to me. When he graduated he went to Vanderbilt for college while I finished up high school. Then I joined him at Vanderbilt. Everything just seemed to move so fast. I was engaged at 18, married at 19, had a baby at 20, and divorced by 22.. "Mama?"

I had once again zoned out. Get it together Ana. Sheesh. "Yes baby. Daddy is coming to get you today for a fun filled man weekend." Ethan was a doctor at Seattle Grace and typically only had weekends off. It just worked that every other weekend would be Ethan's "man weekend" as he called it. "So we better get you ready because he will be here shortly."

The rest of our morning was spent getting ready for Ethan's arrival. My sweet little man had on his khaki shorts, white v-neck, and gray converse. He always looked adorable- he was mine after all. We were lounging on the couch when I heard the door open and a voice that boomed throughout the house,"Where are my people at?!" This was always a game when Ethan got here. He pretended he couldn't find us and the last room he checked was the living room where he would find us hiding under the blanket. All the sudden I heard my son squeal which meant he was found.

"There's my boy!" Ethan exclaimed.

"Daddy! You find me!" I peaked my head out from under the covers to catch sight of both of them. They were laughing now because Ethan was tickling Will.

"Hey pretty lady." I heard Ethan say and caught his eyes. He still looked handsome with his 6'2 build and a gorgeous body, but my heart just didn't feel anything for him anymore. Sad, I know.

"Hey mister." I smiled back. "Will's suitcase is by the front door and I packed some snacks as well. What are the plans for the man weekend?"

"We are going to go swimming at Gramp and Lolly's house today and tomorrow. Then we may just catch a Mariner's baseball game tomorrow night with Eric and his son. Then brunch with the family Sunday. Would you like to join us for any of the festivities? I would love for you to." Ethan looked at me with longing as he spoke. He wanted so much for us to be a family again, but it was not going to happen.

"No thanks. You guys have some bonding time." I said with my sweetest smile.

"Bonded time?" Will asked with the most confused face. Ethan and I couldn't help but giggle. "Yes baby. You and daddy are going to have some time to bond. It is just another way to say spend time together." I explained. I knew right away he didn't actually care what it meant. It caught his attention and left his attention in a span of three seconds.

"So.. what are you going to do all weekend by yourself?" Ethan asked as we made our way to the front door. I knew this was Ethan's way of asking if I had any dates or planned on going out with Kate. He was still jealous even though he had no right to be.

"I don't know yet. Maybe dinner with Kate tomorrow." I wanted to be as vague as possible. It was not his business anymore. I did give him a smirk to let him know I knew what he was doing.

"Well how about you join us for brunch Sunday? Mom and dad would be thrilled to see you. Also, Kate will be there. We can pick you up?" Bless his heart. He was trying so hard. "Maybe. I will let you know, okay?" Compromise, I thought as I spoke. He smiled a brilliant smile and put Will in his car seat. After putting Will in his car seat and giving Will all of my kisses goodbye, Ethan shut his door and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I pulled away as soon as I could. I looked at him with a sad smile. He just did not get it. We were not getting back together no matter what. He could not take back what he did and I could not trust him anymore. He climbed in the driver seat with a promise he will call Sunday for brunch. I watched them leave from my drive way as my precious child screamed, "BYE MAMA, I WUV YOU" from the window as his little pudgy hand stuck out of it. I giggled and responded. When I couldn't seem them anymore I headed back inside to get ready for my day.