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Marine Corps Air Station El Toro – Irvine, CA
June 7, 2016
10:55 PM PDT

Chuck, Sarah, Ellie, and Devon drove along a back stretch behind the land where the Marine base used to reside, making their way to a ramp that would take them underneath the old runways. They had enough supplies to stay there for six days if it was needed. It was deep enough underground so the heat from the surveillance van's computers couldn't be detected by thermal imaging satellites. And the area would have no activity until the Fourth of July fireworks.

The car went down the ramp, and Sarah drove it two hundred meters along an underground roadway before pulling up next to the surveillance van, which had arrived twenty minutes earlier. Everyone waited until it was dark to come here, as the surveillance van would have certainly been picked up by any real-time NSA satellite during daylight.

"Is everybody OK?" Sarah asked as everyone got out of their vehicles.

"We're fine," Carina replied as Chuck, Casey, and Cole started organizing the supplies and getting the computers in the surveillance van set up. "Getting the van was a bit of an adventure, but we've been through worse."

"Be glad you didn't have to witness Chuck geeking out about this place," Ellie replied tiredly. "He couldn't stop talking about all of the movies and TV shows that have been filmed here. Thank God Morgan wasn't here. We'd never be able to shut those two up."

"Speaking of which, did he make it to D.C. with Alex and Big Mike?"

"They checked in a few hours ago," Sarah replied. "They're all set. Morgan and Mike will visit Beckman in the morning. According to Alex, the window to get the items to Beckman will be at 11:05 AM. They'll time it so she returns to her cell five minutes before that."

"And Jimmy?"

"Nothing since earlier. He's still checking out some of the places on that list."

"Let's hope he turns up something. We need some luck to start falling our way."

"The perimeter is secure," Ilsa said as she walked up to the three women. "We should be fine for the night."

"You three should get some rest," Ellie said. "I'll get to work once they're set up in there."

Sarah shook her head. "I have to keep an eye on you and Chuck."

"It's a Marine base. I think we're pretty safe here, Sarah. You've been at this non-stop since we returned to Los Angeles, and now you have an obsessed agent who has attacked you twice. You and Chuck need some time to yourselves."

She took Sarah's hands. "I've got everyone here to help. I'll be OK."

Sarah looked at her a moment before nodding and squeezing her hands. "Thanks, Ellie."

Cole poked his head out of the van. "Come take a look at this."

City of Industry, CA
June 7, 2016
11:10 PM PDT

"Aaah, hell," Jimmy muttered as he stared down the business end of Daniel Shaw's Smith & Wesson.

"Pity this won't be as painful as falling down an elevator shaft," Shaw teased, cocking the gun.

Jimmy shook his head. "You know how ridiculous you look right now? You're willing to commit treason because of some bullshit the Ring told you?"

"I saw it! I saw the footage! I saw Walker kill my wife!"

"Yeah, because no one EVER doctored a video before," Jimmy retorted in complete disdain. "You've got first graders who can make it look like JFK was shot by Pee-Wee Herman. They're playing you, moron!"

He paused to collect himself. Antagonizing someone who had a gun pointed at you was something they taught you to avoid in spy school. "Do you honestly think your wife would want you to betray your country like this? Kill me, kill all of us, it won't bring her back. The only thing you'll accomplish is to shit all over her memory."

Shaw stepped towards Jimmy. "How dare you talk about…"

Jimmy spun and sent a kick at Shaw, knocking the gun out of his hands. Shaw launched at him, but Jimmy dove out of the way, rolling towards the gun. He tried to pick it up but Shaw was too fast, jumping on top of him. He grabbed Jimmy's wrist with one hand and landed an elbow to his face. He snatched the gun and tried to get up but Jimmy nailed him in the chest with both feet from his prone position and sent Shaw flying. Shaw fell to the ground and the gun fell away from him again.

Both of them quickly got up. Shaw's Intersect kicked in. He went after Jimmy, spinning in the air to land a kick to Jimmy's head, which sent Jimmy back to the ground. Jimmy tried to roll along the ground to get back up, but Shaw leapt through the air, landing a knee on Jimmy's back. Jimmy was barely able to move. Shaw pulled him up and wrapped his arm around Jimmy's neck, ready to snap it. Jimmy reached back to box Shaw's ears. Shaw's grip loosened, and Jimmy kicked his heel up, nailing Shaw in the groin. Shaw doubled-over in pain as Jimmy tried to get away from him, barely able to walk. He hit a button on his watch as Shaw staggered around…and found his gun on the ground. He grabbed it and pointed it at Jimmy, who had dragged himself to the edge of the roof.


Everyone entered the surveillance van. Chuck and Casey were at the computers.

"What's going on?" Sarah asked.

"Just got a text from Slade," Casey replied. "He was able to hack into the network connections you found at Victor Basta's mansion. We're downloading the intel now."

"How much information are we getting?"

Chuck turned to her and grinned. "Everything."

Sarah's eyes widened, and she turned to see the data on the monitor. "Accounts, passwords, personnel files, inventory, even building schematics?"

"All of it."

She took a long exhale and shook her head in disbelief. "I can't believe it. That stupid, crazy idiot pulled it off."

A beeping sound started to come from Sarah's, Casey's, and Carina's phones. They took a look at the message.

"Looks like you spoke too soon, Walker," Casey replied. "Slade activated his callout."

"I knew it," Sarah groaned in aggravation. "I'll just bet he didn't bother asking for help until he had two hundred Ring agents on his ass."

"We'll find him," Carina replied.

Casey poked his head out of the van and looked down the roadway. He gave a grunt of excitement. "And we have the perfect vehicle."

Casey headed for the vehicle in the bunker with Carina and Cole right behind him.


"So pathetic," Shaw spat, again aiming his gun at Jimmy, who stood at the edge of the roof. "You're the only one who came here? You thought you could take on the Ring alone?"

"That was the idea," Jimmy replied.

Shaw looked on in confusion. "See, Casey taught me this little strategy once," Jimmy continued. "He calls it the magnet. We got you and your new masters looking high and low for us, focusing all your energy on trying to take us out. Which gave me all the time in the world to do this."

Jimmy pressed a button on his watch. Shaw could hear several explosions in the distance. And a couple that weren't so distant.

"What have you done?" he demanded.

"Like I said, while you tried to look for us, I was busy all day locating the Ring's strongholds in town. Well, they WERE the Ring's strongholds. I do feel a bit guilty about giving the L.A. Fire Department a busy night. But look on the bright side: now the Ring knows what it feels like to get kicked in the balls. Just like you."

Shaw's blood was boiling hot enough to make the sun sweat. "You son of a bitch…" He cocked his gun. "You're dead!"

"Yeah," Jimmy replied. "I get that all the time."

Shaw began to pull the trigger. Jimmy jumped backwards off the roof and fell towards the ground. He quickly hit another button on his watch. One of the large objects he left on the ground suddenly exploded and inflated. He landed hard into the airbag now on the concrete.

"GODDAMMIT!" he roared, his entire body in pain. "That shit worked in Mission: Impossible!"

Alarm bells began to go off throughout the Ring facility. Jimmy struggled to pull himself up, yelling in agony as he did so. He kicked open the box lying next to the airbag as security personnel started to come in from all sides. He pulled out a pair of MAC-10 machine guns, slinging one over his injured shoulder and spraying the area with the other. He took down a half-dozen guards in short order. He reached into the box to grab several extra clips and another backpack, taking off for the main entrance. He ducked and rolled as two more security guards fired at him. He then pushed up to his knees and opened fire again, taking the two out.

Jimmy got up and staggered all around as his shoulder throbbed from landing on it. He got to the wall that surrounded the complex when two guards came up to him.

"WAIT!" he shouted, taking them by surprise. He then turned to the wall and rammed his right shoulder into it, popping it back into its socket.

"AAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!" he screamed. The two guards stepped back in shock. Jimmy rolled his shoulder a couple of times and exhaled. "Ahhh, much better."

He spun and nailed one guard in the face with an elbow. He reversed his spin and sent a kick into the other guard. He then had to duck out of the way as two guards standing on top of the twenty-foot wall fired away with automatic weapons of their own. He pressed himself flat against the wall to avoid them, but that left him no opportunity to fire back. He saw two dozen other guards only one hundred yards away from him and approaching fast.

He checked his backpack to find a long cord of rope and one piton. He no longer had his piton gun, but he had an idea to still make this work. He tied one end of the rope to his belt and the other end to the piton. He readied his MAC-10 and jumped out, opening fire at the two guards on the wall. They turned and ran along the wall to avoid the shots, at which point Jimmy whipped the piton at them. It wrapped around the ankle of one of the guards, causing the guard to stumble and fall over the wall, knocking his partner off in the process. The rope pulled Jimmy up to the top of the wall just as the remaining guards opened fire. He ducked down and lay flat on the wall to avoid being hit. Looking over the other side of the wall, Jimmy saw the ground outside the Ring facility was solid concrete, which meant a twenty-foot jump would badly cripple him. He took the rope and looped it over the base of an antenna affixed to the roof. He then dropped down, sliding slowly to the ground as the body of the guard the other end of the rope rose to the top of the roof. Jimmy undid the rope from his belt, and the guard landed with an nasty thud on the concrete.

"I see you carry a lot of weight around here," he said to the guard. His face then contorted in disgust. "Oh, God. That was bad even for ME!"

He ran towards the main road where he left his car. He got to within ten yards of it when he heard the clicks of multiple weapons behind him. The agents that were chasing him made it through the gate and had him surrounded. They led him back inside, and the gate slid shut.

Shaw stomped across the facility and stood face-to-face with Jimmy. The guards finished searching him, and Shaw ripped the watch Jimmy was wearing off of his wrist. He threw it to the ground and smashed it with his foot.

"No more spy toys," Shaw hissed as he took out his gun and aimed it between Jimmy's eyes.

Everyone looked back and forth as they heard the roar of a motor getting closer and closer. They turned towards the fence to see a large Humvee crash through it and barrel towards them, making everyone dive for cover. Jimmy backflipped to get out of the way, nailing Shaw in the chin as he did so. Carina and Cole bounded out of the Humvee and opened fire with automatic weapons. Casey leaned out of the driver's side and opened fire with a cigar in his mouth and a smile on his face.

"Forgot how much fun these are," he said.

Jimmy bounded for the back seat as Carina and Cole covered him. They jumped back in and the Humvee took off, spinning around and flying away from the Ring facility.

"No, wait. Don't tell me, Case. You love it when a plan comes together?" Jimmy said.

"For once, it actually did," he replied. "Glad the Marine Corps forgot this vehicle was in the bunker."

"Then you got the data I sent?"

"All of it," Cole said. "It's a goldmine. Pity you'll have to spend every waking hour sifting through it."

"If we stop these pricks, it'll be worth it. Just make sure there's some good coffee ready."

"Oh, and I have a message from Sarah," Carina said.

Jimmy looked at her oddly before his look turned into an angry glare. "Don't even think about it…"

Carina smacked him upside the head. "OK, can I EVER be allowed to do my job without someone doing that?!" Jimmy yelled.

"You wish," Carina replied with less-than-zero remorse.

Jimmy grumbled in defeat as the Humvee returned to the Marine base.

CIA Headquarters – Langley, VA
June 8, 2016

10:30 AM EDT

Morgan and Big Mike drove to the gate at CIA Headquarters. Morgan couldn't help but be nervous. The suit he was wearing cost more than all the videogames and movies he had ever bought put together…and he bought his first one at age nine. But that was the point: they had to sell the fact that Big Mike and he were lawyers powerful enough to have such a high-profile client. Thankfully, Alex's time in Washington had put her in contact with a few high-end clothing stores that could make them look like $1,000-per-hour attorneys, and the BMW she procured for them to use would add to the charade.

"Names and IDs, please," the security agent at the gate said.

"Jack Chiles," Big Mike said. If he was as nervous as Morgan, he was doing a good job of not showing it. "This is my associate, Dennis Crane. We're with the firm of Aliotta, Haynes, and Jeremiah, and we're here to see our client, General Diane Beckman."

The security agent checked her computer and found the appointment Chuck slipped into the CIA's servers. She then scanned each of their driver's licenses, which would check their identities against the databases at Fort Meade and NCIC. Thanks to Chuck, those also came up clean.

"Thank you," the agent curtly replied. "Park in the lot by the northeast entrance, enter through the main doors and present your briefcases for inspection there."

Big Mike drove the car to the lot in front of the northeast entrance. Both of them exited the car and headed towards the building.

"You sure they can't find that?" Big Mike asked Morgan, pointing to his briefcase.

"Yeah, it's totally cool," Morgan replied. "Chuck showed me how to work it. The wire is hidden in my wristwatch, and the clip slips into the port on my cell phone. I just have to attach the wire to the clip and make sure they don't see it."

"OK, then. Let's get this right. I don't want to go through another night like when they attacked us."

They continued to walk across the lot. "Dude, how can you be so calm?" Morgan asked. "If they catch us, they kill us, and they kill everybody else! How do you do it? I'm scared to death right now!"

Big Mike gave a little laugh. "Had a few adventures on the Alabama." He looked back and forth. "We almost launched nukes once. This was, like, almost 25 years ago."

"No way!"

Big Mike motioned for him to keep it quiet. "Yeah, Russia was having internal problems and we went toe-to-toe with an Akula-class Russian sub when the order came out for us to launch against them. Jesus, the captain and the executive officer fought over whether or not to start World War III. Half the crew was shittin' in their skivvies. Compared to that, this is a breeze."

Morgan shook his head in total disbelief. "What…why is every person I know so much cooler than me? Chuck's this government supercomputer, he gets the hottest actress in Hollywood…who really is a spy, by the way…to fall for him, hangs out with all of these awesome people who are ALSO spies? You fought for our country? What's next? I get back to the Buy More and find out Jeff and Lester formed a band?"

"Just…focus, willya?" Big Mike said in frustration.

"Yeah, yeah," Morgan said with a sigh as they entered the building. The went through security and headed to the visitation center.


Alex managed to make it past the cameras that littered the hallways in CIA headquarters with no problem. Of course, she had the good sense to walk at a brisk pace and not look towards any of them so they couldn't get a good enough image of her to run through the facial recognition computers. She checked the time. If all was going according to plan, Morgan and Big Mike would meet with Beckman in a few minutes, and Beckman would be back at her cell fifteen minutes after that. She had to drop the bug and recording device into Beckman's cell in exactly 26 minutes. The good news was, Chuck was able to hack the calendar of a vacationing worker who had a private office where she could access the air conditioning vent.

Crawling through two hundred yards of vents, however, wasn't the problem. The heat sensors that aligned them were.

She had to laugh: that was another one of those wild guesses movies made about CIA security they actually got right. She had to mask her body temperature so that the sensors wouldn't register any significant change in temperature. Fortunately, both Sarah and Carina had leather catsuits that were designed to mask body heat for exactly this purpose.

Alex shed the business suit she was wearing and slipped into Carina's catsuit, although it took a lot of effort to get it zipped. She frowned in confusion: she borrowed Carina's because they were the same height and both of them were two inches taller than Sarah. She went to the mirror in the bathroom and took a look. She smiled: she forgot to take into account her build was a bit more voluptuous than Carina's.

Damn, I look hot in this, she thought to herself, letting her long hair cascade over her shoulders. A rather naughty thought went through her mind and she checked her smartphone. She still had five minutes and being too early was just as bad as being too late. She switched to the camera and leaned seductively against the desk, snapping a selfie. She pulled the zipper down on her catsuit, making sure she showed off ample cleavage, and gave a pouty look to the camera as she took another selfie. She raised an eyebrow and switched to video mode.

"Just a little preview of what I have in store for you," she said in a throaty voice, licking her lips seductively. She sent the images and video to Jimmy's email. "I am so getting laid tonight," she said with a smile before she put the phone away.

She then paused in shock; she couldn't believe she just did that. She never got that wild with her fiancé, although they certainly had a lot of fun in the bedroom. Over a decade of hatred and anger must have had a much greater effect on her than she realized. She kept everything locked inside so tightly for so long, and suddenly Jimmy came along with the key. She was starting to wonder if Jimmy knew just how big of a tiger he unleashed.

Hey, it's his fault for being so hot and so nice, she thought devilishly as she tied her hair up and put on the mask to shield her face's temperature from the heat sensors. She got on top of the desk and opened the air vent, pulling herself inside.


Morgan and Big Mike sat down at one of the booths in the visitors' room, looking through the glass to the other side to watch for Beckman. A moment later, Beckman was led into the room by two guards, who sat her down in the chair in front of the guys. Beckman and Big Mike picked up the phone on their sides of the glass.

"What are you two doing…" Beckman began to hiss.

"General, my associate and I have been reviewing your case," Big Mike said in an official voice, cutting Beckman off from saying anything. "Rest assured, we are working day and night to make sure…"

Morgan nudged him. Big Mike glanced over, and Morgan pointed to the clip on the wire of the phone.

"OK, we're cool," Big Mike finished. "Just had to make sure the CIA wasn't listening in on us."

"What is going on?" Beckman's mood hadn't improved a bit. "Why are you two here? This is well beyond what we authorized you to do!"

"Hey, I'm not thrilled about this either!" Morgan whispered. "But there's a lot going on! We're risking our necks for you. Could you at least appreciate that little fact?"

Beckman exhaled slowly. "They arrested me the other day on charges of treason. It's obvious now the Ring has a mole inside the department who has enough influence to do this."

"That's what Sarah and everybody else thinks," Big Mike said. "Has anyone visited you yet? Tried to get you to talk?"

Beckman shook her head. "The mole must just want me out of the way. Nobody has come to interrogate me and I haven't been formally arraigned."

"Chuck and Sarah and everybody are still trying to work on the new Intersect and get the old one out," Morgan continued. "But there's this ex-spy, someone named Daniel Shaw, who's after Sarah. He's working with the Ring, and he even shot Chuck's dad."

Beckman's face blanched. "I never thought I'd hear that name again. He was totally in love with Evelyn. Graham authorized her mission and sealed the file on what happened to her. Shaw never recovered from losing her."

"Yeah, well right now, we've got the government, Shaw, and the Ring all coming after us. We have to find out who the person is who put you in here."

"What can I do to help?"

"After they take you back to your cell, Alex Forrest will drop something into your room, right when the surveillance is being reset," Big Mike answered. "It'll let you record anybody who visits you and they'll never know it."

"What about the Intersect? You said Chuck's father was shot. Will he survive?"

"He's OK," Morgan replied with profound relief. "He's still the in the hospital, of course. Ellie is going to complete the Intersect with Chuck."

Beckman sat silently for a moment. She had to give everyone credit: most agents would have let her hang. But they still wanted to finish the job despite having everything stacked against them. "I'll do what I can from in here. Tell them to do whatever it takes, but they must stop Shaw and take down the Ring. At any cost."

Big Mike looked around to make sure nobody saw Morgan remove the clip from the phone. Both Morgan and Big Mike got up and exited the visitor's room. Two guards returned to escort Beckman back to her cell.


Alex crept slowly through the ventilation system. She didn't want to hurry, afraid she might make too much noise and set off one of the many sensors the building had. She checked her watch; the cameras would switch drives in ninety seconds. She knew Beckman had returned to her cell, as she had heard the door shut a few minutes before.

She reached the ventilation grate. As expected, a laser net covered it. Fortunately, Casey and Jimmy had prepared her for this. She unzipped her catsuit and reached inside, pulling out the device she would attach to the power source of the laser, which would cycle the electricity to make the system think the laser was still on. She attached the device and shut off the power. She then pulled out the microphone, contact lenses, and drive and held them over the grate directly in the center. She watched Beckman stand. Morgan and Big Mike told her to make it look like she was stretching. Beckman yawned loudly and raised her arm. Both heard a click as the cameras shut off. Beckman opened her hand just as Alex dropped the three objects down. Beckman snatched them and closed her fist, bringing her arm down as the cameras turned back on. Alex unclipped the power, and the laser net once again covered the ventilation grate. She backed away and crawled slowly out of the ventilation system.


Morgan breathed a sigh of relief as Big Mike walked through the hallways towards the exit. "So glad we pulled that off," Morgan said.

"Me too," Big Mike replied. He checked the time. "We have to get back to the hotel and pack. Our flight is in three hours."

They turned a corner. "Do you know where we're supposed to pick up…" Morgan began when they ran into a team of six agents with weapons drawn. They led Morgan and Big Mike down the hallway into a small room, motioning with their weapons for them to take a seat.

"Quite clever, actually," one of the agents said. "But Mr. Decker guessed Walker would try to free Beckman. That's why he made sure he gave us hard copies of the files on anyone who worked at the Buy More with Mr. Bartowski."

Morgan and Big Mike looked at each other in fear. "We don't know what you're talking about," Big Mike said.

The agent put his gun under Big Mike's chin. "I believe you do, Mr. Tucker."

Big Mike rose and gave the man a hard stare, walking him a few steps back. "You better get that gun out of my face before something bad happens to you."

"Like what?"

The ventilation grate above the room exploded downward and Alex swung from the ceiling, nailing the agent threatening Big Mike in the face. Mike kicked Morgan's chair, sliding him out of the way as he threw a roundhouse at another agent. Alex spun and landed a boot at a third agent while pulling out her telescoping batons, using them to pummel two more agents. One of the agents tried to get up and attack, but Morgan leaped up and smashed his chair on the back of the guy's head.

One of the agents managed to get up and nailed Alex with a hard jab, knocking her back. She lost one of her batons as a second agent tried to attack her. Big Mike swooped down to grab the baton and performed a perfect golf swing to take out that guy's knees, finishing him off with a shot to the head. Alex launched herself into the air off the table in the room and nailed the first agent with a kick to his head. Behind both of them, an agent on the floor took aim with his gun. Morgan flipped the heavy table over, which landed right on the agent, taking him out for good.

Alex, Morgan, and Big Mike quickly left the building before any of the agents came to and sounded the alarm. They got into the car and drove away from the CIA.

"Man, I was so wrong about you," Morgan said with profound relief. "You are WAY MORE hotter badass than Tricia Helfer!"

"Who's that?" Alex asked. "Was she on the show?"

"How the hell did that happen?" Despite surviving, Big Mike was not a happy camper. "I thought we were just supposed to talk to your boss!"

"Sarah said there are Ring agents in almost every part of the government," Alex said with a sigh.

"Yeah, I kind of figured that. They said someone named Becker knew our real names."

"Dude, he said Decker," Morgan corrected.

"Decker?" That got Alex's attention. She immediately called Sarah. "Sarah, it's Alex. We accomplished our mission, and we may know who arrested Beckman. Clyde Decker."

"Decker? Are you sure?" Sarah asked.

"We were captured by some Ring agents in the facility and they dropped his name to Morgan and Mike. At least now we can get Beckman out of there."

"Not yet," Sarah replied in frustration. "It's his word against ours, and we would lose that fight. We still need him to visit Beckman so we have it on tape that he's part of the Ring. Are you three safe?"

Big Mike turned the vehicle onto the highway. "We should be now," Alex replied. "We'll be on a plane in a couple of hours."

"OK, get back here quickly. And be careful."

"Will do. Bye." Alex hung up the phone and turned to Big Mike. "Head straight for the airport. The faster we get out of here, the better."

Marine Corps Air Station El Toro – Irvine, CA
June 8, 2016
8:45 AM PDT

"How is the Intersect coming along?"

Sarah completed her call with Alex and walked over to where Chuck and Ellie were. Both Bartowskis looked exhausted, but that was understandable given they were up all night working on the project. She caught a nap earlier…as did everyone else while they rotated guard duty…but it was clear obsessiveness over a problem wasn't restricted only to Chuck.

"We're getting there," Chuck replied tiredly. "Dad's notes were hard to decipher at first, but Ellie seems to have developed a knack for translating them. We're almost done with the one to take out my Intersect, and we have the data structure set for Jimmy's. We just have to merge it with the data we got from Beckman."

"Hopefully Decker will visit Beckman and confess to being part of the Ring."

"What if he doesn't?"

"Beckman will goad him into confessing. I'm not worried about that. Getting him to visit her is the hard part."

"Here we go. This should help everyone."

Devon and Ilsa walked into the van with coffee and pastries for everyone.

"Thanks, honey," Ellie said as she reached for a cup. "That's exactly what I need right now."

"You need some rest, babe," Devon replied. "You've been at this for almost twenty-four hours non-stop."

"I need to…"

"A good idea, Devon," Sarah said, gently pulling Chuck from his chair. "And take him while you're at it."

"You're always bossing me around," Chuck grumbled.

"That's because I'm so good at it," she replied with a grin.

"Come on, you two," Devon replied. "Everything will still be here when you return."

Sarah walked over to where Jimmy was. "How is our Ring intel?"

"A lot to go through," he replied. "We could arm a medium-sized country with the hardware they've stashed. And you wouldn't believe the amount of money I've transferred out so far. Want to buy an island? I think we have enough here to make a good down payment on Australia."

"Australia? After what happened to me on Ellen?"

"Touché." He switched to another document. "Hmmm."

"What's wrong?"

Jimmy shrugged. "Not sure. This file is just a PDF. No account numbers, nothing I can link to." He did a quick search on the phrase written down in the file. "Nothing."

Chuck glanced at Jimmy's monitor as he passed by it and saw the document on the screen, which only contained the phrase Figueroa227. He had a flash, seeing a printing press, a large vault, and the most telling sign: an empty white room.

"God!" he growled in pain.

"Are you OK?" Sarah asked quickly, holding Chuck.

"It's OK, it's OK," he quickly replied. "I saw a bank. Republic Private Bank. And I think the 227 refers to a safe deposit box."

"Republic Private Bank?" Devon asked. "On Figueroa?" Chuck nodded. "That's our bank. Ellie and I have a safe deposit box there, too."

"They must have something in that box that they're keeping off of their networks," Jimmy said. "We should try to get it."

"That's easy. I'll go in and say I have to put our marriage license in our safe deposit box, and you guys make some sort of skeleton key that will get me into that one."

"No, absolutely not," Sarah replied firmly. "Morgan and Big Mike were attacked at the CIA and had to rely on Alex to rescue them. You'd have to go into the vault by yourself. I can't put you into danger like that."

"Sarah, it might be worth the risk," Chuck replied gently.


"That was also part of my flash. I think that box contains the location where the Ring is creating an Intersect room."

Sarah stared at Chuck in shock.