Game Night pt 2

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This is the third story in my Game Night trilogy ( Raj's Party & Game Night) are the others.

"So what did I win?" asked Bernadette smiling from ear to ear. "You my dear have won the choice of what game we play next, or if you want to have sex with just one of us." said Raj "Really? Cool so what shall we do?" Bernadette thought out loud.

"Hmm come over here ladies let's talk this out."

Amy and Penny joined her over by the island in the kitchen "So you two have any thoughts on what we can do? Amy looked at Penny "Well I'm drawing a blank what about you?" Penny looked at the boys then looked at her friends "Well how about we have them guess who they are fucking! Let see just how good they are?" "I like that, I mean why should they be the only ones who get off, after all it's only fair! But I do have the option to just get one of them to myself."Bernadette whispered.

Amy smiled with a grin from ear to ear. "Why not! I mean we deserve it right! Right? Penny nodded "Hell yes we do, and Amy don't take this the wrong way but I would love to fuck Sheldon's BIG cock!" "Me too I mean WOW that's one massive dick he has" Bernadette said almost yelling it so the boys could hear her "Shh Bernie we don't want them to know just yet." Penny exclaimed trying to quiet down her friend.

They guys were over by the couch waiting for the girls to decide what is next. "So what do you think Bernadette will decide to do? Leonard asked quizzically "Are you hoping that she will pick you to have one on one sex with?" Howard blurted out jealously "No I just want to know." Leonard replayed. Raj mumbles "I would love that." " Now come on you guys I don't see what the big deal is, we all know she wants me after all I have become quite accomplished at coitus lately, and how could she not want this?" Sheldon made a gesture as if he was showing off a prize catch.

"OK OK listen up everyone I have decide what I'm going to do. Since this IS Game Night it would only be fair if we continue playing a game so I have determined that the next game be ….

Who are you fucking?

The guys were speechless Raj and Leonard both smiled. Sheldon had a slightly confused look on his face, while Howard was stunned. Did this just come out of my wife's mouth did she say that one or more of us were going to fuck her? "Ah Bernie.., what made you think of this of all games?" "Well it seemed right since you all just got your cocks sucked by all three of us it's only fair that we get some pleasure tonight too." She smiled devilishly "What you got a problem with that Space boy!" "No no just asking." as he said that he was backing away from his small, but scary wife.

"So here are the rules, just like the last game you four will now have to guess who it is you're fucking. You will be blind folded, and each one you will us fuck for 60 seconds with a 30 seconds between each of us, and if you cum before we are done then you will be disqualified and have no vote. But there are some changes too, only one of you will be fucked at a time the others must wait at Penny's until you are called. There will be no excessive touching by you, just like if you were at a strip club. After each of you are done you will cast your vote before the next guy's turn, you don't have to worry about performing in front of each other , after you're done you will go into Leonard's room and wait till we are done, is that clear to all of you?" Before any of the guys could respond "Good! I thought so!"

"Now go over to Penny's until one of us comes and gets you!" The four guys stood up and single filed out the door to Penny's, Raj looked back at Bernadette then smiled and winked.

"Way to take charge there Bernadette." Amy said "I hope you didn't scare them to the point of not being able to perform." Penny asked worried "Hell no once they get over here they will do just fine."

Amy looked at the two blondes "Are we sure we want to do this? I mean sucking a dick is one thing but intercourse... I don't know it might be too much?" It will be fun, besides it's not like they are strangers or anything. Besides I know you liked Raj's cock didn't you? Come on admit it didn't you" Penny egged her on "Yes I did and I want more of it!" "Good let the Fucking begun!" all three of them shouted in unison.

Penny went into Leonard's room and came back out with three silky teddies that she has kept in his room for them to put on." We might as well dress for the part ladies." Penny said as she dangled them in front of them. "Here the pink one for Bernie, the blue one for Amy and I'll take the black one." The three ladies all put on the teddies which showed off the bodies making them sexier.

Bernie's showed off her, as Amy put it her large Hadron Colliders, Amy's reviled her surprising well rounded hips and of course Penny's showed off he ample breasts and slim waistline. "WOW I have never felt this Sexy in my whole life!" Amy gleamed with sheer excitement. "You look beautiful Amy" Bernie stated "the guys are going to go bat crap crazy when they see us." Penny said as she strutted around the room.

Round 1

"OK let get to fucking! Since I won I get to pick the order of things." The other two nodded their heads in agreement. "So where are we going to fuck them?" Penny asked "May I make a suggestion?" Amy replied "how about Sheldon's room?" "Sounds like a good place to me." Bernie said

Bernie strode over to Penny's apt. She looked over the four guys "Hmm who's first?" she grabbed Howard by the hand "Come with me sexy."

She led him to the guy's apt. when they entered the other girls didn't looked surprised that she picked Howard first, she told him to go to Sheldon's room and get undressed and wait for them to come in. Howard did as he was told, it didn't take him long to get naked, before he was even done getting undressed he couldn't keep from noticing that he had a raging hard-on, knowing that he was going to fuck Penny. He though it was only far since all the other guys have at least saw her naked before, even Sheldon Cooper can say that he did, it wasn't fair but now he gets to be only the second one of them to Fuck her and that made him even harder that before.

All three ladies walked into the room. Bernie walked over to Howard placed the blindfold on him "Can you see anything?" "Nope, blind as a bat here" he stated "OK so lie down then." He did as he was told, "Now remember no touching just fucking OK?" Bernie reinstated, Howard nodded.

Bernie reached for the timer, set it for one minute.

Bernie climbed onto the bed, her juices already flowing from just the thought of fucking her husband in front of her friends, and her friends fucking him too. As she lowered herself on to his cock Penny started the timer.

Bernie slowly took him in, she love the feel of his cock in her after all she married this cock on purpose, she glided up and down taking him all the way in, he bucked at the feel of her sliding up and down his dick, they moved into a rhythm rather quickly, as most couples do, she placed her hands on his chest for support as she continued to grind on his dick. The buzzer sounded ending the round, Danm that was fast Bernie thought! She removed herself from him fighting back the urge to give him a kiss.

Bernie walked over to Penny and playfully slapped her on the ass to let her know she was next.

Penny was already wet from anticipation, not so much that it was Howard just the game itself. Penny looked down at Howard; Damn that is a small dick. As she lowered herself onto his small dick Amy started the timer. Penny rode him fast and hard right off the bat, squeezing her walls around him, making him moan with sheer pleasure, he fucked her back trying to enjoy this while it lasted. Penny was a wild woman she even surprised herself that she was enjoying this cock, Howard s cock, Wow I never thought I'd say that or even think it, now I know why Bernie likes to fuck him it may be small but damn can he go! All too soon the timer went off, with a bit of frustration Penny climbed off him as she did she gave his cock a little pat on the head. By this time Howard was out of breath his mind was racing. Wow that was intense and I still have one more to go. Penny walked past Amy and gave her a slap on the ass too.

Amy was defiantly nervous about what was about to happen, after all she had only been with Sheldon and wasn't as experience as the other two girls. None the less she crawled up on the bed where

Howard was, moving slowly to center herself on his cock, she looked over at Penny wondering. How I'm I going to be after he just had that Sex Goddess of a woman? As she did Penny started the timer.

Amy moved slowly at first unsure of what to do, but after seeing both her friends fuck him she knew she could to. Amy took Howards length into her she suppressed a moan as he filled her up. Whoo… she leaned back and just let him do all the fucking; she could tell he was into this. Her walls clamped down around his cock making for even more friction, Howard started to move faster and faster as if he was going to cum, but the buzzer went off before he did. Amy quickly climbed off him and moved next to the other ladies.

Bernie went to her husband to take off the blindfold, just as she did he came all over his stomach, she was surprised that he lasted the entire round, she finished jerking him off to help relive him, when he was done she kissed his head then handed him a wet towel. She then got him a pen and paper for him to guess who fucked him and in what order.

Howard thought, well the first one was Bernadette no questions about it. The second on had to be Penny, Leonard has told him just how enthusiastic she can be in bed. So the last one must be Amy. He handed in his score card and was told to wait in Leonard's room till it was over.

Round 2

Bernie walked into Penny's apt. "So who wants to go next?" She said teasingly. "Never mind I know whose next." She walked over to Raj "Your turn sweetie." She said as she took him by the hand leading him across the hall. "This is what you have wanted isn't it, to fuck all three of us?" he nodded in agreement "You look nice in that pink teddy by the way." He whispered "thank you sweetie, just to let you know I can't wait to fuck you." She stopped and gave Raj a big wet kiss, he kissed her back their tongues fighting for dominance, each one exploring the others mouth. Bernadette then reaches down and rubbed her hand against his crotch feeling what she was going to get in a few moments, as she was doing this Raj took a chance and caressed her right breast, a sight moan escaped her lips as he softly played with her nipple. They had to break it off or they would have started to fuck right there in the hall way.

They walking into the apt. were the other two were, he noticed right away the teddies the other two were wearing "Damn! Both of you look stunning!" he was actually shocked at how good Amy looked in hers. Penny spoke "We want our men to enjoy the show too." then both Amy and Penny took each of Raj's arms and walked to Sheldon's room arm in arm.

"OK now Mister, Strip!" Bernie said in a very authorize voice Raj did as he was told not being to shy about getting naked in front of the three ladies, when he was finished he looked at all of them "You like?" he stated as his cock was standing at attention. "Yes I do, very nice!" Amy spoke first the other two just looked at him.

Bernie moved him to the bed, taking the blindfold out and making sure it was completely covering his eyes. "Now remember sweetie no touching." Was Bernie's instructions

Penny move onto the bed straddling Raj, she looked back at the other two and mouthed WOW! As she lowered herself on his cock Amy started the timer, she stared off slower than she did with Howard. She wanted to feel the fullness of his cock as it filled her up. Her walls could barely take it, she moved up and down enjoying it all, he fucked her back trying to increase the speed, as she was going quite slow. Penny didn't speed up though she just wanted to have that thick cock fill her up forever. The timer sounded and Penny slowly removed herself from his member, she was grinning from ear to ear. WOW was all she could think of. She then gave Amy a nudge letting her know she was next.

Amy moved slowly to the bed she was memorized by this gorgeous caramel colored dick just waiting for her to fuck. My god that thing is thick! As she climbed onto the bed she couldn't help but give this cock a small stroke. Raj's cock twitch from surprise since he wasn't expecting it. As Amy centered herself on him Bernie started the clock, she moved slowly at first trying to take in his girth it was bigger than it looked, but she managed to take him all the way Whoo.. god that feels good! Raj started to fuck her trying to get her to move, she finally started to ride him, grinding her pussy onto him. She couldn't believe that she was doing this, moreover that she was enjoying it so much, she was getting into it just as the timer when off, Damn-it I want more time. She climbed off him as she did she stroked his cock one last time. Amy walked past Bernie and Penny grinning from ear to ear she then mouthed to Bernie your turn.

Bernadette waked over to Raj she could see the wetness from both Penny and Amy glistening off his cock. Damn that is so sexy! Just like Howard, Raj was a bit winded. She jumped onto the bed surprising him, then moved to place the wonderful cock next to her waiting pussy. She looked at both Penny and Amy then winked, at that Penny started the timer, and she was off. Bernie slammed her pussy onto Raj's cock she wanted to ride this one till he came she didn't let up even for a second, she cant remember the last time she had another cock in her other than Howard, so she was enjoying this to the fullest. All she could think was it was pretty damn tight and she loved it. Raj responded to this aggressive fucking in kind, he slam his dick into whoever was fucking him he grunted as he tried not to cum, but he couldn't last. He exploded into Bernadette with such force that it took her breath away. Since he realized that he just lost the game he took off the blindfold and was nicely surprised that it was Bernadette that made him cum. The timer went off but neither one of them stopped she leaned down and gave him another kiss "Thank you that was fun." she said. At that the other two girls rushed to the bed. Penny and Amy both started licking off the cum from his cock each taking a turn. Raj just buried his face into Bernadine's tits . "OMG! Dreams do come true." Penny stopped to ask "Dreams? what dreams?" "Oh never mind." Raj said embarrassed that he actually said that out loud " Oh no you don't Mister tell us what do you mean by that?" Bernie questioningly asked him " I have had this fantasy that all three of you were having your way with me, Penny and Amy where sucking my dick as I was motor-boating your tits, that all." "Well Raj it looks like you can start dreaming about something else now because this is happening." Amy replied. Raj just smiled "I know!"

After Raj was all cleaned up Amy walked him to Leonard room. She then met up with the others in the living room " Damn that was one fine dick to bad he couldn't last 10 seconds longer." Penny said "I know ,but it was fun all three of us attacking him like that." Bernie chimed in. "That was the craziest thing I have ever done. I don't know why I joined in like that but I'm glad I did!" Amy excitingly added.

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