Harry and Draco headed into the hospital. The two had become allies in the final year of the war and closer since the end of the war. Draco and his father helped Harry with the horcruxes when they were outed. With Remus and Severus, they had been Harry's main support. Narcissa had died helping Harry in the end, and her niece was killed by Bella. Harry lived with Remus and Teddy at Grimmauld. They were both considering teaching at Hogwarts in a few years. Harry was training at the auror academy, and Remus wanted to focus on his young son, for a few years. Draco had surprised a few when he chose to become a healer and not business. He was training at St Mungo's, and hoped to take over for Poppy. His father may have been surprised but he had stood by his son. Lucius had not had a choice in marriage or job, he wanted his son to.

Harry and Draco were both in a good mood. Harry had been happy to escape from plans at the Burrow. He loved Molly but she was trying to get him to date again. Harry had not dated since his fiancé died in the final battle. Molly knew he and Ginny were done but wanted him happy.

Draco asked. "So how did I convince you to come?"

"It isn't like you are taking me to potions class."

"You seemed to have thought that not long ago."

Harry shrugged. "I think you are on a goose chase."

"And yet you came?"

"Well I guess I needed entertainment."

Draco smirked. "You needed an excuse to get out of dinner."

Harry laughed. "Perhaps that too."

"Have a new man to set you up with?"

Harry sighed. "Seems that way."

"You know he would want you to date again."

Harry was pale. "It's only been a year."

"There is no time limit."

Harry switched topics. "Maybe you will be invited soon."

Draco flushed. "I doubt Molly would invite a Malfoy."

Harry had a coy smile. "Oh I think she would come around."

Draco smacked Harry on the arm from the comment. Harry had been trying to set him up with his brother for the past few months. Draco had come out when the war ended. He had been out, Harry had known, to people close to him before that. He had dated Pansy for show in school. But Voldemort had been very muggle minded about homosexual relationships. Other than Theo and Daphne, the other Slytherins Draco's age had never gone black. Some of their parents had, but in the end most had stood with the school. Draco remained friends with his former girlfriend.

Harry had no idea why Draco continued this search. The aurors had been looking and rounding up any criminals still on the run. But there were rumors that others, not on the dark side, had survived. Harry was not entirely sure who Draco hoped to find.

Harry looked at the front desk. "Who do we ask about?"

Draco shrugged. "I guess I didn't think that far."

"Great planning I see. And you were once a spy."

"You are the auror in training."

Harry agreed. "But this was not my plan."

Draco shrugged. "You always came up with lies quick on your feet."

"You make me sound like a Slytherin."

Draco reminded him. "He used to say you'd have made a good one."

Harry had an odd smile for a moment. "The hat wanted me."

"The Golden boy would never have survived."

Harry shrugged. "Could have had fun with him sooner."

A nurse looked up. "Can I help you gentleman?"

Draco turned to her. "We are here…."

Harry smiled. "Dr James, I am here for a tour of your rehab facility."

The woman was surprised. "We weren't expecting anyone until next week."

Harry shrugged. "I apologize, I am in town early."

The woman didn't seem to mind, and Harry used a quick spell, to create some fake credentials for her to see. Draco sent him a grateful look as they were allowed to pass. Draco had been told about some patient who had been in the hospital since around the time of the war. The man had been undergoing serious physical therapy. It seemed he had been in a car accident, but for some reason, it had brought up some red flags.

Harry asked. "Why?"

Draco sighed. "So many people don't know."

"Your Aunt." Harry thought.

"You know Andromeda would love to know if Ted…."

Harry was pale. "He would have come home."

Draco knew deep down. "I feel like I have to do something."

"You have nothing to make up for. Besides, isn't that why you are studying to be a healer?"

Draco agreed. "My family caused…."

"Your parents were forced." Harry reminded him.

"Does reason help you with your guilt?"

Harry sighed. "No."

"You saved the world. You can't blame yourself for those who died."

"I guess it is hard to reason with yourself."

Harry had felt guilt and maybe it was why he considered being an auror. He planned in the end to be a teacher though. He had slowly dealt with the guilt but for two deaths. The death of his godfather and of the man he loved. As he and Draco headed to the room where the patient was, he could understand Draco. And if the man was from their world, and they could return him to his family, Harry knew Draco had a point.

Harry was stunned though when he entered the room and saw the man in the bed. "Sev."

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