Harry and Lucius were delighted to bring Alex home to his nursery. They were both amazed by the African theme of the room. Harry would never be a stay at home dad but he loved those first months with his son. He did help his husband mark and did some coaching as well. Alex was a sweet baby but he had his definite favorites. Grandpa Moony he was always happy for a snuggle with and Teddy always made him smile. When he returned to teaching, they had a house elf, but Molly took him often enough. He was happy to see Severus as he made his life with Remus and Teddy. He was even known to walk Teddy to school when he started at the local school in town in the fall. Harry had always known Severus would make a great dad as he had been a good second to Draco. As much as he had said he didn't want diapers, he had been known to change when they babysat Alex. He was also very fond of Draco and George's twin boys though he often groaned they were definitely Weasleys.

When Alex was about a year or so old they started trying again. Harry really wanted to give his husband a daughter. But like Alex, pregnancy never came easily for Harry, in fact it took longer this time. They went to a specialist a year in, learning indeed it was Lucius' age and hex damage which was making it harder. Alex was nearly three when they found out they were finally pregnant. Their baby was due in March, two weeks before Draco's twins turned five. They decided not to tell anyone the sex this time, but they were all hoping it was a girl for both men.

A three and a half year old Alex was so excited. "I want to see her."

Freddie shook his head. "It could be a boy."

Cisco nodded. "Or a puppy."

Alex pouted. "It's not a puppy, it's a sister."

Freddie shook his head. "I think Grandpa is having puppies."

Cisco nodded. "I heard them barking."

Alex was in tears. "Not puppies, sister, not puppies."

Draco came to his little brother's rescue. "No teasing your Uncle. You know Grandpa Luc and Harry are not having puppies."

George shot his twins a look and they both looked at Alex. "Sorry."

Molly smiled as she watched. "I am even happier they had twins."

Bill shot his mother a questioningly look. "Why?"

Arthur laughed "Pay back for all the havoc they caused us."

George pouted. "I don't think we were half the handful these two are."

Molly smirked. "Keep telling yourself that dear."

Arthur agreed. "You will be happy you stopped at the twins, when they get older. Picture those two and five other siblings."

George pouted a moment but he laughed. He couldn't deny that he and Fred had been a handful. Seeing the twins he had a lot more appreciation for his parents. When he and Fred were this age, his mother had five other children. George and Draco were happy with two. If they had not had twins, they would have had another pregnancy. Draco had grown up an only child, and neither he nor George had wanted a huge family. Bill was the only sibling with more than two. Ginny and her husband had welcomed a daughter last year and they were done. Everyone hoped it was the little girl the dads wanted and even Alex seemed to. Oliver and Katie had a daughter now. Charlie only had boys but happy with his two sons.

Alex was allowed into the room alone but the rest of the family joined them a half hour later. They all smiled as Alex was seated between his dads in an enlarged bed, with the biggest smile anyone had seen on his face. And in his arms, he held a little pink bundle.

Molly smiled. "I see you finally got her."

Alex looked at the twins. "See, no puppy."

Draco explained when his dad and Harry looked confusion. "The twins teased a bit."

Harry smiled as Remus as usual claimed his granddaughter first. "Definitely not a puppy."

Alex pouted. "I like a puppy and a sister."

Lucius laughed. "When you are a bit bigger, Daddy and I will consider a puppy."

Andromeda looked at the baby. "So this is what a female Malfoy looks like?"

Draco laughed. "Though she looks more like Harry."

Harry agreed. "Almost the opposite of her brothers."

Lucius agreed. "I think she is the first born female Malfoy in over a hundred and fifty years."

Molly got a chance to hold her. "Even worse than our family."

Unlike the Weasleys, the Malfoys didn't often have more than one child. Lucius was the first one in about seven generations he thought, that had more than one child. And that family had two sons. Harry and Lucius had chosen Luna and Oliver to serve as her godparents. The baby was a little Potter this time in features, including her black hair. But instead of the green eyes of Harry and Alex, she had the Malfoy steel blue eyes. Lucius was convinced, when she gave her first little grimace when hungry, she was already showing the Malfoy smirk. There was no doubt she had Papa wrapped about her tiny little pinkie finger. Not that the other men in her family including her proud daddy was any better. Though a little Potter image, the baby was the Black heiress, Alex was named for Potter. Potter was the smallest and Alex would get Harry's WWW shares.

Alex looked. "What's her name daddy?"

Harry smiled. "Felicia Camille Potter-Malfoy."

Lucius explained. "Felicia for an old constellation and Camille is a flower."

Draco smiled at his little sister. "Name suits her."

Harry smiled. "I think we need a pic of the three of you."

Alex. "Me Daddy?"

Lucius nodded. "Picture of her with her two big brothers."

Draco sat in a chair when George had the baby. "Come sit with me."

Harry smiled as a picture was taken with the baby in the arms of both her brothers. "A keeper."

Alex kissed the baby. "We keep Lici, no one have her."

Draco laughingly assured his brother. "They meant the photo."

Ron shook his head. "Between her dads and brothers she will never date."

Ginny laughed. "Add the twins and her cousins, she will have as much luck as I did."

Ron grumbled. "You did well enough."

Plenty of photos were of course taken with the family. Once again the nursery had been kidnapped from them. Alex had been given a big part though in planning. They were worried he couldn't keep a secret but he had. He had known the gender of the baby as well and kept it a secret until the waiting room. This time it was a fairy tale room and done in almost every shade of pink one could imagine seeing.

Harry kissed his two, and squeezed Draco's hand when a family pic of all the Malfoys was taken. "Finally complete."

The tenth anniversary of the final battle had come. Though the memorials had slowed down since the war, this year was a big one. The world had changed a lot in ten years. Laws had been changed, wizarding communities had grown and a new generation was growing up in peace. Hogwarts would be hosting a memorial service that year at the monument that had been created. Those who had fought in the war, and the families of those who had lost people, would gather to remember them. Though Harry wasn't certain, he had agreed to speak at the ceremony.

Lucius and Harry were as happy as ever at school. Alex would be five soon and in the fall he would attend the hedge witch school in town. His nephews, Cisco and Freddie, already did. Felicia had turned a year old only two months before and was turning into a mini Lucius every day. Teddy still went to the local school, ten now, but he would be at Hogwarts in a year. Harry and Teddy still couldn't believe it.

Harry looked at the woods as they headed for the monument. "Ten years."

Severus stopped. "I…"

Harry stopped him. "We have both moved on."

Severus agreed. "And both happy."

Harry looked towards his husband and kids. "More than I ever hoped."

Severus looked at his own husband and son. "I couldn't agree more."

Harry smiled. "I worried a tad when I gave you my blessing to date him."

Severus smirked. "Blessing? More like a nudge."

Harry didn't buy it. "You two were blushing and flirting. I was worried you'd both never take a step."

Severus couldn't deny it. "Your little brother you made me promise about too."

"He had already lost a mum. I didn't want him to get attached and lose another person."

Severus smiled as he watched Teddy playing with Alex. "The day he called me Papa for the first time…."

Severus and Remus had never pushed the name issue with Teddy. Andromeda had assured them she was happy for Severus to adopt Teddy and be a part of his family. Severus hadn't adopted him simply to leave him his title. He could have done a partial adoption like Sirius had. He had embraced Teddy as his son. It had taken two years, but Teddy had surprised them, when he called Severus Papa one day. He had been worried and almost took it back, worried Severus would be upset. The man instead hugged the little boy and assured him it meant a lot.

Harry watched the kids as other friends and family arrived. The kids ranged in age, Teddy the closest to school age. Alex was soon playing with Leo, Owen and Louis. The four little boys were the four musketeers it seemed. Rose tagged along as she was the same age.

Ron was watching them. "Boys."

Hermione laughed. "They are playing tag."

Harry shook his head. "If you're this bad when she is five….."

George finished. "Wait till she is old enough to date."

Ron didn't find it funny. "Wait until Felicia is older and we will see how you are."

Harry shrugged. "Think her Papa will be worse."

Draco agreed. "But her brothers and nephews will keep an eye on her."

Hermione shook her head. "Rose is lucky she only has her brother and cousin. Felicia has you all at school."

Harry looked over at Oliver and Katie. "At least the only one her age is a fellow girl."

Oliver smiled. "I think my daughter and goddaughter will be thick as thieves."

Lucius smirked. "Not unless your daughter is a snake. Mine certainly will not be a Gryffindor."

Oliver smirked. "No daughter of mine….."

Katie laughed. "Boys."

Harry reminded them. "Not the time."

Lucius was convinced all of his children would be Slytherins like him. He was even more sure that Felicia would. She was proving even at one to be stubborn like him. And he was starting to convince others that she did indeed have the Malfoy smirk already. Felicia was not the same sweet bubbly baby that her brother was. She definitely had an opinion and made it known. The only thing in common was their absolute adoration for Grandpa Remus. Lucius sometime admitted Alex was so much like Harry he may be a lion, but only to his husband and son.

The memorial was a short ceremony at the monument. Harry was a bit uncomfortable but he did manage to get up and make a speech. He was happy to get off stage though and return to his husband and the family. There was a dinner being held out on the grounds later. It was during the school year but on a weekend and the kids had been encouraged to come. The dinner was outside as not room with the kids as well.

Filius came to Harry's side. "Good job on your speech."

Harry smiled. "I can't believe you are retiring this year."

The man laughed. "I am past a hundred. Time to leave charms to a younger generation."

Alicia had come over. "Should I be hurt you don't want me here?"

Harry assured her. "No, just one of the last of our old teachers to go."

Severus cleared his throat. "Ahem."

"I said one of the last, dad and Minerva are here too."

Alicia grinned. "Well with Katie teaching flying and George here, seemed fitting."

Filius shared a smile with Minerva. "The next generation taking over."

Minerva smiled. "Doing a pretty good job of it."

Minerva had been a teacher in the time of Severus and the marauders in school. She would likely retire in a year or two and planned to name Severus her successor. Madam Hooch had retired last year and Katie had taken over. After ten years on the United with her husband, when not on maternity leave, she had retired. Like Rollanda, she worked as a referee in the league still. Her and Oliver didn't live in the school though they could have, instead choosing a house in town. Angie, who was a nurse in London, was the only one of the old team not at school. Alicia had been writing for the prophet and oddly doing some work for George, but she was top in charms and happy to take over for Filius. Remus, Severus, Trelawney and Vector were the only teachers from their days still teaching, or would when Filius retired. And Vector may beat Minerva to retire.

Harry picked up Alex and kissed his husband and Felicia. "My ;ife and the world seem whole again."

An: Hope the welcome of the first Malfoy girl was a good ending. And Severus with his new family, very much a dad to Teddy.

Felicia Camilla: Felicia (Latin) though the name is often meant to mean happy, it also comes from the root felis which means cat. There is a retired constellation known as felis. A star name for Lady Black. Camilla (French) for the camelia plant. A flower name in honor of her grandmother, but chose a French name for the Malfoy's French roots.

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