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Charlie's POV


'Her nightmares have started again. It's been an age since either me or Bella have had a peaceful sleep. It's not her fault anyway, that SOB Edmund broke her fragile heart, left her in the forests to rot! How much I wish to wriggle that Edmund's neck and cancel his driving license till the day he dies a slow, torturous and painful death.'

I slowly opened the door to her room and my heart melted and broke into a thousand different pieces as I saw my Bella tangled up in her bed sheets, squirming, screaming, and begging for death; for Edward.

"Bella? Bella, wake up. It's just a nightmare." I shook Bella awake.

"Huh?" She murmured, "Dad?"

"Right here Bells." The tear stains on her cheeks didn't go unnoticed by me.

"It's okay that was just a nightmare… No body's going to hurt you. I am there Bella… Try to get some sleep, baby girl." I whispered.

"Ok, dad. Goodnight." She said knowing that I knew that nothing was gonna take her back to sleep tonight.

I nodded, gave a pat on her head and walked out of her room.

Bella's POV

Another night full of nightmares. Another night full of Edward's scent, touch, face, laugh, smile, care, concern and his…. Ruthless words.

'You were a mere distraction, Bella.'

How could someone be so cruel, someone who once confessed their undying love for you say that you were just a mere distraction to them? I shook my head and looked at the clock on my bedside table.

5:00 am

I had again beaten my alarm by hours, nothing new. I looked at the calendar on the wall and realized that today, three months ago, Edward had abandoned me. Today was my three month abandonment anniversary. Pathetic, right?

I knew that sleep wasn't going to find me anymore today. It was drizzling outside, like always. *sigh*

I decided to get myself a glass of water. I left my warm bed and went to the kitchen downstairs to fetch a glass of water. But the scene I saw downstairs beat the living lights out of me. Charlie was sleeping on the couch, an aspirin bottle next to the side table. I carefully studied his face. He looked like he had aged by 30 years since the last time I saw him when I and Edward were together. His eyes had deep and dark circles beneath them. His hair were messy, so unlike Charlie.

In that moment I realized my mistake. I was so bloody selfish; I mean in the haze of my pain I had forgotten the pain that I put Charlie through. He was suffering because of me. How could I be so self absorbed that I didn't see my dad's suffering? The only family that I had after Renee and Phil died in a fatal car crash the week after Edward left… In the following moment I decided to change. I decided to take things in my hands and control my own life. No more of that Fuckward's bullshit! He dumped me, so what? I mean, girl's get dumped every other day, right? It's not like my life didn't work well before I met Edward? I survived, I worked and above all I functioned normally. Hell yeah!

I decided to go jogging. It was time I started taking up challenges, did stuff that I really hated because that would take my mind off of that fuckward! It was time to put on some big girl panties! I went upstairs, put on a black hoodie, jeans, my sneakers and grabbed my IPod as I jogged outside. Needless to say that after 20 odd falls, 15 almost oh-I-tripped moment and 5 slips I managed to jog for around an hour.

By the time I returned back home it was already 6:30 am. I also realized that while jogging I didn't think of Edward even for a single moment. He was the last thing that my mind thought about. I felt highly elated. Man! Maybe going for a jog wasn't as bad as I thought it to be… With that happy and giddy thought in my mind I entered my home only to find a totally pissed off Charlie shooting murderous glares at me!

Oh, Oh!

"Dad! You are awake?" I asked happily as I went forward and hugged him tightly. I swear to God, in a split second his expression went from murderous to shocked to amazement to I-must-be-hallucinating!

"Bella? Are you okay?" He asked hesitatingly, "Are you on some drug induced high?" He asked suspiciously?

"Dad don't switch on the wrong light bulbs, I am totally fine! I think I am over that fuckward and I think he doesn't have my life's remote anymore. If I was a distraction to him then bloody hell if I can't make him a distraction for myself!" I muttered the last part angrily to myself.

"That's great, baby girl." He spoke as if he were scared that I might snap and break down at any moment. I guess it was not his fault after all. My behavior the last few months hasn't been ordinary, you know.

Vomiting, nauseous, dead look in the eye, I-don't-want-to-talk-to-anyone state, screaming, nightmares, no fun, I-hate-this-world…. You get the gist, right?

"Dad, I swear I won't snap and have a mental breakdown. I really, really thought through this." I stated

"I am glad, even though you almost gave me a heart attack this morning!"

"Yea, the nightmares keep getting worse, don't they!"

"Imagine my shock when I wake up and go to your room to check if you are okay and find that you are missing! Isabella Marie Swan, don't you dare put your old man through this kind of thing again!" He bombarded.

But I did catch the double meaning in his words.

"Sure dad. Now am getting late for school. Catch up with you later? Bye!" With that I rushed upstairs and quickly got ready for another dreading day of school.

Not knowing, that fate had another cruel plan in store for me!

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